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Tenshi-chan to Akuma-kun 2

As if!

+ posted by Bomber D Rufi as translation on May 24, 2014 23:05 | Go to Tenshi-chan to Akuma-kun

-> RTS Page for Tenshi-chan to Akuma-kun 2

After many delays and patting oneself on the back for doing nothing really, chapter two! I may have a surprise for this series in June...

Not reserving for anyone until...

-First chapter is out.
-Schedule for releases has been established.
-Schedule is fairly consistent.

No asking when the next one will be out, ask me for permission before using, no non-English scantlations before an English one is done, and I give preference to those who will check the script for accuracy before scantlating.

(Top text- The story up until now.)
(Top handwritten text- This manga is Tenshi-chan and Akuma-kun!!)
(Bottom right text- Art: Tachibana Tenshi.)
Chapter 2
{I got the snot beaten out of me!!}
Akuma: So you’re Tachibana Tenshi?
My name is Tanaka Akuma!!
I have an uber fail name just like you!!
Tenshi: Ah…

Tenshi: Don’t call me by…

Tenshi: My first name.
{That’s how today started.}

Chapter 2: As if!!

{Uber fail names!!}
{That is the existence of names that have…}
{Strange or unusual readings or meanings attached to them.}
Akuma: H—hey Tachibana…
{This story is not a work…}
{Of fiction!!}
(Side text- This is a work of fiction.)
Tenshi: Ah…
Akuma: Don’t…
‘Ah Akuma’ me!!
What was that for…?

Tenshi: Punishment?
Akuma: Uuwaaah, this girl really is terrifying!!
I said it before didn’t I?
Violence is not the answer!
Tenshi: You did.
Akuma: If you keep this sorta thing up…
People are always going to have the prejudice that ‘Those guys with Uber fail names are no good’.
So quit with the….hey! Are you…
(Sfx-Hiso hiso *whisper whisper*)
Students: Scary…
She’s bad news…
That’s someone with an uber fail name…
Looks like a toilet seat cover…
Akuma: See what I mean?

(Sfx- Gyuuhh *griiind*)
Akuma: Stoooop!!
(Handwritten- No grinding!)
What are you about to do?!
Seriously, what the heck are you doiiing?!
Tenshi: Che.
Akuma: What’s with that attitude?! You’re going to make me cry here!
???: What’s this ruckus?
Student: Ah…!!
???: Those two…
Akuma: Tachibana let’s get out of here.
People are starting to gather.
Tenshi: I’ll just beat them all up then.

Akuma: Forget that and let’s goo!
(Handwritten- Hey.)
???: Wait!!
He’s certainly good at running…
Akuma: Geez…
Y’know I was thinking of having a peaceful lunch break, but that’s all gone to hell thanks to you Tachibana.

Akuma: I didn’t even get to buy my lunch…
(Sfx- Gyuuuuhh *groooowl*)
Tenshi: It might be better….
To leave me alone.
Akuma: Huh?
Tenshi: It might be better for you to leave me alone.
Up until now I’ve been alone…I’m used to it.
Akuma: Don’t be stupid.
We’re friends.
As if I could just leave you alone.

Akuma: Aaaah…I’m starving…
(Sfx- Kyuuuuuuhhh *Grroooooowl.*)
Tenshi: Akuma…
Akuma: Huh?
What the heck’s up with that all of a sudden…wait, this is?!
Tenshi: Bread.

Tenshi: I’m giving it to you.
Akuma: Oh? Th-thanks.
(Handwritten- Where’d this come from though?)
Tenshi: Kay.
Akuma: But how do we fix…
This problem of prejudice?
Right now I suppose the best thing we can do is stop those with uber fail names from running wild and stirring up trouble.
But I wonder if that sorta thing is even doable…
Tenshi: Or we could just beat everyone that has a prejudice toward us up.
Akuma: You’re the devil!!
Tenshi: That’s you right?
Akuma: Well…sort of but…
???: Heh, you seem to be having troubles….
It’s at a time like this that…

Ichiro: I make an appearance!
Tenshi: Watching you move about is annoying.
(Handwritten- Well said.)
Ichiro: FUUUU!! That’s a bitter reaction Tachibana-san!!
Akuma: I assume you’re here because you have some means of helping?
Ichiro: But of course!
Ichiro: If you want to do something about people’s prejudice….
First you have to break away from ‘there’!!

