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Hitoribocchi no Chikyuu Shinryaku 5

Nagi-kun revived!!


-> RTS Page for Hitoribocchi no Chikyuu Shinryaku 5

I learned so much translating this. The problem is I didn't particularly want to learn so much while translating this.

Also I think two per month will probably be the schedule for this until I catch up someday....so see you in March. Think of translations for this as a third and fourth payday each month.

Psylocke scans only.

Hitoribocchi no Chikyuu Shinryaku 2

Chapter 5: Nagi-kun revived!!
Chapter6: You pest!!
Chapter7: Illusion user
Chapter8: Fury.
Chapter9: The shape of daily life.

???: Yeah man. I’ll just head back on my own. I don’t wanna bother gramps too much and it’s a drag to wait around.
Yeah, yeah. I’ll see you at 18:00, awwright?
{Ultraviolet countermeasure.}
{Ultraviolet countermeasure.}
???: The greatness known as me…
Is fully revived!!
(Handwritten- Oh! Nagi-kun! Do you want some Dorayaki?)
(TN- Dorayaki is a Japanese dessert consisting of two slices of kasutera (sponge cake) with red bean jam in between.)
Chapter 5: Nagi-kun revived!!


Chapter 5: Nagi-kun Revived!!


(Sfx- Kachi *clack*)
(Sfx- Mu! *Hmm!*)
Kouichi: Mm…
Nozomi: Hm?

Kouichi: Is there a bathroom here?
Nozomi: Mn?
Yeah there is. Over here.
Kouichi: That’s the bus exit ain’t it?
Nozomi: Look here..
If you press in the red dot on the globe on the side of the door…

Kouichi: …And it works like normal right?
Nozomi: Of course.
Be sure to wash your hands when you’re done.
It’s your turn next Hirose-kun, so hurry back.
Kouichi: Yess’m.

Kouichi: She seemed so fragile before, but as soon as her wounds healed she went back to acting aloof.
I guess it’s cause she’s gotta keep the alien attacks secret and stuff.
I mean it’s not as if I like it when girls cry…it just makes things awkward. So I guess I am happy she’s back to normal…
Now…how should I proceed? My turn is next after all…
She’s actually pretty good…

Kouichi: Wha?!
I can’t get back to the secret base from here?! Senpai!!
D—dammit! Any door I open leads me into another normal looking room!!
Nagi’s supposed to come back today and I wanted to make him something to eat…
Putting that aside I really should find out where ‘here’ is…

Kouichi: I know this place…
Shinshigai…and dude this is totally the center of the city…
There’s the Yokomatsu department store…and the TV station and the prefectural art gallery…
Oh, a castle.
{I wonder if she can see any other residences from this room?}
Kouichi: But despite there being nothing in here…
It seems this secret base has anything and can go anywhere huh?

{Between a room filled with stuff and a house that’s completely empty huh…}
{Probably both of these are who she really is.}
Kouichi: I’ll lose track of time if I spend too much time here. I should get going.
(Handwritten- There are even slippers here..)
Kouichi: I wanna learn more about her…

Nagi: Whoooooa!! They’re so short!! So female students in the countryside wear skirts that short huh?
Those are definitely shorter than the ones in Tokyo!! Awwwwyeaaah…
(Handwritten- Although I don’t really know that much about Tokyo.)
Nagi: A spring breeze is blowing…
More like, I’m in high school too right? Even though I haven’t been to school once yet…
And I’m hungry….

Kouichi: Oww.
Ugh. Did I get a splinter from a tree?
Nozomi: Hirose-kun.
Kouichi: UOAAAAAH!!!
Don’t just drop outta nowhere like that!! What if someone sees you?!
Nozomi: Don’t worry, no one saw me!
You took a long time so I came looking for you. Here’s your jacket!
Kouichi: Thanks. You sure found me quick.
(Handwritten- Were you nearby?)
Nozomi: Ah? Yes.

