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Translations: Gintama 683 by kewl0210 , One Piece 904 by cnet128

Tenshi-chan to Akuma-kun 1


+ posted by Bomber D Rufi as translation on May 8, 2014 01:28 | Go to Tenshi-chan to Akuma-kun

-> RTS Page for Tenshi-chan to Akuma-kun 1

Brought to you by good bad friends who give me raws but do not stop me from translating them, and far too much money and time. and not enough of a life.

Not reserving for anyone until...

-First chapter is out.
-Schedule for releases has been established.
-Schedule is fairly consistent.

No asking when the next one will be out, ask me for permission before using, no non-English scantlations before an English one is done, and I give preference to those who will check the script for accuracy before scantlating.

It was an impulse buy that I actually didn't immediately regret after reading. Plus Tenshi love. Like Rurumo before it, I can't promise a frequency on this though I think I will try to come up with a schedule for everything that everyone can ignore and PM me about anyway. I really, really like this though so I hope to at least catch up to the two tanks that are out before the third is release six months from now.

Also I will not pick up anything else unless the author's name is 'Fukuchi Tsubasa', so do not ask me.

(Uber Fail names!)
(TN- Better known as DQN names in Japanese. DQN or ‘Dokyun’ is a Japanese meme spawning from a variety show that ran in the late 90’s. It’s basically slang for ‘moronic’. I will be translating it as ‘Uber fail’ since it’s mainly an internet forum thing.)
{That is the existence of names that have…}
{Strange or unusual readings or meanings attached to them.}
???: It’s you…
{Lately this malevolent practice which illicits only pain and anxiety from youngsters…}
{Has rapidly grown in number.}
???: You’re Tachibana Tenshi…
Tenshi: Don’t…
Call me…
???: Huh?
{This is…}

{Not a work}

{Of fiction}
(Side text- This is a work of fiction.)
Chapter 1: Yup.

{Five minutes earlier…}
???: Huh?! Tenshi?
Dude: Yup, she’s in B class next door.
A girl named ‘Tachibana Tenshi’.
I hear she’s really weird too.
???: Dude back up Ichirou, that hurts.
(Handwritten- Shaddup.)

Ichiro: But man, her name is actually Tenshi…
The uber fail is strong with this one~
You might even have to admit defeat, bro.
???: Leave me alone!
Ichiro: Hm?
Feeling a pang of sympathy? Feel like fate has brought you two together?
???: Maybe.
(Handwritten- Shut it.)
???: Awwright.
I’m gonna go see her.
Ichiro, you know what she looks like yeah? I’ll need you to point her out.
Ichiro: Aww seriously? I’ve gotta come too?

???: Dude it’s the class next door. You can make it that far right?
Ichiro: Yeah…
I mean going is fine, but all the people who try to get involved with Tachibana Tenshi…
End up getting sent back packing…
Is what I hear.
???: What does that even mean….
Ichiro: See from what I’ve heard right now after school there’s an interesting thing that half of the people who got involved with her refer to…
Its apparently the ‘mountain of corpses’….
???: That’s obviously a nick name of some sort.
(Top- This sorta image.)
Ichiro: Nope! The nickname is for her, and it’s ‘Dark angel’ tachibana!!
???: Yikes! Both of her names are horrible!!

Ichiro: Ah, there she is.
(Handwritten- The girl by the window.)
???: That girl…?
That’s her…?
Ichiro: Oh let me warn you about one thing…
???: Hey! Tachibana Tenshi!
Ichiro: He—you idiot!
Kids: Oh man..
He’s in trouble…
Here it comes…
???: Huh? Eh?

???: You’re Tachibana Tenshi…
She’s so tiny.
My name is…
Tenshi: Don’t…
???: Huh?

Tenshi: Call me…
By my…
???: Eh ughhhh..

(TN- No text just damn son.)

Tenshi: First name.

