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Translations: One Piece 924 by cnet128 , Gintama 698 (2)

Bullet Armors 25


+ posted by Bomber D Rufi as translation on Dec 30, 2013 16:32 | Go to Bullet Armors

-> RTS Page for Bullet Armors 25

Volume 6 Engage.

The last volume, and the last few days before 2013. Lets shoot this bullet off right, and make some fireworks.

Not reserving for anyone until...

-First chapter is out.
-Schedule for releases has been established.
-Schedule is fairly consistent.

No asking when the next one will be out, ask me for permission before using, no non-English scantlations before an English one is done, and I give preference to those who will check the script for accuracy before scantlating.

Vol 6
Moritya comment: The journey Ion and his pals have embarked on over the last two years has led to places I couldn’t ever have imagined. I’m sure from here on in their journeys will continue! My next work will be in Gessan too!
The Breeders are able to use Tremor. It is unclear just how dangerous they are to humans when they pair up.
Techno 25: Genocider….003
Techno 26: The Ultimate Tremor…041
Techno 27: Godlike power…079
Techno 28: Strength for someone’s sake…119
Techno 29: For someone’s sake…155

Techno 25: Genocider.


Ion: What’s with that beika…?
He’s different from the others!?
Aibrock: Whimp….
Ion: Aibrock?!

Gilbert: So you’re the root of this evil..?
You lead Aibrock astray..

Gilbert: You’re the perpetrator who deceived my little brother.
Bullet: Gyuiii
Gilbert: My little brother has talent.
The best beika is required to always be prepared, no matter what environment he’s in.
You led Aibrock astray, down the wrong path…
And now he’s become this weak.

Gilbert: Give me back my brother!!
Ion: Where’s Selena?!
You give her back to me first!!
I came here to rescue my friend!!
Gilbert: Lies!!

Gilbert: The seeds of this incident were planted by you to begin with right?
Your friend is…
Behind that door atoning for that sin as we speak!!




Bullet: Guooon
Ion: Now no one’s under lockdown.
{That giant door…}
{Has been there for the entirety of Beika’s history…}
{And he took it down in one attack…}
Ion: Aibrock…

Ion: Isn’t the weakling you say he is.
And he became a breeder under his own free will.
Gilbert: How long do you intend to perpetuate that lie?
Ion: Aibrock is the one who knows whether I’m lying or telling the truth.
So you should just ask him directly!!
If you really are his older brother!
Bullet: Kiiiih.
Gilbert: You won’t escape!

Aibrock: Gil…
Let’s go at it again.
Marche: Aibrock…
Gilbert: Playing at being strong?
I know it best…how weak you are without the tremor you rely on.

Aibrock: As long as you have a strong will…
{No matter how many times it takes…we’ll keep standing.}
{We’re still in this…}

Gilbert: Ngh…!!
Marche: Gilbert!!

Gilbert: Wha…
(Sfx- Guuehh)
Gilbert: Is this a tremor?!
Tremor: Gyuuuhhhh.
Marche: Kyaaah!!
Freyba: Teehee..
Oh my…
I’m sure that this is the first time the underground has received such ventilation…
Are you doing well?
Commander Gilbert.

Gilbert: Wh—
What is going on here?!
Freyba: Should I say I was working as a spy?
You see I’ve always been a breeder.
And your lives are all in my hands.
If you act like good little girls and boys I won’t kill you right away.
First off I intend to release my beloved tremor…no..
I’ll be taking back the ‘God of destruction’…

Freyba: Genocider.
{The gigantic tremor that caused countless victims in Genocide gear?}
{Ridiculous…that thing is this woman’s tremor…?}
Freyba: How rude!

Freyba: You can’t leave as you’ve got a very important role in all of this.
You’ll have to stay until Genocider has been released you know..?
That is of course if you don’t want the remaining survivors in the laboratory to have a minor accident.
Iyatts: Gyaaah!! What the hell?!
The door was ripped off!!

Iyatts: Chi---

Iyatts: Kill ‘em!!!
He’s a breeder!!

Ion: Kid beikas?!
What the hell are you guys?!
We don’t want to hurt you guys!!
So move out of the way!!


{You came…}
{Despite being so deep into this fortress…}
Ion: Selena!!

Ion: I’m taking you with me!!
So don’t cry anymore!
{That’s right..}
{I..I should have noticed sooner.}
Iyatts: Haha…
I’ve been friggin’ scared out of my mind since you ripped off the door but now….just what are you doing?!

Iyatts: You’re not going to finish them off?
Even though you’re just a breeder….a murderer!
Whatever! Do what you want with them!
But don’t get it twisted….I won’t let you get anywhere near me!
If you try anything funny…
I’ll kill this girl!!
{Even against an enemy who’s stronger than you, he’ll still stand strong!!}

???: The tremor release warning is going off.
Freyba: Oh?
It seems even at a busy time like this that there’s still one piece of trash left to clean.
???: The level of danger is at its maximum.
Freyba: I’ll have to dispose of it quickly…
Oh dear. How rude of me…
To refer to the commander’s little brother as trash..!

Aibrock: We don’t have the time to hang out here either…
Especially him…
{I get it.}
{I know you’re in bad shape yeah?}
{At least let me see this dream out to the end.}
Aibrock: He…
Selena: If it were Ion…

Both: He wouldn’t give up just because of something like this!!
Freyba: I’ll have to destroy you.




{I’ve got everyone together, and so we’re all gonna get out of here.}
{And go to the outside world!!}
Ion: Are you gonna get in my way too?

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