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Translations: Gintama 687 by kewl0210 , One Piece 907 by cnet128

Hitoribocchi no Chikyuu Shinryaku 7

Illusion user


-> RTS Page for Hitoribocchi no Chikyuu Shinryaku 7

What fate has fallen our protagonist? He, (and I) will see you in April with all of the answers!

Psylocke scans only.

Chapter 7: Illusion user


Kid: Um…
You look like Shoukiman but…
Are you actually a fake?
Red ranger: Shoukiman is my master.
Kid: M—master?!
Red ranger: In my heart.
Kid: What does that even mean?!
Kid: Th—then, you can do the Shoukiryuu?
Red ranger: Of course.
(TN- Shouki in this instance means ‘Victory Vapor’. Rule of cool states that I leave it untranslated.)

Red ranger; Shoukiryuu!!!

Kid: T-That’s awesome!! It has nothing to do with Shoukiryuu at all, but it’s still so cool!!
(Handwritten- How’d you do it?)
Red ranger: Hmph.
Kid: The real one would have been able to destroy that cup without touching it, but since you’re only his student I guess we can let that one slide.
Red ranger: Hey kid, what did you just say to me?
Moreover what is that you’re carrying?
Kid: It’s a GS. You don’t know what that is?
Red ranger: A game then? Oooh. What does it do?

Nozomi: Look at him just leisurely hanging out. Meanwhile we’re actually rather busy…
Oh Hirose-kun. You look like you’ve got something to say?
Kouichi: Ahh…umm…
Well when you first told me how these guys –er aliens are coming to invade the planet I was expecting them to be dangerous enemies we’d have to fight and stuff. But this one seems to be friendly enough, and he’s even able to interact with kids.
Honestly? It really surprises me.
Nozomi: You’re right. He does seem to be getting along with those children.
Kouichi: So maybe he’s not a bad guy?

Nozomi: Not sure really. The one from before, and the one before that came from planet Gozu, but this child seems more like he came from a planet with organic matter.
Kouichi: Different planets?!
Nozomi: The planets targeting earth are many in number.

Kouichi: Didn’t it look like for a sec just now that its face changed…?
Nozomi: Seems that it’s a reconnaissance type…it copies things that it has seen to store them in it’s memory.
(Handwritten- Ooh.)
Nozomi: I see…it gets along well with the children in order to go about gathering information without being disturbed.
Red ranger: Ooooh! Awesome!! What’s that thing?!
Kid: This is a rare card…
(Sfx- Awessome!!)
Red ranger: That’s cool! Super cool! I’m so jealous!!

Kouichi: Y—you think so?
Nozomi: For now shall we observe it until the park closes for the day?
Kouichi: Um..Senpai…?
Nozomi: What?
Kouichi: Um, how are things underneath there?
Nozomi: Hm?

Nozomi: Of course I have them on under this!
Kouichi: Senpai…I know you’re an alien and all but it wouldn’t kill you to be a little more…modest?
Nozomi: Eh? Why? All girls wear this don’t they?
Kouichi: I’m not talking about that!
I’m just saying it might be better to find a means to hide them better y’know?
Especially since you’re really active, senpai.
(Handwritten- What with all the flying and jumping…)
Nozomi: Eeeeh? But that doesn’t bother me at all!
Kouichi: JUST DO IT!
Nozomi: If it bothers you that much then I guess I can figure something out…

???: Wait.

Nozomi: You’re an alien who’s come to this planet for reconnaissance aren’t you? Sorry to say this but that is an act we cannot overlook…!
Red ranger: So you’re finally here? I figured you guys knew I used the ‘port’.
You guys are…Orberio’s biological wea—

Nozomi: Because you decided to loiter around the zoo all day, we had no choice but to enjoy ourselves here too!!
Though thanks to that I actually had a good time!!
(Sfx- Jumble~)
Red ranger: Don’t screw around with me!! You came to this planet to play around?!
I’ll just act angry…
Nozomi: You don’t have the right to lecture others. I mean look at the silly way you decided to reveal yourself!
Red ranger: Don’t you dare make fun of my appearance….Shoukiman deserves your respect.
For one thing I’ve accomplished my reconnaissance mission already.

Red ranger: Meanwhile you’ve been on this planet for a while and haven’t made any progress on invading it!!
Heck! You’re even hanging out with an Earthling!!
Kouichi: This guy’s totally the pot calling the kettle black…
Red ranger: How’d you guys get so buddy-buddy in the first place?!
Kouichi: S—Senpai and I are friends!! Of course I’d be by her side!
Red ranger: Friends? Looks like you’re being fooled. You sure she didn’t brainwash you or something?
Nozomi: You know…
Since I’m a pacifist, if you were to submit to us and leave this planet immediately I might be even willing to let you go.
Red ranger: Hmph…I was wondering what you’d say…
I can’t enter and leave this planet through any other ‘port’ than the one in Dejima unlike you guys.

