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Kiriwo Terrible 1

Kairoi monster.

+ posted by Bomber D Rufi as translation on Mar 4, 2014 21:05 | Go to Kiriwo Terrible

-> RTS Page for Kiriwo Terrible 1

But BDR! Fukuchi might be coming back! I know.
But BDR! You're already doing so many other series! Yeah, that's true.
But BDR! What about Kokushi Musou? Fast scantlations will motivate fast translations.
But BDR! What about Nejimaki Kagyuu? See previous answer.
But BDR! What if one of the other 55 serializations in sunday catches your attention.? I'll cross that bridge when I get to it.
But BDR! Don't you want to have a life someday? HahahahahHAHAHAHAAHAH.
BDR...you're a sad existence. Don't pity me. It's unsightly.

Anyway here's the very first chapter of Kiriwo terrible. It sort of feels like a Shounen version of Big O right now, complete with butler. I'm not even sure if I'll continue to do this, as I think I might be temporarily insane. (If that exchange above didn't prove this, I'm not sure what will.) If it stays relatively text light, perhaps I will. Anyway kudos to 55 years Sunday. Stay cool, and don't let those popular Shounen posers get you down. I liked you when you were uncool.

Also Kiriwo gets translation 850. All hail the newbie.

The first chapter rules apply:

Not reserving for anyone until...

-First chapter is out.
-Schedule for releases has been established.
-Schedule is fairly consistent.

No asking when the next one will be out, ask me for permission before using, no non-English scantlations before an English one is done, and I give preference to those who will check the script for accuracy before scantlating.

Announcer: Emergency broadcast----
An special emergency situation has been officially announced for Nishizono city.
All civilians need to seek refuge immediately!
(Black box Sunday’s 55th New serialization number one hits aggressively!!)
(Red text- Kiriwo of terror is coming!!)
???: Hmmm…?

???: It’s a type I’ve never seen before.
(Yellow box- A monster manga of titanic proportions crashes onto the scene!!)
(Top pink text- A super class new serial!!!)

(Side text- A huge monster invades!! Humanity shakes in fear!!)
???: It looks pretty strong!

(Side text- It’s my time to shine!!)
(Yellow box- One more time for all that’s important!!!)

(Side text- What will you face? Will it be destruction or salvation?!)
(Side text- Here is where ‘Kiriwo of terror’ disembarks!!)
Chapter 1: Kairoi monster.

???: MACE 01..
Eye contact with target has been confirmed.
(Side text- Fear and salvation are intertwined in this world. To avoid being destroyed by the giants, ‘Super class monsters’ are deployed to fight for humanity!!)
(Sign- Self Defense force ‘Super class monster’ emergency bureau.)
???: Upon making contact with the target, air force unit 302 will begin a military strike!!
The civilian evacuation is currently 87 percent complete!!

Dude: So they’ve finally appeared here in Japan huh…
The super class monsters!!!

People: Uwaaaaaaah!! Oh nooooooo!!
A real monster has appeared!!
Hurry and run away!!
Move out of the way!!
???: Whoa! The self-defense force has shown up!

Dude: What the heck are you doing there Mikagura!?
Hurry up and lets get out of here! Things are looking really bad!!
???: Hm?
Oh yeah. I guess running would be good huh?
(Side text- Box (From Morita HIro-sensei) Pleased to meet you! I’m Morita Hiro. The subject I chose for my first serialization is about giant heroes. Every day seems as white as ash when I work on the pictures but I’m going to put my all into working hard. I appreciate any support you may have! If you have any thoughts on the series I’d really love to hear them!!)
???: Ah…
Oh crap. Literally. I gotta use the john.
Dude: Whaat?! Now of all times?!
???: I’ve gotta go to the bathroom….I’ll catch up with you guys so go ahead and run without me!!
Dude: Just hold it then!! Do you not see our current situation!?!

???: Ah…no can do.
I’ve got a monster dump brewing…
Dudes: We’ll…go on ahead.

(Sign- Men’s toilet.)
???: Kiriwo-sama…couldn’t you think of a…well, smarter way to excuse yourself? The toilet is very…

Kiriwo: Lecture me about it later wouldya?
I’ve gotta hurry and make my move…
If I wanna attack this thing head on!

???: But of course. Kiriwo-sama you are a man of the Mikagura family. Your words and actions should reflect a certain dignity and quality of character that reflects this in your daily life. Since you do not however I usually have to remind you…
To begin with Kiriwo-sama you…
Kiriwo: Stop! Stop!!
I’m sort of in a hurry here!! I’ll listen to you after I’m done!!
???: Kiriwo-sama..
As usual the effect lasts 412 seconds.
Kiriwo: Understood.

