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Translations: One Piece 908 by cnet128 , Gintama 687 (2)

Gintama 474

I’ll be glasses and he’ll be sunglasses.

+ posted by Bomber D Rufi as translation on Dec 13, 2013 00:37 | Go to Gintama

-> RTS Page for Gintama 474

So many times In this chapter I have no idea who's speaking when. And it doesn't help that Sorachi not only took this idea and ran with it, but ran somewhere far, strange and just a little bit terrifying.

Hi wa mata noboru only

(Top text- A center color page to commemorate the Blu Ray and DVD release of ‘Gintama the movie: Final act, Yorozuya forver!!)
(Side text- Welcome to a world of Silver)
(Bottom yellow text- Gintama the movie: Final act Yorozuya forever’ Blu ray and DVD)
(In blue circle- Release on December 18th!! (Wednesday))
(Red orange text- Complete limited pressing edition’s extras!)
(Black text- The movie disc itself, along with specials and previews, as well as a special DVD with a sit down interview with the cast//A special CD drama and Gintama movie complete book//A digipack and three sided box to keep it in, a pocket sized movie pamphlet, A pin up, and an application for a present for those who participate in purchasing the three Gintama titles together.)

(Last time: Hijikata and Gintoki had their souls switched due to an accident involving an Automatic egg cooking breakfast mechanism, and in order to return to normal, they need to find the splintered half of Gintoki’s soul that entered a dead cat. However this part of Gintoki’s soul has turned the once dead cat into a very alive and very deadly battle machine. Without leadership, the Yorozuya and Shinsengumi were badly defeated. Not wanting to see their friends get hurt any more the two leaders rushed off to deal with this on their own.)
(Side text- Run splintered souls!!)
(Top text- A showing at Jump Fiesta’s WJ stage VTR has been decided!! The Yorozuya’s voice actors and all of the editors through the series’s history will do a 10 year Gintama retrospective!!)
Lesson 474: I’ll be glasses and he’ll be sunglasses.
(Sfx- Hah haah)
(Sfx- Zeh zeh )
Ginkata: Where the hell did that monster go?
Hijitoki: I’m sure that it ran around here somewhere.

Hijitoki: You get what we have to do, right?
Ginkata: Yeah. We have to take care of this ourselves and not get anyone involved.
To settle this with you….
Hijitoki: With the last bit of our pride as leaders.
I thought I spotted a shadow just now…!!
(Sfx-Fuhhh *fwsssh*)
Hijitoki: There!!
Ginkata: It’s him!!
Hijitoki: This is bad!! He jumped into a civillan’s house!!
Ginkata: That’s dangerous bro….if that battle machine comes in contact with a civilian then….!!
Hijitoki: We have to do something to stop him before the amount of victims in this case increases!
Ginkata: Hm? Wait…this place is…

Ginkata: He’s right over there!!
Watch out!! Get away from him!!
Tae: Welcome back.
It sure took you a long time to return this time, didn’t it?
Where did you go to play today?
(TN- …..Do I really need to explain what this is supposed to parody?)
(Sfx- Goro goro *pet pet*)

Tae: I’ve already made dinner.
(Sfx- Zuuun *doom*)
{There’s a monster who…}
{Managed to tame that monster?!}

Ginkata: Heeeeeey!!! What the hell is going on here?!
Hijitoki: Why the hell is that woman with that monster?!
Ginkata: Don’t tell me that without my memories in that thing she ended up mistaking him for a lost cat and took him in?!
Hijitoki: Are you kidding me?! What part of that mutant looks like a cat?! Do you think someone’s beloved pet would have a friggin’ mosaic over its naughty bits?!
Tae: Dozaemon-san you look healthier! That puts me at ease.
Hijitoki(?): Nooo! Have you peeped his peepers?! They’re almost completely out of his skull!! Rather than being Dozaemon, he’s just a corpse isn’t he!?
Tae: When we first met I was really surprised you know.
You were lying in a street covered in blood and barely moving.
I really thought you were dead.
{Ah, well this isn’t blood it’s y’anno, how I was born.}
Tae: I never thought I’d see a cat with your fur color…
Ginkata(?): Wait THAT’S what surprised you!?
Catoki: Miss, because you nursed me back to health I was saved. Is there anything I can do to thank you?
Hijitoki(?) Wait and he just leisurely had a conversation with you?!

