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Translations: One Piece 908 by cnet128 , Gintama 687 (2)

Anagle Mole 47

Little Brother

+ posted by Bomber D Rufi as translation on Jan 1, 2014 02:04 | Go to Anagle Mole

-> RTS Page for Anagle Mole 47

Kiss scans only.

Tour guide: Now Everyone…
Here is the famous mountain of faces…
(On flag- American tours.)
(Side text- No matter what kind of Journey one embarks on, there will eventually be an end. And now Luchiru’s has run above ground….)
Guide: Mount Rushmore!
(Side text- Boldly reaching its final chapter!!)
Guide: This is America’s…
Tourist: Ooh…
(Sfx- Dosaah *shfft*)
Kyousuke: Ah…
It’s too friggin’ bright up here.
Chiwa: Yeah.

Kyousuke: We’re back home huh?
Chiwa: Yeah…
Kyousuke: Hey Arulu…
How’s the world above the ceiling?
Arulu: The brightness is amazing!
So blue! So high up!
White! And fluffy!!
And then! Oh! And then!!
(TN- My body wasn’t ready for that kawaii. Why does this have to be the end?)
Kyousuke: Well…I’m glad you’re interested in things.

Chiwa: Huh? Where’s Train-chan?
(Sfx- Bururun)
Kyousuke: Now that you mention it…
Densuke!! Where are ya man? Densuke!!
(Handwritten- Densuke!!)
(TN- So THAT’s who Densuke is. I don’t remember Kyousuke calling it that before…)
Train: Bururun..
Kyousuke: Ooh. There ya are Densuke.
(Sfx- ppata pata pata *wiff wiff wff*)
Kyousuke: What the hell happened to you Densuke?!
Chiwa: Train-chan!
Train: Bururun?
Kyousuke: No don’t ask me ‘Bururun?’ dammit!!
Arulu: What’s up?
Kyousuke: Look at Densuke!!
Arulu: Oh wow, he shrunk.
Kyousuke: Your reaction is pretty tiny too!!
(Handwritten- That’s all you have to say?!)

Arulu: Well if a car runs about like he did then it’ll shrink.
If you add some water to him he’ll be back to normal.
What, are the cars up here different or something?
Both: Yes, very much so!
(Handwritten- That surprised us!!)
Train: Buruh?

Chiwa: Train-chan…
Listen to me, okay?
You see…
{N—nice to meet you….I’m Luchiru.}
Chiwa: You see….Luchiru-kun….
(TN- Noooooooo. Go read the previous chapters.)
{If God really exists…}

{If God really is up there…}
{Why would He split the world into two?}
Chiwa: Y—yes…
Let’s wait for him together.
Train: Bururun?
???: Yeah…
We’ll wait as long as it takes.
Train: Bururun…

(Side text- We will always be family.)
Final space: Little brother.

{As a few days pass….}
(Sfx- Honyaaah *Waaah*)
(Sfx- Honyaaah *waaah*)
(Sfx- Honyaahh *waaah*)
(Sfx- Honyaahh *waaah*)
Seijyurou: Ma—Makoto!!
Makoto: Grandpa!
(Shirt- Easy delivery.)
(TN- Delivery as in childbirth.)
(Sfx- Honyahhh *waaah*)
(Sfx- Honyaahh *waaah*)
(Sfx- Honyaahh *waaah*)
(Sfx- Futshhh *shfft*)
Makoto: Grandpaaaaaa!!

Chiwa: Mom!!
(Sfx- Garaaahh *clatter*)
Kyousuke: Mo—
Towako: Oh!
You sure got back from school quickly today…
(Handwritten- Uoooahhhh)
(Handwritten- Look over here~)
Chiwa: Ah!!
(Sfx- Funi…)
(Sfx- Fuh..)

???: That really was fast…
???: Huh?
Chiwa: Up until now we were waaaaaaaaay under ground weren’t we?
Kyousuke: How many times are you gonna rehash this tory?
Chiwa: It’s only the fourth time.
Kyousuke: It’s the sixth!
Chiwa: But it’s the depths! Way down there!
Luchiru-kun is waaaaaaa
Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay down there. He’s got a long way to go to get up here!
(Sfx- Hah)
(Sfx- Hah)
(Sfx- Hah)
Kyousuke: And I’m telling you I get it Chiwawa!!
(Handwritten- How many times are we gonna go through this?!)

