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Hitoribocchi no Chikyuu Shinryaku 6

You Pest!


-> RTS Page for Hitoribocchi no Chikyuu Shinryaku 6

Now be sure to take this dosage of Hitoribocchi with water and swallow it in one gulp without chewing. Your second dosage should be taken before the end of the month.

Psylocke scans only.

Chapter 6: You Pest!

(Sfx- Puuun *pweep*)


(Sfx- Pichchichi *sssshhht*)
(Sfx- Cichichiii *sssshht*)
Cat: Meow---

Cat: Hsssshhh


Nozomi: Something’s come…

???: ‘Mornin..
???: Good morning.
Gramps: Well lookee here.
You’re looking good there Nagi.
Nagi: It’s cause our middle school uniforms look similar that I was able to substitute!
Ryusuke: Mornin’…
Nagi: ‘Sup Ryuu-ni! You’re late man!! I’m starving!

???: Awwright! Lets eat!
Kouichi: From today on the store reopens right!? Man I feel like I’m in the fighting spirit when I eat here.
Grandpa: Heheh. At long last the whole family is here. Now the Hirose family is fully revived.
Ryusuke: Maan…I’m just stoked to see you back Nagi.
It’s so awesome!
Nagi: Aww Ryuu-nii, you’re making me blush!

Ryusuke: I…
Y’know what? I totttally think that breakfast being the first meal of the day should be a Japanese style meal!
Don’t go underestimating milk dammit!!
(Handwritten- Totally man!)
Kouichi: Sit down.
Drinking milk is no good since you’re frail as is Ryuu-nii..
And Nagi’s not particularly strong either.
???: Eeeh?! You can eat Daikon radish and drink milk at the same time dummy!!
Ryusuke: What about rice? At least if you won’t drink milk, eat rice or you won’t get taller!
Kouichi: Dude, eating rice won’t make me taller…

Kouichi: Geez…what busybodies…
Grandpa: Hey idiots…
Quit raising a rukus….
And eat your breakfast quietly or else.
Both: Yessir…
Ryusuke: Maaan! This is totally the best meal of the day!

(Sfx- Hiii)
Nagi: Geez. I didn’t expect gramps to get that mad.
Kouichi: Cause you decided to jump on the bandwagon Nagi.
Getting mad about Japanese or Western breakfast..
Ryuu-nii and I like Gramps’s shop and stuff but there’s no way we’re gonna take it over after him.
I can tell you’re totally in his camp aintcha?
Kouichi: No way?
Nagi: No way at all.

Nagi: I’m not gonna be tied down to that shop man. Someday I’m gonna leave the city…
Well…you’ll see.
Kouichi: I happen to like a place where everyone can noisily get together…
I want to protect that so I’m staying there.
Nagi: Eh? That’s boring bro.
Aww don’t look at me like that Kouichi. It’s cool if that’s how you wanna live…I’m just saying that’s not my style is all.
Kouichi: Yeah.

Nagi: I’m gonna live the way I like….heheh…I guess that sorta means you’re like a sacrifice for my future…
Kouichi: Don’t say creepy things like that. Oh.
Nozomi: Ah!
Kouichi: Good morning Senpai!
Nozomi: Hirose-kun! You know….
Kouichi: Hm? What?

Nozomi: Na—Nagi-kun..
Nagi: Yo. Sorry about yesterday! I’m Hirose Nagi. Pleasure to meet you.
Nozomi: Uhh….
Nagi: Hey what’s with the hush-hush whispering between you two? C’mon, don’t leave me out!
Kouichi: Quit butting in!!

Nozomi: Hirose-kun! I’ve got to talk to you about something later, so don’t leave without me!
You’d definitely better stick around!! See ya!
Nagi: Maaan She’s adorable! How’d you guys meet anyway? And when will you introduce me properly?
(Handwritten- She’s really shy isn’t she?)
Kouichi: Senpai?

???: I’ve got you cornered now, space monster Akaizer!!
Mom: Ryou-kun, the bus to kindergarten will be here soon.
Ryou: Okay.
(Sfx- Kaw)
(Sfx- Kaw)
(Sfx- Kaw)

TV: Take this Akaizer!!
Victory art hidden move….
Ao light puuuuunch!!!
Adamait kiiiiiick!!
Mom: See? The buss is here.
Ryou: But it’s just getting to the good part!!
Mom: I’m recording it so you can watch it when you get back okay?

(Sfx- Puhh *zzt*)
Ryou: Aww! Meanie!!
Mom: Oh hush.

Nozomi: Eyebrows-kun! Where’s Hirose-kun?! He was here just now wasn’t he?!
Dude: Eybrows-kun…?
If you’re looking for Kouichi, He took Nagi on a tour of the school….
(Handwritten- Eyebrows-kun…)

Nozomi: Uuuuughhh..
(Sfx- Kyaaaah)
(Handwritten- Wait!!)
(Sfx- Kyaaaah)
(Sfx- You little punk!!)
Kouichi: Dammit Nagi!! You did that on purpose didn’t you?!
Nagi: Well how was I supposed to know that the girls bathroom was there? I had no idea.
Kouichi: Yooooooou!! How dare you spout stupid stuff like that?!
I’m pretty sure I explained it millions of times as you were opening the door!!