Hijitoki: Does she even understand what it is she made her pet?!
Tae: There’s no need for you to be shy. Shin-chan’s been busy with work and hasn’t come home much.
This house is so big that it’s troublesome when I’m all alone.
Catoki: But I can’t trouble you more than this ma’am. I should really start my journey now…
Tae: Hm?
You’re leaving already?
You’ve still got wounds that haven’t healed and…
Catoki: Listen, as a young lady who hasn’t yet been married..
You should know that the world won’t look well upon you if all you have is a stray cat you brought home.
Ginkata(?): Why are you worried about that?! Shouldn’t you be more concerned with the fact that she brought home a mutant?!
Catoki: Someone like myself who doesn’t remember or know what happened in his past can only harm you by being by your side ma’am. For all you know I could be a member of the Yakuza.
To repay my debt of kindness to you with more trouble is rotten, and I won’t stand for it.
Hijitoki(?): You’re already rotten dammit!! Well, wait. Was he always this manly?
Tae: I’m not bothered by something like that.
Is it that…
Rumors about us bother you that much?
Catoki: N—no! It’s not like that…
Tae: Then don’t worry about things like that.

Tae: It would be the shame of a samurai’s daughter to allow a man without his memories to venture out into the world.
Until your memories return….no even if they never do..
Don’t you think it would be better to stay here and slowly create new even more precious memories?
You’re already my pet after all.
Catoki: Ma’am…
I’m in your debt.
(TN- Both are actors and I believe Hijitoki is referring to ‘Yellow Handkerchief’ which is a yakuza film they both starred in.)
Hijitoki: They’ve gone and bonded, and through that positive vibrations have been born!
(Handwritten- Good for you my clone.)
(Handwritten- Are you crying?!)
Hijitoki: What the hell is that woman doing?! Furthermore what the hell is your clone doing?!
What are we going to do here?! There’s no way we’re gonna get your soul outta here now!! You can’t fool Baishou Chieko dammit!!
Tae: I put all of my best into making this today! So please eat up!
(Sfx- Pusuuhh *bloop*)
Catoki: Thanks for the meal.
(Sfx- Pakuh *chomp*)
(Sfx- Dosaaaah *thuuuud*)
Tae: Dozaemon-san!! What’s wrong?!
(Sfx- Buru buru *Shiver shiver*)
Catoki: Wh—who…
Am i?
Ginkata: The dark matter caused him to lose his memoryyyyy?!
(Sfx- Gakuuhhh *throoob*)

Tae: Stay with me Dozaemon-san!!
Aahh…why is this happening to you…?
Hijitoki: Isn’t this the fault of the toxic waste you just fed him?!
Dammit at this rate she’s going to re-kill the other part of you!!
Ginkata: You’re going to have to find some way to convince her to give him up.
Hijitoki: Eeeh?!
Ginkata: Dude there’s not much we can do about it. Right now I’m ‘You’ or Hijikata. If I go over there and try to talk to her she’s not going to understand.
You going in as Gin-san is more natural.
So find a means of going in there in a Gin-san like manner and convincing her.
Hijitoki: D—don’t screw with me!! Why do I have to act like you!?
Ginkata: Okay don’t do it. But then the alternative is getting used to that body.
Hijitoki: Y—yo.
O—otae. Am I intrudin’ on something?
Tae: Gin-san…why are you here?
Hijitoki: I was on my way back from playing pachinko and decided to stop in.
(Handwritten- Hey…why the fuck are you drooling?)

Tae: Well this is a rare visit.
(Handwritten- Why is water like pouring out of every hole it can?)
(Handwritten- Do I make that sorta face?!)
Hijitoki: Huh? Rare?
Naw it’s well…
I just suddenly felt like seeing you.
Tae: Um…Gin-san, what are you saying? Did you eat something past its expiration date?
{Damn. I thought he was closer to her but I guess not. I guess they’re a bit more further apart than that.}
Hijitoki: D—don’t go getting it twisted. I mean it’s not like it was interested in seeing you that bad or anything.
If you thought I came to see your simple looking face then you’re dead wrong.
{In what way do I seem like a character who’s a tsundere?! What do you see when you see me dammit?!}

Hijitoki: Break up with that guy…
And go out with me.
(Sfx- Goufuhhh *THOOOM*)
Ginkata: The fuck are you doing with another guy’s body huuuuh?!
Hijitoki: Isn’t breaking their bonds the fastest means of getting what we want?
Ginkata: Like hell it iiiiiiiss!! When I do return to normal there’s going to be all kinds of hell to pay!!
Tae: U—um Hijikata-san? Why are you here?
Ginkata: Oh my bad! I forgot to tell this guy something.
Moreover ain’t that kinda cruel? You’ve still got the Gori—er that Kondo-san dude…
As the vice-captain of the Shinsengumi don’t think I’m just gonna sit quietly and not butt in when I see something like this. Let me just be frank with you.
(Handwritten- Why are you showing the whites of your eyes?)
(Handwritten- And gritting your teeth like that?)

