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Translations: One Piece 908 by cnet128 , Gintama 687 (2)

Hitoribocchi no Chikyuu Shinryaku 8



-> RTS Page for Hitoribocchi no Chikyuu Shinryaku 8

Listening to Grappler Baki's OP and then ED while translating this really fits for some reason.

See you on or around April 15th.

Psylocke scans only.

Chapter 8: Fury.

Chapter 8: Fury.

Red dragon: Hi…

Red dragon: Why the heck are you so mad?!
That earthling has nothing to do with you right?!

Red dragon: She’s not mad, she’s PISSED!!
She’s gonna kill me!!
I’m just a big target in this form…

Red bird: Sh—she’s following me…

Red birt: Wah..!!
Here she comes!!



Red bird: This is so messed up!! This isn’t secret or even reconnaissance anymore!!

Red ranger: If this is how it’s gonna be, I’ll just have to take her on!!
Damn! It’s not over yet!!

Red ranger: Hahahah! This shield isn’t gonna go down that easily..
I—I’m telling you it’s hopeless!! I can keep regenerating indefinitely! You’ll never get through..
So you should just give up…

Red ranger: I—it’s no good!!

Red ranger: Oh crap…I went and transformed too many times!!

Red blob: I overheated…
I—I can’t move anymore…

Red blob: W—wwaaaaaaaaah!!! She’s pissed….she’s going to killll meeeeee!!
It’s not like I meant to step on that earthliiiingggg….
Wh-what? Is it really that…
Sad to you…?


Red blob: See!? The other earthlings have taken notice!!
(Sfx- Gugh *blorp*)
Red blob: Uuuggghhh
Are we going to run for it?! If so, we’ve gotta hurry! People are coming!!
Red blob: Fuwaaah!!!

Red blob: Aah…it’s great we managed to escape…

Nozomi: Why did that happen?
Why did…
I get angry?
If I was going to forcefully involve you by bringing you along..
Then I should have more effort to protect you properly….
Just when…
I thought I made a friend…

(TN- Wow. They’re further ahead in two volumes than most romance manga get in 10 years.)

Red blob: So what’s the deal between you and that earthling? What is he to you?
Nozomi: A way to kill time.
Ahh…what should I do…
Should I just take over this planet all at once now…?

(Handwritten- How to invade…)
Nozomi: That’s right! His heart!
He’s alive…
Red blob: Eh?

Nozomi: Oh c’mon Hirose-kun!! You were alive the whole time?!
I know. Or I should have known that people aren’t ones to die so easily!!
I was so absorbed with taking care of what was in front of me that I completely forgot..!!
Wake up Hirose-kun!
Kouichi: Uhh…
Don’t shake me like that…
Red blob: T—that’s ridiculous!! I stepped on that human!! At that very moment his body should have been crushed!!
Just what is he?!

Kouichi: Uuuugh…Where am i?
W—waah! We’re in a weird place again!!
Oh right…my leg got caught between a rock and then I was stepped on..
Yet I’m alive…
My heart moved…!!
Nozomi: Thank goodness.
Thank goodness! I thought you were dead Hirose-kun! I was about to commence taking over the planet in desperation!!
Kouichi: SAY WHAT?!

Kouichi: What exactly would happen if you took over the planet out of desperation, Senpai?
Nozomi: It wouldn’t be peaceful, that’s for sure.
Kouichi: Remind me not to die ever then…
By the way what’s this?
Nozomi: That’s the alien I was fighting earlier.
Kouichi: WHAAAAT?!
Nozomi: I ended up bringing him along without thinking about it…but what should I do?
Red blob: Wh—what’s going to happen to me?
Nozomi: Oh my yes. Your sins are quite grievous little guy…
Perhaps I’ll stuff you in a minus 50 degree food warehouse and then refrigerate you so that you can’t move, then bury you in cold storage somewhere in the frozen wastes of Siberia for all of eternity.
Or perhaps to keep things simple I’ll just go far west of this city and find a quaint active volcano…
Once there I’ll ‘accidently’ drop you in a crater….that sounds lovely doesn’t it?
Red blob: hi
Kouichi: What’s this thing? He whorfed it up just now…
(Hanwritten- Whoa. It’s hot.)
Red blob: Th—that’s my card! I got it from someone!!