Kouichi: O—oh crap, the activities coach….
Coach: Hey you! That hair is against school regulations!
Nagi: W—well, you see what had happened is---hahaha…
But there’s a reason why I let it grow this long Sensei…!!
Coach: Oh? What’s that?
Nagi: Cause the girls love it!
(Handwritten- It’s charming, am I right?)
Coach: Who cares about that?! I’ll cut it so just come with me to the faculty lounge.
Nagi: Noooo! Wait!! You gotta save me Kouichi!!
Kouichi: The homeroom teacher Akashi-sensei may not have much influence, but Kobayashi-sensei doesn’t play games…
(Handwritten- Kouichi!!)
Kouichi: Idiot…

Kouichi: Ah Senpai!
Nozomi: We finally have time alone…
That Nagi kid is always around you it seems…
Kouichi: Ahahah…
Wait…it’s something that can’t be said in front of Nagi?
Nozomi: Yes…you see…
Nagi: Aww c’mon sis. If you keep running away I might get depressed y’know.
Kouichi: ….How did you get back here so fast?

Nagi: Turns out it’s even more of a violation for them to forcefully cut my hair, so they’re letting it slide till tomorrow where I’ve gotta comply with the rules.
Eh, forgettabouitit.
So what is it that you guys have to talk about that ya gotta do it in secret?
I wanna hear too!
Kouichi: Nagi listen…I’m sorry but…
Nozomi: Y—you can’t!!
I have something important to discuss with Hirose-kun!!
Nagi: But I AM Hirose too!

Nozomi: Aaah…
I can’t take this…
Kouichi: Hey…don’t get down Senpai….cheer up!
Nozomi: As long as you’re around I’ll never be able to talk to Hirose-kun…
Hirose-kun, you’re coming with me!
Kouichi: Wah!!
Nagi: H—hey!!

Nagi: Kouichi!! Morning break is gonna end soon!!
Kouichi: Sorry Nagi! I can’t come out in the afternoon since I have classes!
Nagi: Whaa?!
Hey wait a sec!!

Nagi: Huh?
What the…

(Sfx- Pon pon *pat pat*)
Kouichi: Fuuuhhh.
Nozomi: Oh sorry. I’ll descend now.
(Sfx- Sutaaan *tpt*)
Nozomi: My heart was racing. How terrifying!
Kouichi: THAT’S MY LINE!!
Doing things like that outta the blue with no warning..
Why is it so difficult for you to be around Nagi?!

Nozomi: I just get a bad vibe from him….My senses are in disarray.
What does it mean…?
Kouichi: Bad vibe? Nagi is my twin brother…there has to be something wrong with your feelings right?
Nozomi: Hmmm..that might be so…
Then there’s the fact that he just looks too much like you…um..
I just can’t seem to talk around him..
Kouichi: Huh?
Nozomi: I mean I know I should talk to him when I see him…but I can never think of anything…
It’s strange…
Kouichi: That’s a shocker…that even you have people you’re uncomfortable around senpai…
But you’re able to talk to Ryuu-nii and everyone else with no problem though…

Nozomi: How rude! I’ll thank you to know I’m a living thing like everyone else.
I have people I’m fond of speaking to and those I’d rather not! Your older brother’s rhythm is way different than Nagi-kun!
Can be shy too…
Kouichi: WHAT DID I SAY?!
Senpai, don’t use your strength to hit me!!
(Handwritten- I coulda died!)
Nozomi: I held back! If I didn’t you’d be in big trouble Hirose-kun!

Nozomi: This morning, something utilized the ‘port’ and entered into the atmosphere of this planet.
Kouichi: I knew this conversation would have something to do with aliens!
Nozomi: I don’t know where it is or what it’s doing now…or if it’s intent is to cause harm or whatever other reason it was called here.
Kouichi: Yeah…so leaving it alone isn’t an option. What do we do?
Nozomi: I was going to go have a look for it…but what do you want to do Hirose-kun?
Kouichi: Eh?

Kouichi: Ah..
W—well I’m way different from you Senpai…I’m pretty weak and stuff so I can’t fight..
I know I talked big before but when push comes down to shove you’d probably end up saving me.
Nozomi: Back then I was overjoyed to hear that you wouldn’t let me do this alone Hirose-kun…
Not having to be alone anymore is certainly a wonderful thing…
It makes me want to try even harder no matter what happens from here on in.
That’s why I think being with you is for the best Hirose-kun.

Nozomi: Will you stay by my side?
Kouichi: Yeah.


Hitoribocchi no Chikyuu Shinryaku

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