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Translations: One Piece 908 by cnet128 , Gintama 687 (2)

Gintama 477

It’s advisable to always open bags that have 5 million in them.

+ posted by Bomber D Rufi as translation on Jan 17, 2014 03:30 | Go to Gintama

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Contrary to popular, my belief translating is not like riding a bicycle. If you don't ride it for a while you will fall off and find yourself in Denshi Jisho hell.

Hi wa mata noboru only.

(Side text- It’s been some time since we saw him…)
{Kaientai Voyage diary.}
{January 13th Negotiations on Nanjing star.}
???: What on earth is that weak mascot character…
Hanzawa Naonosuke going to do this year Sakamoto-san?
Sakamoto: Just like us merchant’s he’s just goin’ with the flow ain’t he?
Nothing’s going on with him.
No matter what era, or what planet…nothing changes.
Us merchants always are seeking out what’s popular and creatin’ what’ll sell based on that.
(Sfx- Kuiii *wifft*)
Sakamoto: Us merchants act as the vanguard for the masses. Can’t have us fallin’ behind the times…
???: Then…what is it that the hearts of the people are seeking now?

Sakamoto(?): Bags with 5 million in them.
What are you guys standin’ around for? Load those bags onto the ship!!
Dudes: Captain, we can’t load anymore!
Sakamoto: Then shove it in!! It’ll fit!!
Dude: Sir, no matter what you think, these bags with 5 million in them won’t fit!!
Sakamoto: I said they will fit! Those 5 million bags are really just paper so if you shove ‘em in…
Dude: They won’t fit! Even the fastener won’t fit!
Mutsu: Hey Sakamoto…
Sakamoto: No need to worry. The world’s gonna enter an era where people ain’t gonna know where to borrow 5 million from.
I know tha fad is gonna swing that way for sure.
Mutsu: Those are just ordinary bags.
Sakamoto: Mutsu. You’ve hit tha nail on the head.
What merchants line up on their shelves are just ‘ordinary’.
Just like the ‘ordinary’ rocks that roll on the earth.
But merchants are the ones who take the ‘ordinary’ and pull the monetary value out of it. You could say we’re like alchemists.
The world doesn’t just have ‘ordinary’ things on it after all.

Sakamoto: Even this stone can be used to make a path.
Ain’t no need for it to imitate a jewel. It shines in its own way.
And findin that shine…
Is our job.
(Sfx- Bashihh *fwapp*)
{And then that man..}
{Laughed haughtly...}
{Just like before.}
{With a bag full of stones…}
{His ship sets out into the great ocean.}

Chapter 477: It’s advisable to always open bags that have 5 million in them.
(Side text- Affairs in space…)
(Side text- Depend on money too!!)

(Sign- Snack smile)
Girl: Eeeh?
Is this really okay for me to have!?
Sakamoto: Yup! Just go on and take it ya lil’ thief!
(Sfx- Gahahahaahah)
(Sfx- Kyaaaaaah)
(Sfx- Kyaaaah)
Sakamoto: I’ve got so many of ‘em, so why don’t we make tonight a huge party?!
Tae: Um…Sakamoto-san, are you okay?
Sakamoto: Don’t worry about it ladies!! My business fell through, but that’s the price of thikin’ too far ahead!!
Ya’ll gotta know that a guy givin out bags with 5 million in ‘em ain’t got an ulterior motive!
By the by, Oryou-chan…mind givin’ me 5 million worth of service….
(Sfx- Gohhh *thook*)
(Sfx- Gyaaaaahhhh!!!)
(Sfx- Gashaaaan *clatter*)
(Sfx- Korororo *rooooolll*)
Mutsu: I see…
So this is the road you sought to create with your stone?
A road for you and I?

Sakamoto: No! You got it all wrong Mutsu! This is—
(Sfx- Gahh Gohhh *dssshhh*)
Mutsu: If you’re going to use this for ulterior motives…
Then I have to act as a merchant and utlize these means to keep us from going into the red.
Toss his ass into space and then draw up the papers to draw his life insurance.
Dudes: Yes ma’am!!
(Sfx- Guhhh *sffft*)
Sakamoto: Mutsuuuuu!!!
Gintoki: Mind splitting that haul two ways with me?
Sakamoto: Ki---Kintoki!!
Dude, you tattled on me and told her I was here?!
I’ll remember thiiiiisss!!! Kintokiii!!
Gintoki: That’s good for you. I humbly request you also remember my name already.
???: Hmph…a stone huh?
Gintoki: If you fill your bags full of those then the president is gonna sink along with his company.
The most important luggage on a ship is the captain…which means you’re really working your butt off, huh Vice-Captain.
(Sfx- Toku toku *drip drip*)
Mutsu: Has that thing always been that way? Sakamoto I mean.
Gintoki: Dunno. If you mean being an idiot, he’s pretty much been one ever since we met.

