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Translations: One Piece 904 by cnet128 , Gintama 682 (2)

Gintama 478

Whether it be a bag or a ball sack, it’s recommended to open them as well.

+ posted by Bomber D Rufi as translation on Jan 23, 2014 00:07 | Go to Gintama

-> RTS Page for Gintama 478

And another Gintama. So far 2014 seems to be the year of the ballsack. Though now that Gorilla's got me all interested in why he seems determined to keep the boss identity secret? New character? Old character? Or not important? Taking all bets now!

Hi wa mata noboru only.

(Side text- Now…)
(Side text- is the time for the voting polls to open.)
(Bottom text- The character you deduce will appear on the cover of Jump?)
(Red text- WJ’s Gintama all-star war to select the character who will appear on the cover begins!)
(Black text- A color page for the opening announcments!!// for details on how to vote head to the next page immediately!!)

So basically you can send in postcards to vote for your favorite character to appear on a cover of jump along with Gintoki. Japanese fans can read this so there’s no point of me translating it for them, and fans overseas probably can’t participate so…

(Side text: A Geroist is arrested and brought on board…)
(TN- Gero being vomit. It sounds cooler as is so…)
???: Bastard…
I have no idea why you were floating in the middle of the sea like that….
But this is a Pirate ship…
Moreover it is a pirate ship that picks up and deals in the slave trade.
I can’t really tell if you have good luck or bad luck.
Sakamoto: Hey…
Are you the captain of this ship?
Gotta say, she’s pretty awesome.
Dude: Hey! Don’t move on your---
(Sfx- Zun zun *shfft shfft*)
Sakamoto: It’s got good reach, and it moves really well. Both signs that the captain knows their stuff.
It’s a good ship as far as the eye can see man!
Awwright, I’ve decided…

Sakamoto: I Sakamoto Tatsuma…
Will buy this ship!!
Amanto: Say whaaaaaaat?!
What the hell are you saying?! Do you understand the situation you’re in?!
You just got picked up by a slave ship!! You’re about to be a slave!!
You’re not going shopping here! On the flip-flop, you’re about to be something that’s shopped around!
Sakamoto: Dude, I’ll bet I could even take this baby into space and do some monster sales with her~
Sakamoto: Dude, I’m not talking to you! I’m chattin’ with the captain here!
(Handwritten- What’d you say?!)
Dude: Heheh..
You’re an interesting man. It would be a waste to make you a slave.
But that person is not the captain.
She is an important personage left by the viceroy in my care.
If it’s affairs regarding this ship, then the one you should be talking to isn’t her but me.
(Sfx- Kothh kotth *tp tp*)

Amanto: Bo—
(Sfx- Gohoeeeeh *bloooorsh*)
???: Gaaaahhh!!!
What the fuck are you doing to the boss?!
Sakamoto: My bad…I love ships but sea-sickness is super effective against me…thanks for lending me your bag brah.
Amanto: That’s not a seasickness bag dammit!! That’s the boss’s ballsack!!
(Sfx- Waaha gyah ghah)
Mutsu: Hurry up and bring that slave to the gaol.
I’m sorry to inform you, but I have no intention of doing business with a slave.
Selling slaves is the job of us pirates.
Sakamoto: I get it…I get it man…
You all gotta sell the wares that are on board yeah?
I get that without you even sayin it.

Sakamoto: Then…
How about I buy the slaves and the ship?
That way rather than just bein’ a slave on your ship I’m a customer.
Hows that sound, Captain?
(Side text- A declaration of slave purchase?!)
LESSON 478: Whether it be a bag or a ball sack, it’s recommended to open them as well.
Gintoki: Buying the ship and the slaves?
How was he gonna manage that?
Mutsu: It’s just as it sounds.
More than the pirates who captured him…
That guy is a no good…

(Sfx- Gararara *clatter*)
Dude: Vice captain!!
W—we’ve got trouble!!
The captain is…
Sakamoto-san is…
(Sfx- Gogogogogogo *rmmmmmble*)
Dude: Ladies and Gentlemen of the Kaientai…
Are you listening?
Abandon your vessel immediately….we will be taking it from here.
Any resistance will be dealt with…
(Sfx- Oeeeh *urrrgh*)
Dude: By taking your captain’s life.