{Ahh..there’s the roof. I’d like to go there sometime…}
{More like..}
{The sky…}
{Is so vast…}

(Sign- Health room)
Ichiro: Hahahahah…
Ah..! Dude why didn’t you ever tell me you had the ability to fly?
???: Maybe because I don’t! You’re a pain in the ass dammit!
Ichiro: Do you get it now? Tachibana Tenshi is bad news!
Getting involved with her…
Isn’t smart if you value your safety!
???: Naw….
I’m going to go see her one more time.

???: ‘She’s’….
The same as me…
I guess.
Ichiro: Y’know…
I don’t really dislike that busybody side of you bro.
???: Ah geez you’re a pain!
Ichiro: But that’s why…
You should let me drop some knowledge on ya.
???: Eh?

{Listen up okay?}
{Those who get involved with Tachibana Tenshi get sent back packing right?}
{Yet people seem to enjoy trying to make a pass at her anyway.}
{That’s why when you go looking for her…}
{After school…}

{Just look past the corpses.}

Ichiro: But they’re alive dude so don’t mess yourself.
???: Did Tachibana Tenshi do all of this…?
Dude she’s not an angel…
???: Gyaaah!!
???: Ah….
Demon: Aah?
???: A devil!!

???: No…
Tenshi: You’re from this morning…
???: It’s Tachibana Tenshi!!
(Handwritten- She’s really here!)
???: H-hey. I’m…

Tenshi: Did you come back to make fun of me some more?
???: Huuuh!? No! Why would I do that?!
Y—you see I came…
That is for your sake…
Tenshi: Don’t want any.
???: Uh….
She’s gonna kill me!!

???: Though wait..
What am I running for?
I should just talk to her and…

???: What the hell is thiiiiis?!
This is no good! There’s no way I’m going to get a conversation with her at school without getting my face punched in!
Teacher: Oh?!
???: There’s got to be an open space where we can chill out and talk…
Desperate times call for desperate measures!!
Teacher: HEEY!! No running in he halls!!
---It’s you again?!
Tachibana Tenshi!

???: Teeeaaach!!
(Handwritten- No holds barred at aaaall!)
???: Uowaaaah!!
Why are you so violent?!
Tenshi: Calling me by my first name…
Which is in short making fun of me…

Tenshi: Means I get to judge them however I want…
So I do it with my fist.
???: That’s a particularly violent train of thought!!
(Handwritten- Short and to the point!)
???: More like…if you’re gonna do that…
Why not try talking to people before beating them mercilessly?
Tenshi: He’s annoying…
???: Keep this up and people will only find more reasons to make fun of you!!

Tenshi: And I’ll beat ‘em up…
Until there are no more.
???: Oh God she’s scary!
Though if you keep this up…
You’ll become lonely for sure!!
More lonely than you are now…!!
Tenshi: Sneering…

???: Huh?
Tenshi: They’d call me by my first name and give off their quiet little laughs…
And pity me for having stupid parents who gave me this name to begin with.
(Handwritten- Tenshi?//Heheh//It’s not your fault//You’re an angel.)
Tenshi: I don’t want to hear that….
Every time someone calls my name.
If I have to put up with that embarrassment…
I’d rather be lonely.
Do you even understand…
What that’s like?

???: I do!
Your feelings…
All of them…
Tenshi: Don’t you dare…
Make it sound..

Tenshi: So easy!!
???: A…

Akuma: My name is..
Tanaka Akuma!!
I’m the same as you!!
I have a uber fail name!!
That’s why…
I understand…

Akuma: Yoreeeghhhh!!
Tenshi: ...Sorry
Though I feel much better.
Good thing I didn't stop.
Akuma: Its the opposite! You should feel bad!!
Guh..well whatever.
Seems like I got through to you.
Tenshi: No way...you too?
Akuma: Yeah...
That's why I understand your pain.

Akuma: See, although the kanji reading is different…
It still basically says ‘Devil’ y’know?
(Handwritten- Whoa! Here comes the devil!)
(Handwritten- Run for it!)
(Handwritten- Since you’re the devil anyway, you should be ‘it’ when we play tag.)
(Handwritten- Hey Devil// Devil!/ The devil is here!)
Akuma: Let’s just say I’ve had all kinds of hardships too.
{If everyone’s just gonna shun me anyway, I’d might as well be an actual devil!}
{I said that with the expectation of being alone forever but…}
Akuma: Then I realized…
Just because we have uber fail names….
Doesn’t mean that people get to think we’re uber fail people!

