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Translations: Gintama 687 by kewl0210 , One Piece 907 by cnet128

Hitoribocchi no Chikyuu Shinryaku 9

The shape of daily life.


-> RTS Page for Hitoribocchi no Chikyuu Shinryaku 9

And now the end of Volume 2. Next up 3.

Wait. Do I really need to tell people that three comes after two?

Anyway, see you in Early May with ten (which comes after nine.)

Psylocke scans only.

Chapter 9: The shape of daily life.
Ryuu: Did you see Nagi?
Kouichi: No?
Ryuu: I see..
He came home already, but went back out to look for you.

Nagi: ‘Sup?
Kouichi: Yeah…
What are you holding there?

Kouichi: Are these all snacks?!
Nagi: Dude I was worried sick about you!
(Handwritten- Sweet!)
Nagi: This afternoon where you ditched me...I was so heartbroken that I looked around for you a while!
I even checked out places where couples might hang out. I searched till I dropped and I couldn’t even find you guys!
(Handwritten- Couples…)
Kouichi: Look, I’m sorry for coming home without you.
Nagi: The heck were you doing huh?! Don’t you go holdin’ out on me ya jerk!!
Kouichi: Ooooww!!
Fine! I’ll talk!
Nagi: Ooh.

Kouichi: The truth is that Senpai and I were protecting the Earth from aliens.
Nagi: Man you SUCK at lying.
Kouichi: Hahahah…
Nagi: Not even a kid would buy that.
Consider this a loan bro…you’d better pay me back.
Kouichi: Yessir.
Nagi: Gramps! Where’s the grub?
???: You’re already snacking on junk so don’t make commands!!




(Sfx- Chichi)
(Sfx- Chi)
(Sfx- Chichi)
(Sfx- Chichichi)



Grandpa: Shall we get breakfast?

(Sfx- Kari kari kari kari kari *scrtch scrtch scrtch*)
(Sfx- Gigigigigig *griinnnd*)
Nozomi: Ah…

(Sfx- Hah…)
(Sfx- Hah..)
(Sfx- Hah…)
(Sfx- Hah hah…)
Rico: I’m back here again…?!

Rico: Where am I anyway? A garden?
I can smell her scent! So the Oruberio created this huh…?
Ahh…what the heck is up with this forest? I can’t find my way out of here! If I could transform into that dragon thingy with a long neck I could get an idea of my surroundings…
(Sfx- Moyayaaann)
Rico: Moreover I could sprout wings and get outta here! Why can’t I transfooorm?
Damn! What did she do to me last night?


Rico: aaahh…
I don’t stand a chance against that Oruberio….

Nozomi: Good morning.
Kouichi: You’re wearing the wrong uniform again!
Nozomi: So this uniform is no good either huh~
Kouichi: ….No way…is messing with me her hobby?
Huh? What’s the matter?
Nozomi: N—nothing. I was just surprised to see you’re here alone Hirose-kun..
Nagi: Ah!
Good morning big sister!
Huh? Are you wearing the wrong school uniform?

Nagi: Oh yeah! Listen to me for a sec senpai!
Nozomi: What is it?
Nagi: See there’s a teacher on patrol down the hallway, so it’s no good for you to hang out here.
It’s a bit out of the way but you should use the hall to cross over to the opposite stairwell and head down that way.
In short…
Lets run away together!
Nozomi: No thanks.
Nagi: Aw c’mon! I’m in trouble if the teacher catches me too!!
(Handwritten- What was with that line just now?)
Nozomi: If you get caught…

Nozomi: Then you clean up after yourself…
And take responsibility alone!!
Nagi: Sh—she’s so cool…
Kouichi: Ah.
Teacher: Don’t go misunderstanding your status as students.
Student: Good morning sir.
Teacher: It is a fine morning, yes.

Teacher: Running away again?!
Nagi: You’re not bad senpai.
Nozomi: The same could be said about you Nagi-kun.
Nagi: The problem now is getting my uniform’s jacket back…
Nozomi: Well, about that…
I feel there’s no need for you to.
Nagi: I see!!
(Handwritten- You guys…)
Kouichi: Senpai…for someone who said she’s no good at dealing with Nagi…

Kouichi: You sure seem to be getting along great!
Nozomi: It is mysterious isn’t it?
Suddenly Nagi-kun wanted to talk to me, and didn’t try to pry into our matters…
It’s as if…
Kouichi: As if…?
Nozomi: He’s a completely different Nagi –kun than yesterday.
Kouichi: What does that mean?
(Sfx- Ugiiih *grinnd*)
Kouichi: Ah?

Kouichi: It’s that alien from yesterday!
Nozomi: Oh my. I completely forgot about him.
Kouichi: He really can’t seem to transform huh?
Somehow it’s kinda sad that he can’t change into stuff anymore..
(Handwritten- Is he still alive?)
Rico: Don’t you ‘kinda’ me.
I don’t want to become an inorganic substance…
Kouichi: Then what was the deal with that goopy body of yours last night?
Rico: That’s only cause I was trying to fortify the minerals that all living beings have..
Teeth and bones are all the same…they contain carbon….
Nozomi: That’s good enough. You have quite the useful ability after all..
What exactly happens to your body when you transforms is of great interest to me…

Nozomi: I’d so like to dissect you…
Rico: She’s terrifying man!
I wanna go back to my home planet!!

