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Translations: Gintama 683 by kewl0210 , One Piece 904 by cnet128

Kokushi Musou!! 20


+ posted by Bomber D Rufi as translation on Jan 28, 2014 23:00 | Go to Kokushi Musou!!

-> RTS Page for Kokushi Musou!! 20

Chapter 24 is awesome. So awesome that it stirred the heart of a madman within me and pushes me to do two chapters tonight in an effort to get to it. (Why not all the way to 24? I am still lazy. Mou! >3<)

Not reserving for anyone until...

-First chapter is out.
-Schedule for releases has been established.
-Schedule is fairly consistent.

No asking when the next one will be out, ask me for permission before using, no non-English scantlations before an English one is done, and I give preference to those who will check the script for accuracy before scantlating.

(Side text- Volume one of the manga is now on sale!!)
Dude: Aaaaaaaaghhhhhh
It’s poison! Poison is seeping through me…!!
Someone: Wh—what?! What are you talking about?! Poison!?
(Sfx- Chkuhh *tippp*)
Kid: Ow!
(Sfx- Dota dota *drip drip*)
(Side text- Risking their lives to decide on allies!!)
Kid: These arm rings are injecting poison into our bodies!!
Gihyou: Take the arm rings off everyone!!
???: Don’t.
Chapter 20: Prey.

Kujaku: Those arm rings are to stay on you until the end of this game.
Without a special ‘ki’ they won’t come off….which means no one other than I can remove them.
Ro: What’s the meaning of this Kujaku..!
What the hell are you trying to do?
(Side text- Can Kid come out of this trial safely and then team up with Ro?!)
Kujaku: It’s just like I said.
In 24 hours…
Those ugly marks will spread over your entire body and you’ll die.
There’s only one way to save yourselves….and that’s the poison antidote in the arm rings…
(Sfx- Kachihhh *click*)

Kid: It reeks! What’s with this capsule’s smell..?!
(Sfx- Aaaan)
Kid: But if I take this I’ll be saved…!!
Gihyou: Wait up Kid…
The master’s explanation seems kinda halfassed don’tcha think?
Kujaku: That was close…
If you slip up it’s really over.

Kujaku: You see this antidote possesses a special quality…it only takes effect if two pills are taken at the same time.
Kid: Two? What are you talking about?
There’s only one capsule of medicine in each of the arm rings!
Kujaku: Ugh. You guys sure are slow.
There are plenty of antidotes around right?
Since every one of you here has the antidote….
It’s simple enough to steal one right?
Gihyou: Th—then you mean…

Dude: So you want us to break apart our friendships…
And then within that pool of people make teams…?!
Kujaku: Yup…
Absolutely right.
Dude: D---
How the hell are we gonna differentiate between friend and foe like that huh!? The hell kind of team building exercise is this?!

Kujaku: Not knowing who’s a friend and who’s an enemy…
Don’t you all think there’s a meaning behind that too?
Dude: Huh?
Kujaku: Can you really say that you can trust your own friends…?
That if something happened that they wouldn’t just betray you?
Dude: Well…that’s..
Kujaku: Let me give it to you straight. The relationships you’ve built up thus far..
Are really just for outward appearances.
True trust is something born when one’s life is on the line.
The thing you all believed was ‘friendship’ will…
Lead to doubt and betrayal which will then lead you to wander in the abyss.

Kujaku: It is up to you to probe the darkest layers of that abyss and find the light that is partnership before 24 hours are up…
My foolish students.

Kid: Heheh. This sounds sorta fun, yeah?
Can I just be straight up about something?
I’m not about to die cause of some poison.
So just you watch, master.
Kujaku: Heh…
Are you ready?
Meinfisu: Ro-kun, I’d like you to really consider our earlier conversation.
Kujaku: Then..

Kujaku: Let the second game begin!!
{Time till poison takes effect: 23:59}

Kujaku: Good. They’ve hidden themselves well.
I know it without them saying a word…this game’s method is pretty harsh.
And what are you doing?
Monk: Eh?
Kujaku: Construct the barrier around this grave area immediately!
Monk: Y—yes ma’am!

Mugi: I have no idea what to do….other than hope no one finds me here…
Everyone’s out to steal the antidote for sure…
And they’re bound to start off by targeting weaklings like me!
I’m glad I got separated from Anko-chan…
If I were with her, there’s no doubt I’d be a nuisance….
???: Uwaaaaaaaaah!!!
Mugi: A scream?!
And it’s pretty close…
Dude: W—wait a sec Moloch!! We’re classmates right?!
Moloch: Gimme your antidote before I use my fists to take it.

Dude: Wait man!!
Even if you take the medicine from me it’s not enough to clear the game’s conditions!!
Y—yeah! How about this…we team up!
That way we’re untouchable! We can even steal the other guy’s antidotes!
C’mon man! Lets do---
Moloch: Shut the hell up. Your yammering hurts my ears, ya two faced shitbag.
What I wanna hear out of your noise hole is whether you’re going to ‘give’ me that antidote or ‘not give it to me’. Which is it?

Moloch: Best choose your words carefully.
If you say some feeble shit about partnership again then I might be liable to rip that snake tongue right out of your putrid mouth.
Dude: Hiiii!!
I—I hid my antidote!!
If you kill me you’ll never find it!!
Mugi: That’s pretty smart..!!
If the medicine is hidden, people can’t randomly attack others!!
Moloch: Oh?
I get it then. That’s how it is. Hiding your antidote’s not a bad idea.

Moloch: But I’m the wrong opponent for that sorta thing…
Since I hate being bored.
I’ll just look for other prey after I’ve killed you.
Ro: A scream….so someone’s fighting?
In a situation like this it’s not gonna be easy to find a partner that one can put their complete trust in, much less team up with.
Trust huh…
This game is gonna be tough for me.

Kid: Crap!!
I lost sight of ‘im!!
That friggin’ Ro!! Where did he go?! Hah hah…
I can’t find Mugi or Gihyou either…did a monster just pop out over there?!
Dang. I was thinking I could find Ro and we’d just team up until time is up…
Wait! No, I gotta find the antidote like yesterday.
Guy: Hey you!!
Are you alone?!

Dude: I’m alone too so it’s all good!
Wanna have a match over the antidotes?
Kid: …What do you mean?
Dude: I’m talking about a fair and even match over who gets the antidotes.
Cause for real we’ve really got to handle this problem in a hurry.
But I’m not trying to play you!! If you want I’ll even strip down to prove it!
Kid: I don’t really doubt you though?
See, my pops said that it’s better to trust people rather than doubt ‘em! So yeah, lets fight!
Dude: Eh?

Dude: Okay…well lets do this. Put your antidote here.
Kid: Okay!
(Sfx- Suuhh *sfft*)
Kid: All right let’s move back a little from the antidote. I mean we’d be in an assload of trouble if we lost it right?
Dude: Oh? Yeah you’re right.
You’re pretty smart arentcha?
Kid: It’s just common sense.
Dude: No, no. You’re pretty awesome.
Just as I thought.
….You’re an complete idiot.
Did you really think I was gonna do it?

Dude: ‘That I’d team up with you’?...
Otherdude: Got the antidote!!
You moron! You really believed that?!
(Side text- Unpreparedness is the biggest enemy!! This game is no simple matter!!)

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