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Translations: Gintama 679 by kewl0210 , One Piece 900 by cnet128

Gintama 482

The kanji for thief doesn’t have a bit of evil in it.

+ posted by Bomber D Rufi as translation on Feb 20, 2014 02:57 | Go to Gintama

-> RTS Page for Gintama 482

You could feel gyped that we're just now getting what seems to be a diarrhea of back stories for characters after 10 years of serialization, or you could change to a fiber diet and just enjoy the show for what it is.

Hi wa mata noboru only.

(Side text- The serialization bursts into the commemorative 10th year!! Sorachi-sensei’s art messages will be written under the covers of Jump comics!! These will start appearing in stores in March!! It’s a must see as is this center color page!!)
(Pink text- There are days like these too, yes?)

Stuff that’s coming out in March. Go hop on a plane and buy it wouldja?

(Sfx- Doshaaah *thoooom*)
(Side text- Who’s in the lead role this time around…?!)
Old guy: You idiot!!
I’m disinheriting your useless ass effective immediately!! Don’t even glance across our dojo’s threshold ever again!!
???: Fine by me!!
Y’know what? I’m actually relieved that I don’t have to be the second heir to this crappy dojo!
Old dude: Is that so?
Good luck finding a teacher that’ll put up with your inability to learn the art of the sword!
You’d be better off learning how to steal!

(Side text- Boiling with anger…)
Lesson 482: The kanji for thief doesn’t have a bit of evil in it.
???: ….Hm?
Huh? Where am I?

(Sfx- Karara *Clatter*)
Kondo: Aww geez.
I fell asleep while on patrol.
As a member of the Shinsengumi, my role is to protect the peace of Edo..
A government official isn’t allowed any sleep.
Yeah…I’ll go with that. I was just on patrol…I wasn’t stalking or anything.
(Sfx- shah *boing*)
(TN- Was Kondo always that agile?)
???: Oh? To think you could hide yourself and erase your presence that well..
I must say I’m impressed.
Kondo: Wh—whoa re you?
???: I’ve been doing this sort of thing for a long time now….so it mystifies me as to why I’ve never heard of you up until now..
But I’m interested in you…
If it’s you, then the appearance of the greatest thief under the heavens may not be just a dream.

???: Hows about it buddy?
Wanna be the head of a family?
I’d like you to be the second heir of the great thief ‘Etekichi Kozou’.
Hijikata: Kondo-san…
Kondo: Eh?
Hijikata: What were you doing last night?
We had a hard time of it yesterday…that guy showed up again.
We’ve seen this MO before….a corrupt loansharking company utilizing exorbitant fees to shake people down ends up getting shaken down themselves.
The weasel in question targets these guys in broad daylight and absconds with their goods using acrobatic feats….quite the dazzling criminal or so I hear.
He’s got animal like agility…
And he takes his illgotten goods and trades them in for bananas that he showers the poorer citizens with…
(Handwritten- What does this even mean?)
Hijikata: ‘Etekichi Kozou’.
Lately it seems that this master thief has found the time right for a comeback.
(TN-‘Ete’ is a word for ‘monkey’ while ‘kichi’ can mean ‘lucky’. ‘Kozou’ is a word for ‘brat’ or ‘boy’. ‘Lucky Monkey Boy’ would be the closest approximation, but it fails the rule of cool test.)

Hijikata: I know the common folk wanna turn this guy’s street cred into a legend of heroism and therefore don’t want to see him judged for his crimes…
But stealing is stealing.
Worst yet we’ve gotta come to the rescue of scumbags out to make a profit for themselves.
Before our reputation gets any more broken, I’d like to catch this guy.
Kondo: Yeah…
I stake my dignity as a member of the Shinsengumi on capturing this guy without fail.
Kondo: Monkey’s tail!!
Etekichi: Hmph…to think you were able to master the monkey’s movements in a short amount of time..
My eyes never fool me…you have the gait of a monkey…and the genius of a thief.
(Sfx- Kikiii)
{I can’t tell him…}
{I can’t tell him that I’m a cop…}
{I can’t tell anyone that I, a cop have become the student of a thief.}
{However, the worst thing I can do is say I’m just a stalker right now too!!}
{Because it’s too freaking embarrassing!}
Etekichi: Hmm. I can see it in you….you’ve got no prudence in your stance, and your face is that of a monkey’s.
Kondo: U—um…wait a sec gramps…
T—the thing is I’m actually….
{Say it!! Just be completely honest and tell the truth! You can still do it!!}

