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Kyou no Cerberus Oneshot : KYOU NO KERBEROS


+ posted by Bomber D Rufi as translation on Apr 24, 2014 01:52 | Go to Kyou no Cerberus

It's funny the things I'll do for love raws. Shout out to the Jagster.

Psylocke scans only.

(Top text- Special one shot)
{8 years ago.}
(Handwritten- Dammit!)
(Side text- A fated meeting with his partner in a foreign land…?!)
Chiaki: It’s all right now.
{That day Mikado Chiaki (7) was….}
Chiaki: Huh…? What kind of dog is this?
(Sfx- Garirihh *gulp*)

(Green bubble- Special one shot.)
(Side text- One body….three souls?!)

(Side text- The curtain rises on the savagely cute pup and an uninvited love comedy.)
(Bottom text- A reappearance as response to the favorable reception!)
(Dog house- Kuro.)

???: What’s with this face?
Are you angry?
Or is this a new fad?
{Mikado Chiaki (15)}
Chiaki: That’s a smile.
???: What’s with your sullen robot-like face?! You call this a smile?
Chiaki: Zip it! I wasn’t having any fun so obviously I didn’t feel like smiling!!
(Handwritten- You’re kidding!)
{Mikado Chihiro (21)}
Chihiro: Wait. This was during the culture festival right? How could you not be having any fun?
What is it that brings enjoyment to your life?

Chihiro: Eeh?!
Zero contacts?! And even your mailbox only has one message in it?!
This can’t be happening!!
Why’s your phone the epitome of solitude?!
Chiaki: Don’t go through my stuff!!
Chihiro: You weren’t like this before…
Don’t you have any friends? If not, go and make some.
(Handwritten- This is terrible.)
Chiaki: Leave me alone sis! Just go home!!
Chihiro: At least check your text messages properly okay?
(Handwritten- See you!)
Chiaki: I know.
This is from pops right?
{I’m sending something interesting I found in Greece. \(^o^)/ //From your eternally traveling father.}
Chiaki: He’s in Greece again?
This is light though! Is anything in here at all?

???: Chiaki!!
Yup! I’d know this scent anywhere!
I finally meet you again!
Chiaki: Eeeh?!
Who the heck are you?!
Kuro: I’m Kuro.

Kuro: I’m Kerberos #1 Kuro!!
Chiaki I’ll be your guard dog from today on!
Your father asked me to so I came all the way from Greece!
The 2 meters around you..
Will be the territory that I protect from today on!
Kuro: I’ll introduce myself….
Using this picture I drew to make things nice and easy!

Kuro: Doesn’t it look just like me?
Chiaki: Wait a second!! I don’t even know how to respond to that!
Kuro: Kerberos is a ‘Three headed monster’ which is what I drew but…
But that appearance is more like an alias…
The truth is ‘we’re’ separate….
Are you listening Chiaki?
Chiaki: Yo pops!! What in the actual hell did you send me?!
(Sfx- Dururu *riiiing*)
Operator: Unfortunately this call cannot be completed as dialed.
Kuro: Sniff sniff
Chiaki: Aww dammit old man…!!
Kuro: Hey!
What’s this Chiaki?

(Sfx- Furi furi furi *wfft wfft wfft*)
Kuro: It smells really good~
{No, it can’t be.}
{It’s gotta be some sorta fashion statement….}
Kuro: Kyah!!

Chiaki: Wha…
(Sfx- Muni muni *squish squish*)
(Handwritten- It feels fleshy, light, and most of all…)
Chiaki: It’s reaaaal?!
Hey what’s thi---
Who are you?!
(Sfx- Pikuhh *pooit*)

Chiaki: Eeeeh?!
{C—come to think of it, she came out of the cardboard box…}
Chiaki: This is light though! Is anything in here at all?
{Wait a sec…there’s no way that something with her weight should be able to fit in that cardboard box!!}
{But I’m sure I’m not just seeing things…}
Chiaki: This chick isn’t human!!
Kuro: Huh?
What did I just do?

???: Kerberos #1 found…!
And now begins the real deal…
How should I capture her?
Kuro: Uwaah!
What are these? They look delish!
Chiaki: Bread crusts and fried bean curds.
Kuro: I’m so happy I left Hades!
Chiaki: Wait, Hades?! Does she mean the underworld?!
(Handwritten- Scary!)

