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Translations: One Piece 908 by cnet128 , Gintama 687 (2)

Gintama 483

Two monkeys.

+ posted by Bomber D Rufi as translation on Feb 28, 2014 00:11 | Go to Gintama

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That was fast, even by Sorachi standards. But it was just as emotionally stirring as we've come to expect from our Gorilla overlord.

Hi wa mata noboru only

(Side text- Revived faraway memories….)
Priest: You’re not a Gorilla or a Monkey my friend…
Isao, you’re like sun god…just like Sarugami.
You should become…
A man of warmth like the sun.
Lesson 483: Two monkeys.
Kondo: Can I be…
Something like that?
Someone like me?
You can.
If you’re here then…

Priest: So no more…
No more stealing.
Kids: Senseeeeeiii!!
Loansharks: If you won’t give us this land….
Then we’ll just take a couple o’ kids in exchange.
(Sfx- Geho gohoh *cough cough*)
Loan sharks: If ya ever feel like changing your mind on our little exchange then feel free to come any time.
We’ll be waitin’ Sensei.

Kids: Isao-kun!
Kondo: What the hell are you guys doing?! Hurry up and get out of here!!
(Sfx- Bata bata *tmp tpm*)
Kondo: A deed?
This must be for our temple.
(Sfx- Kaaan Kaaan *diiing diiing*)
(Sfx- Oooooooohhh *roaaaaaaaar*)
???: A fireeeee!!!
The temple has been set on fireeeeee!!
Guys: What the hell are you brats doing?! Hurry up and run away!!
(Handwritten- The adults are calling for you!)
Kids: S—sensei…
W—we’re sorry….

Kids: You were trying to protect us…and the temple….
But we went and over did it…if it weren’t for that then…
Priest: Don’t….
Say anything to Isao.
There’s nothing you guys or he…
Have to apologize for.
As long as you all live with proud hearts then I…will protect this place..
In the place of the Sarugami.
The one who needs to apologize is me….
I’m so sorry I wasn’t able to protect this place…the place where you feel safe.
I’m not your Sensei….or the Sarugami…
I’m nothing.
But a mere monkey.

Lady: And since then 20 years passed…
And until now no one has seen Sensei…most have forgotten about him.
I’m not sure where he went to or what he’s doing now…
Could it be that you have some idea Isao-kun?
Kondo: Nope…
Beats me.
Lady: I see…
Kid: Is Sensei here yet?!
Lady: Oh dear, seems some noisy little monkeys have appeared…
Well…if you’ll excuse me. Do take care Isao-kun.
Hijikata: It’s not much…just a beat up temple, some kids and an old lady feeding some monkeys bananas.
Still it seems his temple school is scraping by somehow.
Etekichi who’s lost everything has resulted to this…
Hiding his appearance, his loot and even where he lives now from everyone.
All for the sake of continuing to protect this place.
Kondo: It’s not just a temple.
I had no idea what happened to sensei and this temple….
And just kept living a carefree life until now…
{Where are you going?}

{Don’t go to…}
{That temple anymore.}
{They don’t need a roughhousing hooligan…}
{To come around there anymore.}
Kondo: Sensei…
He had to result to stealing and underhanded tactics…
Because he was trying to protect me too.
That’s probably…
His way of atoning…
Because he was unable to protect anything 20 years ago he decided to become one of them…a thief.
In an effort to protect something truly precious he became something he truly abhorred, dirtying his own lessons in the process.
I can’t let things continue this way…
I have to end it….
(Sfx- Zath *sfft*)
Kondo: I have to do something about him…
I don’t want him to be judged unfairly…he can’t be judged as a bad person…
He’s only trying to protect those who are being oppressed by truly horrible people…

Kondo: Moreover he doesn’t have much time left….
Even if we don’t do anything it won’t be long for him….he’s a man who’s lived his life for others!! At least in his final moments we can leave public peace aside…
Hijikata: Are you really saying that to me?
{So no more stealing.}
Hijikata: Wasn’t it you who said that you exchanged that promise with him?
Kondo: Toshi….I….I…
(Sfx- Birururu *veeeeen*)
(Sfx- Pihh *beep*)
Hijikata: What’s up? Did something happen?
Etekichi kozou is…?!
(Sfx- Piii piii *wheeee whee*)
Guys: Find hiiiiiiiim!!
Even if you have to split blades of grass and pull them up by the roots, find him!!
(Sfx- Bata bata *tmp tmp*)

(Sfx- Geho goho *cough cough.*)
(Sfx- Geho goho *cough cough.*)
Etekichi: Heh Etekichi kozou, the greatest thief under the heavens has become decrepit eh?
(Sfx- Zeh hyuh zeh)
Etekichi: That even those small fries would be able to pursue me this far…
Just when it looked like my job was done, my body has gone and given out on me…
At long last I can see your damned footsteps…
Geez…I wish I hadn’t gotten older.
In any case there are still plenty of things I need to deliver it seems…
And be it the cops or the damn Shinigami himself, I can’t stop now.
If I die with things as is…
Even Enma in hell will laugh at me.
There are still…
Things I must…
Dude: No need to sweat it gramps…
We ain’t…
Gonna hand yer head to the cops.
(Sfx- Gahhh *Thok*)

