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Translations: One Piece 904 by cnet128 , Gintama 682 (2)

Kokushi Musou!! 26

Nevus’s power.

+ posted by Bomber D Rufi as translation on Mar 11, 2014 01:01 | Go to Kokushi Musou!!

-> RTS Page for Kokushi Musou!! 26

Bad touch aside, this trial is taking entirely too long. I just read this week's chapter, and there still seems to be a long way to go....though to be fair I like the potential a lot of these new characters have too. Hmm...

Not reserving for anyone until...

-First chapter is out.
-Schedule for releases has been established.
-Schedule is fairly consistent.

No asking when the next one will be out, ask me for permission before using, no non-English scantlations before an English one is done, and I give preference to those who will check the script for accuracy before scantlating.

(Side text- What is this power that the unconscious Kid possesses?!)
Anko: That little runt…
He actually broke Rengoku’s nyoibou…?!
No way…
(Side text- Volume one of the manga is now out in stores!!)
Rengoku: My nyoibou infused with my ‘stoma’broke…?!
But for that to happen a stronger ‘ki’ would need to collide with it…!!
That’s impossible…!!
(Sfx- Furaaah *wifft*)
Chapter 26: Nevus’s power.

Rengoku: That brat’s stoma is more powerful than mine….?!
Anko: There’s a light coming from his hands?!
What is it?!
Rengoku: This is impossible!! There’s no way a newbie could possibly have a stronger stoma than mine…!!
I’ve been refining my stoma for months and years….!!
Yet a runt like him…!!

Anko: The broken nyoibou’s fragments are rotating…?!
Rengoku: I will take the name ‘peerless’ from this place.
Which means…

Anko: He unconsciously responded to Rengoku’s killing intent?!


(Sfx- Gakuhh *thud*)
Mugi: He really managed to knock Rengoku out…!!
{…Was it just my imagination or when Kid-kun’s fist glowed…}
{Was there a character shining there too…?}
{…I feel like I’ve seen it before…}
(Sfx- Furaaah *wibble*)
Mugi: Kid-kun!!

Mugi: A—are you awake?
How are you feeling Kid-kun?
Kid: Where am I?
Mugi: A river in Aster forest. We moved from where we were before because we didn’t have a good view.
But are you okay? Do you know who I am?

Kid: EEGH?!
What’s with this bug?!
Ugh, my ass is killing me…
Anko: Is he really the guy who beat Rengoku?
(Handwritten- He’s so lame…)
Anko: You know you were out for two hours right?
Kid: Oh right! I was fighting against that bandana dude…
Huh?! What happened to them?!
Anko: They’re tied up with the trial and unable to move at the moment.
(Handwritten- Mmmph! Mmmmph!!)
Kid: Eh? You gals beat them up?
Mugi: You really don’t remember?

Kid: What?
Anko: You’re the one who beat them up. I gotta say it’s not really cool for you to be so strong and not say anything about it…you could have saved us sooner---
Mugi: A—Anko-chan!!
Kid: Oh right. What about the antidote?
Mugi: Antidote?
Oh…well Rengoku stole two of them already…
(Handwritten- Rengoku-kun left them two antidotes lighter and stuff…)
Mugi: So there’s not really a way we can divide it between three people…so we were discussing what to do.
Kid: Oh well then you guys take ‘em.
After all it was you two girls who took ‘em in the first place.
Mugi: B—but..!!
Kid: Besides!!

Kid: If I wanna team up with Ro, I gotta be able to steal antidotes myself!!
That’s why I’m going to have to refuse your antidote and insist you use it!
Mugi: Kid-kun..
Kid: I just feel like I gotta be able to do that much or I’ll never be able to face RO.
It’s all a part of my advancement plan!
Anko: We get it.
Mugi: Thanks Kid-kun.
(Sfx- Niihh *grin*)
Kid: Well, it’s about time I shipped out.
(Sfx- Suhh *shfft*)
Mugi: That’s right, we’re entering halftime now…

Mugi: Thank you so much Kid-kun! T—thanks to you I finally realized what’s really important!!
Kid: Mugi, you were really damn cool before!!
When this trial is behind us you’ll teach me how to do that too yeah?
Anko: And there he goes.
He’s a weird one, as far as boys go.
Mugi: …Mhm.