Gintoki: He was born in Tosa..to a booming mercantile house.
He was an idiot with nothing going on his head and plenty of big misunderstandings.
He thought he was some sort of ideologue of justice and came to join the patriots.
???: Is that, the reinforcement from Nankai…
The dragon of Katsurahama, Sakamoto Tatsuma.
Katsura: Not Katsurahama but Katsura.
Takasugi: Who the hell was referring to you?
He’s got a good look on him.
Katsura: Not a good look, but Katsura.
Takasugi: Who the hell was referring to you?
(TN- Takasugi said ‘Zura’ which means ‘mug or face’. Zura…is Zura.)
???: Appearing out of nowhere on a boat….
It’s as the rumor says…he’s got an impressive backing.
???: Who cares.

Gintoki: I ain’t got no interest in Bonbon.
There are plenty who don’t understand what it’s like to do hard work on their own.
There are also plenty of oldest sons who mistake self-righteousness for chivalry as well. Though this oldest son is sort of a runt.
There’s a chance that even that boat is a toy bought from his pops right?
Just like some little man who makes himself a platoon out of legos that his dad bought for him, since pops is a governor general and stuff. It’s kind of like that.
It’s not like this is a mini four wheeler circuit made out of cardboard.
Let me put it in terms you’ll understand. You’re only doing okay on the course called life cause Papa’s bought the whole track. Pops is one awesome dude ain’t he?
Takasugi: And who are you talking about? Who’s platoon is made out of legos?
(Sfx- Suuuii *sffft*)
Takasugi: Moreover it’s not like I have an inheritance I’m partaking of…
Gintoki: Eh? Oh I didn’t say anything! Just talking to myself about no one in particular…especially not you!
Takasugi-kun, do you think your family is rich or something?
Are you saying you’re bon-bonning it up?
(Sfx- Gashh gash *thok thok*)
Katsura: Will you two stop that?!
???: I’m not Bon-bon anyway! I’m a Korokoro sorta guy!!
???: I’m telling you to shut the hell uuuup!!
Hmmm? Hey look at him…
(TN- Bon bon and Korokoro are both children’s comic anthologies.)

Takasugi: The hell is HE laughing at?
Gintoki: Hey bastard! Don’t you dare underestimate Takasugi-kun!!
Takasugi: I’m not Takasugi-kun dammit. And it’s your fault I’m being underestimated in the first place.
(Handwritten- Gikooh Gikoooh.)
Gintoki: Fine. I’ve been thinking that this might be essential since the beginning.
It’s about time we determined who’s gonna lead this pack. Imma make it real clear right now.
Hey bastard. What the hell do you find so entertaining? Is it ‘cause despite being a ‘Takasugi’ that he’s actually pretty low to the ground? That he’s not ‘Takasugi’ at all?
Takasugi: You’re the one who’s underestimating me dammit.
(TN- ‘Takasugi’ means tall pine, but it can also mean ‘too tall’. So yes. Gintoki is cracking a stream of short jokes.)
Gintoki: Despite his looks, Takasugi-kun actually only has a third of the amount of friends Tamo-san has.
Takasugi: Tired of short jokes, asshole?
Gintoki: Underestimating a warzone will get you dead ya country bumpkin! So go back to your farm, cause we don’t need reinforcements!
Hey…why the hell are you ignoring me?
Seriously don’t underestimate this! You’re a patriot bro! You’ll be eliminated by outside forces!!
I said don’t laugh at us dammit!!
(Sfx- Furu furu *shake shake*)
Gintoki: Hey Takasugi-kun! Wanna treat this guy to divine punishment?!
{What’s with this guy…?}
{Intimidation does nothing to him.}
{Besides that he doesn’t lay eyes on us and instead gazes at the battle field with a fearless laugh.}
{Maybe this dude is one hell of a guy. He might actually be someone who’s a friggin paragon of talent?}

(Sfx- Geroboorasaaah *Bloooorgh*)
Sakamoto: Sorry bros…riding a boat while drunk feels nasty…
(Sfx- Gefuhhh *hicc*)
Sakamoto: Judging from the scenery I had no idea this place was so far away…
Who are…
You guys?
(Handwritten- Divine punishmennnnt!!)
(Sfx- Dogooohhh *THOOOM*)
Gintoki: Yup…Sakamoto Tasuma was Sakamoto Tatsuma even when we first met.
He has a gift of getting into people’s wallets and bags and gathering stuff shamelessly.
After that he put together all of those funds as capital using the weapon known as flattery….as if he was a swindler gathering cash.
Even during the war that guy didn’t use a sword…
He used the weapon known as merchandising to fight.

