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Translations: Gintama 683 by kewl0210 , One Piece 904 by cnet128

Kokushi Musou!! 23

Mugi’s Trauma.

+ posted by Bomber D Rufi as translation on Feb 12, 2014 02:46 | Go to Kokushi Musou!!

-> RTS Page for Kokushi Musou!! 23

Nnnngh, must beat translation-in-one-night-record that no one cares about...hrrraggggghhhh

Not reserving for anyone until...

-First chapter is out.
-Schedule for releases has been established.
-Schedule is fairly consistent.

No asking when the next one will be out, ask me for permission before using, no non-English scantlations before an English one is done, and I give preference to those who will check the script for accuracy before scantlating.

Chapter 23: Mugi’s Trauma.
Mugi: Anko-chan?! What are you doing here?
Anko: I figured that you’d be crying somewhere. Boy are you good at proving me right~
(Handwritten- I mighta over done it.)
Anko: But thank God. I thought that someone might have already done you in or something..
(Side text- In the demonic trial of distrust, a former duo meets again!!)
Anko: Moreover I thought that spikey headed runt was seducing you again….
(Handwritten- ‘Seduce?’)

Anko: But there’s no need to worry. C’mon and team up with me, okay?
I’ll protect you Mugi.
Mugi: Anko-chan…! Really?
(Side text- In the midst of a game designed to create new teams, the scared girl Mugi is targeted by her former partner….)
Anko: With me around you’ll be absolutely fine! I’ll give anyone who bullies you a smackdown! Y’know, like the good old days!
{The good old days.}
Anko: Though during the first trial, my jealously towards that twerp made it hard to get close to you..
{The first trial.}
Mugi: Is that so….
But Anko-chan, that’s a waste don’t you think?
Anko-chan, you’re so great at martial arts unlike me….

Mugi: I’m pretty much a failure in every aspect...I have bad grades, I’m clumsy….
If I were to team up with you I’d just get in your way.
You shouldn’t worry about me and team up with someone else…you have that right you know?
Anko: MUGI!!!
I’ve decided that I want to team up with you!! Why are you trying to push me away?!
After all, we’ve been together since we enrolled here haven’t we?!
Moreover I owe you big Mugi!!
That’s why I’ve decided to use my life for your sake!!
Mugi: And I’m saying there’s no worth in protecting me.
I’ve been saying that and hearing it ever since I was a kid.

{My home is a famed home belonging to one of the three noble families in the martial arts world…}
{And when I was born in order to keep from shaming this name I was enrolled in classes for gifted children.}
{From dawn till dusk I had the foundations of martial arts drilled into me,}
{My ragged body would collapse into bed from the training each and every day.}
{My father would always say this to me….}
{The blood running through your veins does not allow for failure.}

Dad: Mugi!! You still haven’t mastered using wind?! Our family has a proud tradition of many years that you have to uphold!!
Yet you continue to shame and sully that bloodline!?
You should know full well how losing or failure is looked upon in our clan!!
Losers are garbage!!
If you fail….you too are garbage!!!
If you can’t win…
If you can’t win then…!!!

Mugi: I can’t win…
And the thought of ‘failure’ scares me so much…!
Anko: Mugi…?
(Sfx- Kachaaah *clack*)
Mugi: That’s why….
I’ll give this antidote to you Anko-chan.

Rengoku: Phewww..
We should be far enough away that Meinfisu and Ro won’t find us.
Yeaaah, aiming for the strongest in the class is a bad idea. Let’s not do that.
Hoira: Yeah bro. All four us against them, and we still got our asses handed to us.
Chomi: Let’s look for someone who doesn’t look like they’re doing so hot and take their antidote!
Elize: Now there’s some decent prey…
Chomi: Wh—where?
Elize: Found youuu…

Mugi: Anko-chan, please don’t cry anymore…
I’ll be fine. Sure Master said that, but I’m pretty sure this poison won’t kill me…
Anko: NO!!
I said I’m not gonna leave you Mugi!!
And if you aren’t going to team up with me then I quit this game!
Mugi: D—don’t say things like that!!
You’ve made it this far after all…!!
Anko: Then say you want to live Mugi!!
Mugi: Anko-chan…
???: If you want to die so badly, how about I give you a hand?

Anko: Watch out Mugi!!!
Who’s there?!

Chomi: Found the bottom dweller~
Elize: She even brought her pound puppy with her. That’s a noble’s kid, she sure knows how to get things done.
Mugi: Elize-chan!! Chomi-chan!!
Anko: Hmph…
Well well. Who’s trashy?
You coming to bully Mugi again? Floozy.
Rengoku: Hey Elize, you sure you don’t want me to help?
Elize: Don’t worry about it. She’s my toy after all…
(Sfx- Perohh *slurp*)

Elize: If you aren’t gonna start this, then I will!!
Anko: Stay back Mugi.
Mugi: You can’t Anko-chan!! You have to get away on your own!
Anko: Sorry but I’m the sorta chick who protects her benefactor yanno?
So guess that means I’m just going to do what I want~
(Sfx- Kuii *Sfft*)
Elize: That stance….

Anko: Kuroneko ken!!!
(TN- Black cat fist.)
Elize: Kyaaaah!!
She split that huge tree into pieces?!
Rengoku: She’s something all right..
I almost forgot but isn’t she one of the strongest in the class too?

{Anko…no one knows where she came from, much less what dojo she studied in. She has a fist that no one has ever seen before…one that flows freely and without warning….{
Rengoku(?): Why would a girl like that want to associate with Mugi the bottom dweller of the class?!
Heey Elizeeeeee, looks like you’re in a pickle! Want help?
Elize: I DON’T!!
No matter how strong someone is, they have a weakness.
And I see yours as clear as day Anko….

Elize: And that’s you Mugi!!
Anko: Mugi!!
Hey!! Why are you spacing out!?

Anko: Nnghh!!
Elize: And how long do you think you can run carrying dead weight like that?
Mugi: Anko-chan!! Anko-chan!! Stop this!! Please!
I’ll be a decoy so you can run away!!
Rengoku: So that’s friendship? Gets me right here. I think I feel the mist coming to my eyes.
Hoira: Gyahahaha. It sickens me.
Anko: You’ve misjudged me Mugi…
I’m your friend. Do I look like the sort to run off with my tail between my legs and leave you---

Anko: Behind…
Mugi: Anko-chan!!
Elize: So the pound puppy for the elite brat can only hold up this long?
Well, wait. I guess stray cat? Well whatevs.
Die Bitch!

{I’m so scared….}
{B—but if Anko-chan can get away by herself then…}
Elize: You’ve been able to somehow scrape by with your pathetic life Mugi-chan..
But now it’s all too late. Your guard can’t move anymore.
No need to worry though!!
I’ll be sending you and your pet to the same place!!

Kid: Hey Mugi.
In a jam?
(Side text- When she’s in a jam, of course Kid appears!! Next issue the counter attack starts!!)

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