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Tenshi-chan to Akuma-kun 4


+ posted by Bomber D Rufi as translation on Jun 5, 2014 02:59 | Go to Tenshi-chan to Akuma-kun

-> RTS Page for Tenshi-chan to Akuma-kun 4

Welcome to 'Witches and Angels' June! Every week for this entire month I will translate at least two chapters per week of 'Majimoji Rurumo' and 'Tenshi-chan and Akuma-kun'! Not one, but two chapters each week! That means four chapters of manga each week for the month of June. Gintama will still be released as well as Hitoribocchi no chikyuu shinryaku. Nejimaki and Kiriwo will probably be on hiatus till August however. Either way plenty more Angels and Witches are on their way!

Not reserving for anyone until...

-First chapter is out.
-Schedule for releases has been established.
-Schedule is fairly consistent.

No asking when the next one will be out, ask me for permission before using, no non-English scantlations before an English one is done, and I give preference to those who will check the script for accuracy before scantlating

Akuma: This is bad.
I have to hurry and find Prez or else…
Is Tachibana still in school I wonder…?
Naruse: Have been watching Tachibana-san with the intent of having sex with her.
I’m coming to you now….
Akuma: This is the fourth floor!
{This has become a nightmare….}
Akuma: Huh?
Chapter 4.

Akuma: Uwah…she’s still here…
Moreover that’s….
She’s so fast!
(Side text- Wow, she’s already over there…!)
Akuma: If the Prez…
And Tachibana meet then…

Chapter 4: Teheehe…

Tenshi: Hm?
Naruse: Ta

Tenshi: Who are you?
Naruse: Aaah…
My goddess…
I want to touch you…
Those cheeks…
I want to embrace..
Your body…

Tenshi: What….
Are you doing?
Naruse: Even your voice is adorable…
My sweet heaaaaaart!
Akuma: Tachibana!!
Tenshi: Ah.

Akuma: She’s um…that! Er…
Right now she’s sort of ‘in one of those moods’ but,
She simply adores you….
And isn’t a bad person!
(Handwritten- I…)
Tenshi: Really?
(Sfx- I…)
(Handwritten- I…)
Akuma: So you can’t hit her okay?
Tenshi: Don’t worry.
I long since decided that I won’t deliver smackdowns to children and women.
Akuma: Dude, she’s so manly….
Naruse: Uwaaaaaaaaahhh

Naruse: Tenshi-chaaaan!!
Tenshi: Don’t call me…
By my…
Akuma: Eh?! You were gonna hit her?
Though…it looks like Tachibana is trying to endure it..?!
Akuma: STOOOP!!

Tenshi: Ah…
Akuma: Gah…
Tenshi: Sorry…
Naruse: Oww!
What….Was I…

Naruse: Uggh…
Called you by your…
First name….
Akuma: Ugh…
Naruse: I’m the worst…
Akuma: Ah.
Naruse: Farewell.

Tenshi: Ah.
{A few days later.}
Akuma: So Senpai’s feelings towards Tachibana are genuine…
Usually she’s able to keep her urges…
To run wild like she did in check it seems…
Well…it’s probably ‘cause of that sex thing…
That her true straightforward emotions became clear I guess…

Akuma: Those good vibes that she seemed to have before…
Naruse: I don’t have a prejudice to those who have Uber fail names.
Don’t assume a person’s personality based on shallow inferences such as their name.
Especially when I haven’t met them myself.
Akuma: And upon that…
{I now understand…}
{That there are those who are simply curious about we with Uber fail names.}
{After all ‘that expression’ from yesterday certainly…}
Akuma: Hm?