???: Early this morning Etekichi Kozou appeared…
And apparently the loan sharks ‘Nariginya’ lost their internal notes…
Their countless deeds are detailed in that…and the proof of all their deals would be known citywide if that got out.
When we stepped on ‘em…
Etekichi kozou and those scumbags just shed their shells.
So the small fry ran for it eh? Best get your best funeral suit on…
When the neighborhood black market guys make a run for it, it’s never easy to wash ‘em out. More likely than not they’ve got reinforcements coming out the ass.
You can wash it all you want…
But there ain’t no way a shell like theirs is ever gonna know clean.
Those guys are going to want to teach Etekichi Kozou a painful lesson and en masse.
Which means basically a collusion of Edo’s worst.
Right now we cops aren’t the only ones…
Who want a piece of Etekichi Kozou…
Every bad guy…
Within Edo’s city limits…
Has him on their radar.

Hijikata: Hurry!
(Sfx- Pan *slam*)
{Are you the disciple of a thief or a cop?}
{You have to choose one or the other.}
{Depending on where you go…I….no wee are more than ready to take on a band of thieves.}
{A thief and cop….you and him…}
{For sure it’s there you’ll find which one you are.}
Kondo: I get it pops…
I haven’t heard anything…
I haven’t heard a thing about the temple…
In the end I…
Wasn’t able to protect anything.
If you tell me not to, I won’t go back to that temple again.
But in exchange….
I want to become stronger.

Kondo: Strong enough that no matter what happens…
I can protect everyone…
Just like the sun.
Dad: Hmph…
You left a slacker but came back with a little bit of backbone did you?
Pick up your sword then.
(Sfx- gagaaahnnn *claaatter*)
{You may just be one monkey…}
{And maybe I disobeyed your lessons…but I became a great thief to protect everything.}
{Another monkey…}
{Swore by those lessons and vowed to protect everyone by…}
{Becoming a cop.}

Loan shark: Wh—who the fuck are yoooooou?!
That outfit…you ain’t….
{That’s how it is…}
{You guys are only different in that one way…}
{Either way you protect what needs protection….you guys….}
Kondo: A monkey.
(Sfx- Dodoofuhhh *thoooom*)
(Sfx- Gashaahah *craaaaash*)
Loan sharks: B—baastaaaard!! The lights!!
D—don’t shit yerself! There’s a bunch of us and one of him! Get ‘im!!

Dude: Gyaaaaaaaaah!!!
(Sfx- Zubaaah *thooom*)
Loan shark: D—dammit! I can’t see anything! Where is he…
(Sfx- Goshaaaah *thoooom*)
(Sfx- Dokaaaahhh *Booooom*)
Loan shark: Wh—where the hell is he?! IS he really alone in here?! He’s all over the friggin…
What the hell man?! Get the lights on fast!!
(Sfx- Gaaahhh)
(Sfx- Hyooooohhh *whoooooooh*)
Loan sharks: Y—you bastards…
Hijikata: Cops and thieves…
Can’t operate well enough to do their jobs in the dark..
But weakling thieves who harbor money like your guys…
(Sfx- Zahhh *Sfft*)

Hijikata: Don’t deserve to live in the daylight or at night time.
(Sfx- Gagaaaan *clack*)
Kondo: Don’t leave a single one of ‘em!!
(Sfx- Kuwaaaah *Roaaaar*)
Kondo: Hey Gramps!
Hold on!!
Can’t you hear my voice?!
Can you hear me?!
Etekichi: I can’t see a damn thing…
But…I do seem to remember a noisy voice like yours…
Kondo: Gramps!!
Etekichi: You did a good job cuttin’ down their numbers boyo.
Now you can be the second Etekichi kozou for sure.
Kondo: You know you taught me…
A thief’s knowledge…

Kondo: Number one…the darkness is your ally while light is your enemy…
Number two that one should pair with the wind and stop with it…
But I’m sorry gramps…
I just can’t do number three, no matter how hard I try.
(Sfx- Giri *Grinnd*)
Kondo: I can’t abandon my friends…
Sorry Gramps…
As your student I’m just a failure…
Etekichi: You’re no failure…
No more stealing…
It was I who said that…
But this time it’s you who came to stop me.
I knew it from the beginning…
A moron like you had stopped your thievery.
You’ve become quite the man…
And now I can go to hell without any reservations.
Y’know…the hell that requires you to put cuffs on me..cause I know unless you do that you won’t get anywhere.
Go ahead and cuff me…
Before I check out…
Your hands are the ones that can end this…

Kondo: What are you talking about you senile old geezer?
I’ve already…
Cuffed you a while ago.
So get ready…
You aren’t gonna get away from me anymore.
Etekichi: T—hat so…?
These cuffs…
Are still…
So warm…

Kid: Senseeeei!!
Look! Look!!
There’s still an offering here!!
It was left behind again…I thought for sure I’d see what he really looks like..
Who in the world is it that comes and leaves these here?
Lady: That’s not the work of a human deary.
Kid: Eeeeeh?! Then a ghost? Or a monster?! Or maybe a saiyan?! That’s so scaaaary!!
Lady: Oh it’s nothing like that…
Welcome back…
(Side text- And that is the man Gorillaman known as Kondo….)

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