Nozomi: No matter where you go Hirose-kun, I’ll know where you are.
Kouichi: Uh…what?
(Handwritten- And that means?)
Nozomi: You seem overly shocked at something.
Kouichi: That door…what’s the deal with it? It’s like trying to figure out a magic trick.
Nozomi: Magic?
Kouichi: Yeah…magic.

Guy: H—hey kid, do you want to eat something that bad? Don’t you have money?
Nagi: Ah!?
Money? Well yeah I’ve got that.
Dude: Then if you can pay for it do you want something to eat?
Nagi: Ah…
Nah, I’m good. I’ll go now.
Dude: Eeh?
Nagi: That’s right…Kouichi’s gonna make me something! This isn’t the time to grab something on the road.
I gotta hurry home!

Kouichi: How’d you do that magic thing?
Nozomi: Are you trying to suggest that at some point you might become cursed or something?
In any case it would be better if I didn’t divulge too many of my planet’s secrets.
You’re bound to get involved with all kinds of secrets from other planets and their mysteries.
Explaining just one thing could lead into a whole range of different topics.
There will be a time where you’ll need to see through the magic and I will fill you in then.

Nozomi: That time hasn’t come yet so I can’t tell you.
Kouichi: Hm? Oh okay.
Nozomi: Words have power you see. This planet has that ideology too doesn’t it?
And what that basically means is..
I know we’re close now, but that has a different meaning than you think. I’m involved in quite a few things myself, so there are still plenty of secrets I cannot tell you.
Kouichi: Why do you have to keep secrets? You can tell me that much at least…it won’t hurt anyone.
Nozomi: Why indeed…

Nagi: Ah..
I’m gettin’ on!!
I’m so tired…
And hungry..
Nozomi: I want to protect these secrets…
Kouichi: The secret of the magic?

Nozomi: Yes.
I feel that the thing called a secret has power even if it isn’t much.
It’s only a feeling…like cosmetics. Even if it doesn’t have substance, if you stay with me you should be able to at least feel it.
(Sfx- Fugaaah *droop*)
Nozomi: And I’d like to preserve the power of that magic by protecting its secrets. That way from here on in I can keep reality close and not let it go.
Kouichi: Hm?
(Handwritten- I don’t quite get it.)
Kouichi: Ah…I have to get off on the first go.
There’s a cake I ordered. Moreover I have to get ingredients…
(Handwritten- 150 yen…)
Nozomi: We’ll continue the board game another time then.
Nagi: Ngaahhhh

Kouichi: In the end I don’t get all this magic and secret stuff.
Nozomi: And that’s fine. Really I can’t think of another way to properly explain this to you….since it is in its very nature unexplainable.
Kouichi: Why’s that? If you think that way then I’ll never understand. Try to at least figure out a way to set it straight.
Nozomi: Hmmmm….You say that but it’s not that easy….Let me put it like this.
(Sfx- Supiiiiiih *snooooore*)
Nozomi: Suppose there was a song from another country you really liked, but there were only poor translations of the lyrics.
At that point no matter what you do whenever you listen to that song you’ll remember that translation of the lyrics.
And be slightly disappointed with the song as it’s secret has been damaged.

(TN- Kouichi and I have the exact same expression right now.)
Nozomi: So how do you feel about it now?
(Handwritten- That’ll be 2,100 yen~)
Kouichi: The secret of a song? The secret of magic? The songs have secrets? Uuuuuuuh?)
(Handwritten- And what magic are you talking about?)
Nozomi: Forcing abstract consciousness to change into words to compensate for existing things won’t reveal original facets of reality and make them easier to understand. That’s why words are created to represent new consciousness. Trying to take this magic and make it common knowledge is a very dangerous thing.
Do you know about the linguistic turn I wonder? Because of the language of a chicken’s cry…
Kouichi: I—I get it. You’ve explained your feelings well enough so please…no more.
(Handwritten- I got the cake.)
Nozomi: Don’t worry. When I think of a way to explain it properly I’ll tell you everything.
Kouichi: N—no thanks.

