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Translations: Gintama 683 by kewl0210 , One Piece 904 by cnet128

Gintama 494

Kedamono no damono

+ posted by Bomber D Rufi as translation on May 21, 2014 23:31 | Go to Gintama

-> RTS Page for Gintama 494

Damn. Writing out that Shinpachi and Kagura stuff was actually embarassing me for a while.

Hi wa mata noboru only.

Tsukuyo: Hey Darlin’…
Why are even the prostitutes of Yoshiwara…
Followin’ you like love-struck idiots?!
(Side text- The red light district is still in disarray!)
Tsukuyo: So usin the love drug has even made it so you’ll try and hit on acquaintances?!
(Sfx- Dodohhh *thokthok*)
Gintoki: C—calm down Honey!!
I’m only gathering honeys so I can save them.
I haven’t laid a finger or a **** on them yet. Right my sweeties?

Kyuubee: Don’t touch meeeee!!
Tae: Who the hell is your honey?!
(Sfx- Dodododo *thooom*)
Tsukuyo: Y—yall…the love drug didn’t influence ya to fall in love with that fool?
Kyuubee: Don’t even joke about that Tsukuyo-dono.
Tae: I’d rather get eaten by a beast living on a savanna somewhere than by THIS beast.
Tsukuyo: But your eyes were hearts earlier…
Tae: Th—that wasn’t the case at all. You were simply imagining things.
(Handwritten- Right Kyuu-chan?)
Kyuubee: Oh, I had eaten some heart chipple earlier…I think perhaps that might have something to do with it.
Tsukuyo: And I think that it really doesn’t all.
Tae: Besides this isn’t a Jomon period love comedy where people have hearts in their eyes.
Tsukuyo: Well now it’s become a lot more modern!! It’s so 3D it’s practically poppin’ out of your noggin!! Kyuubee!! It might just be your eyepatch but it’s changed into a heart chipple itself!!
(TN- Heart chipples are like…a potato chip sorta thing.)
Tsukuyo: You two don’t need ta strain yourselves if ya inhaled the love drug’s fumes…
Tae: W---we didn’t inhale anything!!
Even if I sniffed that stuff against our will there’s no way I’d fall in love with that idiot!! I don’t have even the slightest interest in him!
Kyuubee: W—we just couldn’t bear to leave that beast to himself, so we came here!! That’s it!

Gintoki: A—anyway if we don’t do something about this situation, all of the women here are in danger!!
(Sfx- Gacharii *clank*)
Tsukuyo: You’re tha’ biggest danger here!! Havin’ you out and about makes me worry about what you’ll do to these women!!
Kyuubee: I’m telling you that’s not going to happen!!
Tae: Moreover what are you going to do? You’ve had hearts in your eyes since last week! In fact they’re definitely there now aren’t they?
(Sfx- Gikuhh *poit*)
Tsukuyo: Th—they’re actually Genji pies that I ate earlier…
Tae: Haven’t they turned into Heart chipple?
(TN- Genji pies are a pastry.)
Tsukuyo: --More than heart chipple, my hearts are bigger than yours.
Tae: Does that mean that your love for him is stronger?
(Handwritten- This looks kinda really bad.)
(Sfx- Soooh *siffft*)
Tsukuyo: Th—that ain’t it…
Kyuubee: What are you saying? My heart chipples are cheaper and tastier!
Tae: Kyuu-chan. That’s enough with the heart chipple, okay?
(Sfx- Gan *thonk*)
(Sfx-Gashiiiinnn *ssssshinnk*)
(Sfx- Goriith *shuck*)
Tae: And where are you going Kin-san?
Gintoki: I—I ain’t Kin-san…they’ve gone to a better place now. I’ve become Pin-san now.
Tae: I---in any case there’s just no way we can leave this beast on his own.
No need to worry however, we’ll take him back to the surface, so you can deal with this ruckus properly Tsukuyo-san.
(Sfx- Gatshh *Shfft*)
Tsukuyo: N—no…
Ya’ll can’t take him to the surface…it’s too dangerous.
I—I’ll lock him up somewhere down here and deal with things on my own. Just hurry up and get away from Yoshiwara.