Etekichi: No need for you to say anything….I already figured it out.
I mean if I can’t see that sorta thing, then what am I callin’ myself a thief for?
Actually a stray Gorilla aren’t you?
Kondo: Uh no, not quite!!
Etekichi: Don’t worry lad. Gorillas and Monkeys are like siblings. You can still become Etekichi Kozou.
Kondo: That’s not the problem here at all!
Etekichi: I get it. It might be weird for a Gorilla to be known as ‘kozou’ right? Then we can just change your name to ‘Old man Gorilla (big).’
Kondo: Then that just makes me a big old guy who sorta looks like a Gorilla!
Etekichi: If you don’t like that then how about Gorilla? (lol.)
Kondo: Don’t laugh dammit! (WTF).
A—anyway I can’t become your heir because I have certain circumstances that prevent me---
(Sfx- Piiiih *weeooow*)
(Sfx- Zazaaah *ssshhht*)
Shinsengumi: What are you two doing over there?!
Hijikata: I got some weird reports about some guys sneaking into the monkey’s mountain at night and came to look…
And it seems I was right on the money. Who’d have thought that I’d be able to meet the boss monkey in the flesh? Etekichi Kozou I presume?
{I’m in it deeeeep!!! If I get caught here it’s over for me!!)
Etekichi: So you detestable dogs even sniffed us out in our training grounds huh?
But this is a perfect chance for him to get some extra training in!!
Lets do this Gorilla ji!
Kondo: Hold the phooooone!!

(Sfx- Hyaakaaaah *wfffffft*)
Etekichi: Practical knowledge of a thief part one!!
Darkness is your bosom buddy, and light is your worst enemy!
(Sfx- Supohh *doof*)
(Sfx- Supooh *doof*)
Etekichi: Don’t stand up to the light! Make it dark and then hide in the shadows!
Aim for the enemies lanterns!!
{All right, here goes!!}
(Sfx- Hyaaan *wfft*)
(Sfx- Gohh *thok*)
(Sfx- riihhh *drip*)
Shinsengumi: V—Vice captain!!
(Sfx- Bushiiii *blooorsh*)
(Sfx- Dosaaah *thok*)
Etekichi: Oh I get it. Aimin’ for the lights of their eyes instead of the lights of their lanterns huh?
Hijikata: You damn monkeys!!
(Sfx- Dadahh *tmptmp*)
Hijikata: Where the hell did you go? I’ll make stew outta you!
Etekichi: Practical knowledge of the thief too! Move like the wind, with the wind, stay put when the wind is kaput!
Sneak your footsteps in with the sound of the humans walking!!
Don’t move when there’s no sound! Just stay and obey…!
When you hear a sound use it to your advantage!!
(Sfx- Hyuuuhhh *wifff*)
Etekichi: Yes! The sound of the wind blowing!!
Now you do it!
Kondo: Even if you tell me to do that…
Etekichi: If there’s no wind to use then use other sounds as a warning!
{I get it…}
{If I can use the sound of this rock hitting the cage to get Toshi to turn his back then…}
(Sfx- Gohhh *thok*)
(Sfx- Meriii *griiind*)
(Sfx- Bushiiii *blooorsh*)
Etekichi: Usin’ the sound of your enemy’s bones breaking to make your escape? Quite an idea that…

Kondo: W—wait! Wait! I’m innocent I tell ya Toshi!!
Etekichi: And now the last Practical knowledge tidbit of a thief! And listen up since this one is essential!
Hijikata: Hold the fuck up dammit!!
I ain’t letting you guys escape!!
(Sfx- Piiin *click*)
Kondo: Toshiii!!
Etekichi: Run, run and then run some more! If there’s a time where you can’t…
(Sfx- Pyoonn *boing*)
Etekichi: Then abandon your friends, your spoils, everything and run like hell!!
Kondo: W—wait!
Hijikata: Fuwahahah! I’ve got you cornered now…
Damn monkeys!!
(Sfx- Bashiii *smack*)
(Sfx- Gohh *thok*)
(Sfx- Dokaaaaannn *BOOOM*)