Dude: Everything that you all have was stolen from us…the Chidori pirates.
And we intend to take everything back right now.
Boss…there doesn’t seem to be a response.
Dammit. Not just once, but twice does he do this to me…
How dare he spew vomit on a person during the most essential introduction scene! My appearance has gone to waste now.
I’ve pretty much had it up to here with him too.
(Sfx- Fuki fuku *wipe wipe*)
Boss: Prepare the cannon!!
If talking to them doesn’t prove how serious we are…then this will.
We will instill the fear of the Chidori pirates into them…
(Sfx- Gouunnn *vvoooom*)
(Sfx- Gogogog *rmmmble*)
Boss: Fire….
(Sfx- Dooooon *fwooooom*)
(Sfx- Gogogogogogo *Rmmmmble*)
(Sfx- Gara gara *clatter clatter*)
Amanto: Booooosss!!!

Amanto: Th—those guys…
They actually friggin’ fired?!
Don’t you give a shit for your captain?!
Mutsu: Not really.
Here’s our chance to be rid of that eyesore of a captain once and for all!!
Sakamoto: MUTSUUUUUU!!!
(Sfx- Gofuuhhh *thoooom*)
Mutsu: Listen well. Draw their attention with fire until we’ve managed to sneak upon their ship.
Guys: Yess’m! May victory be upon you!
Mutsuu: Let’s get moving Shaggy the whitehead.
(Sfx- Doooon *thooom*)
Mutsu: It’s on your ass to ensure that shaggy the black head doesn’t die.
Gintoki: Hold up! I can’t sww---
Mutsu: Though I had heard that the Chidori had inner conflicts that split them apart from the inside out.
Could it be that the remnants actually managed to shamble together for this halfhearted revenge…?
In any case we have to hurry or we’ll be too late.
Gintoki: Heeey!! Do you want to save that guy or not?! Which is it?!

???: Cryin’ out again?
Dammit! Are you guys tryin’ to drive me to the poor house?
Awwright, no helpin it! We’ll make this evening radish the hammer prize then!!
Dude: Sakamoto-san lost to an old lady~
Sakamoto: Hahahah, this old lady knows how to make a deal huh?
(Sfx- Wahahahahahah)
(Sfx- Gahahahah)
Sakamoto: I know you struggled to keep that booze a secret, but it wouldn’t kill ya to let me buy a cup!
???: No need to worry Sakamoto-san! Today our bonds are all connected by pickled radish sake!
Mutsu: What the hell are you doing?
(Sfx- Gohhh)
Sakamoto: Oooh! Cap’n! As you can see I’m conducting business!
So how about it? Have you decided to let me buy yer boat?
Mutsu: Do you really believe I’ll sell it to you? You’re a slave. You should really learn just what your position is here.
Sakamoto: I ain’t no slave. I’m a salesman.
Mutsu: Do you believe as one slave you have the funds to buy a ship?
Sakamoto: Call it a future investment towards later success. If I can make it into space then I know I can sell the best.
If ya wanna invest betst do it now.
After all this is a venture that’s gonna make you more coin than selling slaves.

Sakamoto: Look at my customers…
It’s just one bottle of cheap booze but I turned those frowns right around. Ain’t business somthin’?
But just sellin’ someone one thing ain’t a guarantee that you’ll get happiness out of them…
Business is takin a gamble over and over again.
I can see it written on your face….you know that too.
I don’t have interest for anything other than work.
I have no obligation for anything else.
Boss: Exactly.
As someone who will inherit the place of viceroy, Mutsu-sama has her own responsibilities.
So don’t go filling her head with nonsensical ideas her father would disapprove of.
She has no need to be interested in the warbling’s of a slave who doesn’t know his place.
You shouldn’t lend your ear to reckless remarks…
(Sfx- Oeeeeehhh *bloooorghs*)
Sakamoto: Gahahahah! Granny did you drink too much?
Granny: Sorry about that Boss.

Boss: Someone has smuggled booze into the cell!! Open the door and take it at once!!
Now let us leave this filthy place at once Mutsu-sama!!
Mutsu: You’re the one who’s filthy.
You should stop acting so selfish as well, m’lady.
Your father left you in my hands to take care of. You do understand that right?
Of course I have ambitions to become the right hand of the viceroy and maybe even the next viceroy myself should the need come.
(Sfx- FUki fuki *wipe wipe*)
Boss: However your father asked me to do this…
Someday the Chidori pirates will be something you and I will control Mutsu-sama..
And I would like to invite my daughter to be by my side…
For both public and private affairs…
Mutsu: So is this the obligation…
For me who was born the daughter of a pirate?
Boss: No Mutsu-sama…
Since before You’ve been..