Chiaki: Listen. I’m just going to put this all out there so hear me out.
You’re a pain in the ass, and I don’t like being bothered.
So eat that and go back to where you came from!
Kuro: Eeeh!?
To think that you believe one plate of bread is enough to chase off I, Kerberos…
I must say that I’m disappointed that you think I’m that easy to please.
Chiaki: I admit it’s more low cost than haute cuisine,
But your tail is wagging like mad, yo.
Kuro: I—it’s not like I think they’re delicious or anything like that!
(Handwritten- And don’t look at my tail!)
Chiaki: So you saying it looks delish earlier was a fluke?
Kuro: Then I just won’t eat it.
If I don’t eat the food then I can stay here forever right?
Chiaki: Dammit she’s a pain!

Chiaki: I’d better do something fast to get rid of her or I’m going to be sharing my place with Kerberos (?).
Fine. I’ve gotta make a store run. You’re coming with yeah?
Since you’re a guard dog and all.
Kuro: ‘Kay!!
On a walk~
What is this!
Dogs on the present plane are tough!
Chiaki: What the heck are you doing moron?!

Kuro: Huh? You’re shaking?
Chiaki: Butt out.
When I was a kid a stray dog bit me…
So I’m no good around mutts in general.
…You said your name is Kuro or whatever right?
Just curious,
I know my Dad asked you, but why’d you want to become my guard dog?
Kuro: Because I wanted to.
Chiaki: What does that even mean?!
Kuro: Your father told me…
That you’re all alone right now.
It’s because when you were younger your father took you overseas, and he’s worried that you’re by yourself now because of him.

Kuro: And now that I’m here there’s no mistaking it..
You have a lonely scent.
As if there’s nothing…
You truly enjoy.
Chihiro: How could you not be having any fun?
Kid: That Mikado kid is boring man.
I’ve never once seen him smile.
It’s hard to tell what he’s thinking.
Chiaki: Even I don’t understand myself…!

Chiaki: For some reason…
Something in the depths of my soul is keeping me from really smiling.
Feel like somehow my heart has been chipped away…
Kuro: Your heart…
Has been chipped away….
Chipped away…
(Sfx- Zukii *throoob*)

???: Thank you!
Kuro: Whatdya buy?
Chiaki: A bone for dogs..
Go for it!
Kuro: That’s no good!
You can’t go throwing food…

Kuro: Huh? Chiaki?
Chiaki: Awesome. I lost her!
Sorry but this is where it ends for us.
(Handwritten- I’m gonna keep my distance from her and head home.)
Chiaki: Just give up on me and go home!!
Kuro: Chiaki you dummy!!
You’re gonna end up all alone at this rate!
(Handwritten- I’ll just find him by his scent!)
Kuro: You pursued me here…?
How long have you been waiting?

Kuro: Ortoros!!
{He looks sort of dog-ish. Is he her buddy?}
Ortoros: It’s God’s orders…
That you return to Hades at once Kerberos…
…Big Sis.
{Eh? Her little brother?}
(Handwritten- Yo Big sis!)
{Oh…so he came to pick her up then?}

Kuro: I’m not going back there.
Ortoros: You plan on turning against us…
You mere guard dog?!
Kuro: And you’re just a herder’s sheep dog that chases after livestock!
Don’t get full of yourself just because you have orders from higher up!
Ortoros: What’d you say to me!?
Kuro: I’m Chiaki’s guard dog!
My place is a 2 meter radius from him!!
Ortoros: Seems like talking won’t do any good.

Ortoros: He’s just one fleck of garbage!
Don’t you think you’re getting too attached to him Kerberos?!
That halfassed fool with his chipped soul isn’t worth the time!
Maybe I should just go and devour him now…?!

Kuro: Owieee
If you say anything mean about Chiaki..
I won’t forgive you!!
Chiaki and I will think of a way to get him to smile somehow!!
We’ll probably be able to find something he can ‘enjoy’ together!!
If he’s suffering alone then he won’t be able to see what’s important!
That’s why I decided that I’ll never leave Chiaki alone!!

Kuro: If he’s chipped…
Then I’ll definitely fill in what’s missing!!

{What the hell is she saying…?!}
{No matter what happens…}
{I can’t get any more involved than this!}
Kuro: Wah!!
Chiaki: If I don’t do anything she’ll be taken home by force!
{That’s why it’s not necessary for me to do anything!!}

Chiaki: Wait!
{What am I doing?!}
Chiaki: This bone is crazy tasty.

Chiaki: So go for it!!
Ortoros: What are you doing…
Chiaki: Dunno….
Ortoros: You’ll pay for making light of me!
Chiaki: Do you have something against insincere smiles?!

Ortoros: What?!
This apron’s smell is complicated..!!!
Kuro: Chiaki…why…
Chiaki: Idiot!!
What are you doing?!
Here’s your chance to run!!

