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Hitoribocchi no Chikyuu Shinryaku 4

We’re awkward huh?


-> RTS Page for Hitoribocchi no Chikyuu Shinryaku 4

O3O I suppose since I have this in my signature I should translate it right? Or something like that. I wanna say I'll do two a month until I catch up but you know BDR and schedules! Like oil and water, oy vey.

Psylocke scans only.

They got me the raw, so they get the translation.

Chapter 4: We’re awkward huh?

Nozomi: Hah…

Nozomi: Aah…
The moon sure is beautiful.

Kouichi: No matter how may times I do it, I can’t get it right…
Ryuusuke: Kouichi you sure are clumsy.
Latte art isn’t rocket science.
Kouichi: It’s ugly as sin, but better than mine.
Ryuusuke: Grandpa says you should practice so you can at least do latte art. Good luck.
Kouichi: Ugh.
Welp, here goes. One more time.

Ryuusuke: At least you have your senpai from school to drink the latte you make as practice. That’s real nice of her.
Kouichi: No, she’s just here because she’s bored. I told her she could go home for today already,
Instead she sits there guzzling my hard work without even saying thank you.
Nozomi: Would you feel better if I thanked you?

Ryuusuke: You must be a girl who loves literature huh? Passing time here reading deep books way beyond your age…
Y’know, Kouichi’s been reading period pieces and history books, could it be because of your influence?
Hmm. I wonder…
Oh excuse the rudeness. See I work next door at a books store so I tend to get interested in what people ar reading.
It’s right over there, connected to this shop….it’s called the Doukokudou.
(TN- It means ‘Magnificent Cave valley’.)
(Handwritten- Tea shop ‘Heaven’s seas’)
Ryuusuke: At a glance it doesn’t look like a book store, but inside is gorgeous.
If you get a chance please come on over.

Nozomi: Books and Coffee….
That’s a really good combination.
Ryuusuke: The owner of the Doukokudou who passed away and my grandpa were good buddies and built these shops at the same time. Seems somewhere along the line they got connected.
{At school she’s pretty arrogant, but I guess she can hold a normal conversation after all.)
(Handwritten- Phoenix’s Hemmingway)
(Handwritten- Calming…)
Kouichi: Hmm?
What the…?
Is something wrapped around there?

Ryuusuke: Kouichi…I know you’re a guy and all and you’re gonna have those sorts of interests….so I can emphasize with you.
Kouichi: No! You’ve got it all wrong! I wasn’t thinking that at all…
Ryuusuke: By the way…what IS your relationship with her anyway? Is it really just an upper classman and her junior coming to sip tea?
(Handwritten- ‘Cause big bro has no idea…)
Kouichi: What kind of things are you insinuating? Don’t ask me anything more about it okay?

Nozomi: You have a good big brother.
He’s a tad bit over protective though.
May I come back?
Kouichi: Hm? Yeah, sure thing.
As long as you’re not alien busting on our front door or doing anything else that might be considered weird, you’re always welcome.
Ryuu-ni is a book freak so he’d appreciate having someone to talk to.
Nozomi: I’m glad you’re here Hirose-kun.
Kouichi: Aw c’mon. It’s not like I’m the only one here!

Nozomi: Hahahah.
Well I’ll see you later.
Kouichi: Yup! See you at school!
Nozomi: Take care!
(Sfx- Ahhh)
(Sfx- Aaaah)

(Sfx- Aaah)
(Sfx- Aaah)

Kouichi: Man. That whole aliens thing seems like a faraway dream now…
Nozomi: Hirose-kun, G’morning.
Kouichi: Oh? Senpai? Mor—

Kouichi: Heeeeeeeey!! Your uniform isn’t shrinking is it?!
Nozomi: You sure like to worry about the most trivial things don’t you?
(Handwritten- How foolish.)
Nozomi: Don’t…
Sweat it!
Kouichi: How can I not?!
Nozomi: Yay!
Kouichi: But y’know, the teacher isn’t gonna be too thrilled with that…
Nozomi: Well I’ll just make a break for it when that time comes!

Dude: She sure is energetic early in the morning.
But she’s kinda awesome too. She lives by her own rules…but I can never tell what’s going on upstairs y’know?
Kouichi: Don’t ask me.
Well…It’s probably just my imagination that her uniform changed…right?
(Handwritten 10 points!)
{Though she does have me wondering what that huge lump there could be…}
Kouichi: Aww duuude, has she poisoned me with her way of thinking!?
(Handwritten- No running in the hall.)

Kouichi: You’re not coming by to read books?
Nozomi: I’m sorry…I have other matters to attend to today.
Kouichi: Oh, so I guess you have your own things to worry about too huh? Well it’s fine.
See you tomorrow then.
Nozomi: Yup…
See ya.

Kouichi: I’m back! Man the wind is blowing something fierce out there.
Grandpa: Welcome back. Today’s the last storm of spring I suppose.
You were right to rush home as soon as possible.
What do you want for dinner tonight?
Kouichi: Hmm…I guess whatever’s around is fine.

Grandpa: Stew then?
Kouichi: Sure.
Grandpa(?): Nagi will be returning soon…I how does a feast in his honor sound?
I feel bad for him being stuck eating hospital food all of the time.
How about you make something for him Kouichi? I’m sure Nagi would love it.


Kouichi: Hmmm…
Kouichi: I’ll make something that’ll save Nagi from hospital food for sure!
Grandpa: Mmmhm.

Kouichi: It’ll be awesome to go to school with him too!
Grandpa: I’m sure it will. Hahahah.

{This is weird!}
Kouichi: Why’d she take off all of a sudden?
I mean it’s not like we have some sorta agreement or anything, but I thought she’d at least say something to me.
She seemed sorta weird yesterday too.

