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Gintama 480

Open your bags like they always have rocks in ‘em.

+ posted by Bomber D Rufi as translation on Feb 6, 2014 00:21 | Go to Gintama

-> RTS Page for Gintama 480

And Gintama continues once again to destinations unseen...

Hi wa mata noboru only

(Side text- Barfed up like rats in a trap!!)
{Attention pirates.}
Dude: We’ve already completely….
Taken full occupation of your ships.
Surrender the remaining mothership…
Evacuate, and free all the remaining slaves at once!
If you do not comply to our requests we will turn our cannons on the mother ship and open fire.
You have five seconds to respond.
(Sfx- Gogogoggoo *rmmmmmble*)
Dude: 1….2…..3….
Amanto: Y—you bastaaaaards!!

Dude: 4…5…
(Sfx- Doooon *thooooom*)
Dude: Graaaaannnyy!!!
That was too soon! I said when I get to five! Not slightly before!!
Granny: When you’re my age, a whole year just creeps up before you know it.
Dude: I was only asking you to wait for five seconds!!!
Boss: Those fools actually opened fire?!
Dammitall! Forget about the slaves! Just fire!! Return fire!!
(Sfx- Gogogogo *rmmmmble.*)
Amanto: But boss!! The ship is completely surrounded! We’re totally trapped in a hornet’s nest here!
Mutsu and that slave dude have….!!

(TN- Blissful, blissful lack of text. Oh and violence. Oh and a loli being the source of blissful lack of text and violence. Best Gintama page of the year. I called it.)

Gintoki: The way you fight…
And the fact that you’re always wearing that amigasa on sunny days..
No friggin way….
Lesson 480: Open your bags like they always have rocks in ‘em.

Gintoki: Not only are you the princess of pirates….but on top of that…
You’re a descendant of one of the strongest warrior tribes in the universssseee?!
(Handwritten- You’ve done stole our Heroine’s thunder!)
Gintoki: Tatsuma you asshat! Why the hell did you pick up such a dangerous aide?!
Sakamoto: Eh? Yato? Whazzat bro?
(Sfx- Dodododdo *thoooom*)
Ginoki: Guh!
Boss: Fiiiiireeeee!!!
Shoot their legs out from under them!!
Gintoki: Damn, are they trying to run away?!
(Sfx- Doddodo *thoooom*)
Mutsu: I won’t let them.
(Sfx- Guhhh *sshfft*)

Mutsu: You fools aren’t the only ones…
Who can implement means to take flight.
(Sfx-Gagagagagagah *ddsssssH*)
(Sfx-Dooohhh *thuuuud*)
(Sfx- Kagoooonn *Thook*)
Amanto: Boooossss!! The cannons have been completely destroyed!!
Boss: Never mind that!!
(Sfx- Gogogogogo *rmmmmmble*)
(Sfx- Gaaan *thooom*)
(Sfx- Ooooohhhh)
Boss: Hurry up and launch the escape pod!!

(Sfx- Gakkuhhh *tuuud*)
(Sfx- Bishiiihh *ssshhh*)
Mutsu: I believe I told you to wait.
Did you not understand me?
(Sfx- Gogogogogo *mmmmmmble*)
Mutsu: I’m still in the middle of my pitch, my good customers.

(Sfx- Aaaaghhhhh)
Boss: Mu—Mutsu…
With your talent and strength…
Becoming a pirate of such stature that dwarfs your father’s own isn’t a dream!!
Why do you instead work under that man?
To work as something as foolish as a merchant?
Is it as a favor…
To the man who picked you up?
Or is it a form of atonement….
Because you don’t want to be judged for selling slaves?
Mutsu: Utter nonsense….
(Sfx- Googogogo *rmmmmble*)
Mutsu: It’s not because of a favor..
Or to make up for any sin….
There’s nothing like that for me anymore.
(Sfx- Gogogogogo *rmmmmble*)

Mutsu: That addle brained merchant…
Whether it’s favors or sins…
He thoughtlessly uprooted them all.
All of my possessions have been torn away and I have nothing…
I am simply Mutsu…
Mutsu the vice-captain of the Kaientai.
Boss: Th—those are…
The slaves from back then?!
The kaientai you’re spearheading is….

