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Hitoribocchi no Chikyuu Shinryaku 11

Before the festival.


-> RTS Page for Hitoribocchi no Chikyuu Shinryaku 11

Welcome to Hitoribocchi where people come for the festival, and aliens stay for the party.

See you with the next one on or around June 1st.

Psylocke scans only.

Chapter 11: Before the festival.

Student: And so after a long and strenuous battle, we have decided…
What our class –Class 6 will offer at the culture fest.
We will be running a Tea café!
Student B: A long and strenuous battle you say?
Student: Yup. It took 13 matches of rock paper scissors to come to this decision.
Teacher: Now that it’s been decided that you all will run a café…
As high school students you need to think about what would make your café attractive to other high school students…
???: Sensei.

Brows: Actually the Hirose bros. Live in a genuine tea café so they’d know stuff.
Nagi: Don’t go putting our business out there Sugawara you idiot!
Girls: Oooh? Is that so? Awesome!
Nagi: Hmph. It was of course I who raised this bumpkin to be something useful you know.
Yupstillgonnacallhimbrows: Nagi, you don’t do anything there.
(Handwritten- Leave it to me!)
(Handwritten- That’s disappointing.)
(Handwritten- Seriously?)
(Handwritten- I knew it.)
Student C: Then can you judge the coffee and other drinks we’ll be serving Kouichi?

Nagi: Dude, Kouichi is it really something to be that happy about? Well, congrats for you my brother…I’m leaving my half of the work in your capable hands.
Student D: He’s happy?
Student E: He looks overjoyed.
Student F: He should speak out more!
Student: Rock…
I knew it, you’re good at this.
The tea café has your golden hand to thank Koga-san.

Student: Even extended to 13 rounds you had will power to spare!
Koga: Geez, I hope you don’t tell any of the other students that.
Kouichi: I wonder what Senpai’s class will end up being?
More like…we have a class with two aliens…Ayla-san and Ootori-senpai…
I’m kind of curious to see what happens there.

Ayla: And what is this?
Nozomi: Looks like a discussion regarding the culture fair…
Ayla: I’ll give you this much, that feigned innocence before other people is almost believable.
When will your conquest begin?
Nozomi: When I’ve got some free time I suppose.

Student: Ayla-chan, Ayla-chan!
Have you decided on making Ayla-chan the center?
Ayla: Eh?
(Board- Boys// a Play. Girls//Dance.)
Student: I think you’re sure to stand out Ayla-chan!
Ayla: Eh?
No I’m…
Student: And Ootori-san will be…
(Handwritten- Hmm..)
Nozomi: I’m fine anywhere you want me.

Ayla: I’d like to be as close to her as possible.
Student: Oh? So the two of you are acquaintances?
(Handwritten- We’re really not…)
Ayla: That’s right. I’ve been so helpless ever since I transferred in..
Student: You’ll be just fine! Exercising with everyone is a great way to make friends!
Ayla: Why you!!
Student: There’s not even a month left until the Culture festival! Anyone who’s not in a club should practice every day!
This is going to be carved into our history!
Nozomi: Every day…

(Poster- Requesting Culture festival committee members!)
Cat…thing: Let’s do it!
(Top of poster- Looking for anyone willing to work!)
(Circle- Usage for May)
(Other circle- Today’s Shiraishi-sensei)

Kouichi: I finally found you!
Nagi: Ow! No pullin’ the tail bro!! Hair is off limits!
Kouichi: I thought I told you to draft up a menu.
Nagi: Kouichi….while our bodies might be different our hearts beat as one right?
Kouichi: And what are you getting at?
Nagi: It means my work is your work.
Kouichi: Imma beat you.
Nagi: Owie~

Nagi: Ah! Have a look at that Kouichi!
There’s Ootori-oneesama! She’s lookin’ good!
Heh looks like your secret trist club after school has had the kibosh put on it. Sucks for you huh.
Kouichi: We can’t really help it or anything.
This is the first time I’ve ever seen senpai while she’s in class.

Nagi: Yoohoo!
What’s the deal with you?
Kouichi: Ah..
Well to be honest…

Girl: Is someone there?
Nozomi: Yes…
But it appears they’ve hidden themselves.
Girl: Eh?
{You’re weird Ootori-san.}
{I never know what it is she’s thinking…}
{And there doesn’t seem to be anything she can’t do flawlessly, and she acts strangely in many ways.}
{It’s as if she’s not the same age as the rest of us.}
Girl: Here are the samples of the clothes we’re going to borrow.
Really? Let me see! I

Girl: Tada!!
Ayla: T—they seem somewhat…tight?
Girl: Heheheh…I have a plan for this.
Ayla-chan can you try this on? Does it look too small?
Ayla: Hyaah!!
Girl: Huh?
Ayla: Th—those clothes…
Are cheap….
(Sfx- Giku *gulp*)

Ayla: Cheap synthetic fibers….
Inexpensive dyes…
Girl: W—we’re sort of operating on a school budget….it can’t example be help?
Ayla: So it’s a money issue huh? I understand…
Girl: Ayla-chan?!
Ayla: Allow the Mashevsky’s to back you up!
I’ll ensure that these clothes are polished until they shine!
Girl: Ooh!
You’re so reliable!

Kouichi: Are you peeping again? C’mon and help me out.

Kouichi: OW.
Nagi: Payback for earlier.
Kouichi: Rico…there you are! We’re going home!
(Handwritten- A kitty!)