{Shuffle game Start point.}
Priest: Hnnnnghh!!
What was that just now?!
It was an incredible presence…even the barrier shook for a moment!
Priest 2: Who was that just now?
Kujaku: It was Kid.
The Nevus’s power ran amok it seems…
(Handwritten- You guys are too noisy…)
Priest: I—is that really okay!?
Kujaku: It’s fine. Things have calmed down now.
Priest: I knew it…having him enter a trial so quickly was a bad idea.
If only more had raised their voices in opposition of him being released…
From the beginning he shouldn’t have been inducted as a trainee with the other students..!!

Kujaku: And you dare still call yourself a member of the peerless temple?
What good will come of treating a kitten and wild tiger the same way?
Then you’re saying you want to capture him? You’ll be killed…or is it that you don’t want your lives anymore?
The director had him enrolled here so that he could be taught the correct way to use his power.
(Text- Entry contract.)
Kujaku: And it’s not strange for us to teach the children who are enrolled here by pitting their strengths against one another.
And this is the best method of allowing that boy to grow.
Those with fangs need to be taught the proper way of using them..
Or they run the risk of harming themselves and those around them.

???: Awwright! Got an antidote!!
This game is in the bag!!
Girl: But maaan Gihyou!! You sure knew this guy’s weakness din’ya?
{Gihyou’s former partner Taitan. Amount of antidotes: 2.}
Gihyou: Hahahah! My intelligence network is peerless man! You know that Taitan!!
{Gihyou. Amount of antidotes: 2.}
Gihyou: Information is sometimes stronger than ‘force’!!
I know all of the secret information here at the temple! If you listen I can even tell you the three sizes for all of the first years…
For rea….

Taitan: Wahahaah!!
You’re lame! And you only get lamer when you try to act like a cool poser!!
{Taitan. Favorite thing: Pranks.}
Gihyou: Oww…Man I forgot how much you love punking others…
(Handwritten- Sorriez)
Taitan: Sorriez, Sorriez. That hole was specifically made for you to fall through.
???: GYAAAH!!
Gihyou: A scream!!
Taitan: It’s pretty close too.
Wanna go check it out?
(Handwritten- Why did I know you were gonna say that?)
Gihyou: Stop it. We’ve already got our antidotes hear? There’s no need to trouble ourselves, ya feel me?
Taitan: Aww it ain’t gonna hurt nothing! We might even scoop some extra antidotes, ya feel me?
If they’re a weakling, then it’s all good if we beat em up and stuff man! Ya feel me?
Gihyou: You’re using ‘Ya feel me’ the wrong way. Ya feel me?

Dude: Uugggh!! P—please spare me…!!
I told you I don’t have any antidotes….
{Moloch Amount of antidotes: 1.}
Moloch: Heheh…you’ve got a nice pair of lungs on you eh?
Taitan: It’s Moloch. What’s he doin?
Gihyou: Whatta asshole. He’s giving some poor sap the third degree outta boredom…
‘Ccording to my info, before he came here to the peerless temple, he worked for some underworld syndicates as their go to wetwork guy.
(Handwritten- I can’t believe that guy’s human.)

{This game’s point is to ‘Create teams’. But he’s not even trying to hide his ferocious nature.}
{Pretty sure that not a single person will wanna team up with him at this rate.}
Gihyou: What’s that mummy-man thinking?
???: Twelve hours left for the shuffle game huh…

Meinfisu: And we haven’t found a single target yet.
{Ro/Meinfisu Amount of Antidotes: 1}
Ro: It’s cause the amount of people has started to decrease. Only capable guys are left now.
I wonder how strong the ones left over are? Either way this is starting to get fun…
Meinfisu: …You’re right about that…this’ll be a blast…
{Meanwhile Kid is…}
Kid: Hey ROOOOO!!
Where the heck is that dumbass?!
(Side text- The severe trial is reaching it’s end…!! What will be Kid and Ro’s fate…?!)

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