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Translations: One Piece 907 by cnet128 , Gintama 686 (2)

Majimoji Rurumo 8

Rurumo, captured.

+ posted by Bomber D Rufi as translation on Jun 12, 2014 23:52 | Go to Majimoji Rurumo

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Welcome to 'Witches and Angels' June! Every week for this entire month I will translate at least two chapters per week of 'Majimoji Rurumo' and 'Tenshi-chan and Akuma-kun'! Not one, but two chapters each week! That means four chapters of manga each week for the month of June. Gintama will still be released as well as Hitoribocchi no chikyuu shinryaku. Nejimaki and Kiriwo will probably be on hiatus till August however. Either way plenty more Angels and Witches are on their way!

Not reserving for anyone until...

-First chapter is out.
-Schedule for releases has been established.
-Schedule is fairly consistent.

No asking when the next one will be out, ask me for permission before using, no non-English scantlations before an English one is done, and I give preference to those who will check the script for accuracy before scantlating.

???: Okay listen up….
I’m only going to ask you this one more time and I expect real answers.
Rurumo: Understood.
Officer: What is your name…
And most importantly what is it that you do?
Rurumo: I lost my official name when I was demoted, so now I go by ‘Rurumo’.
I’m 315 years old.

Rurumo: I’m a witch in training.
In order to restore my rights as a full-fledged witch I have come to the surface to study.
Officer: Seriously, can you stop pulling my leg with this nonsense you’ve been saying since earlier?
Rurumo: I’m not pulling your leg.
Officer: Y’see I’m usually a pretty gentle guy, but you’re upsetting me.
Rurumo: Why is that?
And despite your words aren’t you actually crying?
Officer: Chieeeef! Why’d you bring this girl here?!
Chief: She was loitering around late at night…She looks like a middle schooler at best, yet she tells me that she was ‘on her way back from work’, so I figured I should bring her in for her safety?

Rurumo: I haven’t said anything that isn’t true.
Chief: Ah..but perhaps we should contact your family…
So then they can pick you up from here.
Officer: More over…
What’s with the outfit?
{Listen up Rurumo. Up here if you say a certain magic word…}
{You’ll find that everything becomes nice and easy.}
Rurumo: It’s ‘cosplay’.

8th spell: Rurumo, captured.

???: Suuup.
Yeah yeah..
What’s up Shiba?
Hahahahah! Good morning!
Dude: We were talking about how Shiba-kun’s sister has turned into a punk since she got arrested.
Shibaki: I’m a little worried about her since she was late…
Wait she’s not a punk.
Dude: But why did you seem so happy a moment ago?
Dude2: Huh?
Wait, you have a sister?
Shibaki: Heh…
That’s cause when I was running to the police station a miracle happened…
Dude: Bet she’s ugly right?
Dude: Like this?
Shibaki: As I was saying, while running inside a voice called out to me,
And I unexpectedly ran into a femcop.

{He’s talking about a policewoman.}
{Bet she was ugly.}
(Handwritten- ahahaah)
Shibaki: This femcop was….
Hmm like this I think?
Dude: Oooh!?
Dude2: Wow! A cow!
Policewoman: Mm…because you’ve got a cute little sister…
You can’t let her wander around at night alone okay?
However if you do have any problems…
{They’re huge…}

{These are the real deal…}
{They’re a whole level above *Sawashita-san’s!! This is what an adult’s is like…!!}
(Under panel - *The first year with the biggest boobs in school.)
Policewoman: Let me see your phone.
Shibaki: Eh!? An adult….?!
Er nevermind. Here you go.
Policewoman: Just give me a call…
And I’ll…
Listen to any problems you might have.
Shibaki: Eh?!
Rurumo: What’s wrong?
Shibaki: Eh?
Um..er, nothing.
Let’s go home.
Rurumo: You look elated.
Shibaki: Eh? You think so?

Shibaki: And that’s what she said.
{It’s a miracle!!}
{They’re seriously into it.}
Shibaki: It’s gotta be that y’know? She was into me at first glance.
Dude: Shiba…
Shibaki: Maan. You can really encounter happiness in the strangest of places…
Dude: Wait Shiba!!
Shibaki: Eh?
Dude: You are our bud right? Our one and only buddy!!
Whoa…what’s with that contented smile?!

