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Translations: One Piece 904 by cnet128 , Gintama 682 (2)

Gintama 479

A true merchant.

+ posted by Bomber D Rufi as translation on Jan 30, 2014 00:03 | Go to Gintama

-> RTS Page for Gintama 479

Apparently I missed all of the signs despite staring at pages of this manga's raws each week for hours on end. Still, what a tweeest!

Hi wa mata noboru only.

Sakamoto: Yer tellin’ us to run?
What’s yer deal all of a sudden?
Mutsu: You guys don’t seem to be slaves…
And I don’t want luggage that’s not worth any money.
Plus you said it before didn’t you?
Giving and receiving is what business is all about.
(Sfx- Koto *clatter*)
Mutsu: Do me a favor and tell her they were delicious.
(Side text- Touched by these people, her heart changes…)

{Back then…}
{Why did I help them?}
{That’s something even I don’t understand.}
{Was it simply because I didn’t want to involve them in my personal struggle?}
{Or was I trying to atone for the slave trade that I had willfully participated in until now?}
{Without a doubt it was..}
{That as the daughter of a pirate…}
{I wanted to try being a true ‘merchant’ just once, even if it would be the last thing I do.}
Lesson 479: A true merchant.
(Side text- She changes silently….)

(Sfx- Dodooon *booom*)
(Sfx- Zuuunnn *thooooom*)
(Sfx- Zuzunnn *thoooom*)
(Sfx- Dododoooon *boooom*)
(Sfx- Waaaaaah)
Gintoki: Dude was this supposed to be the result…
Of your sale?
(Sfx- Dohhh *thook*)
Gintoki: Seems like you’ve got a mighty big catch to pull back in.
(Sfx- Gohhh *thok*)
Mutsu: Yeah..
It’s what happens sometimes…a sale that should have been easy goes awry.

Pirates: Y—
You bastards…
(Sfx- Dooon dooon *blaam blaam*)
(Sfx- Ooooooh)
Mutsu: This time I’ll be sure to recover everything.
(Sfx- Zuuaahhh)
Mutsu: Until I’ve picked up every red cent.
(Sfx- Dooooon *boooom*)
(Sfx- Gyaaaaahhhh)
(Sfx- Para para *clatter clatter*)
(Sfx- Gogogogogog *Rmmmble*)
Gintoki: That asshead Tatsuma..
Mutsu: Perhaps they carted him away when the situation became unfavorable for them.

Mutsu: Search for the poster boy of idiocy will you?
(Sfx- Datsuhhh *dash*)
(Sfx- Oooooh)
Gintoki: Hold up Muts---
(Sfx- Gaashiiiin *thoooom*)
Gintoki: Guh…
(Sfx- Zazaazaaah *sssfft*)
Gintoki: Bastards…

Pirates: Welcome back…
Vice Boss….
Finally returned to our ship have you?
Now we get one more chance to correct our mistake.
And continue…
From where we left off.

Pirates: As expected from a pirate’s daughter…
Even in her final moments she’s calm and composed.
Boss: I’d like to say that but…
It seems to me more along the lines that you knew this would happen.
(Sfx- Faaah faaah *caw caw*)
Mutsu: There isn’t a pirate alive who doesn’t think they won’t just die a pointless death….and as for you on the next panel…
I can already tell too that your face is going to be the toilet for a bird passing overhead. It’s like reading a book.
(Sfx- Bichaaann *blooorsh*)
S—so you’re saying you’re always ready to die huh?
If that’s really true…that you knew you’d die then why didn’t you run from this ship?
Why in the world would you stay here?
Could it be…
Because of this?
(Sfx- Doshaaah *thuuud*)

Mutsu: You fool…
Why didn’t you run away?
Sakamoto: I’m the same as you..
I wanted to make sure everyone would be able to escape safely…
And I figured just one person playin’ bait wouldn’t be enough.
Boss: He used himself as a decoy to buy time for the slaves to escape…
I hope you understand Mutsu-sama…this is irrefutable evidence of a mutiny.

Boss: Which honestly is completely unlike you….that you’d allow the words of a slave to lead you astray to this extent.
And now because of your inability to leave your heart behind you will be executed.
That’s right…even the slaves.
How are things looking there?
Radio: We’ve confirmed the target….
It is a ship about 50 km south of here headed overseas.
We just engaged the target and eradicated it.
The slave’s pod has sunk to the bottom of the sea.
Boss: That’s right, even back then..

Boss: You were unable to protect those friends of yours…
Watching helplessly as they sunk to the depths of the earth.
(Sfx- Dokahh *kick*)
(Sfx- Goro goro *roooolll*)
Boss: And now..
The two of you will have the pleasure of taking that plunge together.
People are creatures who just can’t change aren’t they?
(Sfx- Gahhh *tp*)
Sakamoto: Yeah bro…they don’t change.
Even you with yer stupid looking face…
Oh wait…I don’t think I’ve ever seen what ya look like.
(Sfx- Gaahh *Graab*)
Boss: I’ll just tell you straight then you damn swindler! We are going to take everything that you stole from us back!
Our stolen ship, and standing…
And this little girl’s life!!

