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Majimoji Rurumo 6

A festive Me

+ posted by Bomber D Rufi as translation on Jun 6, 2014 00:19 | Go to Majimoji Rurumo

-> RTS Page for Majimoji Rurumo 6

Welcome to 'Witches and Angels' June! Every week for this entire month I will translate at least two chapters per week of 'Majimoji Rurumo' and 'Tenshi-chan and Akuma-kun'! Not one, but two chapters each week! That means four chapters of manga each week for the month of June. Gintama will still be released as well as Hitoribocchi no chikyuu shinryaku. Nejimaki and Kiriwo will probably be on hiatus till August however. Either way plenty more Angels and Witches are on their way!

Not reserving for anyone until...

-First chapter is out.
-Schedule for releases has been established.
-Schedule is fairly consistent.

No asking when the next one will be out, ask me for permission before using, no non-English scantlations before an English one is done, and I give preference to those who will check the script for accuracy before scantlating.

(Top text- Dress up Rurumo.)
Mom: Once in a while why don’t you look at what your little sister is wearing.
Don’t you have any feelings about her always wearing black?
(Side text- You are her brother…)
{And so…}
Shibaki: I don’t think anything….she’s a witch after all.
{Rurumo and I came to a certain clothing store…}

Manager: It certainly fits you. What do you think?
(Side- Uhihi)
Shibaki: Ooh! Not bad right?
This’ll do! In fact it’s great!
Manager: Are you truly satisfied?
I’m sure this store has much more…
Wonderful….and fitting clothes…..what do you think?
For example, this!!
Rurumo: Eh?
Shibaki: Duuude! Your tastes are kind of high spec!!
(Side- There’s no need for a backpack.)

Manager: If this doesn’t satisfy you sir, then how about this?
Shibaki: Uwoaah! It’s crazy how well that fits her!!
Manager: Goth loli!
And how about combining these outfits?! What do you think?!
(Background text- School sailor swimsuit.)
Shibaki: That’s craaaazy!! Too crazy!!
Manager: And then the ultimate…
Shibaki: C’mon manager!! You mean you have more?!

Manager: What do you think of this?!
Shibaki: Whooooa!! Cat ears AND a maid outfit?!
Uwaaaahh!! Somehow I can feel my self burning up!!
Saleslady: Thank you for purchasing this one piece dress.
Rurumo: I’ll take it.
Chiro: I call stupid when I see it.
Manager: Welcome to our world!! What do you think?
(Sfx- Uwaaaaah)
(Sfx- Heave ho, heave ho)
(Bottom- The end.)


(Box- Table of contents.)
6th spell: A festive Me.
7th spell: Shibaki’s secret library.
8th spell: Rurumo captured.
9th spell: The time where Sakura flowers bloom.
10th spell: Welcome to our club little sheep.
11th spell: Jiken of June rain.
Special shorts
Dress up Rurumo
4 koma Rurumo.

Rurumo: I was thinking lately I’ve been enjoying myself…
Chiro: Huh?

6th spell: A festive Me.

???: And X= 16.
Before I go ahead do you understand?
???: Yeeees~
???: You’re serious right?

???: Yeah.
I heard it from one of our senpai who before graduation used to come here and practice.
From the eastern tower….in the boys locker room within the fifth locker from the window side…
Is an unused locker that actually connects to the girls locker room!
(Sign- Unuseable.)
(Sign- The key has broken.)
???: And here are the keys I got from Senpai.

???: Uwaaaah! It actually opened!! This is actually here!!
Shibaki: Shh!! Don’t be loud stupid!
???: It’s huge!! The hole I mean….do you think our senpai’s dug it open?
Shibaki: You need to shut your huge mouth!
???: But we would show up at a time where there are no girls dressing…
(Handwritten- We’re skipping class after all.)
Shibaki: No..
There might be a girl who’s a bit slow, and she might run in here all like ‘I’m so laaate’ and start changing!
???: You’re hot blooded bro.
No one right?
(Sfx- Hahah.)

Rurumo: I’m late…
Shibaki: Whaaaaat?!

{Why is she changing here at school?!}
???: Ah! What was that reaction man?! Don’t tell me…there’s a girl changing?!
Shibaki: Wahahahaahah…
???: L—let me see…
Shibaki: Wait, sto—
???: C’mon! Don’t keep it to yourself!
Shibaki: Haaaah!!
???: Gyaaah!!!

Teacher: So you were in pursuit of the ‘mysterious unopening locker’.
And by chance discovered it’s connected to the girl’s lockers…..huh.
And what about Nishino-kun who’s a part of the soccer club?
Nishino: Eh?
Shibaki: I forced him to accompany me.
Teacher: It’s already one thing that you were cutting class…
But Shibaki-kun, lately you’ve become quite infamous with the female students…
Shibaki: Please believe me!!
I’m all about…no, the pursuit of the mysterious compels me! When I see something that can’t be explained I can’t turn my back on it…!
I am part of the mysterious sightings club after all!!
Nishino: And? What did you see back then?
Shibaki: Ah..well I didn’t get to see very much either. My bad.

Shibaki: For the first time ever, I’m sort of happy I joined the MSC.
Nishino: And? What did you see back then?
Shibaki: ….I’m telling you it was Ruru…er, not my little sister….nothing. I saw nothing.
Nishino: Wait. You have a little sister?! DUDE you have a little sister!?
Shibaki: We’re lucky we got off with just having to do volunteer work for a day as punishment.
Nishino: You have a little sister?! Why she in school?!
Shibaki: No…that had to be some sorta illusion..yeah.
I’m probably just really tired…
Nishino: Huh? An illusion? Oh…I get it, an illusionary little sister.
That has to be it. I mean I’ve never heard you talk about a little sister before.
I totally get it though! I want a cute little sister too!!
(Handwritten- Big brother!)
(Handwritten- I might look like this, but I’m all about the sister moe!)
Nishino: Awwright, lets go talk about ‘little sisters’ in detail in the lunch room!
Shibaki: Huh? What? Oh yeah okay.
Dude, you really like little sisters huh..