Kondo: I abandoned my friends….and everything else for that matter.
(Handwritten- It’s all over…I can never go back.)
Etekichi: You’re one hell of a guy.
To think you’d actually already learned to abandon your fellow Gorillas…
There’s no mistaking it..
If it’s you then…
(Sfx- Gusruriii *droop*)
Etekichi: I can…
(Sfx- Dosaaah *thud*)
Kondo: Hey…what’s the matter old man?
Don’t mess around with me.
Old man?
Old maaaaaan!!
(Sign-Welcome to Ooedo Zoo.)
Etekichi: Heh…
It’s been a while since I was doted on like this…I guess I overdid it huh?
Kondo: Old man…could it be that you…
Etekichi: Yeah…
I’ve only got…
One more month to live.
{Oh crap…is he serious?}

{He was actually serious about making me his heir?!}
Etekichi: But there’s no need for me to worry…I’ve already passed all of my techniques to you.
{Uh no! You didn’t pass anything to me!! All you did was pass on a lingering sense of malcontent!!}
Etekichi: From here on in you’re the second generation Etekichi Kozou. So you get to spreadin’ them bananas around.
(Sfx- Geho Goho *cough cough*)
{It’s already at the point where it feels like he’s passing on his final wishes to me!! It’s getting increasingly harder to refuse his request now!!}
Etekichi: I’ll be caught by those hounds soon enough..
This sickness is making it hard for me to see and my body ain’t what it used to be…it’s not doing a damn thing I say anymore.
I know things are bad enough…I mean getting caught by the long arm of the law right before I die is the worst.
But if that time comes…
I need you to do it in my stead.
Spread Bananas…
At that place for me.
If you can do that then I have no problems…
That’s the job of the second generation Etekichi Kouzou.
I’m leavin’ it to you.

(Sfx- Kiiiiii)
Kondo: Hey! Don’t touch me monkeys!!
This is an offering!! Don’t you dare underestimate my Gorilla grip! These are never leaving my hands!
So it’s here huh?
Is this where that old guy’s God is? Hm…have I seen this place before…?
Hijikata: Its’ rare to see someone come to this place that deifies monkeys…
In ages past the Hiyoshi used monkeys who were revered….although places like these are pretty rare now…
Kondo: Toshiiiii!! Why are you here?!
Hijikata: The same could be said about you. I happened to be in hot pursuit of a little monkey and ended up here.
Kondo: N—no! See I happened to be following a lead on Etekichi Kozou and pursued it here!
Moreover what’s with those injuries? Did someone hurt you? Better believe I’m never gonna forgive ‘em…I’ll pay ‘em back double!!
Hijikata: C’mon, it’s nothing major…I was just doing some infiltration…and here I was thinking you just came to meet up with me.
I mean it’s not like I knew anything about your better than reality acting or anything like that. I thought I’d really have to kill you but~
I figured ‘Hey he must be doing some sort of investigation’ so I kept quiet. More like this isn’t an investigation? So was what you were doing before an investigation? C’mon, just give me an idea of what you’re investigating here. I’m dying to know.

Kondo: O—of course it is! As if I’d purposely hang out with a perp, I mean don’t you know me better than that Toshi?
I just thought you’d know and stuff y’know? You gotta believe me…I left a sign and stuff…maybe I should have done it three times so you’d be able to tell?
Lady: Oh my! If it isn’t a worshipper?
The priest isn’t here…
The only ones who still come are monkeys and me, an old gal from around the neighborhood who feeds the poor dears at this broken down temple. Is there anything you need?
(Sfx- Zaaahh *ssssft*)
Lady: Oh? Is it that you want a few Bananas to take on the road? Or did you to make an offering?
(Sfx- Zooooh *poomph*)
(Sfx- Mugoooh *nnngh*)
Hijikata: Granny, he’s not a monkey.
Are there really people who make offerings here?
Lady: Yes indeedy. Though I haven’t actually seen the person. But just like clockwork they leave a huge sum of Bannanas around every month. They must really like their fruits.
Thanks to those offerings, even Sarugami-sama who got burnt up was able to revive…though things are barely scraping by now.
Hijikata: Burnt up? There was a fire?
Lady: Yessir. A long time ago this temple used to be a lot bigger than it is now. And the priest used to be here along with children who would gather for temple school.
(TN- Sarugami translates to be ‘Monkey god.’)
Lady: They were some wonderful children. So bright and happy….there was just one problem child in the bunch..
The sort who would go around the neighborhood stealing things…rumor has it he was raised by monkeys!