Ginkata: Forget about that rotten Gorilla and cat…
And have a lets party all night with this demon.
(Sfx- Dogoooohh *thoooom*)
Ginkata: If you’re going to do stupid shit like that then expect me to do it twicefold!!
Hijitoki: Don’t think cowtowing to me is gonna get you a pardon! You’re going after the vice captain’s woman!! Snatching her from me is slacking on the way of the samurai and means seppuku!!
Tae: Stop it both of you.
Fighting for the right to go out with me…
Ginkata: Dammit!! Now things have gone and taken a level in complicated!!
Tae: I had no idea that the two of you had feelings for me…
???: Nononono! That’s not it! Gin-san doesn’t feel that way! Gin-san likes girls with little asses!
???: Hijikata-san doesn’t feel that way either! He likes girls with v shaped forlocks!!
Tae: Does Shin-chan know about this?
Hijitoki: Yup. And with this we’ll truly become brothers. I’m sure he’ll be overjoyed.
Ginkata: Don’t make shit up dammit!!
Tae: Does Kondo-san know….about us?
Ginkata; Yup…and we’ll be come hole bros together. I’m sure he’ll be overjoyed.
Hijitoki: What part of that sentence would he be overjoyed with?!

Tae: I hope you understand that we’ve come to a point of no return.
Gin-san, Hijikata-san, I’ll compare your yearly incomes and various other aspects and think about it over the next week.
Tae: Eh? I can’t do that. Dozaemon-san here is my most precious pet.
If you intend to be with me then you have to take Dozemon-san too. We’re a complete package. That’s minus one point for you Gin-san.
???: No—well fine. I don’t really want you anyway. Could I just have Dozaemon-san?
Tae: You’re already cheating on me and we haven’t even gone out yet? That’s minus one point for you Hijikata-san.
Are you two really going to be okay?
If you don’t try harder you won’t get Otae-san.
{Th---this Biiiiitch…}
???: Stop this at once!!
(Sfx- Gararara *clatter*)
???: So when I’m not home…
You just bring all kinds of men in?
Gin-san and Hijikata-san….
There’s no way we’re going to hand over Dozaemon-san.

(Sfx- Gaaaan *thooom*)
Shinpachi: My sister….
Belongs to me!!
Ginkata: Shi—
{He’s returned to normal..!! Could it be…?!}
???: There’s no need to worry Toshi…
(Sfx- Zathhh *Sffft*)
???: I’ve heard everything.
Kondo: Just leave everything here to us.

Kondo: Otae-san! Hurry and run with Shinpachi-kun!!
(Sfx- Gachariii *clack*)
Kondo: This monster is dangerous! It was born from a certain man’s evil will that has taken shape! We will take responsibility here!!
Tae: What are you going to do to Dozaemon-san?!
Shinpachi: Forget about him and hurry up sister!!
Tae: L—let me go!!
Kondo: Okay Toshi! We’ve got the monster and Otae-san handled! You and the Yorozuya take him into the wagon outside…
And return to normal using the Automatic egg cooking breakfast mechanism before he wakes up!!
Hurry and go!!
{You bastards…}
{Even without your leaders around…}
{We knew it was right to believe that you’d be able to handle this!!}

???: Huh?
Hijitoki: There’s nothing here.
???: What are the two of you doing?
You’ve been completely fooled…
Ginkata: Shinpachi? Where are you?
Hijitoki: It’s just his voice…
Shinpachi: And yet you call yourselves leaders?
???: Those two are…
Shinpachi: Hurry sister!!
This country is just too dangerous!! We have to hurry and take flight to another country!!
Yes…that’s right to an island…
Where it’s just the two of us Otae-san!
Kondo: At long last we’re alone…
Sorry Gin-san, I should have realized it was really you long before..
(Sfx- Gara gara gara *clatter clatter*)
Kondo: But it’ll be fine now! Here on in we’ll always be together and never lose sight of one another again!
My pet and I…
No…you and me your pet will create a world for ourselves!

???: Within those bodies are the souls of…
And Saccdou.
Shingane: We’ve had our souls…
Shifted as well.

Hasegawa: Vice-captain!! This isn’t the time to be standing around!!
It’s me!! Me!! Yamazaki!!
They’ve shifted their souls and now their intentions are as clear as day!!
At this rate everyone’s body has been switched and shifted around just like boss’s other half!!
(Sfx- Guhhh *Sfft*)
Hasezaki: No one is going to return to who they were!! Now I’m nothing more than a majorly useless old guy!!
(Sfx- Gashaaan *crasssh*)
(Sfx- Shaaaah *sssshhh*)
???: We have to hurry and pursue them.
Quick put us on…
(Sfx- Pariiiin *craaash*)
(Side text- Weak glasses are cursed glasses…)

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