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Translations: One Piece 908 by cnet128 , Gintama 687 (2)

Tenshi-chan to Akuma-kun 6

An overly troublesome world!!

+ posted by Bomber D Rufi as translation on Jun 11, 2014 02:20 | Go to Tenshi-chan to Akuma-kun

-> RTS Page for Tenshi-chan to Akuma-kun 6

Welcome to 'Witches and Angels' June! Every week for this entire month I will translate at least two chapters per week of 'Majimoji Rurumo' and 'Tenshi-chan and Akuma-kun'! Not one, but two chapters each week! That means four chapters of manga each week for the month of June. Gintama will still be released as well as Hitoribocchi no chikyuu shinryaku. Nejimaki and Kiriwo will probably be on hiatus till August however. Either way plenty more Angels and Witches are on their way!

Not reserving for anyone until...

-First chapter is out.
-Schedule for releases has been established.
-Schedule is fairly consistent.

No asking when the next one will be out, ask me for permission before using, no non-English scantlations before an English one is done, and I give preference to those who will check the script for accuracy before scantlating.

Chapter 6: An overly troublesome world!!

Tenshi: Akuma.
Akuma: Tachibana!
Tenshi: Going home?
Akuma: Oh yeah, I am.
Ichiro: Yo! Don’t leave me behind!
Tenshi: Che.

Tenshi: Whatever. You can come too but stay out of our way.
Ichiro: What’s that supposed to mean?! Dude, harsh!
Akuma: Nothing…
Happened today huh?
Tenshi: Hmm?
Ichiro: Seems that way.
{The Prez’s conversation with us this morning…}
???: Name hunting?

Naruse: It’s just as reckless as it sounds.
But I would…
Like you all to take it easy and listen to what I’m about to say.
It appears that there is someone…
Who has plans for ‘students with strange names’ like you and Tenshi-chan. To this end this person is making contact with students who have those aforementioned names.
Ichiro: Yeah I’ve heard of that too.
He’s a third year…
Taguchi Maou.
Akuma: Maou….

Naruse: I don’t know what his objective is…
But it’s certain he’ll come in contact with the two of you eventually.
And strange things happen to people…
Who get involved with him…
So be careful~
Akuma: Right now the one we should be wary of is YOU!
Naruse: Well, I’m off~
Akuma: Huh!? Where!?
Ichiro: Classes are going to begin soon!!
(Handwritten- This is morning!!)
Akuma: Are you going to take this seriously? Or be a pervert?! Choose one dammit!
(Handwritten- Oh right it IS morning!!)

{Strange things…}
{Like what..?}
Akuma: Hm?
Haou: Ah…
(Handwritten- Hang in there Macchan)
Akuma: You’re…!!
Matsuda Haou!!
And his buddies!
Tenshi: Don’t call me sis.
Akuma: What happened?!
Haou: You should watch yourself too boss Akuma…
That guy…

Haou: Maou is…
On the move…
Akuma: Wha…then you’re saying Maou did this?!
Dude: It was horrible man…
In the span of an hour he endlessly…
Went on and on about how having the name ‘Maou’ made him superior to ‘Haou’….
Maou: For one thing, if you peruse the lexicon and look up ‘Haou’ you’d find the definition ‘A ruler who utilizes force to enforce his supremacy over everything.’ Yet you were beaten by Tachibana Tenshi. As such, I as Maou am better than you and so forth….blah blah blah…
(Handwritten- Lexicon?!)
(Handwritten- Stop!!)
{Things just got weird.}
{Why were even his followers affected?}
Haou: S—Sis…
Get him back for me…
You gotta get revenge…
For me..

Tenshi: Who cares?
Haou: S—sis…
{Haou’s point of view.}
Tenshi: Just leave it to me..
Haou: You’re like…
A real angel here…
Tenshi: Don’t call me that.
Ichiro: You’re finishing him off?!
Ichiro: Something’s gotten started now huh…
(Handwritten- This situation..)
(Handwritten- Wait for us Macchaaaan!!)
???: Heheh…quite the ruckus I see…

???: Discord is unnecessary…
For after school tea time.
What is necessary…
Is refinement.
Akuma: There’s a guy here sipping tea in the hallway!!
(Handwritten- He wasn’t even there when we passed by before!!)
Ichiro: Akuma! That’s him!
He’s the guy!