Kyuubee: Tsukuyo-dono! This is not the time for this!! You have to get away from this beast immediately!
Tsukuyo: As if I’m gonna do that! All things that happen in Yoshiwara stay in Yoshiwara…and are my responsibility! So you’re just gonna have to get off your obsession over this man…
(Sfx- GUi gui *grind grind*)
Tae: N—no one is obsessed! This is a case where everyone should work together right?
In any case, you should leave him to me.
(Sfx- Gyhaaaaaaaaaah!!)
(Sfx- Meki meki meki *grind grind*)
Tsukuyo: No, leave him to me!
Kyuubee: No, I’ll do it!
(Sfx- Gaah *grab*)
???: No need to worry.
You’ll soon become accustomed to it.
And all of you will become our allies.
???: Go—gorilla! You…!!
(Sfx- Buoooooh *fwooop*)
(Sfx- Hyagagagaag *shffft*)

Tsukuyo: You all…
Kondo: You beasts who have wandered because of your lustful desires…
Lust that cannot be reformed by the likes of honor…
(Sfx- Zuru zuru zuru *sfffhhht shhffft*)
Kondo: It is this love that convey to
Aizen miyouou-sama
Our God.
(TN- Miyouou can mean ‘Wisdom king’ but it sounds awkward here. Why? Check out page 11!!)
(Handwritten- Aizen miyouou-sama Banzai)
(Handwritten- Aizen miyouou-sama Banzai)
Kondo: Before long this land…
Will embrace an eternal and equal love…
Tsukuyo: Y—you’re kiddin…you already got Tae and Kyuube…
Wrapped up in this nonsense…?!
The group who is controlling this situation
And brought this chaos to Yoshiwara….

Tsukuyo: Are these guys?!
Doped up beasts chained down with chastity belts, and increasing their numbers with laymen?!
Are they plannin’ on taking Yoshiwara over?!
Aizen miyouou…!?
The God they revere may just be the ringleader…
But this is no God…
Because a God like that doesn’t exist in Yoshiwara.
The ones who act as a God and temps their way into the hearts of men to control them…
Can be called either a demon or a deity…..the women.
Lesson 494: Kedamono no damono
(TN- I’ve been getting these titles pretty much completely wrong lately. This is actually the name of a shoujo manga, Which I guess can loosely translate out to ‘The monster’s protest’, but I’ve found nothing that suggests that’s completely right. So….I’ll leave it like this.)
(Side text- Meanwhile….)
Shinpachi: -Wait!!
Why did you run from me?

Kagura: I—I’m sorry…I…
When I see your face Shinpachi-kun, I lose my senses and can’t see straight…
Shinpachi: W—why? What does that mean?
If you don’t turn to look at me when you talk I won’t understand what you mean.
Kagura: Shinpachi-kun it’s…
Shinpachi: Look at me.
Turn and…
Look into my eyes.
{I—I can’t.}
{T—they’re so cool that I can’t think of anything to say.}
{I can’t look away. I’ve been captured in your eyes.}

Shinpachi: K—kagura…
If you can’t say it, then I as a man will.
For now on, I only want you to look at me with those eyes.
There can be no one else. Those eyes are for me alone.
(Sfx- Doki doki doki *throb throb throb*)
Kagura: I—if that’s how it is…
(Sfx- Doki doki doki *throb throb throb*)
Kagura: Th—hen, Shinpachi-kun, you can only have eyes for me…
Shinpachi: Ever since I met you I’ve been frozen in place by your eyes…
Kagura: I want you to promise me Shinpachi-kun…that your eyes are mine and mine alone.
Shinpachi: Yeah…I don’t even have eyes for other women….I can’t see anyone other than you.
Kagura: I—I’m so happy…
Shinpachi: Kagura…I won’t give you to anyone.
Kagura: Shinpachi-kun…I won’t ever leave you.
(Sfx- Parrrrin *crackle*)
(Sfx- Dosu *thok*)
(Sfx- Ugaaaaaaaaaaah)

(Sfx- Parrrin *crash*)
(Sfx- Gyaaaaahhh!!!)
Shinpachi: My eeeeeeyeeesss!!!
Kagura: What did you do that for?!
Shinpachi: Huh? What was I just doing…?
Kagura: Quit starin’ at me!! It’s creeeeeeepy!!
(Sfx- Paaaan *Slaaap*)
(Sfx- Gyah gyah gyah)
(Sfx- Shaariin *tinkle*)
???: Fufu…have you found it even in your youth?
(Sfx- Sharrrin *tinkle*)
(Sfx- Sharrin *tinkle*)
(Sfx- sharrin *tinkle*)
???: What is love?
Yes…love is…
Exactly the same thing that you saw in those glasses…
(Sfx- Sharrrin *tinkle*)
(Sfx- Sharrin *tinkle*)
???: After time goes by it will wither and lose its color..
The same as a lone flower…

???: There is no such thing as ‘Eternally lasting love’ in this world.
(Sfx- Sharrin *tinkle*)
(Sfx- Sharrin *Tinkle*)
Everyone is..
A butterfly dancing in a flowery illusion that blooms just once.
(Sfx- Sharrin *tinkle*)
(Sfx- Sharrin *tinkle*)
???: This is saddening is it not?
(Sfx- Sharrin *Tinkle*)
(Sfx- Sharrin *tinkle*)
???: That’s why…
I will change things.
Shinpachi: K—Kondo-san?!
Sister!! Kyuubee-san!!
???: And bring everyone with me.