Red blob: It’s really important to me…
So if you’re gonna burn me can I take it with me? Please?
The star cluster guys are glaring at each other and are unable to pass through the ‘port’,
Me messing up now means that my position within those of the star cluster will become even worse, and I’ll be at the bottom of the heap.
Nozomi: Heheheheheh…

Nozomi: You sure talk big for a lowly reconnaissance dreg.
You talk a whole lot, and you’ve come to my planet because you know next to nothing about it.
Moreover you don’t seem like a bad person.
And I’ve taken a liking to your transformational powers! You yourself are useless, but I believe that ability could come in useful…
I’ll take it.
I’ll make some statements, and if you want to live you’ll answer ‘yes’. Okay?
Both: Eh?!

Nozomi: You won’t transform without permission..
You also won’t make any contact with those friends of yours…
And you’ll follow Hirose-kun and I’s orders to the letter.
Furthermore you won’t cause any harm to me, Hirose-kun or any other Earthling.
Red blob: What is she going on about?!
She expects me to verbally agree to a truce?!
Nozomi: Oh and no running away.
Do you understand?
Red blob: Y—yes.

Nozomi: All’s well then.
So you can’t transform right now?
Red blob: I’d need to cool down a bit…If I have a little bit more time…
Nozomi: Oh well we can wait!

Nozomi: You should be able to transform now.
You recall the stuffed animal Hirose-kun picked up right? Though I ended up dropping it again..
You should have seen what it looked like. Now transform into something like that.
Red blob: O—okay..
Like this?
Nozomi: Wrong?
Why are you sprouting all of those scaly things?
???: Eeeh?
Nozomi: Arms and legs should be shorter! Body thicker, fatter!
???: I—I don’t wanna..
Nozomi: The ears should stick straight up! And that slim figure is absolutely no good!
I want fur! You should feel furry! Something nice and soft…
And the color isn’t green, it’s white! A beautiful white color!
???: I don’t get it!!
Kouichi: It took her forever and a day to choose that stuffed animal…
If it takes that long for a girl to choose something to buy then….

Nozomi: Yup! That looks perfect!
Good job!
Oh and transforming into anything else without my permission is forbidden!
White: Eeeeeeh?!
Are you serious! That suuucks! This little body is so laaaame!!
Kouichi: Being cute’s not bad though.
White: Cute?! Did you just say cute?! Being cool is obviously better!!
Kouichi: Ah..I guess.
White: Moreover how am I having a leisurely conversation with someone I stepped on earlier?! Something’s wrong with you man!!
Oruberio might be a strange planet, but you’re even stranger!!

Kouichi: Yeah…you might be right.
Maybe I’m not a normal human either…
Nozomi: Hirose-kun is going to be late getting home so could you do me a favor and get bigger?
White: Eh?!
Nozomi: The weather is wonderful tonight, and I believe flying in your soft fur will feel great.
Ooh! It’s just like I thought! You look great!
I’ve always wanted to ride on one of my stuffed toys!
White: Someday I’ll make my escape!!

Nozomi: Hahahaah!! This is wonderful!!


White: What am I, your family car? Don’t tell me you’re gonna overdo this…
Nozomi: Shall we detour to a volcano then?
White: It’s a pleasure to be in your service ma’am.
Kouichi: I’m jealous of how much fun you’re able to have Senpai.
(Handwritten- This is like REALLY high up.)
Nozomi: Hirose-kun!
If you’re going to be scared of every little thing you’ll be branded a failure as an invader!
You and I are going to conquer earth aren’t we?
Kouichi: Yeah..
We are.

Kouichi: I’ve made up my mind in various ways too.
By the way…what should we call this guy?
White: My name is Ricodemus Hariatoro!
Nozomi(?): That’s too long. Rico’s good enough for you.
Rico: Eeh!?
Nozomi: Haahahah. That’s perfect.

Officer: It’s pretty terrible…
TO think that a typhoon would hit this place…
Though we saw some footprints from one huge animal….or so I think. Does something that huge even exist?
Of course not man. There’s no way.
Hey you there! What are you doing?
Nagi: Wah!
I was looking for people! I heard a really loud sound…what’s going on here?
Officer: I have no idea either! We’re looking for witnesses here ourselves!
Did you see anything?

Nagi: Nope. Not a thing.
Officer: What’s that you’re holding? It looks real dirty.
Nagi: Ah, yeah…that’s right.
I bought this at the zoo this afternoon…
But then that ruckus happened…


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