Kouichi: Heeeey?
I—I’m comin’ in…
Huh? So she is here…

Nozomi: Hirose-kun…
You’re making a scary face…
Sorry but I can’t really move right now…
Kouichi: I didn’t know anything…

Kouichi: What happened to you that you ended up this way?!

Nozomi: It’s quite a pain…
There were plenty of clones prowling around the city…
But now that I’ve taken out the main body things should be fine.
Kouichi: That’s not what I’m talking about!!
You lied to me!!
The aliens and stuff weren’t supposed to come here...and I acted like I didn’t care..
But in truth you were doing everything by yourself….
It’s because I said that you didn’t want to talk to me about it!
Nozomi: No that’s not it. I just didn’t want to see you in a dangerous situation Hirose-kun.
I’ll be fine…if I sleep I’ll recover.
Kouichi: By the way…

Kouichi: Are you really strong?
You said you were before, but look at you now! Getting beaten within an inch of your life isn’t winning.
What’s up with that anyway? My injury from being burned healed up right away so you…
Nozomi: No Hirose-kun!
Kouichi: Ah….I get it..

Kouichi: It’s because you gave your heart to me right…?
Nozomi: Hirose-kun..
Kouichi: That’s why my injuries heal almost immediately and you aren’t recovering…
If you had your own heart again would you become stronger? If you want it that badly then you should just take it!
Nozomi: Stop…
Please don’t say that…

Nozomi: Spending every day with you recently has been so much fun Hirose-kun.
This kind of thing has been happening to me lately…
And I was afraid of upsetting you so that’s why I acted this way…
Kouichi: Senpai..
This is so awkward…
{Just now…}
{I’ve said some terrible things to her…}

{She’s been carrying on all alone…}
{So much so that she doesn’t even consider asking others for help…}
{Do you long for others?}
{No…that’s not what I want to say…}
{How foolish.}
{It’s because of that you…}
{What I should be saying to her shouldn’t be harsh words of cruelty…}
{It’s because of that you’ve always…}
{I need to say something to save her…}
{Are you sure of that?}
{I need to say the words that will save her.}
Kouichi: You know…


Kouichi: I know I’ll probably get in the way and stuff…
But I’m not gonna just up and die so easily!

Kouichi: I had a disfiguring scar here at one point, but now it’s become something clean.
It’s because your heart healed me.
And while I have no idea what kind of power your heart has…I know it’s incredible!
It’s made of tough enough stuff that even a burn was completely healed!
So if something happens you don’t have to hide it from me okay?
You and me can talk it out for now on.
We’re friends right?

Nozomi: Uwaaaaah!
Kouichi: Wah!!
Nozomi: I—I’m sorry Hirose-kun!
Kouichi: Y—yeah. As long as you understand we’re cool.
And quit saying ‘see you later’ when you’re leaving.
I know you do that on purpose.
(Handwritten- Aaah I’m just lecturing her on everything now.)
Kouichi: When I say ‘See you tomorrow’, you say it back to me!

Kouichi: Get it?!
Nozomi: ‘Kay.
{Although I’m saying all of this, I really have no idea when us parting ways cause of her death…}
{Became something I absolutely did not want.}
Kouichi: She looks like a little kid…
{Though it feels like this exchange is something we did a long time ago too.}

Kouichi: I wonder when that was?
…I can’t remember.
Nozomi: I’m hungrryyyyyy.
Kouichi: What?
D—do you have something to eat in your place? Should I go buy something? …what do you want to eat?
Nozomi: Beef steak…
Kouichi: Are you serious?!
{A wind blows through the season of encounters…}
{What the seed of bonds would bud into after being cared for….}
{Is something that would only be known from here on.}

To be continued

1st 4 koma
(A believer in an instant.)
Nozomi: Pleased to meet you Hirose-kun! I’m here to conquer Earth!
Kouichi: As if denpa brain…
There’s no way you could take over earth! You’re neither a mad scientist or an alien!!
(Handwritten- No way I’d believe you.)
Nozomi: But I am an alien! Volia!!
This is what I look like on the inside, see?
Hirose: GYAAAHHH!!!
Nozomi: Hahahaahah!! Just kidding!!
(Handwritten- I got you good!)
Kouichi: A—are you an alien or some kind of practical joke?
2nd 4 koma
{And this is Ootori senpai’s action scene.}
{aaand Action!}
Kouichi: Whoooooa!!
(Handwritten under panel- As Hirose-kun ends up being suddenly excited by hero show…)
(Sfx- Kashaah *fwaash*)
(Sfx- Kashaaah *fwaaash*)
(Sfx- Iraaah *annoyed.*)

3rd 4koma
(Big bros missed opportunity for thanks.)
Ryuusuke: You sure are awkward Kouichi~
Kouichi: Yeah? I know I’m super awkward!!
Ryuusuke: Huh? What’s with you all of a sudden?!
Nozomi: YES! I’m extremely awkward too!!
Ryuuusuke: Wha? That’s a surprise!!
Grandpa: Me too!
(Handwritten- I know the coffee is actually pretty terrible!)
Ryuusuke: You too Grandpa?!
Um…well I am too….
Nozomi: Awkward~
(Handwritten below strip- Yup! Everyone’s awkward.)
Thank you Thank you!
Arata Iri (‘Tsubomi’ is currently being serialized!!)
Kannari (My friend K)
(Handwritten- Now…let us meet again..//In the next volume?)
Thingy: Advert….
‘Tsubomi’ or ‘Through fish’s eyes’ is a yuri manga which comes out from time to time. A volume of the comic will appear this years (2012). If you happen to like yuri, please buy it. It’s a tale of two sisters. Please buy and enjoy it.

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