Mutsu: Remember it well..
That idiot didn’t pick me up….
Back then…
The one who found a treasure…

Mutsu: Was me.
(Sfx- Gogaaaah *thooooom*)
(Sfx- Zugoooooooh *fwoooooom*)
(Sfx- Gara gara *clatter clatter*)
Mutsu: And look at this. I thought I’d finally get a good look at your face…
But even now it’s as unchangingly…
Filthy as ever.
(Sfx- Pota pota *drip drip*)

(Sfx- Dogaaaaah *boooooooom*)
Mutsu: Enjoy the sale.
Crew: Mutsu-samaaa!!
Thank goodness you’re okay!
Granny: I’ll have you all know that this old lady knew that Mutsu-sama would make it back.
Moreover you were able to make a return on those bags that had us in debt and get a ship out of the deal!
Your genius of merchandising knows no limits Mutsu-sama!!
(Handwritten- Give it baaaaaack!!)
(Handwritten- Give us back our ship!!)
Crew: A celebration is in order!!
(Sfx- Kuii kuui kuui)
Crew: Let’s celebrate Mutsu-sama’s safe return!!
Sakamoto: Heeeeey!! What about the shindig for the captain’s safe retuuuurn?! Who’s in charge of the party for thaaaaat!?
Gintoki: Dude, your face didn’t return safely cap’n. It’s bidding bon voyage as we speak.

Gintoki: But man…to think the Kaientai crew…
Are the culmination of the slaves you freed back then.
Flying around space with the slaves you bought…I guess you must be one hell of a president that they stayed.
Sakamoto: That’s business for ya.
The slaves that were sold and lost their place found a place for themselves upon the ship.
And in exchange the costs for labor are pretty cheap. It’s a win-win situation brah.
Gintoki: Yeah yeah. I get it.
(Handwritten- Smell ya later.)
Gintoki: Wouldn’t want anyone to be under the mistaken impression that you’re suggesting this was all done for the sake of a woman.
Just make sure to pay back my charges good buddy.
I’m in business for myself too.
Sakamoto: I get whatcha mean man.
Don’ want anyone gettin’ it twisted and thinking you did this sorta thing for a woman or nothin’.

(Sfx- Gera gera gera *heheheh*)
(Sfx- Gahahahaahah)
Mutsu: Dimwit…
You said that I’m no longer a pirate right?
Look at this…
No matter how you try to pass it off it looks like the sort of misconduct a pirate would do.

Sakamoto: Gahahahah! Don’t sweat the small stuff Mutsu!
Pirates and merchants eat, sleep, shit and even vomit the same warrrrogh.
(Sfx- Bicha bicha *blissh blissh*)
Mutsu: It’s also pretty obvious you’re the only one vomiting.
Sakamoto: ‘Sides short-stuff, you know full well….
Where pirates and merchants are different…know what I mean?
Yup we’re…
Pirates that steal pleasure.
(TN- Really no way to translate this properly. The normal reading of ‘Kaizoku’ is ‘pirates’. Here though, the kanji is for ‘Pleasure’ and ‘thief’ but the word is the same.)

Crew: We’re ready to launch!!
Sakamoto: Kaientai….
Movin out!!
Shinpachi: Gin-san. Gin-san!
We got a package from Mutsu-san in the mail!
Gintoki: Seriously?! Vice sharp tongue came through after all! I knew she knew where I was coming from!
Kagura: Ooh! Look! Look! Gin-chan!

Gintoki: 50 million!!!
Kagura: It appears the bag is stuffed with radishes….
Shinpachi: What is this Gin-san?
(Sfx- Kariii *chew*)
Mutsu: That was some good business.
{And that woman…}
{With a bag crammed full…}
{Of rocks…}
{Launched into the great deep on her boat}
{Her head and spirits held high.}
(Side text- Today too we set sail with pleasure!)

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