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Kiriwo Terrible 5


+ posted by Bomber D Rufi as translation on Apr 8, 2014 22:43 | Go to Kiriwo Terrible

-> RTS Page for Kiriwo Terrible 5

This week Kiriwo goes from a series I like to one I enjoy. I guess it's a good thing I'm taking it up as a project. If you haven't already, check out the scantlation on Batoto.

Not reserving for anyone until...

-First chapter is out.
-Schedule for releases has been established.
-Schedule is fairly consistent.

No asking when the next one will be out, ask me for permission before using, no non-English scantlations before an English one is done, and I give preference to those who will check the script for accuracy before scantlating.

(Top text- Being hotblooded is what’s most important for a hero!! Super class Hero entertainment!!)
(Side text- When Adults are in trouble they have meetings. Just what means of stopping the ‘Black monster’ are they scheming?)
Guy: During the last two battles we were unable to bring down the aforementioned ‘Black monster’..
And because of this there were an enormous amount of victims…

Chapter 5: Assistance.
(Side text- The commander of the losing forces cries –his tears unending….and without effect.)
Dude: All of the responsibility falls upon me the commanding officer!!
Big wigs: Yes…Indeed.

Big wig 1: Really? I’m of the impression that there isn’t.
Big wig 2: Yup. Nothing to see here.
Big wig 1: And with that, we’ve decided to give you an excellent advisor since you’re so very powerless.
Completely and utterly powerless.
Dude: You can make your point without saying it twice sir…
Big wig 2: Since we here in Japan need to come up with countermeasures against the ‘super class monsters’ it was proposed we get some assistance from America.
We need all the hands around here we can get!
Big wig 1: You may enter.

Big wig 1: This is Reid Ichihara Favre-kun.
(Sfx- Puhhh *fwooof*)
(Sfx- Pan *pop*)
(Sfx- Peshaah *pap*)
Big wig 1: Yes. Is there a problem?
Big wig 1: Despite his age, he’s graduated from MIT with top honors, and was scouted by DARPA.

(Sfx- Kachaah *fwash*)
Big wig: It was his attack that brought down a rampaging super class monster in America three months ago.
Dude: Seriously!? He just looks like a brat with no common sense to me!!
Reid: Just now you wondered if I’m for real didn’t you?
Have a look at this picture then.

Reid: This is the class three super class monster that appeared in America three months ago.
Dude: It is true it looks like a particularly tough bastard…
Reid: Look at those fangs and their shape! Aren’t they just awesome?
They’re split in two just like the golden gate bridge!
Reid: Since this is a photo I guess you really can’t tell but…
This super class monster lowers its head when it’s attacking with its tail. Quite a bad habit.
So we took that moment to bring a few collapsing buildings on it’s noggin’ and seal off it’s movements.

Reid: Defeating it was a real shame though.
Killing the Black monster is also going to be a shame too…
His black glistening skin even shows up in photos. That’s so cool!
Dude: Why you little…!!
Reid: But there’s no way around it.
He’s a bad guy.
And I know this for sure…
In the end the heroes of justice are the ones who have to win.

Kiriwo: Hm! This is good!
Very good!!

Kiriwo: Perfection!
Nina: You know Mikagura-kun..
Since I'm busy looking for a job..
I have no time to fulfil your little fantasies.
Kiriwo: W-wait a minute!! You’ve got it all wrong!!
Nina: I’ve got it all wrong? So then this isn’t cosplay?
Kiriwo: Noo! See it’s like this…

Kiriwo: You’re looking for work right?
So then work here in my place.
And you can even crash here too! How’s that?
Nina: Oh? I wonder if I should…
Kiriwo: Eeeh?! You’re not interested?! Why!?
Nina: Because the offer sounds far too arrogant for my tastes.

Nina: Well?
What would you have me do first?
Norman: I do not give my approval…
To her living here.

Kiriwo: What’s that mean?
Is there some sorta problem?
Norman: A major one! You’re allowing an outsider in the manor!
Moreover, offering her room and board...I certainly hope you haven’t gone crazy.
Why...even earlier…
Nina: By the way…how did the Black monster even know to show up at the hospital back then?
(Handwritten- Did you call him or something?)
Kiriwo: Eeeh?!
Of course I can’t do something like that!! It was a coincidence! A coincidence!!
Nina: Hmm.
Norman: Are you saying you’re fine with her learning your true identity?
Kiriwo: I’ll work my butt off to make sure she doesn’t find out!!

Norman: Your goal is to save your little sister Kurumi-sama is it not?
I would advise you do not jumble the order of what is most important.
Kiriwo: B—but…!!
It’s my fault that Kousaka lost her home and employment!!
Norman: Then….

Norman: Are you saying that you love her?
Kiriwo: N-n-n-nooooo!!
What on earth are you saying dammit?! I have only pure thoughts regarding her….
(Sfx- Konkon *knock knock*)
Nina: Mikagura-kun, what would you like for dinner?

Kiriwo: H—hamburgers would be great!
Nina: Understood.
I’ll make them extra delicious. I hope you’ll enjoy them!
Norman: Someone looks pleased.
Kiriwo: Ugh…

Kiriwo: Whoa! That looks tasty!
Nina: If you want seconds just let me know. There’s plenty to eat.
Kiriwo: T—Thanks.
Nina: Here’s your tea Mikagura-kun.

Nina: What’s the matter?
Kiriwo: N—nothing…I was just thinking that this is going to be great…
Norman: Someone’s having fun.
Would she still serve you tea with a smile if she knew that you were the Black monster, Kiriwo-sama?
Kiriwo: Listen. I’m trying to enjoy the dinner that Kousaka made…so do me a favor and butt out!
(Handwritten- Talkative old man!)
Norman: Is that so? Please find it in your heart to forgive my rudeness.
Kiriwo: L-Lets check out what’s on the tube….!

News caster: It’s the roar of an attack down here!!
A super huge creature has appeared in the Sekiyu industrial complex and is attacking the Sekiyu tanks one after another!!
The self-defense forces can’t carelessly attack this establishment..!!
Ah! He’s drinking it!!
He’s drinking the gasoline!!
This is dangerous!!
The self-defense force can’t do a thing!!
Are we…no…is Japan doomed?! What will we do?!

News caster: Someone!! Is there no hero of righteousness anywhere!?
Nina: I’m sure the Black monster will be able to do something!
Here you go! This time I even put chees inside of the hamburger! Eat it up!!
(On TV- Super class monster information.)
(Little box on TV- Super class monster appears again!!)

Reid: I know…
That in the past the Black monster always appears more than once.
So we have to do is wait around like this and he’ll come out.
(Sfx- Kasha kasha *click click*)
Reid: Ooh. That angle just now is great~
News caster: Are there no more heroes of justice?!
Norman: Well Kiriwo-sama? Are there?
(Side text- A super class monster attacks an industrial complex, as the hero eats burgers….all while a scientist watches and takes photos in a daze….just where on earth is righteousness?)

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