???: Godspeed Kiriwo-sama.
Kiriwo: And now shall I…

Kiriwo: I will…
Dude: What the?!

Kiriwo: Save the world?


Announcer: Report from JULIET 1 to base!
Another super class monster has appeared!!
Repeat! There are now two targets!!
Dudes: Two of them?!

Dude: Missiles didn’t even tickle those monsters!!
And now we’ve got to deal with one more?!
This is exactly why I said that our budget needs to undergo an overhaul!!
But those damn politicians…..!!!
(Handwritten- Dammitttt!!!)
Guys: The super class monsters are making a move!!
It looks like the two of them are about to fight each other!!



Soldiers: He’s so huge yet so nimble….!!!







Soldiers: Uwoaaah!!
Dude: In one attack….

Kiriwo: Awwright.
The world has been saved.

Kiriwo: Guaaah!!
That hurts!!!
Dude: Attack from all sides!! Now that one has been defeated we stand a chance!!

Dude: Don’t let him escape!!
It doesn’t matter if you use every damn bullet in Japan!! We have to finish him off here at all costs!!
Kiriwo: Ouch man!!
Stop it!! I’m not your enemy!! I just defeated that guy!!
(Handwritten- What the hell are you doing?!)
Kiriwo: And it’s not like I can do that…
Since it’s come to this…

Kiriwo: Time to book it!!
Soldiers: The target has escaped into the sea!!
We’ve run into difficulties with pursuit! Repeat! Difficulties with pursuit!!
Dude: Damn!
So he got away?!

???: Kiriwo..
Give me your arm. Kiriwo.
It’ll all be over soon…
Kiriwo: No..Stoppit Dad!!
Dad: Don’t worry. Your body will soon become very strong.
A body that needs not fear sickness, injury or natural life span…a perfect body.
Kiriwo: I said I don’t wanna!!

???: Then I’ll do it in his place.
Dad: Good girl Kurumi….

???: So you’ve awakened Kiriwo-sama.
You always have the same dream after you’ve become bigger…
How do you feel?
(Handwritten- Owie.)
Kiriwo: My body hurts.
???: Half a year ago...
When the world started seeing the ‘Super class monsters’ appear and henceforth…

???: Humanity has not yet found a means of attacking these beasts head on.
The one who has the power to oppose them is…
The reformation that your father developed on you Kiriwo-sama…
The human form enlargement and reconstitution drug ‘Kirmuto 104’.
Of course your body won’t hold out if you continue to treat it so recklessly.
Kiriwo: Aww C’mon! You think after all that experimentation I went through that a little roughhousing would do me in?!
Besides, these injuries are all the fault of the self-defense force!!
Dammit! They completely thought I was the bad guy…

Kiriwo: I’m fighting to protect everyone….
Isn’t treating me this way kinda unfair?
??: I see.
Then please have a look at this.

???: The Kashio particle cannon you fire Kiriwo-sama has completely destroyed 559 buildings, and half destroyed 2,795 others.
The sum total of damages is somewhere around 3 hundred million yen.
The fact that there have been no human victims is nothing short of a miracle.
And here’s today’s morning edition.
Do you see the article about how the ‘Black monster destroyed a city?’ hm?
(In black- A black monster causes mass destruction in a local city.)
(Side- Here the black monster flees the scene.)
(Bottom- What was left afterwards.)

???: I’ll spell it out for you Kiriwo-sama…you are doing a great job of playing a villain.
If there’s anyone who thinks of you as a hero, I would be most surprised.

Kiriwo: So that’s how it is…
???: I’m afraid so.
Kiriwo: But what if I just make sure to protect everyone from here on in?
???: And what of the city you destroyed this time?
Perhaps it would be best to disclose every article of research to the self-defense force and leave it to them?

Kiriwo: I can’t do that!
I can’t leave something like this in the hands of people!!

Kiriwo: Even if it means that everyone in Japan will grow to hate me…
I have to destroy every single one of those experiments…!!

Monster: Kiriwo—niichan…
(Side text- In the darkness is another black monster!! ‘Kiriwo of terror’ will make giant strides next issue too!!)

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#1. by kewl0210 ()
Posted on Mar 4, 2014
It's okay, BDR, go get 'em. I believe in you. Sorta.
#2. by Bomber D Rufi ()
Posted on Mar 4, 2014
Your lack of commitment is...per the course. Thanks Shifu.
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