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Kokushi Musou!! 22

Powerful ones.

+ posted by Bomber D Rufi as translation on Feb 6, 2014 03:05 | Go to Kokushi Musou!!

-> RTS Page for Kokushi Musou!! 22

Eh, Gintama was short and I was like 'Wait! I graduated and got my master's already! I actually have time for more translations now!'

Not reserving for anyone until...

-First chapter is out.
-Schedule for releases has been established.
-Schedule is fairly consistent.

No asking when the next one will be out, ask me for permission before using, no non-English scantlations before an English one is done, and I give preference to those who will check the script for accuracy before scantlating.

Chapter 22: Powerful ones.
Someone: Fouuund you Ro….
Now be a good boy and drop your antidote.
(Side text- Volume 1 of the manga is now on sale!!)
Ro: Man oh man. 4 on 1 huh? I’m gonna have to break some bones here.
But gimmie a break. I don’t wanna go that far.
(Side text- The beasts gather and aim for the strong! How will Ro attack in response…!?)

Ro: Did you guys not get the memo about the rules? We’re supposed to be making two man teams during this game.
So when did the rules change to include four man teams?
Rengoku: Hahahaah. No need to sweat it Ro. The rules didn’t change or nothin’. This temple’s iron clad rule of two person teams is iron clad.
{1st year A Class Rengoku}
Ro: That’s a relief.
I’m no good at collaborating with others.
Unlike you guys who need to come in bundles…
Otherwise you’re just useless cowards.
(Sfx- Pikuhh *poit*)

Dude: Best get off your high horse Ro!!
Even if I’m on my own that’s more than enough to take you down.
{1st year A class Hoira}
Hoira: Rengoku asked me to work with him though, so there’s no helping it.
Chick: Oh? Look who’s talking big now. Especially since you’re just a muscle brained idiot?
Hoira: What’d you say?!
Rengoku: Hey! No infighting!
If you guys wanna go at it wait till after the game is over.
In any case Ro-kun…
A bigshot powerhouse like you is always one step above the rest of us.

Rengoku: So why not do us a favor and disappear!?
Ro: Damn…
I don’t have time for this. Hurry up and get it over with!
Rengoku: As if!!
Nyoibou extend!!!

Ro: It extended?!
It’s a part of the mysterious series…!?
Rengoku: HAhahaha!! How’s it taste Ro?! Before I came to the peerless temple, I used my bou arts to defend my home village!!
And now I’ll use this to climb up the ranks of the peerless temple, stand at the top and return home a hero!!
You’re in my way Ro!!!

Rengoku: He saw through it?!
Can his eyes already follow these movements?!
I can’t pull it out!
Ro: Sorry champ but you’re a long way from being a hero if this is all you’ve got.
The world’s not quite as tiny as you think!

(Sfx- Nyaari *grriin*)
Ro: Chains…!?
{1st year A class Elize}
Elize: Did you forget that this is a four on one match?
Hoira: Hey buddy! Keep your eyes on the prize! I’m over here!!

Hoira: Gouriki ken!!
(TN- Herculean fist.)
Elize: Awesome! That was straight on!!
Rengoku: No…not yet…
Hoira: Huh?
This guy…he revolved so he ended up on top of my punch…
And avoided taking any damage!!

Ro: One down!
Three to go….

Hoira: That tickled.
For a rookie that everyone’s got their eyes on you sure don’t amount to much huh…?
Ro: No way…!!
He’s already up and at ‘em again..?!
Dammitall, I guess one more’ll do it….
My leg…

Rengoku: A close one.
Girl: Kyahahah! Run, run as fast as you can!!
{I can’t move my body well…}
(Sfx- Buru buru *shiver shiver*)
Ro: What the hell did you guys do?
What’s this powder?
Chick: It’s paralyzing powder.
{1st year A class: Chomi}
Chomi: I Grind the grass here and mix it.
It’s power is nothing to sneeze at, no? With this the effectiveness of your punches drops by half.

???: Which means you don’t have a single chance out of a million to win now!
What’s left now is to pound your ass into grass!!
Ro: Dammitall!!
I see…this dream team is going to be a nightmare for me…!
???: What are you doing there?

Meinfisu: I thought I heard a ruckus so I came to check it out. Seems like everyone is having a blast huh?
Everyone: Wha—

???: Why are you here?!
Menfisu: Hm? Well I was taking a walk when I heard a strange noise and decided to check it out…
Chomi: W—what’ll we do Rengoku? The top two in the class are here now!!
Rengoku: Nnnn…
Menfisu: Taking a look around here….I see that there’s a 4 on 1 confrontation going on here…that’s not too fair is it?
Rengoku: So? What of it?
It’s not like Master Kujaku said we had to steal the antidote fair and square right?
Which means this game was and still is officially unfair.
Menfisu…hows about you join up with us? He can’t move around all that much…
Menfisu: Sorry but I don’t help out those with ill intent.

Menfisu: On that note, I think I’ll join this team.
How about it?
Rengoku: D—
Elize: Wh—wait a minute Rengoku!!
Everyone book it!!

Menfisu: Here you go! Chew on this and it’ll get rid of the numbness!
Ro: Don’t want it. Moreover, don’t follow me.
Menfisu: Even if you say that…
They said it already…it looks like we’re already partners.
(Handwritten- Mmmm! So good!)
Menfisu: Or are you saying that there are others who want to team up with you?
Ro: I only want to mesh with the strong.
This game is about ascertaining that right? Then I’ll chose for myself!
Menfisu: Oooh.

Menfisu: I get it. Then I’ll have to use my full strength to get you to acknowledge me, yeah?
So until then is it okay that I tag along with you?
Glare all you want, but it doesn’t scare me.
Mugi: It’s been 9 hours since the game began…and the day is drawing to a close.
I wonder how everyone is doing? Is anyone hurt?
….I suppose they’ll be fine. They’re all really strong after all.

{It’s because of their strengths that everyone’s lived long enough to get this far.}
{I’m not like them. I’ve just coasted by….being lucky and having others protect me.}
{I don’t have the talent and bravery everyone else has…}
???: I found you!!
Anko: You’re really hanging out here alone and crying?
I just don’t know what to do with you girl….
(Side text- Before the trembling Mugi her former partner Anko appears! What is her objective..?)

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