Akuma: Naruse-senpai.
Naruse: Ah…
You’re Tanaka-kun.
Akuma: That’s me.
Naruse: I’m sorry about what happened yesterday.
Akuma: No prob.
More importantly, your physical condition seems to be not great.
Are you going to be okay?
Naruse: Yes…
I was just thinking of things so much that I neglected to get proper sleep.
Akuma: Thinking about things?
Naruse: Yes…the various issues with yesterday…
Akuma: Oh..
Naruse: In the end…

Naruse: My weakness is expressing myself…
And I was looking…
For support.
Even as I sit here…

Naruse: I am unable to face her…
The person I love….Tachibana-san..
After acting recklessly like that.
Just when I thought…
I should go apologize to her for using her first name…
{It’s just as I figured. Yesterday…}
{The expression she had as she was leaving…}

{Was one that feared that Tachibana hates her after what happened.}
Naruse: Farewell.
{So she’s feeling guilty about this….}
Naruse: Ahh..
This is the first time I’ve experienced being unable to do something well..
I want to say…
I’m sorry…
{Moreover just what is she?}
{When she’s calm like this she’s just like…}
Naruse: And then I’d like to convey….
How much I’d like to become her friend.

Naruse: But that’s no good huh….
{A maiden who’s experiencing the awkwardness of being in love.}
Naruse: As much as I’d like sex, there’s an order to these things that has to be upheld, right?
Akuma: Y—yeah?
She’s still a little off kilter though!!
Naruse: Haah…
{After hearing this…}
{I just don’t think it’s a bad thing.}

{If it means having more friends then…}
Akuma: I think you should go tell her…
Tell Tachibana how you feel.
Naruse: Eh?
Akuma: I guess I can arrange for you two to meet..
But I dunno how we’ll handle the follow up from there, or if I can do anything about that.
Naruse: That’s good enough!
If you can arrange a meet, I’ll handle things from there!
Ah! When I mean ‘Handle things from there’ there’s no ulterior motive!!
Akuma: ….I didn’t assume there was.
{I hope this isn’t a mistake.}
Naruse: Well…

Naruse: Why are we waiting to meet her on the other side of the school meeting
{Map of the school building.}
(Top to bottom- Gym//hallway//square-Student council room//Top of bridge with stickman- President’s dash// Circle- inner garden// Outer yard// Side with stick man- Where Akuma went flying. Left side: pool// Bottom- School yard.)
(Bubble- They are here! Right now it is May. No one uses the pool around this time so there are few people walking by.)
Akuma: I just figured in a worst case scenario we’d like a place where few people will be.
Naruse: Tachibana-saaan!
It’s like I’m about to confess to her…I’m quite nervous.
Tenshi: Akuma.
Why are you he..
Akuma: Hey. Sorry about that Tachibana.
(Handwritten- What’s with that reaction?)
(Handwritten- Awah..)
Akuma: See, Naruse-senpai desperately wanted to talk to you about something…
Tenshi: Ooohhhh…
Akuma: Welp, floors all yours Senpai.
Naruse: Eh? But…

Naruse: Ah…um…
Nice weather we’re having.
Akuma: Uh…it’s raining.
Tenshi: Hm?
Yeah it’s nice.
Akuma: Yo, what’s the deal Tachibana?
Naruse: Ah..um…as for yesterday…
For calling you by your first name…
I want to apologize!
Tenshi: Eh, no biggie.
Naruse: Um…
Akuma: What’s with the atmosphere?
Even I’m getting nervous.
Naruse: U—um I…that is you and I Tachibana-san..
T—th—I th—that is..
If..if you could, um…h—hi---hi…

Naruse: Please hit me!!
Someone: Uwaaah!!
It’s so close!!
Akuma: Huuuuuuh?!
Naruse: When one does something wrong they have to be punished!
That’s why you have to hit me Tachibana-san! It’s only fair!
Go on, DO IT!
Tenshi: Uh…

Naruse: Ah…
I---I was nervous.
(Handwritten- Too much so.)
(Handwritten- That was bad Tachibana-san..)
Akuma: Why did that happen?!
(Handwritten- And what do you mean too much?!)
Naruse: Am I a masochist?!
Akuma: Don’t ask me!!
{And for the next few days…}

{Meeting in a nonchalant manner…}
Naruse: Hit me!!
{Was something she absolutely could not do.}
Naruse: C’mooooon!!
{And despite chasing her down and cornering her in subsequent meetings…}
Akuma: Okay Tachibana…nothing to be afraid of…
She jumped from the window?!
{We were never able to successfully make the catch.}
Akuma: Aw suck. This isn’t working.
It seems we’re lacking something on a fundamental level here.
Naruse: Yeah…

