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Hitoribocchi no Chikyuu Shinryaku 13

Curtains rise on the blue box culture festival.


-> RTS Page for Hitoribocchi no Chikyuu Shinryaku 13

I wonder of Oogawa-sensei worked at a cafe in high school?...she seems to know a lot about this stuff, and the presentation in the manga seems to suggest more than just asking questions or reading about it. Not that I like drinking coffee anyway. Smells like ass.

Next one out on or around July 1st.

Psylocke scans only.

Chapter 13: Curtains rise on the blue box culture festival.

???: The Yushift class alien that escaped….have you not found it yet?

Ayla: I can’t necessarily help that.
I have to stay close to Ootori Nozomi to observe her, so I don’t have the chance to look for it.
???: The Yushift class are beings without bodies…they are nothingness incarnate.
Finding out the origin of their existence and their current status…
The object to which their spirits are drawn to will appear again without fail. And should that happen it will be reflected in your eyes as well…
Even within all of my children, the ones who have this ‘eye’ to the extent that you do no longer exist…
So continue to do your best…
Ayla: Leave it to me….for the glory of Pol Harpy.

???: What of that boy?
Ayla: Despite the danger he went to fight alongside Ootori Nozomi it seems..
More like the two of them are simply brats! Watching over them is so painful!
Though on that note…
Even so called brats have plenty of room to grow.
Especially Hirosei Kouichi…the power hidden within the heart of the orbelian will require a great deal of caution.
???: The biological weapon of the orbelians desiring it’s fragment was a situation outside of expectations.
It seems that the viewpoint we’ve had up until now has been a slight bit off.
Ayla: At this time it’s still too soon to return.

???: Alexei is growing lonely.
Ayla: I see…
Send my regards to everyone.
???: Of course…
Ayla: It just doesn’t end…
Jii: Your attire is splendid m’lady.

Ayla: We spend every day dancing….is this supposed to be a culture festival or a sports meet?
Tell me Jii.
Jii: A culture festival is where the students display the results of their educational activities.
Even creating these garments is a part of this.
Ayla: Ahh…I see…
You know the thing about school…
They say that ‘It’s good for Europeans to be active’ and things like that…
But this isn’t Europe!
Seriously these Asians are so foolish!!
Jii: I suppose so, but…
You seem to be having fun at school.
Ayla: That’s because I don’t like taking half measures.
If I decide to do something I take it seriously…

Ayla: I’m going to my room…
I’m allowing myself to hesitate and get lost….Should I go ahead and act on this…
Before they act first…?
Today that girl took the various advice that the dance leaders gave her in stride…
However I wonder what kind of finishing touches will be added up until the day of the event?
Jii: M’lady something dropped out of your bag…
This is an important…
Ayla: Ugyaaaah!!

???: Ootori-san, you have great reflexes but you’re not putting your heart into it!
To be honest that’s more important than your movements.
You need to be brighter! As if you’re looking to become popular from this…!
Ah, I missed a stitch…
Ah…I need to be brighter…like I want to be popular…
And have fun…

Nozomi: Hah…
Hi—Hirose-kun is an idiot!!
What’s he mean ‘It’s dangerous here’?!
Isn’t it supposed to be bright, happy fun?!!

{The day of the Culture festival.}
(On sign- Blue box…)
Ryuu: Gramps.
Grandpa: Yup.
Ryuu: What class are they in?
Grandpa: I believe its first year class two right?

Grandpa: Well, well! Isn’t this something.
Ryuu: Don’t get your expectations up too high…
Or you’ll end up regretting it.
Ah! I want to see these! The Radio club, the arts club, the calligraphy club, the literature arts club, the animal club’s fish tank display….
Grandpa: You’re circling them in red?!
Ryuu: Morse code….
Grandpa: What’s that ‘ECC’ thing there?
(TN- I found a ECCS which means ‘Emergency core cooling system’, but otherwise? Nothing.)
(Top left- 2nd year news paper// Earth science club.//Movies)

Ryuu: Huh?
Nagi: Nice to see you made it guys.
Grandpa: Well, well. How’s it going Rat boy?
What’s with the headgear?
(Handwritten- It’s cute ain’t it?)
Nagi: When did you get here?
Ryuu: We just got here.
Ryuu: We took a slight detour to take in the sights but should we have come straight here?
Nagi: Nah, it’s all good. Kouichi’s off somewhere anyway.

Rico: Nyah~
Ryuu: Oh?
Isn’t that Rico?! So he came back?
Nagi: Yup, He just showed up all of a sudden…
He’s our class beckoning cat.
Rico: Nyah!
Ryuu: How’s the refreshment cart looking?
Nagi: It’s in tip top shape!
All right! See you later!
Now to see if I can’t find Kouichi…
I’ve got time while those two look around.

Nagi: Lets split up. Two heads are better than one.
If you find Kouichi come back here and let me know, okay?
Off you go!

Ayla: Ah?
Guy: Hello! We’ve come from Akagi high school.
Are you free right now?
Ayla: Ah…these guys are going to be a pain.
Guy: If you don’t mind could you lead us around the school?
Ayla: Huh..?

Nozomi: Kyah! Oh dear, are you inviting us to hang out with you?
I haven’t the slightest idea of what to do! What about you Ayla-chan?
Guy: How does some tea sound?
Nozomi: Eeeeh? I dunnnooo~
Ayla: Y—you…
Nozomi: Hm? Ayla-chan, you seem out of it?
Guy: You two are so cute~
You’re an overseas exchange student right?
But of course, your sense of styles is awesome!