Akuma: So I’m asking you to quit with all the rage punching okay?
Well, that is if you don’t want being alone to become a thing for you.
Tenshi: Then what are you going to do?
It’s not like people are going to feel the same way as you do so easily.
People will never get tired of making fun of my name.
Akuma: Hmm…about that.
I have no idea.
Tenshi: No I---
Akuma: But…
But what I’d like to say to them is..

Akuma: Yeah I have an uber fail name,
But I’m pretty awesome.
If I could tell ‘em that it’d feel great!

Tenshi: As if you’d be able to do that…
Akuma: I can.
Under this wide sky…
The two legendary enemies…
Angel and Devil are hanging out together.
So I feel like if that much is possible….
Then we should be okay.
(Handwritten- Just kidding?)
Akuma: Tachibana?

Tenshi: Yup…

{When I saw her smile…}
{I thought to myself…}
{Tachibana’s name…’Tenshi’}
{Is a perfect fit for her after all.}
Akuma: A—all right.
You and I are friends now Tachibana.
Tenshi: Fr--!!
You’re my first one…

Akuma: Hm? What’s the matter Tachibana?
Tenshi: N—nothing. J—just I guess you can call me Tenshi….A—akuma.
Akuma: Really? Okay…
Nice to meet you Tenshi!
Irrational much?!
Tenshi: Sorry…reflex.
Akuma: So we’re sticking with ‘Tachibana’ for now then?
Tenshi: Too bad.
???: Eeh?!

Ichiro: Wha?!
Why are you two so buddy buddy?!
Akuma: Why you ask? Well…that’s the whole reason why I went to see her…?
Ichiro: You met her….dude what happened yesterday?
Akuma: Well we became friends…..hm?

Akuma: Oh, this is Suzuki Ichiro.
Ichiro: G—Good morning Tachibana-san…
Akuma: He’s influenced by anime and manga and has good info about the school.
He’s also a moron.
(Handwritten- Ooh.)
Ichiro: Hey Akuma! That’s going too far…
Ichiro: Hogaaah?!
Akuma: Wha!? Tachibana?!
Tenshi: Don’t…

Tenshi: call him ‘Akuma’.
I’m the only friend of his,
who gets that right.
{Air of triumph.}
Akuma: Uh, y’know Tachibana-san…
{Aah…this is..}
Akuma: Hahah…

{I’ve got my work cut out for me…}
Akuma: Hey Ichiro…
What was that just now…?

Akuma: Was it just my imagination?
Is he gonna wake up?
Tenshi: Akuma..
???: Up until yesterday she was all alone…
So why is she…
Akuma: Hm?
Tenshi: Why do we have to help him?
???: So close to him?
I won’t allow this.
(Handwritten- I’ll finish you off.)
(Handwritten- Gyaah!! Akuma, help meee!!)

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#1. by The1 ()
Posted on May 9, 2014
This title never caught me. Shounen but not the standard action. No ecchiness and no violence and no adventure. I don't think it will run long though.

"Also I will not pick up anything else unless the author's name is 'Fukuchi Tsubasa', so do not ask me. "
Well I loved Ueki anime so good taste. Though I think you will end up picking something before FT releases something new XD
#2. by jagman1x3 ()
Posted on May 9, 2014
For what it's worth, it's seinen, not shonen.
#3. by Bomber D Rufi ()
Posted on May 10, 2014

Nope, not picking up ANYTHING else. Not happening. I just found out one series I'm working on is going to end, but I don't intend to pick up another series to replace it. Unless Gintama goes, I'm sticking with what I've got until Fukuchi returns.

And were we reading the same manga? Tenshi beat the shit out of a few people in this first chapter alone! If that's not violent I don't know what is. Though you're right, not much ecchiness is in this....until the lesbian student council president appears...
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