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Translations: One Piece 908 by cnet128 , Gintama 687 (2)

Kokushi Musou!! 27


+ posted by Bomber D Rufi as translation on Mar 11, 2014 22:16 | Go to Kokushi Musou!!

-> RTS Page for Kokushi Musou!! 27

I never realized that the fate of Ro's sibling was actually nebulous until now. Now I'm back to hoping my bad touch doesn't prematurely end this series, (despite all signs pointing to how it will...)

Not reserving for anyone until...

-First chapter is out.
-Schedule for releases has been established.
-Schedule is fairly consistent.

No asking when the next one will be out, ask me for permission before using, no non-English scantlations before an English one is done, and I give preference to those who will check the script for accuracy before scantlating.

Chapter 27: Rematch.
Menfisu: There are defeated parties all over the place here…!
How brutal. The ‘friends’ they once believed in are now their ‘enemies’.
For now I believe we should proceed with caution. The parties remaining will be the stronger members of the class.
Ro: Yeah…
(Side text- How will two of the top class make their moves?)

(Side text- The trial’s climax! Who will the strongest duo go after?)
Menfisu: By the way, why are you running at such a distance?
Ro: See, the thing is it’s a lot harder for you to stab me in the back if you’re in front of me.
Menfisu: That’s harsh man!!
(Sfx- Tan *tok*)
Menfisu: Remember how I said that I’d be your ‘partner’? That means you can trust me a little more than that right?
….You’ve acted this way since you entered the peerless temple right?

Menfisu: Never getting too close to anyone…being cold on purpose..
Ro: Somethin’ wrong with that?
Maybe you don’t get it because you’re so popular but it’s reaaal easy for others to betray you.
I’m not stupid enough to…
Blindly believe in others.
{Four years ago, my parents were killed and my only little sister was kidnapped.}
{The one who did it was a senior apprentice of mine.}
{My mom and pop loved him, and everyone around trusted him.}
{Yet he killed every single one of them without a moment’s hesitation.}

Ro: I came here in order to gain the power needed to kill that guy…!!
Menfisu: Ro-kun!!
Menfisu: Are you okay?
You’re making one heck of a scary face there.
Um…maybe I’m not saying this right but..
I’m your partner right?
So you don’t have to shoulder everything alone.
Did you know that ‘partner’ is a companion who is connected together in a palanquin. Or so they say.
So you should let me bear some of your burden as well yeah?

Ro: I don’t need your help dummy.
Whatta weirdo. He wants to join up with me…why?
{He’s sorta like another idiot I know.}
Ro: ….wait why the hell am I thinking of that moron?
(Handwritten- They’re not the same at all!!)
(Sfx- Hetchooo!!)
Kid: Ugh. Am I coming down with a cold? This sucks.
I can smell one of the antidotes nearby.
Even though I’ve only caught a whiff once, I’d never forget anything that smelly in my life!!

Kid: It’s under this rock!!
There’s an antidote!!
(Handwritten- And it reeks!!)
Kid: But why’s it in a place like this?
???: There are those here who keep their antidote from being stolen by hiding it!!

Kid: Gihyou!!
Gihyou: Awwwright! Nice to see you’re still kickin it brother! I’m overjoyed here!
How ya feelin’ ya jerk?
(Sfx- Wahahah)
Kid: It’s only one, but I just stole me an antidote!!
(Sfx- Bishiihh *slap*)
Taitan: Better take it before the owner comes back!!
Kid: Hey! Who are you?!
(Sxf- Zuruuh *slip*)
Taitain: I’m Taitan! I enrolled here before Gihyou did!!
Kid: Dude, Gihyou! You have a partner? Though she seems a little dumb.
Taitan: Aww quit praising me! I’m blushing!
Gihyou: She’s dumb, but not a bad person. We just happened to meet and stuff, and she’s following me around.
Kid: So you guys are just hanging loose like me huh?
Gihyou: I’d recommend you reel it in and hang tight bro. There are things you’ll wanna watch out for.

Gihyou: In particular there’s one guy you need to watch out for, and his name is Moloch.
He’s a pro assassin!!
Kid: Assassin?
Gihyou: Pretty much anyone can enroll in the peerless temple.
You even get the rare assassins who join so that when they graduate they get a big boost in their rep and the clients come rolling in.
Kid: Yeah, but if he’s so scary won’t he end up not having a partner?
Gihyou: I know right…?
(Sfx- Piku *poit*)

Menfisu: I hear a scream coming from that direction…what do you wanna do?
Ro: It could be a trap….but the possibility that we’ll find an antidote there is high as well.
Let’s go!!
Menfisu: Okay!
That’s terrible…his face has been pounded in.
Ro: Don’t touch him.
His wounds are unnatural. It’s like someone tortured him…
I’m assuming that we may be in the middle of some sorta trap…
???: Heheheh….Congrats.


Ro: So it’s you bastard…
Moloch: Heheh…the time left for this game is half up…and I haven’t been able to steal the antidote I needed…
So I figured I’d give some guy the third degree and his screams would flush out some prey…
And now I’ve caught me a whopper…
I was hoping we’d meet again…
Ro: Know what’s funny Moloch? I was thinking the same thing. See I’ve had all kinds of trouble looking for prey of my own.

Ro: Menfisu, I’ve got this.
You just stay out of it.
Or is it that you think you can stop me?
Menfisu: I’ll decline.
After all the antidote is essential now!
Ro: I’ll end this in a flash!

Moloch: It goes without saying that this’ll be fun!!
{So he’s able to weave past all of my attacks even at this range?}
Moloch: Hmph!!
Ro: I told you before but the same things won’t work against me. I’ve already seen right through your fist.

Moloch: Heheh…is that so? Then how about this?
{Is this…his stoma?!}
Moloch: Grand Bang!!
Ro: He used his Sunkei on the ground!!
Moloch: I’ll squish you flat!!

Moloch: HEheheh…Aww don’t tell me you died.
Hmph..!! Still alive huh?
Ro: Heh.
Moloch: He’s laughing?!
Ro: Aww Moloch, you wound me y’know? If you had a move like that you should have shown it to me sooner.
I’ve wanted to fight guys like you since I entered the peerless temple…

{Life energy unlock. Sengoku Muramasa}
(TN- Thousand countries Muramasa. Muramasa is probably based on Sengo Muramasa who was a famous swords smith during the Muromachi period. The sword Muramasa itself is thought to be cursed.)
Moloch: This guy….is he actually running in midair?!

Moloch: Gugh…!! The cutting power is no joke!!
Is this Ro’s stoma art…?!

Menfisu: Ro-kun! He’s fallen into the river!!
He can’t use that earlier move if he’s in the water!!
Moloch: Hey hold up!!
Don’t be hasty!!
Ro: This is the end Moloch!!
(Side text- Ro and Moloch’s fates intertwine in an intense rematch!!)

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