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Kokushi Musou!! 18

Those who have something they owe..

+ posted by Bomber D Rufi as translation on Jan 19, 2014 00:03 | Go to Kokushi Musou!!

-> RTS Page for Kokushi Musou!! 18

And it's back! Can't say the scantlation is in the same boat though, but that's a BDR translated series for you. DOA until proven otherwise.

Not reserving for anyone until...

-First chapter is out.
-Schedule for releases has been established.
-Schedule is fairly consistent.

No asking when the next one will be out, ask me for permission before using, no non-English scantlations before an English one is done, and I give preference to those who will check the script for accuracy before scantlating.

Chapter 18: Those who have something they owe..
(Side text- The peerless temple is under attack.)
(Sfx- Pihhh *fwfff*)
Chieri: Hoh…
I intended to cut your neck off….your reaction time is something awesome lady.
Dude: H—hey…
Is that Myouou okay? She just got attacked….
Gihyou: What’s up Kid…?
(Side text- But what of the masters who oppose the pirates…?!)

(Side text- Kid is angry!!!)
Chieri: Hm?
Gihyou: Y—you idiot!!
Kid: Ngh…
Gihyou: What’ll happen to us if Master Kujaku finds us?!
Chieri: Heheh…that’s one hotheaded brat up there….what’s he goin’ on about….pride?

Chieri: Bullshit!!
You ain’t gonna get anywhere if you use something as flimsy as that as your foothold!!
I ain’t playin’ games kiddo. Life is something where you gotta steal before you get stolen from. Whether it’s money, a reputation, lives or power…if you want ‘em..
You gotta take ‘em with your full strength!!
Lets do this guys!! First lets set fire to that place there and snatch up all of the gold!!
(Sfx- Kiriri *reeeeh*)
Guys: Yessir!!

Kujaku: …Ngh..!!
I won’t allow it!!

Kujaku: Hah!!!
Dude: Whaaat?!
The arrow’s flames are going out before they even GET there!!
What the hell is she?!

Kujaku: None of you all are hurt right…?
Gihyou: Y—yess’m!!
We’re all absolutely fine!!

Kujaku: I see..
That’s good.
(Sfx- Hah Hah)
Chieri: Heh…
Heh…splendid…you really are something.
So the rumors that you guys will even become meat shields to protect your students are true huh?

Chieri: So if it’s for your brats you’re willing to do anything…
I heard that you guys are a bunch of demons…
But it turns out demons have emotions too huh?
Kujaku: …Dunno…
I couldn’t tell you if this here is the thing known as emotion.
But truly what is it that a master can give her student?
Something like ‘being rough’ or ‘protecting their life’? Shouldn’t they be able to do that much?
Kid: Master!!
(Sfx- Tan *tp*)
Guys: She’s coming right for us?!
Fire!! Fire!! She’s gonna kill us if she makes it over here!!

Dudes: Hiii!!
Chieri: Don’t you get it?
It’s cause you stupidly hold on to things like emotions..
That you’re gonna die right here..
Right now!!
Kujaku: Wrong.
They say ‘The road of martial arts is one that shoulders heavy burdens and is smeared with mud’…

Kujaku: It’s because I owe so much….
That my fist leaves a resounding impression!!
Guys: B—boss!!
That’s impossible!!
Kujaku: Whew…
I’m pooped…

Students: YEAAAAAAAH!!
Did you see that awesomeness just now?!
She took Chieri down in one hit!!
Kujaku myouou banzai!!
Gihyou: Kid!! Hey Kid!!
Kid: What’s up Gihyou?
Gihyou: What my ass!! We’ve gotta book it right now!!
I was able to manipulate my voice so it fooled the master…
But we’ve gotta get back before they discover we’re here!!
C’mon! Lets go!
Kid: Y—yeah!!

{First year area.}
Gihyou: Weew…somehow we managed to get out of there.
Anko: If we don’t get back to the dormitories they’ll suspect something is up.
The girls dorms are this way so later!
Mugi: See you tomorrow Kid-kun!
Gihyou: Awwright.
Well lets head back and put those homework answers to good use!!
With this answer book, it’ll be a cinch!
Kid: Gihyou….
Yanno, I don’t think I’ll need that after all.
Gihyou: Wha?!

Gihyou: What are you blabbering about?!
You remember how much trouble we had to go through to get these right?!
Kid: Yeah, I know.
But I think I understand it a little better now….that whole thing about what is most important to a martial artist.
Gihyou: I see. Well that’s cool.
You understand now?
Kid: Yup! Thanks!
Gihyou: Well…if you ever find yourself in a real jam just speak up, hear?
I’m always ready to help out a pal, brah!
Oh! If you wanna do homework you should go use the library! It’s real quiet there and there are plenty of books for you to use!
(Sfx- Pon)
Gihyou: Here’s the key and a map!
Kid: Thanks a lot!!!

{Late that night.}
(Sign- Library.)
Kid: Nnngh…Nngh…I don’t get it.
Dammit…this studying thing sucks.
I dunno when it’ll ever end though…
Man! I should have gotten Gihyou to help!!
No! I can’t!!
Kid: I decided I’d do this on my own!
I’m a guy who can do what needs to be done when the time comes!
I know I can!!

(Handwritten- Hmmm Hmmm.)
(Handwritten- Ah! Wait I sort of understand this!!)
(Handwritten- Hmmm… Hmmm)
Kujaku: Ahh…oww. My injuries hurt so much that I didn’t get any sleep…
I wonder if the health room is open yet…
There’s a light in the library…?
Did someone forget to put a candle out?

Kujaku: Kid?
This is all the homework I gave him….was he doing it here the whole night?

Kujaku: They’re all pretty much wrong though…
(Handwirtten- Though the answers sections are all full.)
Kid: Mnnnn…
Kujaku: Look at those bags…
You and I both did our best huh?
At least you figured out the answer to the final answer huh?
{To my unseen Dad…}

{Lots of good things have happened to me lately.}
{I made friends and got to see the awesome scenery on the outside.}
{Oh and you know what else Dad?}
{I’m being taught by a great master.}
{I’m sure I’ll have lots to be proud of when we meet again Dad!}
{Kid has been permitted to participate in the Shuffle game.}
(Side text- Knowing now what is important to a martial artist, Kid advances to his next trial!!}

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