Maou: I am third year student…
Taguchi Maou.
(Handwritten- Your senpai.)
Maou: I take great pleasure…
In your acquaintance herafter.
Akuma: He’s a gentleman!?
Maou: I’ve prepared delicious cookies as well..
If you have a moment, would the two of you please join me.
Tachibana Tenshi-san…
Akuma: Ah!!
Maou: Tanaka Akuma-kun.
Akuma: Eh?! Tachibana?!

Tenshi: It’s not good to waste food. Chewchewchew.
(Handwritten- It’s what my gramps taught me.)
Akuma: Whoooa!! He seems to somehow understand how Tachibana ticks?!
(Handwritten- So fast!)
Akuma: Ngh…
Not much I can do about it….
Ichiro: You’re gonna sit down too?!
Then I guess I’ll…
Maou: Oh my…
There doesn’t appear to be a seat for you.
(Handwritten- I didn’t call for you after all.)
(Sfx- Jiwaaah *dribble*)
Maou: Now then…

Maou: There’s a reason why I had the two of you sit down here with me…
A certain invitation I’d like to extend.
Akuma: Invitation?
More like, this is extremely embarrassing!!
Maou: Yes…
Would the two of you…
Join me….
And enter my Maou army?
Akuma: What the hell is this person saying?! Isn’t he supposed to be a third year?!
Maou: Right now, this world looks upon us with uber fail names as oddities.
I am…

Maou: Of the mind that this entire notion needs to be discredited.
Akuma: We have the same thoughts…?!
Maou: After all, my name is just the coolest isn’t it?!
Akuma: No, we’re nothing alike!!
(Handwritten- What’s with that pose?!)
Maou: My gentlemanly demeanor within school grounds is…
Akuma: So this is gentlemanly demeanor to you?
(Handwritten- This?)
Maou: Is merely the groundwork for spreading the notion that uber fail names are extremely cool.
Akuma: Yeah? Well it’s having the opposite effect buddy.
Maou: And after this notion has spread…
The world will become ‘like this’.

{Case 1}
Girl: I love you,
Great Dragon-senpai!
Great Dragon: I love you too!!
Princess Fairy-chan!
Princess Fairy: Great Dragon-Senpai!!
Great Dragon: Princess Fairy-chan!!
{Case 2}
Dude: Damn. I have to report this to the president of the company or else…
Dude2: Whoa. You haven’t done that yet? Better hustle.
Dude: Excuse me..
Boss: Hm?
Dude: Ah well President Buccellati, could we talk for a moment…?
(Handwritten- This is the 5th time today!)
Buccellati: What? There’s another problem, Director Narancia?
(TN- These are both names of characters in Jojo’s Bizarre adventure.)

Maou: Splendid!
Akuma: That’s one overly troublesome world!!
Maou: I thought to contact the several people who have names like us within the school..
But they are seldom useful enough for my purposes…
Especially Haou-kun. He’s completely useless….without a single shred of a king’s caliber.
Akuma: Don’t let it get to you Haou…
Maou: However you two…
I have a distinct feeling will…
Be rather useful.
So how about it?

Maou: Will you create the notion…
Of a brand new world with me?
{Somehow I get the feeling that this guy is more than a little awkward…}
Maou: Heheh..
{However thinking about the future of uber fail names…}
{Well…even if he does have a point…}
{However a world where uber fail names are a fad is just too weird…}
Akuma: Hm?

Maou: Whoops~
Tenshi: That’s right and…
Don’t call me by my…
First name.
Akuma: You’re doing this now?!
Maou: Heh…
Was the taste of the cookies to your liking?
Tachibana Tenshi-san.
Tenshi: They were delicious.
But don’t call me that.

Maou: From the start…
I didn’t think things would go well.
Akuma: Wha?!

Akuma: He jumped from the window?!
--Though wait a minute!! Why does this even surprise me anymore?!
(Handwritten by Akuma- The guy who survived being punched out of the third floor window.)
(Handwritten- That’s what should be surprising!!)
(Handwritten by Naruse: The girl who jumped from the fourth floor window with no problem.)
(Handwritten by Tenshi- The girl who jumped from a window and climbed up the school walls to get into a window.)
Akuma: Ugh..
Girl: Eh?!
Akuma: From first glance even the way he lands looks intelligent.
Maou: I’ll withdraw…

