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Majimoji Rurumo 7

Shibaki’s secret library.

+ posted by Bomber D Rufi as translation on Jun 8, 2014 18:22 | Go to Majimoji Rurumo

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Welcome to 'Witches and Angels' June! Every week for this entire month I will translate at least two chapters per week of 'Majimoji Rurumo' and 'Tenshi-chan and Akuma-kun'! Not one, but two chapters each week! That means four chapters of manga each week for the month of June. Gintama will still be released as well as Hitoribocchi no chikyuu shinryaku. Nejimaki and Kiriwo will probably be on hiatus till August however. Either way plenty more Angels and Witches are on their way!

Not reserving for anyone until...

-First chapter is out.
-Schedule for releases has been established.
-Schedule is fairly consistent.

No asking when the next one will be out, ask me for permission before using, no non-English scantlations before an English one is done, and I give preference to those who will check the script for accuracy before scantlating.

???: Fashionable dress is strictly prohibited!
Men are banned!
To correct the strife that is daily life we strive to lead the students down a path ripe with cleanliness!
We are…
Under direct supervision of the Nishi high school student council Morals committee!!

???: I gotcha man…
Shibaki: Whoooooooooa!!

Shibaki: Time to turn on my inner movie camera and burn this to film!
Oh crap, it’s really burning…
???: You there! The penalty for this is 50!!
7th spell: Shibaki’s secret library.

Guys: ‘Sup Shiba?
???: What are you all doing?
Um…more like what are YOU doing?!
For now our classmate Shibaraku…
Will not come here. So this place is..

Dude: ‘Shibaraku’? Is he talking about Shibaki? This guy’s got one hell of a nicknaming sense…
Nishino: This clubs is weird…
???: Oh I see, you all are interested in this are you?
Nishino: Not…really?
???: Then allow me to explain! I am preparing to call the prehistoric God of the Azteca Amaya tribe Rubiruka!!
Dude: You can’t dammit!
Dude2: Plus we don’t know who he is.
Nishino: Who the hell is Rubiruka?!
Rurumo: Ah.

Rurumo: I see preparations to summon Rubiruka…
Rurumo: He’s a god of the ancient Amaya tribe….a denizen of hell.
His official name is Dolu na Rubika.
Dude: Wait, isn’t that Shibaki’s friend who came for the festival?
Nishino: The cafeteria girl!!
Rurumo: However using just this won’t be enough to summon him.
You’ll need three grams of Alupaka blood…
15 kg of Asutekaimo, the skin of four Riyama, and four eyeballs….
All of this is necessary to summon him.

Rurumo: He’s quite noisy about his preferences.
Dude: Ooooh…
What does denizen of hell even mean? This girl’s explanations are….
Dude2: Preferences? So she’s acquainted with him?
Nishino: S—see? It’s impossible, yeah?
???: Her knowledge…
And her cool yet exacting reception…
We have a prodigy in our midst!!
Please join our club!!
Rurumo: Impossible.
Where’s Shibaki?

Nishino: We were looking for him too…
I’ve got some stuff here that I really gotta return to him or else…
Dude: Heeeeeey Nishino!!!
She’s a girl! A girl!!
Nishino: Nghah!
Rurumo: Hmm…
Dude2: It’d probably become a case of sexual harassment if you showed her those.
Dude: That’s right. My heart skipped a beat man.
For now we’ll just wait for Shibaki to come back so that..
We can give him these..

???: The safe shelter, Shiba library!!
He appropriates and cares for all the treasures of the boys in the school that can’t possibly be taken home, along with lending out parts of this super collection on demand!
From sexy lolis…
To bikinis and kimonos…
Any guys who are having problems just come to me!!
I’ve got a selection of all kinds..!!
Since middle school, he’s been the conventional go to guy for the guys! A friend of all us men! All hail the Shibaki erotic library!!
(Handwritten- Dude have you ever seen rope that makes it hard like this?)
(Handwritten- Oh dude, for real.)
Dude2: But where is Shiba….?

Shibaki: Unnngh…
Though it doesn’t feel too bad….
???: Aren’t you the incorrigible one? Pervert Shibaki…
Do you know how much your antics have troubled the girls of the school?
I’ll honestly tell you this…
What it is we at the morals committee have set out to do…
This is the end of the year school clean up.
Anything that is deemed unnecessary will be gathered and then disposed.
Basically making this a large scale investigation for items against regulation.

???: What we’re looking for in particular is…
Strange things that you’ve gathered from the other boys…such as books or discs…
Shibaki: Hold on! For the guys who don’t have girls…
It’s a place that supports their souls!! If it no longer exists then…
C’mon, you and I have known each other from elementary school! Just let it go! You can do that right, Inoue?!
Inoue: I most certainly cannot.
I’ll find them and dispose of them.