Ichiro: GYAAAAH!!
Tenshi: He annoys me for some reason.
Ichiro: My eyes!!
Look at what you’ve done to my eyes!!
Akuma: He’s just that sorta guy. Just put up with it okay?
(Handwritten- My eeeeyeees)
Akuma: Whoa…
(Paper- The Wall News #78.)

(Handwritten- Ranking of the worst 1st year students!!)
{#1 1-B’s Tachibana Tenshi!)
{The wall’s angel of fear.}
(Box under ranking- Bad ndews.)
(Side text under ranking- Don’t lock eyes with her!!)
(*Several cases (cases is crossed out.) sights of her of pressuring others!!// I saw her break a window. (16 year old male.)// I saw her plant a person into a wall in the hallway. (15 year old female)//I was sort of happy to get hit. (32 year old male.)//She sure can send people flying is what I think. (18 year old male.// 2nd place 1-B Matsuda Haou)
Akuma: This is horrible…
Ichiro: The wall newspaper is surprisingly popular with the other students.
If you can get your name off or this list, then I’m pretty sure people’s impressions of you will change.
Akuma: I get it…hm?

{This has gotta suck for her…}

{I mean, yeah she is really violent and I get that….}
Tenshi: I’ll smack down everyone.
{But she’s still a ‘girl’.}
{To be publicly humiliated like this…}
{How dare they…}
{Do this to my friend….}
Tenshi: Find…
Akuma: Huh?
Tenshi: I’ll find ‘em..
Drag ‘em out..
And beat ‘em..
I’ll definitely…
Beat all five of them…

Akuma: She seems completely fine?!
(Handwritten- Moreover, she’s happy?!)
Tenshi: Heheheheheh…
Ah, I just realized I have urgent matters to attend to…(monotone.)
Akuma: Yeah?! That’s a lie dammit!
I’m telling you that violence is not the answer!!
You want to get off this list right?! Then enough with the violence!!
Tenshi: You’re a drag dude.
(Handwritten- Damn.)
(Handwritten- Let me go.)
(Handwritten- As if I will!)
Akuma: Hey! Girls shouldn’t talk that way!!
Huh? Who’s this at number two?
(On sign- Matsuda Haou.)

Akuma: An uber fail name!
Ichiro: 1st year D class Matsuda Haou…
I’ve heard some rumors about him.
(TN- Haou means ‘High ruler.’)
Ichiro: Apparently his wild and unrestrained ways have his classmates living in fear of him.
He’s even got underlings that are sorta like friends hanging around him too.
Akuma: I see…
There’s still time left in our lunch break right?
Ichiro: Yeah…wait, you aren’t…

Akuma: I’m gonna go and meet him…
Matsuda Maou guy.
Ichiro: I knew it.
Tenshi: What are you gonna do when you meet him?
Akuma: Beats me.
But I can’t just leave someone with an Uber fail name alone.
Tenshi: Okay. I’ll go..
Akuma: Nah, I’ll handle this myself.
It sounds like it could be dangerous…
For Matsuda that is.

Ichiro: He’s probably gonna go meddle in that guy’s business just like he did with you Tachibana-san.
Despite having no idea of what he’s gonna do…
He’s just the kinda guy…
Who likes being a busybody.
A long time ago I too…
Tenshi: I think I…
Kinda get it.
(Handwritten- Can you stop it with the eyes?!)

Akuma: Hey..
Is Matsuda Haou..
In here?
Dude: Macchan, looks like someone’s callin’ you out.
Haou: Huuh?
I’m Matsuda Haou bro…
Who the hell are you?

{I think I was this sorta guy back when I was in middle school…}
I’m Tanaka Akuma from class 1-A and I wanted to talk to you…
Haou: Did you say ‘Akuma’?!
Get a load of this guy and his uber fail name!!
(Handwritten- Is this dude serious?!)
(Handwritten- Where’d he crawl out from?)
Akuma: You’ve got an uber fail name too?!
Haou: Time for some demon slaying!!
Akuma: Huh?!