Dude: You could at least let us see the number once Shiba!!
Shibaki: Heheheh…no dice.
(Handwritten- They were literally droopin’ out of that thing y’know.)
Shibaki: Fuahah…I guess I do pity you gents a little…
If you want me to tell you then in exchange…
(Handwritten- Older ones are so nice…)
Rurumo: Ah..
It split in half.

Lady: It didn’t split in half, you broke it!
Just how clumsy are you?!
You actually know that you’re that clumsy?! Then please work harder at it!!
For goodness sake! Can’t you even wash dishes properly?
Rurumo: Yes…
I’m sorry.
Lady: Go sweep the floors!!
Chiro: Seems like a whole lotta trouble to go fer day in and day out.
Rurumo: I can’t help it…it’s my job.
Chiro: Do yer best Rurumo…
Aah….if only you could hurry up and go back to bein’ a witch…

Chiro: Then you could at least repair these plates…
Dude: You’re kidding…
This girl is…
Rurumo: What is it?
Dude: ARE YOU SERIOUS?! Then she’s the one Shibaki was talking about this morning…
You’re his little sister?!
Dude2: She’s actually cute…
Rurumo: It’s the truth.
{Because we set it up to be that way.}

Policewoman: Ah…
So there you are.
Dudes: Uoooh!! What’s with this sense of defeat!?
He’s cheating dammit! He’s got a cute little sister! A c.u.t.e sister!!
Are we the only ones who consider our friendship to be genuine?!
Dude: I have a girlfriend though…
Dude: Whaaaaaat?!
Policewoman: So you really are working.
Chiro: That person from yesterday…
Policewoman: That’s right…
Officer: The one from yesterday…
Policewoman: We came to do some traffic guidance lessons at the school during the fifth period today.
Rurumo: Oh?
Policewoman: Just now…did your kitty talk?

Chiro: Meowww~
Policewoman: Did I hear wrong then? Oh well…
This cafeteria is sure accommodating…so much so that you can bring a pet here and they don’t get upset huh?
Rurumo: It’s nothing major…
{I’m gettin’ a bad feeling from her…}
{She’s probin’ us…}
Policewoman: Though I guess they wouldn’t be upset if he’s quiet and obedient…
As if he…
Understands human speech…
Rurumo: Those seem annoying…

Policewoman: You know I…
Was in the back listening to that exchange you had yesterday…
You were saying to them yesterday was the truth wasn’t it?
Right now I too seem like a normal female cop up until this moment. However now I’m a zealous detective who’s after the truth.
Continuing questioning through the night is bad for the skin so I didn’t pursue it…
I’m quite good at spotting people who are liars or not what they seem.

{If you make big waves, you won’t be able to continue your daily activities like you have up until this point.}
{I’m tellin you this for your own good, cause it’s bound to happen.}
Policewoman: I really think you are a witch…
Your scent isn’t that of a normal little girl.
That’s the aura I sense from you for sure.
(Handwritten- She’s just a kid….even if this is a joke Senpai you’re going too far…)
Officer: Iida-senpai….it’s that time…
Iida: I…
Believe you’ll find what I can tell you about the occult is unexpectedly vast too?
(Handwritten- Let’s go senpai…)
(Handwritten- See you…)
(Handwritten- Later.)
(Handwritten- Scent…)

Rurumo: And that’s what she said.
Shibaki: Seriously?!
Huge boobed…
Came to the school?!
Rurumo: Are you listening?
Chiro: This guy’s totally thinkin’ ‘bout the wrong stuff…

Chiro: This here is a serious situation.
(Handwritten- Dammit! My chance to talk to her again…)
Rurumo: Why?
It doesn’t affect my training if I’m called a witch or my identity is discovered, nor was it a special condition that I remain incognito.
Chiro: Ya may not…
Get tha chance to raise your status to witch…
This is a major problem ya hear?
Yer opponent is a cop.
If she finds out yer a witch…
She’s sure to stand in yer way.
For example when there was a so called witch cited in Saito…
They captured her without sayin’ what the reason was. Even two years later investigations are still bein’ done on her.
Gettin’ captured an restricted means being separated from idiot Shibaki here.