Red ranger: I can no longer go back.
The one thing I can do is wait until the next shift. And while I’m waiting I’ll keep recording this planet’s living beings to memory.
Little by little I’ll keep analyzing the ‘port’ and its password!!
Eventually I’ll analyze the entire password and then an entire fleet will be able to descend upon this world!!
Nozomi: You sure can talk for a mere reconnaissance man.
Red ranger: Why the Orberio have left such an old password as is and haven’t acted upon the ‘port’ is something I don’t know, but these circumstances are good for us.

Nozomi: I’ve got my own circumstances to consider…and no obligation to tell you anything.
Hirose-kun, I’ll entrust these to you for a little bit.
Kouichi: O—okay.
Nozomi: Right now there limitations to the port at work so the powerful aren’t able to get through. As of now only weaklings get through, and it’s up to me to defeat them.

Kouichi: Good luck..
Nozomi: Thanks!
Red ranger: You dare to call me weak?
You won’t know anything until we actually mix it up right?
Nozomi: Now…
What shall we do about this?

Red ranger: Here I go!!
Nozomi: Ooh aren’t we the tough customer…?

Nozomi: Whoa~
Red ranger: Hahahaah! How’s this?!

Red ranger: Gyaahngh!
Th—that hurt! A lot!!
Nozomi: You actually thought you could challenge me that weak body of yours. And look at you now.
Kouichi: Wh—whoa, Senpai is pretty amazing! Although it’s because of her nature that I didn’t expect much from her…
Red ranger: D—dammit!! That’s not all of my strength!!

Nozomi: He’s going to transform again..?

Red dragon: Hahahah! What do you think of this?!
Nozomi: Aa—ah…
Red dragon: Heheheh…so scared that you can’t even speak?
Nozomi: What is this? It’s too terrible!!
Red dragon: Huh?

Nozomi: Rather than grimdark things like you. I prefer soft and fluffy things like this!! Your design is rejected! Rejected!
Kouichi: H—huh? When did she?
Red dragon: Wh—whaat?! But I’m so cool looking..!
Kouichi: Now that I think of it, Senpai sure bought a lot of those stuffed animal pillows…
Red dragon: I don’t get it! I don’t get this girl at all!! I do understand what those kids were telling me though….
Who cares!! I’m gonna get serious!!
(Handwritten- I say that but he could still probably eat me.)
Nozomi: Putting aside the design, the way he was able to shift his mass upward and downward from his previous transformation is amazing.

(Sfx- Hirariii *fwff*)
Red dragon: You fast moving pest…

(Sfx-Fuwaah *wfaap*)

(Sfx- Hyuuun *wifffhhh*)
(Sfx- Bossuhh *thud*)

Nozomi: How did he get me from behind…?
You gained more tails huh?
He can do that from anywhere…this is getting to be a pain.
Red dragon: ROAAAR!!

Red dragon: My mission isn’t just to memorize information on this planet…
You’ve been here for quite some time, but you haven’t invaded yet. I’m here to find out your true reason for being on this planet.
Though I’m beginning to get it.
Orberio’s biological weapon is supposed to have strength far beyond anything ever seen is what I’ve heard…but right now you’re barely able to keep up with me.
Your unexplainable actions seem to all stem from your current weakness….am I right?

Kouichi: S—senpai…you can do it!
That’s the stuffed toy Senpai dropped earlier…
This is my chance to go and grab it…

Kouichi: It’s all beat up…sorta like Senpai.
Nozomi: Hirose-kun!
Kouichi: Huh?

Nozomi: Why are you standing there?! Go and hide!!
Kouichi: S—sorry!!

Nozomi: Oh no!!

Red dragon: I—I did it…
I caught Orberio!
Now give me the key to the ‘port’. Once you do that I can call all of my partners through the ‘gate’ at once.
Nozomi: I hope Kouichi-kun got away safely…

Nozomi: eh? W—wait!!
That’s dangerous!! Run!!

Nozomi: Hirose-kun!! Hiro…

Nozomi: Hiro---

Red dragon: Eh?
Did I just step on something…?

Red dragon: U—uwaaah!! I just killed a civilian!! Dammit!! I didn’t mean to….
Nozomi: Move…
Your leg…move it.

(TN- No text, just SHORYUKEN.)

Red dragon Eh…?

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