{Little sisters huh…}
{True ‘nuff, Rurumo became my little sister all of a sudden…}
{She’s super shy, really quiet and tends to get embarrassed easily.}
Rurumo: It’s nothing.
{She’s always really close to me…even when we’re eating.}
{You’d better not do anything to her…}
{I’m pretty sure what I saw before was a result of my brain fuzzing out.}
{Just an illusion.}
Shibaki: Mm…A…

Rurumo: Welcome.
Shibaki: The special…

Shibaki: She’s actually reaaaaaaal?! What are you doing?!
Nishino: Whoa~
Rurumo: Working.
(Tag- In training.)
Nishino: She’s kind of really cute! That cafeteria girl…
Is totally my favorite type of girl!!
The little sister!
(Handwritten- What would you like to order?)
Shibaki: Ah? Yeah?
{Stop it. You’re just trying to frustrate me aren’t you?}
{Heeeey! Rurumo!!}
Girl: I’d like the B special please!
Rurumo: What’s Bspecial?
Girl: Eh?
Shibaki: Work is obviously not working out for you.
{And you could at least study up on what you’re supposed to be doing!!}

Lady: Uhyaaah!!
Rurumo: Sorry.
{Uwah…that sounded like it hurt….what is she doing here?!}
Shibaki: Well…I know WHAT she’s doing, but not so much why…she’s got a part time job so does she want money? Is she trying to buy something?
Rurumo: Waah!

Shibaki: Rurumo may not want to say it but she should quit working….
You should stop this or…
Rurumo: Your water.
Shibaki: wah!!
Nishino: Oooh!!
Shibaki: What’s the deal?
Rurumo: I was told to go give out water…
Shibaki: Not that! Why are you working here?!
Rurumo: In the Makai, those who don’t work…
Are considered stones.
And besides that…

Rurumo: This is a restriction…
On the enjoyment I’ve experienced lately.
Shibaki: Restriction?

Shibaki: For frick’s sake…what the hell are you doing?
Rurumo: I can stand…
By myself.
So don’t help me.

Rurumo: This is a restriction to myself.

Nishino: Heey Shiba! Big news! The soccer club senpai just called me…!
(Sfx- Kashaaan *craassh*)
???: Hyaah!
Nishino: There isn’t just one hole in the locker room!
There’s another hole in the locker on the first left as well!
We’ve got one more chance!!
{Are you upset at yourself for not finishing your training?}
{I get that…}
{If I’d use the tickets, it’d be all over by now wouldn’t it?}
{But what you don’t know is…}
{If I use them…}
{I’ll die.}

{So I can’t do it!}
{I’m so sorry Rurumo..!!}
Nishino: Dude I’ve totally seen some girls getting changed here!!
The percentage of undressing is 75 percent!! It’s the volleyball club!!
(Handwritten- You’ll support me today!!)
(Handwritten- Ahahah)
(Handwritten- I know right!?)
Nishino: According to senpai, the key is the same!
I managed to get it from Sensei earlier!!
(Sfx- Hahahah)
Lets do this Shiba!!

Shibaki: Sorry man.
I’ve got stuff to do.
Nishino: Che.
(Handwritten- No helpin’ it..)
(Handwritten- I’ll carry on alone.)

Rurumo: Ah…
Shibaki: ….the heck are you doing?
I’ll help you.
Rurumo: Ah…
I don’t need your help.
Shibaki: You sure do.
Rurumo: I said earlier…
Shibaki: So? You might have said that…
But this time I’m gonna set the record straight!

Shibaki: You shouldn’t be anything other than a witch!
Waitin’ on people…
Bowing your head to them…
And listening to what they say is impossible for you right?
You keep falling over, you’re slow and you barely know the basics!!
Get a friggin’ clue! You’re not cut out for having a normal job!
Rurumo: I know.
Because time passes for me differently than people, I know well how bad I am at learning new things.
The easiest teleportation magic took me five years of training to learn.

Rurumo: My motor reflexes are so bad…
That I can’t even ride a broom.
Shibaki: Ah…I see.
Wow…I feel like she’s coming out to me with some really big things…
Rurumo: But…
I still have to try.
I decided that.
This would be the punishment i give myself.
Shibaki: What’s all this crap about punishment?! Does it really matter if you finish your training?!
Just take your time and go at your own pace!
Take all the time you need! After all I…
{I want to help you….}
{But I can’t…}
Shibaki: That is you..

Shibaki: You gave up your cape that makes you a witch…
So you don’t get to talk big!!
So don’t waste your time doing pointless stuff like this!
Ah…over here…I think I misse dit.
{If I can’t collaborate with you…}
{Then at least let me assist your efforts.}
Rurumo: That’s not the reason why I started working..

Rurumo: You’re really foolish.
Shibaki: Eh?!
Is that so?
{Just too foolish.}
Rurumo: Up until now…
You’ve been..
The only one who’s ever been kind to me.
I’m often fooled, and bullied…
So that’s why I’m doing this….
And I’ll continue.

{You’re overly foolish…}
{And I…festive…}
Chiro: That Rurumo said outta tha blue that she’s gonna go lookin’ for work..
But I wonder if she’ll be all right…?
6th Spell END.

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