Chiwa: But you know…
I was thinking there really isn’t any way we can go down there again…
Kyousuke: The hole leading down has been blocked off.
And dude, are you actually suggesting that you want to go back to that hell?
Chiwa: It wasn’t hell..
There are foreign countries separated by the seas right?
So lets just call it a foreign country separated by the ground. It’s totally just a ‘outside land’.
The culture and apperances are different,
And as people we could definitely get to understand each other.
Plus I’ve got proof of life right here~

Chiwa: Ah um…Hello?
Can you hear me?
(Sfx- Pitooh *pat*)
Kyousuke: H—hey! You’ve got a migard!!
You actually walk around with that thing?
Chiwa: Teehee! Sure do.
Luchiru-kun, can you hear me?
If you can then please answer! Over~

{God who created this world really exists…}
{Then please listen to my prayer.}
{Could you look after him…?}
{Our family….}

{My ‘little brother’….please watch over and protect him.}

Handmaid: Have you awakened?
You will not be able to speak. The part of your lungs allowing speech is only now undergoing recovery.
There still remains about 140 parts of your flesh that are being recovered…
And It has been rather problematic to connect these parts.

Handmaid: Noelu-sama…
For the sake of your ‘experiment’ you ended up like this…it couldn’t possibly have been because of your backup right?
You allowed yourself to sustain these injuries didn’t you?
Handmaid2: Noelu-sama…despite being the ‘king’ you allowed yourself to be the scapegoat for the citizens.
You personally acted as the vanguard to test the ‘secret medication’s’ effectiveness…
We’d expect no less from ‘King’ Noelu-sama.
By the way…
When we were digging up your flesh fragments Noelu-sama…
Just out of curiosity we checked for Luchiru-sama’s corpse….
(Sfx- Goboohh *bloop*)
(TN- He’s sorta speaking in this robotic tone or something. I guess since all words are in caps in scantlations, a different robotic font should be used?)

{Those who smile.}
{Those who wait.}
{Those who wander.}

{Those who do nothing…}
{And simply let the days pass by…}
(Sfx- Miiin miin *reeeh reeeh*)
(Sfx- Miiin miiin *reeeh reeeh*)
???: Hey sorry!!
Dude!! It’s like you just popped out of the ground jus tnow.
Kid: Hey did you see the news last night?
About the ‘Ice man cometh’?
Kid2: Yeah. About the accident where the guy got locked in the freezer right?
Kid: So okay, at the actual scene…
They were talking about how he was ‘outside’…!!
Kid2: What?
Kid: It’s in the middle of the summer right? And now there’s a guy made of ice outside!!!
Someone uploaded the footage on Metube!!!
(Handwritten- Yeah, whatever.)
Kid2: Yeah, I’m gonna pass on that occult nonsense.
(Handwritten- Aww C’mon, humor me!)
(Handwritten- It’s just some internet rumor…)
(Sfx- Jyarrihh *Shfft*)

???: Mind telling me…
Everything you know about that story?
{And those…}
{Who probe.}

{Each of their fates…}
{Quietly moves.}
Luchiru arc: End.
(Bottom text- Thank you for reading and supporting the series. Volume 5 of the manga has a planned release of February 18th. Fukuchi-sensei is in the midst of planning his newest work! Please look forward to his next series!!)

And here we are. The second final chapter of the very last day of 2013. I'm really quite sad to bring this to you. Like there isn't even a little bit of me that enjoys having to write two final chapter recollections in one night. Especially when both series have/had such potential. Well you know the drill, blah, blah blah, anti midus touch, blah, blah, blah, woe is me. Blah, blah, blah, why does Naruto get to continue, blah.

What's interesting here is that Fukuchi made it clear that this is the end of the 'Luchiru' arc. Which is really odd, though vaguely fitting since there are SOOOO many loose ends in this series. He said on his twitter that he wants to go for a long work next time around, so who knows if he's talking about an Anagle mole continuation or something completely new. Either way I'll translate it as I'm indebted to him...he really made me the translator I am today. So I guess it's him indirectly people have to blame that so many series I translate meet tragic ends. So basically this is a guarantee that wherever Fukuchi is and whatever he's drawing I will work on it.

Anyway I hope other translators are having Happier new years with their series that'll see 2014 unlike these two of mine. I really enjoyed Anagle despite it's year off, and had it gotten a longer run to explain some of it's mysteries, I think it could have been better than even the mighty Ueki. Alas, whether it was the editors at WSS that pulled the plug, or Fukuchi himself, we'll never know.

Happy New years and thanks for reading. I'll be around in some shape or form, translating something else until my bad touch causes it to end in rushed infamy. Maybe I should go translate Naruto then...

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#1. by The1 ()
Posted on Jan 4, 2014
Well the first thing when working with longer series is not to take a hiatus. Sure, you can tell people that you want to work on longer series but if you take a break because you can't continue then the chance of getting a longer series becomes small.

About Naruto, do it! Kill it! :D You can take Bleach too (so tired of those two)

About Anagle Mole....well if he said that then maybe he may continue with it but not with Luchiru anymore. Would be interesting to see another mangaka making use of the universe he made and show it from other people's perspective...while giving us a view what happened to the people from the first series.

Happy New Year to you and as said before, congratulations on finishing another title.
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