Kouichi: I’m going to the lower store for a bit.
I’ll be right back okay? If you get bored just turn on the tube or grab a book.
Nozomi: I was just kidding about the dissection. Calm down okay?
If you start talking then you’ll be out of luck for sure. So just give it up okay?
Strength for battle huh…

Nozomi: Come to think of it, this is my first time being in someone’s house…
Hirose-kun said his room is on the third floor, right?
Rico: Th—that box…
Dude: Ryuusuke-senpai! Did you have a look at my collection?
Ryuu: Well more than seeing it, I have yet to set it up…
Dude: Geez! And I even loaned you the newest one!!

Ryuu: It’s just tokutatsu isn’t…
Dude: Why are you acting all high and mighty?!
Awwrighty! It’s break time! How about we mosey on upstairs and watch it on your big screen TV senpai?
Ryuu: What are you doing to my precious break?!
I really hope you at least intend on doing work in the teashop seriously…I introduced you to my grandpa after all.
Dude: Of course I will!
Oh! Kouichi-kun! We’re open!
Maan you’re really good at cooking Kouichi-kun! I still can’t make a thing!
Kouichi: You only started working here today Taki-san. You’ll learn as time goes on.
Ryuu: By the way Kouichi…where’s Nagi?
Kouichi: He said he’d come back on his own…he’s not around yet?

TV: I’ve got you now Shoukinman! Today’s the day I end you!
D—damn you! That was dirty Austogas!!
???: A—girl…
And that’s…
A cat?
No…a huge cat?! A lion? What is that?!

Nozomi: He can sure eat a lot, huh?
Kouichi: You did basically abandon him for half a day. Anything’d be weak after that.
Ryuu: Ah so it is a cat!
Dude: I happen to love Turkish Vans. Their fur is so long and pretty!
Rico: That was awesome….
Kouichi: I’m glad to hear it suited your alien tastes.
Rico: Don’t go thinking that I approve of you or anything!
Kouichi: It’s fine if you don’t, since I really don’t understand you at all.
Kouichi: Hey Rico.
Rico: It’s Ricodemus Hariatoro! I’m a warrior of Haus star! You say my name right!
Kouichi: I can see now….after meeting you I know there are all sorts of aliens that come here for all sorts of reasons…
I’m still of the same mind.
I’m not sure if I have what it takes to represent this planet, but I won’t let you guys do whatever you want.
Remember that.
Rico: Y—yeah!

Kouichi: What?
Nozomi: Your conversation has me deeply interested is all.
(Handwritten- Thank you for the food.)
Kouichi: Glad to hear it!
???: So are you guys going out or something? High schoolers nowadays have even kissed….have you?
Kouichi: How many times am I going to hear this?
No. And it’s not like Senpai and I are like th—
Nozomi: But we have kissed already.

Rico: These disk things are all movies of Shoukinman! That’s so cool…too cool even! The food was amazing and now I get lots of Shoukinman…
There’s a doll here too!

Kouichi: Um no…
I mean it’s like…stop telling jokes that create misunderstandings Senpai…
Nozomi: But I’m not kidding. I kissed you last night…though I suppose you were asleep.
It was just like this…

Kouichi: W—wait!?! While I was sleeping?!
Th—that happened…?!
Ryuu-nii, Taki-san….stop clapping!!!
Rico: H—hey!
I wanna live here! It’s awesome!
Nozomi: I can’t. I have to keep my eyes on you at all times.
(Handwritten- And where did you get that doll?)
Rico: I promised yesterday! I won’t transform or run away! I’ll stay here obediently!
Nozomi: Well…I suppose so…
But only if Hirose-kun allows it.
Ryuu: Man you’re scary bro.
Taki: I wonder what I was doing in my first year of high school?
Rico: hey Hirose-kun! Heeey!
Kouichi: KNOCK IT OFF!!

Kouichi: I’m telling you to stoooop!!
Nozomi: Nagi-kun?
Kouichi: Huh? Nagi?
He came back? I didn’t even notice.

Nagi: Hmm..
I remember that festival ten years ago…
I dunno what you’re trying to coax Kouichi into doing…but protecting Earth?
That’s a lie…faker.

Nozomi: To be continued in volume 3.

(Toward the Terra….)
(Toward my big brother.)
{She’s off somewhere with Hirose-kun again.}
Nagi: No matter how you slice it there are two Hirose-kuns.
If you use our names we’ll know who you’re referring to.
Nozomi: Kouichi-kun.
Kouichi: That’s no good.
Nozomi: Why?
Kouichi: It’s because you’re the one calling me that. Please just call me by the last name or else it’ll be trouble…
{Damned youngsters…}

{And lastly…to a legend.}
{Sometimes I like to read mysteries…}
(Handwritten- It’s a short story so an easy read.)
Nozomi: The culprit is the housewife’s sister!!
{That’s horrible.}
Kouichi: I haven’t even started reading this yet!!
Nagi: Oh? Is this one good? Lemmie read it!
Nozomi: The culprit is the housewife’s sister!!
Nagi: For real?
Kouichi: Are you doing this on purpose?!
(Handwritten- The housewife huh…)
Nagi: Oohh So it was the housewife’s sister who did it huh?
(Handwitten- Heheh)
(Handwritten- I just don’t get this guy.)
Kouichi: It sure took him a long time to register that spoiler!!
(Side- This year I’ve been playing by the river often. Lately I’ve even been using water guns! Something like this.)
Bubble: The 4 comas this time were inspired by stories! You should read them!!
(Handwritten- The third was from a game though.)
Arata Iri-chan.

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