Kouichi: You’re an amazing magic user senpai…
(Handwritten- Because everything you said just now…)
(Handwritten- Had to be a spell of some kind right?)
Nozomi: Teehee. I’m glad you think so!
Kouichi: Why was I able to see through the door’s magic then?
Nozomi: I’m not sure myself. I thought I fixed the connections in the secret base, but I guess there’s still more work to be done.
Though my magic is far from perfect.
Seems like we’ll have to enter through your brother’s shop.
(Handwritten- There sure are a lot of customers around huh?)
(Handwritten- Is this a rest stop now or something?)
Kouichi: Are they expanding the comics corner?

Nozomi: By the way, I figured out how to convey myself in regards to our previous conversation! The ‘magic of music’ should be ‘appeal’!!
(Handwritten- You just happened to help me realize it Hirose-kun!)
Kouichi: I’ve had enough of that topic!!
Nozomi: That’s right! When words are said out loud their efficiency is worn down! That’s why what’s truly important is so hard to say!
(Handwritten- As expected Hirose-kun!)
Kouichi: Uugh…I think I’m going to be ill.
(Side text- Have I flipped her switch?)
(Handwritten- Moreover I didn’t expect her to jump into this so quickly.)
Nozomi: Oh? Are you going to cook that Hirose-kun?
Kouichi: Sure am.
It’s not hard or anything. When I was a kid I’d just watch granddad cook and learned how to do it that way.
Ryuu-nii is a bit of a shut in, and on days where Grandpa would go stay with Nagi, I’d cook for myself.
Nozomi: Oh? That’s amazing.

Nozomi: I can’t cook at all so in my eyes you’re like a magician too Hirose-kun.
Kouichi: Y—you think?
Nozomi: I wonder what your cooking tastes like Hirose-kun?
Kouichi: Hm..
Well you’ll have plenty of chances to give it a try won’tcha?
Nozomi: I look forward to it.

Nozomi: I wonder why you’re so kind Hirose-kun?
Kouichi: Seriously?!
I’m kind? You sure know how to say things bluntly don’t you…
(Handwritten- I do?)
Nozomi: Let me get the door.
Nagi: Kouichiiiii!! You’re laaaaaaaaaaaaaaaate!!! I thought you said you’d be back at 4!!

Nagi: Nwoh?


Nagi: --Hey whoa!
Who’s this?
Kouichi: Nagi!! What the hell are you doing?!
Nagi: Sorry about that miss! If I knew you were there I wouldn’t have gone with a tackle greeting…
Grandpa: You shouldn’t tackle Kouichi either.
Nozomi: You’re Nagi-kun?
Kouichi: Yeah. He’s my older twin brother.
Nozomi: Twin…
Grandpa: Hey. Stand up.

Grandpa: Nagi and Kouichi.
The two youngest kids of the Hirose family. Even the way they laugh is completely the same.
Kouichi: I don’t have a slacker’s face though.
Nagi: You said it!

Nagi: More like you said you’d be back home at 4! You’re late dammit!!
Kouichi: I recall agreeing to 6. That was our promise.
Nagi: 18:00 in military time is 4pm!!
Kouichi: Don’t tell me you made a mistake like that…
Nozomi: Then…
I guess I’ll go home. I don’t want to interrupt your family time.
Kouichi: See you later Senpai!

Nagi: Hey Kouichi…
What’s the deal with the older girl? How come you’ve got a cutie like that with you?
(Handwritten- Spit it out!)
Kouichi: Hold your horses bro!
She’s the one I told you about over the phone.
My upperclassman from school.
Nagi: Oh you mean the one who comes to the bookstore to read after school?
Kouichi: Yup.
Nagi: She goes to the same school huh…

Nagi: Sounds like school life is gonna be a blast huh?
For now lets rustle up some grub.
Kouichi: Yeah, sure.

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