{I caught a nice vieeeeewww!}
Shibaki: Pink, huh?

Inoue: Kyoukooooo!!
Shibaki: Ugaaaaaah!!!
(TN- I should note that the chick beating the crap out of him has the kanji ‘Strong child’ in her name.)
Shibaki: Damn…
Nature as a man…
In any case we’re in deep crap…
I have to tell everyone or else….!
{That damn pervert!!}

{How dare he peek at people’s panties…!}
{I failed!!}
{And what a failure it was!!}
{I can’t believe I let down my guard…}
{I can’t believe it!!}
{Back in the days of elementary school…}
{Skirt flipping was in vogue.}
{Despite that…}
{I prided myself in…}
{Never having my skirt flipped by anyone!}
(Sfx- Guyuu *shift*)
(Handwritten- try me if you dare.)
Shibaki: Secret move, flat tornado!!
Ah! Pink!!
{Even back then he was able to flip it!!}
{That pervert!!}

{Though why is it…}
{That he doesn’t remember…?}
Dude: Sorry Shiba….
Shibaki: What’s wrong Aoki?
Aoki: I was coming back to return the book I borrowed….
But just now…
The morals committee got me…!!
Dudes: Aokiii!!
Nishino: This is bad Shiba!!
It’s for real! The morals committee group is…
???: What’s the matter Hatayama?!
Hatayama: Just now the morals committee…

Hatayama: The school pool footage I had…
Nishino: They’re even erasing data?!
Dude: What are we gonna do Shiba?!
Nishino: Will my little sister collection be okay?!
Aren’t they aiming specifically for us?!
The first year 3rd class?!
{That damn Inoue….she’s completely gonna wring her targets dry…!!}
Shibaki: Don’t worry guys! I’ll protect your treasures!!
Dudes: We’re dependin’ on you Shiba!!
Shiba’s the man with the plan!!

{Club rooms…Classroom lockers…Gym storehouses…}
{I’m sure Inoue has been looking all over.}
{But those obvious places…}
{Don’t make for good hiding spots…!!}
{Shiba laboratory headquarters…}
{The book and disk library is…}
Shibaki: Here!!

Inoue: Would what you’re looking for…
Be right here?
Shibaki: Inoue!!
Inoue: Hmph. How many years do you think we’ve been in the same class?

Inoue: Say goodbye…
Because it’s off to the incinerator with them.
Shibaki: Wait Inoueee!!
{Now to wipe out my earlier failure…}
{By burning these along with my memories.}
{I certainly remembered something strange earlier..}
{‘Inoue-san has never had her skirt flipped…’}
{‘She’s so lucky.’}
{‘But isn’t it really ‘cause’..}
{‘As a girl…’}
{‘She’s got no appeal at all?’}

(Handwritten- ahahah…)
(Handwritten- You said too much.)
(Handwritten- Man seriously…)
(Handwritten- As a girl she’s gotta be bottom of the barrel.)
(Handwritten- You sure are strong Inoue.)
(Handwritten- Totally not feminine at all.)
Shibaki: Uooooogh!!! Wait Inoue!!
I can’t let their feelings go to waste!!
{I thought those memories were long since at the depths…!!}
Shibaki: Magic activate!!

Rurumo: Kouta!!

Rurumo: Your mother entrusted me with the gym clothes you forgot at home.
Shibaki: …There goes the sense of tension.
Lady: Huh? Where’s the apprentice?
She was just here…
Inoue: Why did you look at my panties?
Why did you do that to me…
If you hadn’t looked then I wouldn’t have to deal with these troublesome memories…
It’s all your fault..
Perverted Shibaki!!
It’s because of you…!!
Shibaki: What’s wrong with Inoue?
Rurumo: Maybe the magic is at fault?
Inoue: Why did you look at my panties?!

Shibaki: Maybe you won’t understand this, but…
Girls panties are…
More gentle than the skies themselves.

Girls: Inoue-san!!
Are you okay? Did something happen?

Girls: Gentler than the sky?
Shibaki: Heeey!!
Awwwright Rurumo!!
Now’s the time to salvage our treasure!!
Rurumo: Gentler thank the sky?
Let me see…

Shibaki: That doesn’t even matter right now dammit!! Use the teleportation magic!!
Rurumo: Understood.
Inoue: Huh? Where did the books go?
Kyouko: Moreover who was the girl in the witch outfit?
Was that cosplay?
Shibaki: I’m baaack.
Dude you really saved me there Rurumo…
Mom: Kouta……
Why do you have all these lewd things……
Rurumo: You didn’t tell me where to teleport them…
Shibaki: Waaaaaah!!
Um…that’s er…
7th spell END.

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