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Anagle Mole 46

The last dekos.

+ posted by Bomber D Rufi as translation on Dec 25, 2013 06:31 | Go to Anagle Mole

-> RTS Page for Anagle Mole 46

On Christmas day, I am on the verge of completing another series --yet I am the complete opposite of overjoyed, and it has nothing to do with the fact that I am once again sick.

Kiss scans only.

Kyousuke(?): Luchiru!!
Hold on man!!
(Side text- Their escape to the surface was so near but now Luchiru has taken a head on attack from the king Noelu…)
46th space: The last dekos.

(Sfx- Karaa clatter*)
Kuwatrol: Hah…
Noelu: How is it Kuwatrol…?
Breathing the outside air after so long…
(Sfx- Gogogogogo *rmmmmmble*)
Noelu: However this is strange…
You are ‘A spy for the sake of dispatching Luchiru’ right?
{I—I knew it was him…}

Noelu: Yet…why is Luchiru alive here…?
Kuwatrol: ‘King’ Noelu.
Your appearance has changed….
Noelu: Yes..
I grew tired of that ‘outfit’.
{‘Outfit’? What does that even mean?}
{No…more important than that…}
Kuwatrol: Spies who fail in their mission are punished with execution!!
I have important information for you!!
‘Humans are in fact weak’!!
This is priceless information that will more than trump the fact that I failed my mission!!
T—the truth is…
{No one expected anything from you from the start. You’re simply a ‘pebble’.}

{After all, no one chose you…}
{You’re just a pebble fragment that’s fallen on the wayside.}
{That is ‘The surface discovery group’.}
Noelu: What’s wrong?
You have information for me, correct?
Kuwatrol: Before that…
Can you compactly respond to my humble inquiry?
Am I….
Just a ‘pebble’ too?

Kuwatrol: The same ‘Abandoned pebble’ as Luchiru?
Noelu: And if you are?
Chiwa: The blood won’t stop!! What do we do?!
Kyousuke: Luchiru!!
Chiwa: Luchiru!
Open your eyes!!

{Where am I….?}
???: Luchiru…
What are you doing in a place like this?
{Wh—who are you?}
???: Me?
I am….
Well…putting that aside for now, don’t you have something that you must do?
{Something that I must do?}
???: Protect your ‘family’ right?

{I have to protect the family!}
???: Then take this.
{What’s this thing?}
???: A final shot at ‘Dekos’.
Luchiru, as soon as you use that your power will be completely depleted.
So take great care in how you use it.
Don’t forget….
What is precious to you Luchiru.
The reason that you were born….

Luchiru: That’s right.
You’re so right….
Chiwa: Luchiru-kun?
Luchiru: I finally get it.

Luchiru: The reason why I was born…
{But there’s a reason why you weren’t.}
{A reason why you were born a ‘majin’, Luchiru-kun.}
Luchiru: I was born…
For this moment!!
To protect everyone here right now..
Is the reason that I was born.

Luchiru: Right now I am…
An ‘Anagle mole’!!

Noelu: I see.
How nice.
Kyousuke: Lu….
{Thank you Kyousuke, Chiwa…}
{For teaching me about family.}

{Thank you…}
{For saving me.}
{Good bye.}

(Sfx- Gaooohh *fwooom*)
Noelu: That won’t stop me.
(Sfx- Pishhihh *crackle*)
(Sfx- Pishiiihh *crackle*)
Luchiru: Stop you…?
(Sfx- Gigigigig *riiiind*)
(Sfx- Bishiiih Bishhiii *crackle crakle*)
Luchiru: No way.
I’m going to bury you.

{The hole you passed through to get to the surface was connected by the tunnel ‘Kamudel’.}
{The geological formation there is brittle and gives way rather easily…}

Noelu: You plan to seal off the tunnel…
And bury me alive here?
I apologize but I’ll have to escape you see…
(Sfx- Dooonnhh *thooom*)
Noelu: Wha…
Kuwatrol: Coruto!!

(Sfx- Doshuuuhh *clomp*)
Kuwatrol: I love compact things…
But I refuse to be demoted into something ‘smaller’.
(Sfx- Hah hah)
Kuwatrol: I’ll have you die, King.
(Sfx- Dogaaaahhhh *thoooooom*)

(Sfx- Garaaahhh *clatter*)
(Sfx- Dododododo *thooooom*)
Kyousuke: Uwah!!
Hurry up and get over here….
Luchiru: Arulu…
Take care of everyone, will ya?

(TN- No text just sacrifice.)

(Sfx- Dodododododo *thoooooom*)
Kyousuke: Why…
Why would you do this?!

{We’ll ride on Train’s back,}
{And see it together!!}
(Side text- Next issue, the finale that can’t be missed.)

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