Gintoki: Without soldiers a war can’t be fought, but without money the soldiers can’t fight in the war.
The one who supported our wartime efforts was that swindler.
Mutsu: So basically he was lining up the merchandise known as soldiers on the battle field is what you’re saying?
You guys are just stones that he picked up huh?
Gintoki: Heh. You could say that.
Mutsu: And for money he was able to line you guys up just the way he wanted? You guys know that you facilitated his bad habit right?
What an annoying little story.
Gintoki: Well, aren’t we the razor-sharp aide.
Do be sure not to choke on that sharp tongue of yours.
After all Vice captain-san, aren’t you too…
Just a stone that idiot picked up?
(Sfx- Hahahaahah)
(Sfx- Hahahahaahah)
(Sfx- Gaahahahaah)
Sakamoto: They really abandoned meeeee!!!

Sakamoto: Abandoning their captain at sea huh? Man! They really are somethin’ aren’t they! This is tha first step to becoming independent!
You guys are great! I get it already! I totally completely and fully get it! So now it’s time to take me back….right?
Heeey…I know you guys are nearby somewhere right?
I reflected on my mistakes and stuff so it’s about time….

Mutsu: It was in the unknown boundary between the sky and the sea…on an ocean dark..
That I met that man tied down and drifting away.
Gintoki: Talk about a guy who doesn’t improve with age.
Mutsu: I imagine this must have been around the time where he withdrew from the patriot wars and started wandering space.
He was gathering monies and apparently during this a sale went bad.
The ship I happened to be present on saw that pathetic idiot…
As it was passing by.
The slave space pirate ship ‘Chidori’.
(TN- Thousand birds.)
Gintoki: Slave ship?!
Mutsu: At the time, the Chidori was a power only rivaled by the Harusame pirates….a prideful criminal syndicate.
It’s primary function on this planet was the purchase and sales of human beings.

Mutsu: Those who were bought, sold or abandoned….
I was among them.
Gintoki: You…
Big dude: There’s a weird guy in the sea…
He’s asking us to save him….what do we do?
Mutsu: Scoop ‘em up and throw him in the gaol with the other slaves.

Mutsu: Don’t get flustered….it was just a part time job.
Gintoki: A part time job that requires human kidnapping?! You’re pretty scary dammit!!
Mutsu: The Chidori Space Pirates second unit vice-captain…
Diamond princess Mutsu.
My shift was Tuesdays through Fridays.
(TN- I’m not sure of her title. The Diamond part should be right, but princess may be a bit off…)
Gintoki: The hell kind of part time job was that?! No doubt about it, you’re basically a manager!!
Mutsuu: It’s not like I could help it. My father was the president, so as his daughter I had to be able to at least be able to run a branch on my own…to save father’s face.
Gintoki: Your dad was the president of what exactly?! Wait…are you the daughter of the pirate king?! Do you know what the One piece is?!
(TN- Stap looking so cute Mutsuuuuuu.)
Mutsu: To be honest, I really wanted to be more ladylike. I had interests in being fashionable, and hanging out at cafes,
eating lovely cakes and, selling a different sort of sugar to make a certain type of cake, and eliminating traitors….
But my father forced me….
Gintoki: What about that is feminine?! All of that is pretty much slave trade isn’t it?!

Gintoki: So what then, you’re not an earthling?! How’d you get a Tosa dialect?!
Mutsu: Sakamoto bought us.
Gintoki: Why…what did he do?
Are you trying to suggest to me that a man kidnapped by a pirate ship to be a slave bought you and the ship?
Mutsu: It was quite simple really…
He is Sakamoto Tatsuma after all.
And he bought me….
Along with the entire pirate ship.
In fact he bought the…
Kaientai from the pirates.

(Sfx- Gabaaah *fwooosh*)
Sakamoto: maaan! I saw my life flashing before my eyes!!
You saved me brah! I gotta thank you somehow…
(Sfx- Gahahahaah)
Sakamoto: Huh?
Could swear this sorta thing happened before…
???: What a coincidence…
I was thinking this is a total déjà vu too.
Picking up a lone swindler from the depths of the sea…
(Sfx- Zahhh *sfft*)
???: And then he goes and steals my ship…
And my most precious person…
Why…thanks to him I lost everything.
Long time no see, Swindler-sa…
Sakamoto: Ah—sory…
I’m sorta drunk so mind if we stop the ship?
(Handwritten- The crane is swinging around a lot…)
(Side text- A man with vomit overflowing!!)

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