Nozomi: Ah…
I’m so tired…
Kouichi: Wow. That dance thing could do this to you senpai?
Nozomi: It’s not just some danice thing! There’s some zigzagging, lots of dancing, and making clothes…
I wish I had more free time~
(Handwritten- This is delicious.)
Kouichi: She’s really an invader…

Nozomi: You’ve certainly got it good…what were you doing at school the whole time?
Rico: No touching!
I was able to exchange information with birds and cats….through conversation.
Nozomi: Oh?
Sounds fun..
Kouichi: Geez, senpai. You really are out of it.
Nozomi: Unlike you who seems to be having the time of his life lately.
Kouichi: Y---you think so?
But it’s just an imitation tea café…I’m not sure that preparing for it is gonna be any fun?
Grandpa: When is the culture festival?
Kouichi: Um…I think the first weekend in June?
Grandpa: I see. Then would you like to go and see how it looks?
Kouichi: Yeah!

Kouichi: By the way…
Hows Ayla-san fairing? Has she tried anything?
Nozomi: Well, it doesn’t seem that she intends on waging war on us quite yet.
She basically said that as long as this ‘Grandmother’ person of hers doesn’t show up it won’t have any effect on us.
If things can proceed without any drama I think that’s for the best though…
Huh? Are you done assisting for the day?
Kouichi: No..

Kouichi: I’ve got somewhere to go afterwards so…
Nozomi: Is that so?
Kouichi: Huh? I didn’t tell you?
(sfx- Karan karan *beep beep*)
Koga: H—hello…

Kouichi: Koga-san…just wait for a moment…Taki-san hasn’t yet…
Taki: Ah! Sorry for being late.
Kouichi: Huh?!
{While I was away….a girl a cat…and}
{A new….}
{A new….!?!}
Kouichi: Not quite. Listen Taki-san…

Kouichi: This is my classmate Koga-san.
She’s in charge of the programs during the culture fest.
She said she wanted we should go into town and go shopping which is the only reason why she’s here.
(Handwritten- Pleased to meet you.)
Taki: Oh…
Koga: Um, excuse me…
There are other students waiting outside..
Nagi: Huh? Why’s everyone here? You guys customers?
Dude: We said before we’d be coming here to buy stuff and try it out!!
(Handwritten- It’s Nagi!)
(Handwritten- Get down here!)

Koga: Um…I believe we have enough people. The home center and department store groups can depart from here, okay?
Student: Okay..
Lets get some Gukbap~!
(TN- Korean rice soup.)
Kouichi: Grandpa probably went to get some beans, so maybe he intends to put out some coffee..?
Nagi: Seems like the old guy is really letting himself go.
???: That’s why it’s great being the kid of someone who owes a café. It’s really convenient.
Kouichi: It’s not supposed to be. Besides we’re not his kids but his grandchildren.
Koga: That person from before is Ootori-senpai right? It seemed like you had business with her, so are you sure you want to come?
Is tagging along going to be a problem for you?
Kouichi: In all honesty all we do is sit around and kill time so this is fine.
{For now we’ll have to go home at separate times….I totally forgot about this today.}
Kouichi: Eh, it’ll be fine.

Ryuu: Ah Taki. You went in to see us yeah?
(Handwritten- Welcome!)
Nozomi: I just want this culture festival to hurry up and be here…

???: Man! Here’s a definite scoop!
This guy I know has this little brother and guess what. The other day when the Ferris wheel got broken he was next door in the zoo, and apparently Shoukinman’s disciple had shown up!
???: Shoukinman’s disciple?
He sounds suspicious and all, but do those two cases have anything to do with one another?
Dunno…but isn’t it kind of suspect?

Nozomi: Hello.
Is Hirose-kun in?
Koga: You mean Kouichi-kun right?
Nozomi: Ah, yes.
Koga: Kouichi-kun went out to get the blackout curtain….i think he should be back soon though..
Nozomi: Okay.
Koga: U—um…

Koga: Ootori-senpai…what kind of relationship do you have with Kouichi-kun?
(Sfx- Fuakusho *aaachooo*)
Kouichi: Sniffle…
Did I let down my guard too much…

Nozomi: What kind you ask?
Koga: You two seem to get along really well…are you actually going out with him?
Nozomi: I’m not dating him, no.
Koga: Then…there’s nothing going on between you two?

Nozomi: Why do you want to know?
Koga: The truth of the matter is that I asked Kouichi-kun the same question.
He basically said it’s an undesirable while simultaneously inseparable relationship.
But if you two aren’t dating it’s really weird that you hang out with each other all of the time!
How are you undesirable and inseparable? Please explain it to me!
Nozomi: Eh..eeeh?
He’s my (earth conquering) friend.
(Handwritten- Friend?)
Koga: That word is as vague as they come…! It’s essentially on the same level as Kouichi-kun’s answer!
(Sfx- Uhooouh)
Koga: Since you can’t just straight out tell me what’s going on, it insinuates you’re hiding something, right?
Nozomi: B—but we’re not!
After all…

Nozomi: We’ve already kissed!

Kouichi: I’m back!
Nozomi: Hirose-kun!
Kouichi: Ah! You came Ootori-senpai.
Nozomi: Yes, today’s practice was light so I had free time. How are you doing Hirose-kun?
Kouichi: Ah..well I’ve got a few things that need to be done…
But I’ll be done in a jiff. Just hang out there for me ‘kay?
Nozomi: ‘Kay.
Kouichi: Is it just me or does the atmosphere here feel…sorta prickly?
Did something happen?


Kouichi: Senpai…?

Ayla: They truly do just appear out of the blue….I guess this is the ‘port’ huh?
However this situation is less than ideal isn’t it?
I do wonder you’ll do?
I await seeing just what you’ve got in store.
Kouichi: No way…something’s appeared here this time?
Where is it?
Nozomi: It’s close…
Kouichi: Eh?
Nozomi: Here in the school building….

Kouichi: Wh—what did you say?!
(Sfx- Chika chika *zzt zzt*)
(Sfx- Zziizhiizhiii)

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