Akuma: Seriously though…Tachibana’s gotta be some sort of genius when it comes to running and hiding.
(Handwritten- She could probably find work as a ninja somewhere.)
Akuma: She’s running across the wall?!
We haven’t been able to meet up with her properly even once today…
Do you think you could set yourself to simmer, Senpai?
If not she’s just going to keep running away. You do understand that right?
Naruse: You know, humans…
Can perform ‘calculations that require deep thought’…
But cannot ‘Control their emotions’.
We’re those kind of creatures.
Akuma: So basically you’re saying you can’t hold back.
(Side text- Don’t try to sound all cool.)
Akuma: We’re not going to make any progress at this rate…
Okay then…

Akuma: Okay.
It’s a little sloppy but…
Let’s practice.
Naruse: Sloppy indeed.
Akuma: Shaddup.
Now, go ahead and think of me as Tachibana and try to have a leisurely…
Naruse: Hah?
There’s no way that I could possibly think of you as Tachibana-san.
(Handwritten- I can’t begin to fathom it.)
Akuma: Th—that’s why I said it’s practice!!
(Side text- Scaaary.)
Akuma: For Pete’s sake…fine then what would you like---

Akuma: Then would it be better if you faced this thing and talked?
How about it?
Naruse: ….You aren’t suggesting that Tachibana-san is in there are you?
Akuma: Oh! That’s a good one!
However, I’m sorry but I couldn’t possibly bring myself to do that.
Naruse: I—see.
(Handwritten- I’m sorry for some reason.)
Akuma: Okay then…uh, go for it.
Naruse: Um…yes…sure.
…Well, ever since I saw you at the matriculation ceremony…
I’ve been interested in you, Tachibana-san.

Naruse: At the beginning I simply thought of you as adorable…
After that…
It’s a bit reckless for me to say this but I became aware of my true feelings.
That I think of you as…
Beauty itself.
This is so bad of me….as the Student council President…
Then when I saw you getting along together with Tanaka-kun…
I became intensely jealous and envious.
Akuma: So those hate stares were Senpai huh?
Naruse: I want to get to know you better Tachibana-san..
Because I love you.

Naruse: So please…
Will you…
Be my friend?

Naruse: Ta—
Akuma: ….man..
She was hiding up there?
(Handwritten- Is she a stalker?)
Naruse: A—ahh…

(Handwritten- Senpai?)
Naruse: Aaaaah…
Akuma: She got in?!
(Sign- Everyone keep the campus beautiful.)
Akuma: W—wait? Senpai?!
Naruse: I thought she wasn’t here….
Waaaannnn…Th—that was basically a…
Wasn’t it?!
My first time confessing…
My heart wasn’t ready for this…
I—I’m going to get rejected aren’t I?!
Akuma: She’s talking to a locker…!
Tenshi: I…

Tenshi: Want..
To become
With you too.
At first I was surprised…
For some reason I don’t feel any ill will from you…
It’s strange…
{I see…Tachibana could feel the President’s good will from the very beginning.}
Tenshi: Hm?
(Handwritten- That’s why she held her punch back then.}
{It was just awkwardness.}

{The two of them are just…}
{Awkward huh.?}
Tenshi: Then…you can call me..
By my first name.
When you called me that the first time I thought you were making fun of me..
But I realized I couldn’t feel that from you…
It’s been a dream of mine to have a female friend who’d call me…
By my first name.
Naruse: Ah…ahhhhh.

Naruse: Tenshi-chan!
Tenshi: Hee..
Naruse: Aaaan~
You can call me Chiyoko!!
Tenshi: Chiyoko.
Naruse: Hoaaaaah!!
Akuma: Whoa! You’re okay with that?!
Let me join in on the celebration then! Pleased to meet you…

Naruse: Friendship between women is special, isn’t it Tenshi-chan?
Tenshi: …Yeah.
Akuma: I’m not satisfied dammit!!
{It’s all…}
Ichiro: This…
Has become something troublesome…

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