Boss: Back then you were the one who allowed that girl to escape..
And took our fleet!! Not only that I lost all standing that I had!!
I was to take the helm of this era of the Chidori after its decline and guide it into recovery!!
All for the sake of this little bratty girl who turned her back on everything the organization had to offer…
(Sfx- Gachaa *clack*)
Boss: Who dared to betray the Chidori!!
(Sfx- Jyakkii *Clack*)
(Sfx- Merrii *thok*)
(Sfx- Goohhh *thooom*)
Pirates: Booooooooosss!!
Sakamoto: She’s…
Not some stone that you guys get to abandon for a second time, dig?
(Sfx- Pashiii *clatter*)
Sakamoto: I’m a merchant….
More than bags, cash, and boats what I sell is happiness.
Though no matter how much money you’ve got…
I ain’t about to give her up to the likes of you…

Sakamoto: Scum buckets who don’t know the value of a little rock…or friendship.
If you don’t care about ever getting back home…
Then try to take her if you dare.
Pirates: B—
(Sfx- Jaaakii jaakkki *clack clack*)
Boss: Damn you…
Kill him right before that girl’s very eyes!!
Wh—what’s the matter?! Why aren’t you killing him?!
Do it imme—
Sakamoto: You said it well bro, people don’t change.
Even you…
Haven’t changed from back then neither.

Sakamoto: It’s a cryin’ shame.
Boss: The slaves you were protecting have now disappeared into the sea.
Your efforts weren’t even an impediment to my plans.
Now what’s left…
Is for you to disappear into the sea like I had planned.
Mutsu: I thought I’d try my hand at business..
In the end I just wanted to give you something even if I wouldn’t get anything in return.
Sakamoto: Naw…your rock was actually a pretty good sale.
You’re an awesome merchant.
Mutsu: That was just a rock.
Sakamoto: See…merchandise is all ‘just’ stuff at first…
Just like a rock on the ground is ‘just’ a rock. It’s the same thing.
A merchant is the alchemist who changes ‘just stuff’ into merchandise with meaning –worth money.

Sakamoto: Even rocks can be used to make a path.
Maybe they don’t shine like jewels and stuff, but they’re brilliant in their own way.
Tha fact that you already discovered that…
Means that you’re already an awesome merchant.
(Sfx- Gachaaah *clack*)
(Sfx- Gacha *Clack*)
(Sfx- Gogogogogo *rmmmmmble*)
Boss: Wh—what the…
What’s this sound?
Sakamoto: Now it’s my turn to show off, so look reaaal close ‘kay?
This is a sale conducted by a Space merchant.
Pirate: B—boss!!

Pirate: The slave ships have…
Closed this boat in?!
Boss: R—ridiculous!! N—no way…this couldn’t be!!
The slaaaaaaaves!?
(Handwritten- I don’t quite understand…is this the button used to respond?)
(Handwritten- If you don’t drop your weapons I’ll shoot)
(Handwritten- Old lady that’s the missile switch!!)
Sakamoto: Yeah, that pod you guys spent so much time seekin’ and destroying was an empty craft on autopilot.
‘Sides there are more slaves on these ships than you guys yanno? So it was easy to take the ships from yah.
Maybe you guys are short of hands or decided you din’ need as many guys to transport slaves but when playin’ the numbers game, more is always better. Wasn’t hard to take tha ships from yah.
Mutsu: Yo—you did this?!
Sakamoto: I thought I been told ya. I’m buyin’ this ship and the slaves.

Sakamoto: And I ain’t leavin’ a single person behind bars.
That includes you Mutsu.
You ain’t a pirate anymore.
Just an ordinary rock.
I found you..
A little rock rollin’ on the ground that has just a little light comin’ from it.
And in that rock was…a treasured Diamond
Known as friendship.
(Sfx- Zazaaaan *Doooom*)

Boss: Yo…
You fools!!!
You played dead and used our ally’s outfits to blend in?!
Mutsu: So you can act like a captain huh?
We only need…
One idiot captain in charge.
Boss: N—no way…
That blood..
They’re all spurting blood everywhere…
R—ridiculous…that elite battalion was decimated by one person…?
Gintoki: H—hey Mutsu…
See, I had been thinking about it but it sounded unbelievable…
But the way you fight, your white skin…and the fact that you’re always wearing that Amigasa during sunny days…
(TN- An amigasa is a braided hat, or exactly what Mutsu has on all of the time.)
Gintoki: No friggin way….
Are you a yatoooooooooo?!
(Side text- A being that emanates strength---)

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