Maou: For today.
Akuma: Whaaaaaaat?
He might have actually made the jump from the window to the ground…
But he ended up slamming his face into his knee on the landing!! That looks really painful!
{Bulls eye.}
(Handwritten- This ‘Ground embarking’ is how he ended up breaking his front teeth in elementary school allowing them to come in stronger.)
Maou: If you’ll excuse me…
Akuma: But he’s still a gentleman!
For sure this really did…
(Handwritten- Che. He ran away.)
Akuma: Turn into something weird…

Tenshi: Hn~
Akuma: Kuaaah…
Tachibana you’re always so energetic in the mornings.
Tenshi: Huh?
It’s cause I’m looking forward to breakfast obviously.
(Handwritten- Huuh?)
Akuma: Eh?! That’s it? And why are you making it seem like I should have known that?!

Old lady: As always, thank you so much~
Maou: Merely carrying goods is no hassle for me.
{He’s helping an old lady by carrying her stuff? Our students are kind of awesome…}
Akuma: Wait…
Old lady: You’re a life saver.
Maou: I require..
No thanks.
Akuma: Maou?!
Maou: Hm?
Akuma: Dude, I just unintentionally hid from him…
Old lady: Maou-chan, you’re a good man.
Maou: But of course. I must do what I can in order to gain the trust of the general populace.
Old lady: You’re also…difficult to understand from time to time, Maou-chan.

Akuma: He’s actually sort of accommodating huh…?
Kid: Maou!
Maou: Oh…
It’s you lot again.
Kid: C’mon! Let us join your army.
Kid 2: Yeah!
Maou: I don’t have any need for elders who do not speak politely
or young children. In my army. Begone.
Kid: Don’t say stuff like that!
Maou: Fine…
Kid: Ah..
Maou: If you keep up that spirit

Maou: Someday I may recruit you all as my retainers.
Akuma: Uwaaah!! He’s actually a little cool!
(Handwritten- Even though he’s saying some weird stuff!)
Maou: I’ll see you later.
First thing is first…be sure you face your studies.
Kid: Y—yeah..
Um no…
That Maou is so awesome!
Why couldn’t I have gotten a name like ‘Majin’ ?
(TN- Majin means ‘Demon person.’)

{This guy…}
Maou: Greetings Tome-san.
Tome: Hello Maou-chan.
{When he’s not in school…}
Old lady: I’m sorry to trouble you..
Maou: Heheh. No trouble at all.
You there. No playing in the middle of the street.
{He’s actually quite the gentleman isn’t he?}
Kid: Oh! Hey Maou!
{And using this method he actually is steadily gaining the trust of people in town…}
{He’s a hard working guy…}
{No, a hard working demon king!}
{And then there’s me…}

{What am I…}
{Sure it’s trivial…}
{But I actually overlooked something as important as this!!}
{I’m letting myself get too wrapped up in school aren’t I?!}
{Though people mistake him as the school Maou anyway…}
{But Maou is contributing more to the advancement of Uber fail names…}
{Than I am right?!}
Tenshi: A…
(Sfx- Butsu butsu *shake shake*)

{This is bad…if I let this keep up then…}
{He’ll devour my entire identity!!}
{And then the world will end up like this!!}
Princess Fairy: Great Dragon-senpai!
Great Dragon: Princess Fairy-chan!
Narancia: President Buccellati…
Buccellati: Narancia-kun..
Maou: Oh?
You’re Tanaka Akuma-kun…
Tachibana Tenshi-san.
Tenshi: Don’t call me—
Akuma: Maou.

Akuma: Face me in battle Maou!!
{Mental image.}

{On the stakes of deciding which one of us has the best interests of uber fail names in mind!!}

Maou: Oooh?
Tenshi: Akuma?
Akuma: Don’t try to stop me Tachibana…
This is a fight I can’t run away from.
Tenshi: Eh…Okay?
Maou: Heheh…well, well. Originally it was the demon king’s servant the devil who raised the flag of rebellion and overturned him.
This is intriguing…
However I…

Maou: Am the world’s…
Strongest you know?
{Whoa…in just one instant a strange pressure started billowing from behind him…}
Tenshi: Akuma?
{Th—this is….no good…but even if it’s a battle of names between the demon king and the devil that I lose in..}

Akuma: Can you defeat these feelings of miiiiiiiiiiine?!
Tenshi: What is this?!

To Ishizaka Kenta-sensei.
Congratulations on your first volume!! You’ve improved but you’ve still got a long ways to go!! Good luck my pupil!!
Mizukami Satoshi.

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