Lady: The Priest saw this and looked after the boy…
After that it seemed like everything he did before was a complete fabrication! He straightened out real good and even stopped sealing!
The Priest certainly was a gentle man, and the children benefited from that…but that gentleness soon turned into calamity…
Some loansharks came and took the children away from the temple and took advantage of the land it was on.
The problem child wanted to repay the favor the Priest had done for him…
And snuck away alone to the loanshark’s place of business…and stole the deed of sale to the land and escaped with all of the children.
But the end that awaited all of them was a ghastly retribution.
The loansharks burned the temple to the ground.
Hijikata: What happened to the problem kid?
Lady: I haven’t a clue. He disappeared soon after that.
Every now and then past students of this temple pay it a visit,
But they simply gaze sadly at the building that’s broken down without repairs.
We protected this temple…
But Sarugami isn’t here anymore…
Hijikata: Did you hear that Kondo-san?
It’s pretty obvious that Etekichi Kouzou is connected to this place after all…just like you thought.

Hijikata: That problem child…
Had to be him.
And the fact that he keeps stealing from loansharks seems to cement the deal.
He’s taking all of their ill-gotten gains to continue and support this temple…everything he does is for it’s sake.
???: Hey look, it’s that bad kid again…
He stole Tagosaku-san’s radishes this time…
He’s a child who’s only going to get worse as time goes by…I’d like to see what kind of parents raised this child.
If he had parents he probably wouldn’t do things like this..
The rumors say monkeys raised him…
(Sfx- Gohhn *cough*)
(Handwritten- Oh hello Priest…)
(Handwritten- Good morning.)
???: Hey there….don’t let them get you down.
You’re not a monkey or anything like that.

???: Why, it’s obvious you’re a Gorilla. Isao.
Kondo: No Toshi, you’re wrong. That brat…
Was probably me.
Now that I’m looking at it…I do remember this temple.
So a fire burnt it down huh? I had the impression that something changed.

Kondo: Well, I did go to a different school and dojo…I just sorta passed through here when I was little.
I was pretty dumb back then too.
And they’re calling me a problem child? It was just a rebellious phase.
It just so happened that everything in the world ended up giving me a slight hard on is all…
Hijikata: Was it a rebellious phase or puberty?!
Kondo: Especially Radishes. I dunno why they got my heart racing so.
I didn’t steal them or anything though. I just pulled them out of the ground to look at them. And they had the nerve to call me the child of a monkey…
Hijikata: Those weren’t radishes that were being pulled up dammit, but something else completely!!
Kondo: No matter what I did they’d just get mad. Even when I got serious and slept with the whites of my eyes showing it wasn’t enough for them.
Hijikata: People normally don’t sleep that way!!
Kondo: I did take saving those kids from the loansharks seriously though.
Hijikata: The only thing you took seriously was a nap!! Your white eyes freaked out the kids so bad that they ran away!!
Lady: C—could you be Isao-kun?
Kondo: Eh?! I was thinking you might be…but no way…are you…
Hijikata: What’s going on here? Is she a teacher you knew or something?

Kondo: Granny loanshark!!
Lady: No that’s not it! This girl was the classroom Madonna Kouri Hanako! As usual you’re so bad with kanji..
Hijikata: Lady you’re so old that you can’t recognize your classmates!! Moreover that’s not Kondo-san!!
???: Sorry, sorry.
Hijikata: And you’re back at the radishes again!?!
(TN- Kourigashi and Kouri sound sorta the same. One is a last name and one means loanshark.)
Hijikata: So in the end we know even less about who the hell Etekichi Kouzou is!!
This temple has absolutely nothing to do with him!!
Kondo: No…the answer is there if we look hard enough.
There was no one who loved this place…
And revered the Sarugami more than him…
???: It doesn’t matter Isao! Gorillas and Monkeys are just fine…
Sarugami used Hiyoshigami and the two were known as the lords of the sun.
You’re not a Gorilla or a Monkey my friend…you’re a man who’s got a heart warmer than the sun.
Kondo: Can I really be something like that?
???: You can if you’re here.
So no more okay?
No more stealing.
{There’s no one other than Sensei..}
(Side text- Now and in the past too…)

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