Haou: Heh!!
Akuma: Uowaaaah!!
Dammit, he really does just run wild and do whatever he wants!
More like he’s just a moron!
Dude: Whew! You totally caught him by surprise!
Dude2: As expected of our Macchan!!
Akuma: W—wait!!
(Under panel: These guys are pretty good friends!)
Haou: Hah!
You did a good job dodging that!!
Haou: But..
Are you gonna be able to keep it up Demoooon?!
Akuma: Chill man!! I didn’t come to fight, I came to talk to you!!
Haou: I don’t give a crap!

Haou: I’m the supreme ruler of this world!!
So like my name says I’ve gotta rule supreme!!
Cause I’m Haou I’m gonna become this world’s Haou! Y’know, cause I’m Haoou!!
Akuma: Forget it!! I can’t have a normal conversation with this idiot!!
{Though I had a phase like this back in the days…}
Akuma: I’ll become this world’s demon!!
{So I guess I sorta get the pain he’s been through..!!}
Haou: Huh?
Heh…and you are…?
{Where is he looking…?}
{Behind me?}

Akuma: Wh…
Why did you come here?!
Tenshi: I just sorta ended up here.
Haou: Hahah…
So the chick with rank one; Tachibana-san has come huh?
Awwright, time to change targets!
From a demon hunt…
To an angel hunt!!
Akuma: Wha…
Tenshi: Don’t call me by---
Haou: If I defeat her..

Haou: Then I’ll be ranked the baddest guy in the school!!
Dude: You’re awesome Macchan!!
Akuma: Why do you want to get a better rank on that disgraceful list?!
Tenshi: Outta my way Akuma.
Akuma: Huh!? Wait Tachibana…
Tenshi: He’s already called me out, so this is my problem now.
Leave me alone.
{You’re still…}
{Saying those sort of things….?}
Haou: Heheh…
{If that’s the case I…}
Akuma: Yeah…I get it…

Akuma: AS IF!!
Are you a moron?! Calling this a ‘name problem’?!
If anything it’s a problem of ‘Uber fail names’ isn’t it?!
Moreover I already said it…
I’m not going to leave my friends!!
There’s no need for you to trouble yourself about stuff like this alone anymore!!

Akuma: We’re going to tackle this together!!
So don’t say lonely things like…
‘Leave me alone’ ever again!!
Haou: Whats this?! Some sorta friendship falling out?! You should never turn your back to your enemies!!
I’ll take the chance you’re offering though!
Akuma: Tachibana!!
Tenshi: You guys…

Tenshi: Shaddup.



Tenshi: Akuma…
You really like this busybody thing don’t you…
Then I won’t ask you to leave me alone…
Thank you.
Akuma: Y—yeah.
Haou: Guhh..

Tenshi: You have an uber fail name…
But you aren’t alone.
Be happy..
That you have at least that much.
Haou: What…?
Tenshi: Even you have..
Friends and partners…
So stop doing this sort of thing.
Haou: Ah…

Haou: Y—yeah…
Tenshi: Next time I won’t go easy on you.
{Haou’s view.}
Tenshi: You do this again, and I’ll beat the mess out of you.
Tenshi: You understand?
Haou: Nhh.
Akuma: So…things have been settled somehow…?
(Handwritten- I didn’t do anything though.)
Akuma: Well wait, I don’t think I’ve seen Tenshi not be violent..
For this long like ever…
Haou: She’s like a real Angel!!
A real angel has descended!!
Tenshi: Don’t call me by my first name.
Akuma: ….It’ll work out somehow…I hope.
Haou: Gyaaah!!
Please forgive me Tenshi-sama!!
Tenshi: I said…
Don’t call me that!!

{What was that just now?}
{More like, I feel like this sorta thing happened before…}
Haou: Tenshi…
{Was it just…}
{My imagination?}

Guy: The complaints from other students in relation to
Tachibana Tenshi….
Have exceeded 100 cases in number.
It appears that we’ll need to take this seriously…
And make a move, don’t you think?
Student president Naruse.

Naruse: ….
They appear to be getting along well…
Guy: Huh?
Naruse: Nothing.
{I absolutely…}
{Cannot allow this to continue….}
{A few days later…}
(Sign- Enter the temple of Tachibana Tenshi!!// She has now surpassed(surpassed is marked out) become super with 100 complaints!// Below is the new (new is in a circle) worst first year list)
Tenshi: I’m off the list.

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