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Kiriwo Terrible 2

Villain’s role.

+ posted by Bomber D Rufi as translation on Mar 12, 2014 00:24 | Go to Kiriwo Terrible

-> RTS Page for Kiriwo Terrible 2

Chapter two was a bit rushed, but I really like the direction this is going in. Rather than play up the cool hero with a secret angle, Morita is thinking outside of the box and going for the 'hero who doesn't want to be sued and thus keeps his identity secret' thing. Not 100 percent original, but rare.

Not reserving for anyone until...

-First chapter is out.
-Schedule for releases has been established.
-Schedule is fairly consistent.

No asking when the next one will be out, ask me for permission before using, no non-English scantlations before an English one is done, and I give preference to those who will check the script for accuracy before scantlating.

(Side text- Chapter 2 of the new serialization!! A Hero’s true enemy is the thing known as solitude…..which is his painful reality.)
(Side text- The manga about a huge hero’s transformation to fight huger enemies! Here are 30 pages in one go!!)
Chapter 2: Villain’s role.

(Side text- The overwhelming ‘Black monster’ runs wild in his efforts. Meanwhile Kiriwo’s elegant dinner heads for a not so elegant topic of conversation that’s bound to ruin his appetite…)
Norman: Do you understand, Kiriwo-sama? You mustn’t allow the world to know of your true identity.
(TN- Referring to such a noble man as ‘???’ is unbecoming of an equally noble translator such as myself. To carry on with the Big O references, I will call him Norman until Morita reveals what his name actually is.)
Kiriwo: ….Yeah, that’s obvious.

Kirwo: The ‘Kirimuto 104’ that contains the ‘High Kashio particles’…
Are technologies that I have to keep to myself and…
Norman: I am not referring to that.
The reparation bills for destroying the city…
Will doubtlessly come to you Kiriwo-sama.
Kiriwo: I—I’d have to pay reparations…?

Norman: But of course. If you expect to destroy the experiments, you will need to utilize the power of the ‘Black monster’.
Which means of course that the city will see much destruction in your wake.
If we at the Mikagura group pay for the reparations
It will bankrupt us.
And I pray you do not forget…
That you are playing the role of the villain to the world.

Kiriwo: I can’t believe the lead butler would say that to me…
But I’m the savior of the city!!
I’m sure everyone…

Student: Our city’s totally going through ‘The seven days of fire’ thanks to him!!
(TN- Nausicaa reference. It’s a cataclysmic global war in the story.)
Student: The game center I always hang out at is a pile of rubble now!!

???: Everyone calm down.
As your teacher, I equally cannot forgive that Black monster!!
Putting that aside, Kousaka has something she’d like to talk with you about today…
Kousaka: Because of the Black monster, I can no longer attend school.
I wish you all good health.

Kiriwo: Kousaka Nina!! Hold on a second!!

YepgonnacallherNinanow: Oh? Mikagura-kun.
What about your classes?
Kiriwo: I told the teach I had to use the John and slipped out!
You said that the Black monster is the reason why you have to drop out of school right? What does that mean?
Nina: Exactly what it sounds like?
Moreover, you went through the trouble of skipping class just to find me and hear my reasons?
How very curious…
Kiriwo: Well…I’m not THAT curious…
Nina: Have a look over there…
That’s the tea shop that where I live.

Nina: As you can see, that is the Black monster’s footprint. He smashed it flat when he ran over it.

Nina: As of right now there are no places for me to take shelter in..
And of course I have no revenue stream.
Kiriwo: You were living there?
Nina: My parents died in an accident a few years ago.
But that’s not exactly an unusual story now is it?
I don’t have anyone supporting me so I had to work in order to put myself through school, and pay the tuition.
I don’t have a source of income now which means I can’t pay tuition ergo, I cannot go to school. Period.
But you know…
I can never forgive…
That Black monster…!

Kiriwo: This is totally my fault….
B—but there has to be a way for you to keep attending school!! I mean just dropping out is..
There’s something more important than school that I’d like to get money for.
Kiriwo: Something more important?
Nina: Exactly.
Something more precious than anything.

Girl: Big siiiiiis~!!
Kiriwo: Kousaka’s little sister…?


Lady: Confirmation that a new giant being has appeared in the Nishizono area!!
It has been determined to be a ‘Class 3’ super monster!!
Dude: Have the tanks line up by the coastline and commence fire!!
No matter what happens, it must not be permitted on land!!


(Sign- Up arrow: X ray room, Examination desk// Left arrow Sick room A)
Kiriwo: I want to become your strength!!
Nina: What?
Sis: Who’s that person?

Kiriwo: I’ll do anything for you!! Go on, ask for anything you want!!
(Handwritten- Go on, tell me!)
Nina: Why?
I don’t understand why you’re suddenly saying such things.
Kiriwo: That’s because…
I can’t tell her it’s because everything that happened to her life is my fault!!

???: The super class monster has broken through the coastline fleet and is attacking Nishizono city!!
Dude: Do not let it enter the city!!
Air fleet!! Sweep in there and begin your attack!!
We can’t stop it from invading!!

Sis: All done!!
Nina: Reina, you’re supposed to rest until the day of the operation okay?
Reina: It’s okay! All I’m doing is drawing manga!!
Nina: Oh? And what kind of manga are you drawing?
(Arrows on Kiriwo: Head- Operation// Head 2- Homeless// Back- Money//Side- Sick little sister//Back- Feelings of guilt.)
Reina: It’s my big plan! Cure Pianissimo will drop the bad Black monster who’s destroying the world…
Into the mouth of the Mihara volcano and destroy him!
(TN- Pianissimo is the Italian word for ‘very soft’. Honestly I’m not even sure if that’s what she’s going for. The ‘Cure’ part is probably from ‘Pretty Cure’ which is a magical girl anime franchise.)
(On manga- Supame!!//The black monster is dead!!)
Nina: That’s a great job Reina!
Especially the part where the Black monster meets his untimely demise.

Kiriwo: Ah..
Well y’know, I don’t think the Black monster is really out to destroy the world…
Nina: What are you talking about? He’s a demon who ruthlessly destroyed our city.
It’s only normal that he’d set his sights on world destruction.
Kiriwo: But I think he’s really trying to save everyone.
Nina: There’s no way that’s true.

Dude: E—even the attack helicopter squadron was annihilated!
20 units all taken down in one attack…?!
This is bad…!!
The direction it’s advancing in is…

Kiriwo: Nonono!! I’m telling you he’s a good guy!
If one of those other monsters show up I’m sure he’ll come and save the day! The Black monster is on our side!!
Nina: The only thing we’ll be sure of if he shows up again is how absolutely evil the Black monster is.
Moreover…Mikagura-kun…what are you playing at? You certainly seem to be invested in taking the Black monster’s side…
I do believe that you understand my current situation quite well right?
Whether he’s black or white, I’ve had my fill of monsters.
Kiriwo: I’m gonna get us some air….

(TN- No text just nightmare fuel.)

Kiriwo: Uhhh…seems like there’s something outside…

(Handwritten- Waah! Run!!)
Nina: What on earth are you doing?! Don’t think I won’t bankrupt your house with a sexual harassment suit.


???: The way out is…?!
The opposite path is a dead end..!!

Reina: Big sis…!!
Nina: Don’t worry…big sister is here!
It’ll be fine…!
Kiriwo: If I blow my cover here then I’ll have to pay the reparations and be driven into bankruptcy!
If I use the drug ‘Kirimuto 104’ and transform…
I can save the both of them!!

Kiriwo: I’ve got no choice but to do it!!
(Side text- You done screwed up man. You done screwed up.)

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