Boss: Someone I approached with adoration---
(Sfx-Gobshooooh *blooorsh*)
(Sfx- Pota pota *drip drip*)
(Sfx- Oeeeeeghhh)
Mutsu: S—sorry…
It’s just as he said…
It was a pointless family business…
In a pointless life.
I was born a pirate’s child, and raised a pirate, and then expected to inherit the business without a word.
My conduct would bring joy to no one.
After all…I thought business was simply a means of…
Exploiting people.

Mutsu: It was my first time seeing that…
Business could be a means of mutual benefits.
Sakamoto: Hey Capt’n!!
Whatcha doin peekin’ from over there? Come on over and hang out with us!!
Mutsu: I—I wasn’t peeking at anything!!
(Sfx- Baahhh *fwaaap*)
Mutsu: I was simply watching over you to make sure you didn’t smuggle anything else in!!
Sakamoto: No need to lose your pants or nothing…I an’t got nothing to sell anymore.
I was killin’ time by auctioning off this rock here.
Mutsu: A rock?
Sakamoto: Bein’ locked up in a tiny place like this cramps the body, yeah? You can use somethin’ like this to give yerself a massage. Right granny?
(Sfx- Guri guri *grind grind*)
Granny: I keep telling you that there are plenty of round rocks around here like that! I ain’t giving you a cup of radish sake for it!!
Give me something sharper dammit! Don’t underestimate an old lady’s stiffness!!
Sakamoto: What’d you say to me ya old bat?!
Listen if you want something sharper and lighter then how about I skewer ya with a rock lance?!

Sakamoto: I’ll show you old baaat!!
(Sfx- Dosuhh *thok*)
(Sfx- Goso goso *rub rub*)
Sakamoto: GYAAAAAAH!!
Mutsu: How about this? Forget that idiot and use this for your massage?
Granny: Aah! That’s it Captain!! That’ll do!
Sell me that stone!!
Mutsu: Eh?
It’s just a piece of the floor that shattered…
Granny: Please!
Uhoooohhh! This feels great!!
It’s like I’m ascending to heaven!!
As expected from the Diamond princess!! Even the choices she makes are like diamonds!!
???: Granny, let me borrow that!
Me too!
Me too!!
Granny: Oh how can I ever thank you?
Thank you so much captain!!
She’s so gentle to us!
There’s no way I can ever repay this!!

???: I put my heart into making these…
On our behalves would you take it as thanks?
Mutsu: I—I don’t want that.
I haven’t sunk so low that I’d eat your gruel.
Sakamoto: Yanno…
Takin’ what your given is salesman’s etiquette.
And recievin’…
That’s what business is all about.
(Sfx- Bata bata *thok thok*)

???: What?
The viceroy…?
I knew he was ill….
But for it to progress this quickly…
Amanto: Should I tell Mutsu-sama anything?
Dude: No…there’s no need for you to worry about that.
Amanto: But sir, despite her firm looks she is still only 14 years old. Sadness over her father’s death will make it difficult for her to continue your work.
Dude: That isn’t the case at all.
There isn’t any reason for me to speak to her…
Or for her to become the next Viceroy either.
I know the Viceroy’s eyes have been on his daughter, and by using her he has had complete control of the fleet….
But this is a completely different story.
Now that he’s not around, will anyone want Mutsu-sama to lead the Chidori?
Will anyone even protect her?
As it is right now, is there anyone who wants…
That little girl to take on the viceroy’s seat?

Amanto: B—boss!
We’re changing our route effective immediately. We have no need to do pointless business ventures now.
Tomorrow on Kenou star…
We will execute all of the slaves and that little girl.
There will be a revolt by the slaves in which Mutsu-sama will unfortunately lose her life.
You can report that back to the organization.
{It’s really not surprising.}
{In the world we live in, it’s easy to abandon much in the background.}
{Moreover my father was the sort of man who favorite machiavellism in his climb upward to the seat of viceroy.}
(Sfx- Gachaan *clack*)

Mutsu: Use this key to open the emergency escape pods.
Do it before this ship disembarks on Kenou star.
I don’t know how many of you there are, but squeezing in there is better than death.
Sakamoto: What’s this for?
Mutsu: You guys don’t seem to be slaves so you’re not worth any money, and I don’t need useless luggage.
Plus you said it before didn’t you?
And receiving is what business is all about.
(Sfx- Kotoh *tp*)
Mutsu: Do me a favor and tell her they were delicious.
(Handwritten- Without needing money…!!)

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