???: No matter how much time goes by the color won’t fade…
And it will never wilt…
The illusion will go on.
I, Aizen miyouou Hotaru will grant everyone a love…
That continues everlasting.

(On paper- Aizen miyouou Hotaru.)
Shinpachi: Why…
Why would you do this?
Would you go this far?
Kagura: We were taken back then, yes?
You said it was that man who used the Aizen incense on you….
But it was actually you who used the love drug to gain control over him, yes?
I would like to say that this is to be expected of Yoshiwara’s popular prostitute…
But I do not understand why you would need to go to this level and use this sort of thing to get this far, yes?
Hotaru: Do you know…
What kind of place this is?

Hotaru: It is the kind of place where one must love people they do not actually care for.
I left the person I truly loved back in my home…
And was made to like various men here.
I lost track of whether someone actually loved me to begin with.
And at some point my wish to eventually meet that person again was forgotten.
What’s so wrong about this love drug?
Rather than think of it as something that simply moves people’s hearts easily…
It creates the shape of a truly beautiful love don’t you think?
This drug will make it so that even in eternity no one will ever be alone.
Love is an illusion.
But using an illusion on an illusion…
Don’t you think there’s a beauty in watching an illusion like that?
The only ones left are you two…
There’s no need to be scared…just join everyone.
In a love that you’ll never awaken from…
To genuine love…

(Sfx- Dododogoohh *htoooom*)
(Sfx- gagagagaga *totktoktotk*)
Gintoki: Sorry but I have a rule where I don’t shag the same lady twice….
That goes for prostitutes too.
If you wanna dream, do it on your own.

Tsukyo: I’ve gotten tired of these sweet scents…
It’s ‘bout time you took a sniff of some no doze…
Shinpachi: Gin-san!!
Kagura: Tsukky!
Hotaru: Tsukuyo-chan..
Why… My followers should have captured you and had you smell the incense…
Tsukuyo: Followers?
Looks like someone’s thinkin’ mighty highly of herself. But there ain’t no one in Yoshiwara who’s yours to use.
Guys: Aizen miyouou-samaaa!!
Guy! Hurry and protect Miyouou-sama!!
(Handwritten- Hotaru-samaaaa!!)
(Sfx- Merriihh *THOK*)

Tae: Why are you acting so clingy to her?!
Miyouou-sama this, Miyouou-sama that.
Y—you were my stalker before weren’t you? So stop acting so foolish!
(Sfx- Puiii *pout*)
Tae: Aah…I’m so irritated…however I’m not at all sure why…
Though is this really irritation…? What if it’s…
{No waaaaay…}
{She fell for…}

Tae: You’re annoyinnnng!!
(Sfx- Datsuhh *Dasassh*)
(Sfx- Gyyaaaah!!)
Kondo: Tsukuyo-san huurrry!! We fooled those sex maniacs so that they’d bring you here so you could do something about Aizen miyouou!!!
Shinpachi: The usual dynamic has been flipped upside down!! Now the Gorilla’s learning what it’s like to be stalked by a Gorilla!!
Kagura: Yet nothing much has changed at all, yes?
(Sfx- Gyaaaahhh!)
Tsukuyo: Why the hell are you joining in over there?!
(Sfx- Dossu *thoook*)
Hotaru: So there were still insurgents in the group…
(Sfx- Chahh *shift*)
Kyuubee: This is where it ends.
I’m sorry. While I am well aware of the arts of seduction that this world employs, I cannot allow this to continue.
However, thanks to you I was able to allow myself the rewards of coming out with these feelings I have towards Otae-chan.
I’ll thank you for that much..
Now even I can move forward with just this one strike.
Gintoki: That’s right. Now you’re talking like a guy at long last.
Then let’s take this occasion to not just have one but two or even three blows if you know what I mean. I wont hold back…
Kyuubee: N—no just one is fine….if you’ll give me that there…
(Sfx- Chakkiii *shift*)
Shinpachi: One blow?! You mean thaaaaaaaat?! What kind of love are you people perpetuating!? In the end it’s all just unrewarded love isn’t it?!
Heeeey!! Just what situation did you people get into after sniffing that love drug?!
Moreover, why is Tsukuyo-san joining innnnnnnn?!
(Sfx- Gyaaaaaaah!!!)
(Side text- The panic continues!!)

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