Kuro: N—


Ortoros: Kerberos?!
No way you…
(Sfx- Zazaaah *sssshhh*)
???: ….Geez…

???: That Kuro is too damn slow!

???: If she would have let me handle this from the start…
This joke would have been over in 5 seconds.
(Sfx- Gokii *crack*)
{The voice is different…and so is her hair color…}
{This isn’t Kuro…}
Ortoros: Wha…
Why did you come out ‘Shirogane’?!
That appearance is an all-out declaration of war!!
If that’s the case…

Ortoros: I’ll take you back even if it means killing you!
Chiaki: Wha?!
Shirogane: Two headed beast Ortoros…
So you wanna take me on for real eh?
Chiaki: Wait a sec! One of those heads is sleeping?!
Who’s serious about taking on who?!

Shirogane: Y’know what Ortoros?
This bone suits you.
So c’mere and get it.

Shirogane: And then back to Hades wit’ ya!!

Shirogane: See? 5 secs.
That guy’s the king of small fries after all.
Chiaki: She’s a monster!!
Who are you?
Shirogane: Me?
I’m Kerberos #2…
(Sfx- Pata pata pata *wff wff wff*)
Shirogane: I’m sorta in this outfit with #1, Kuro.
Chiaki: #2…
Kuro: ‘We are’ ‘separate’…

Shirogane: Hey.
You dead?
Yeah I get it.
Yeah he’s in bad shape..
But Roze…
Who’s gonna pull it in this situation?
The switch I mean..

(Sfx- Kyuuhh *grind*)
{Am I…}
{But in the end…}
{It’s good I didn’t give up…}
{And made a move.}

Chiaki: Huh? His face is…
Oh right there are three of you.
So you’re the third head of Kerberos?
???: I’m sorry.
Have always felt like something was missing…chipped away…
And that’s my fault.

???: Back then..
I took a bite of your soul.
You became cursed.
8 years ago when we became lost in the present world…
Chiaki: It’s okay now.
???: You came and saved us didn’t you?
Yet I was so scared…
(Sfx- Kyuuiii *sheen*)
???: I will protect you…

Chiaki: I remember…
Yeah…You’re an honest person huh…
???: Chiaki…
I’ll return Kuro…
She doesn’t know about your curse,
Chiaki: The wound on my stomach has been healed….so that wasn’t a dream.

Kuro: Chiaki…
Chiaki: That’s…some face.
Kuro: But…
You got caught up in this trying to protect me…
I’m sorry..
I’m a failure as a guard dog.

Chiaki: Seriously…
You were delivered in a cardboard box..
You’re satisfied with bread crusts…
Got beaten by a chiwawa…
Honestly you’re no good as a dog at all.
If you really want to that badly…
I suppose taking just one dog in…
And making her my pet is something I can live with.

Kuro: Really?
Chiaki: C’mere.


{Now that I think about it…}
{I feel like I said some frickin’ embarrassing things!!}
(Handwritten- Now that I remember I wish someone would kill me.}
{Oh, dude she’s totally staring at me.}
{Stop wagging your tail!}
{Please look over there! Anywhere! Shoo! Shoo!}
Chiaki: What do I do?! I’m not sure how much distance is between us anymore!
I’ve got bread crusts…want ‘em?
Kuro: Yup!
(Sfx- Poku *chomp*)

Kuro: Yummy!!
Chiaki: EEh?! Shirogane?!
Shirogane: Kuro sure let her guard down.
You got so wound up just now that you passed your own limit.
Chiaki: To what extent was she happy to eat those?! You mean to tell me my death and eating bread crusts elicit the same type of feelings?!
Shirogane: You should be happy to even be alive.
Thank #3 Roze.
But listen up.
Don’t go leisurely coppin’ a feel on me, got it?

Chiaki: Eh? What?
Shirogane: What’s that mean? Obviously i…
Chiaki: Wah!
Roze: Shirogane might have said that but…
I don’t mind if you touch me.
Chiaki: Eh?! No I mean…!
Roze: If it will protect you Chiaki then I’ll…
Chiaki: Nononono! Please don’t make this any more complicated than it already is!!

{So there are three of them in there.}
Kuro: What’s wrong Chiaki?
{There’s no point in worrying about the distance between us I guess.}
{But someday…}
{Will I be able to smile the same way she does?}
Kuro: You’ve only got your Dad and sister’s addresses in your phone?
I’ll add mine to the list Chiaki!
Chiaki: hey! Don’t touch my stuff!!
{Dear Most Beloved Father…}
{Just what the hell is going to happen to my life?}
(Side text- We await your gratitude!!)

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