Chiro: The owner of tha tickets and the witch in trainin’ have to be in close proximity to each other…
Or the magic won’t activate.
You ain’t gonna be able to raise your status to a true witch Rurumo!
Rurumo: I’d be separated from him…
Shibaki: Uuuugh…those huge boobies….
Chiro: Are you two listenin!?
Shibaki: Oh, sorry…I kinda spazzed out there.
What were we talking about?
Chiro: Ya spazzed too long dammit!
Shibaki: I see…
Hmm… so when will boobs er, the femcop show up again?
Rurumo: Tomorrow.

Shibaki: Then at night let’s go to the school’s science room..
Chiro: Hey! Did you listen to a thing I said just now?!
Shibaki: Uooh!! I can’t friggin wait till tomorrow!!
I’ll call her up!!
Ahahahaha this is pretty bold!
You’re quite the bold one femcop!!
To meet on the school grounds at night!!

Shibaki: Sorry my hands are full at the moment…you’ll just have to climb in on your own.
Chiro: Aah..that guy’s so dang creepy!!
And an idiot ta boot!

Iida: So you came, little witch..
How about we sit down and have a leisurely talk over tea?
(Handwritten- Have a seat.)
Shibaki: I’m here too~!

Shibaki: Wh…
Why’d you do that?
Iida: The one I have..
Business with is..
No one else.
Rurumo: What is…this?
Iida: The police station implemented a brand new model lie detector,
Last month.
I want the truth.
The last word you said to us when you were there…

Iida: No matter how much I try to wrap my head around it, I just can’t seem to believe it.
Rurumo: It’s ‘cosplay’.
Last year in September at this school there was the discovery of a crater left when something fell.
And then on October 16th there was an accident where an uninhabited airplane fell…
What both of these have in common is the sightings of a little girl wearing black clothes and a black hat.
I have reason to believe that you..
Are related to both of these.
Chiro: Hey! This ain’t the time to be snoozin’!
Wake up!! This is bad!
Iida: Now answer me…
What are those clothes?!

Chiro: Wake up idiot!! We’re seriously in a jam here!! Rurumo is the type of person who can’t lie to save her life!
You gotta use a ticket!!
Shibaki: I want to believe…
In my miracle…
Till the very end…
{His cellphone?!}
Shibaki: But I was fooled….
{This guy’s completely useless!!}

Rurumo: This is…
Iida: That’s a complete and utter lie!
And what does the reading say?! Plus or minus?!
There it is!! Minus!!
Chiro: Uwaaaaaaaaaah!!
Iida: Come on out!

{99+ // The examinee’s answer is the truth.}
Iida: Eh?
Chiro: Eh?
Iida: You’re kidding…
W—what is this?
Rurumo: An apple.
Machine: Plus.
Iida: And this?
Rurumo: A banana.
Machine: Plus.
Iida: And your outfit?!
Rurumo: Cosplay.
Machine: Plus.
Iida: What does this mean?!
This is the newest model!! The data conformance percentage is 99 to 96 percent!!
Then you’re genuinely….
Rurumo: In cosplay.

Chiro: Heh that gal sure likes to apologize huh?
But maaan~ she was apologizin’ all over tha place…seriously..
Though Rurumo I didn’t know ya had it in you to tell such whoppers.
I’m wrong?
Shibaki: That’s right…the time was just perfect since you weren’t there Chiro..
I didn’t want things to get all complicated and stuff….
So yesterday…
After all was said and done, I applied one of these.

Shibaki: I used confidence magic on Rurumo!
So that she’d believe and answer with confidence that she’s cosplaying.
Chiro: Yer unexpectedly awesome huh! Ya did that for Rurumo?!
Shibaki: Don’t use the word ‘unexpectedly’ dammit!
Geez, I seriously thought my miraculous spring had come…
Chiro: Uwah…he’s still a moron…
Rurumo: Thanks….
Iida: Aah…I really thought if I found out that girl was a witch I could get this repaired for sure…
(Handwritten- I’m really bad at driving…)
Iida: What should I tell my superiors…?
8th spell END.

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