Ayla: So you're all blind...?
Guy: Eh?
Ayla: So these Asians are all about the outer appearance…
Nozomi: please come to our class stage this afternoon!
We’ll be performing and you should definitely come see~
(Handwritten- I’ll mark it on the pamplets.)
Guys: We’re coming for sure!!
Nozomi: Ciao!
Ayla: I hate men who judge by outer appearance…
Soooooo much!!
(Handwritten- What do you mean, ‘Ciao’?!)

Nozomi: Oh dear…
Kouichi: What was that just now…
Nozomi: Oh if it isn’t little boy Hirose…what did you need with me?
Kouichi: I was wondering what you were up to Senpai and came to see you. Ever since you up and left the other time I haven’t been able to meet up with you….
(Handwritten- little boy?)
Kouichi: So? Were you able to get it done properly?
Nozomi: Properly…?
I’m not so bad off that I need you to worry about me.
How about you Hirose-kun?
You intend on protecting everyone don’t you? How are things on your end? Were you able to take care of things properly?

Kouichi: What? What are you talking about?
Nozomi: You were able to control Rico-kun right?
And then there’s that girl with the glasses…you wanted to protect her so badly right?
Kouichi: I guess I did? Or not?
Nozomi: After all the alien from the other day may very well still be on school grounds y’know?!
Kouichi: Ahh…yeah..
I get what you mean! You’re saying while you fight the alien alone I should protect bystanders like Koga-san from being inv---
(Handwritten- So that’s how it is..!)

Nozomi: Good bye!
Ayla: H—hold on. While it’s not like you said anything wrong per se,
It feels like something is lacking somehow.
Nozomi: Ah…that girl with the glasses….
Uggh…my head hurts…
Ayla: Are you okay?
(Handwritten- Bright…fun…)
Nozomi: I’ll be fine! Ah! Ayla-chan let’s practice a bit!
Ayla: Right before the main event? What on earth are we practicing?
Nozomi: Our smiles.
Ayla: I refuse!

Kouichi: Wh—what did I do?
Rico: Dunno?
Oh! Kouichi! I Found you! Nagi wants you to come back to the classroom!
Kouichi: I see.
By the way Rico it’s been a while…where have you been?
Rico: Well y’know I’ve been locked up in the orbelian’s secret base!
It was really scary…
Kouichi: Scary you say…
Rico: The orbelian would sit up in the middle of the night muttering to herself and staring at those clothes…

Rico: I knew it! That orbelian is really scary!!
(Handwritten- What’s with that human shaped thingy?!)
Kouichi: It’s a marking pin…
Though it looks more like a pincushion to me…
I don’t remember doing anything to upset her….
So why….
Rico: ‘Why is she so mad?’ I’d like to hear that too!
(Handwritten- Yeah..)
Kouichi: It’d be nice if I could just ask her directly…
(Sign- Coffee club.)

Nagi: So you finally decided to show up eh? Kouichi.
What’s the deal? I thought you were going to do my half of the work!
(Handwritten- You work too!)
Kouichi: Well done.
Nagi: You can hand Rico to me though since animals aren’t allowed in the kitchen.
(Handwritten- A mouse?)
Girl: Allrighty! They’re coming!
Nagi: ah! Hold on for a sec!
Get in there Kouichi!
Dude: It’s Kouichi!
We’ve been waiting for you man!

Kouichi: There….seem to be more customers than I anticipated…
Dude: It’s cause Nagi brought a bunch of people with him! We’re so busy!!
Dude2: Sorry Kouichi! We had so many customers that if we didn’t result to using the stuff we’d never be able to keep up.
(Handwritten- My bad.)
Koga: Um…
You have to help out too. We got some good beans so make sure to brew them properly.
Kouichi: Koga-san…
But using the hot water drip takes some time….we won’t be able to keep up with the orders..
Koga: What about this?

Koga: The club sensei let us borrow this. If we use two of these kettles we should be able to keep up.
Kouichi: All right….let’s do it!
Gimmie a hand with this Koga-san.
Girl: Not bad Tokio-chan~
Girl2: Good luck girl~ I’ll help too!
Nagi: I’ve got two orders for iced and hot coffee.
Someone: Got it!

Kouichi: It’s cool if we’ve got a lot brewing.
Just calm down…

Grandpa: Ah this is…
Ryu: Oh…I never would have thought I’d smell this scent at school…
It’s a nice aroma…

Nagi: Thanks for waiting! This is the coffee filled with charm that Kouichi brewed himself!
Grandpa: Mm. It’s delicious.
Nagi: Hold on a sec Ryuu-nii.
I’m pretty awesome at drawing portraits in tea and stuff.
Ryuu: You mean latte art?
(Handwritten- This isn’t tea.)
Ryuu: There’s no milk…wait did you just dump all of that in my coffee?!
Nagi: It’s cool, just relax.
(Handwritten- Mm…so good.)

Kouichi: It’s calmed down a bit.
Dude: Whew…for a bit there I wondered how we were gonna handle it all..
Nagi: Should I call in more customers?
Dude: Hii!
Sorry but I need to rest for a bit longer~!
Nagi: Oh? All right I’m gonna go hang out for a while then.
Let’s go Rico! I’ll give you something good to eat!
(Handwritten- Something good?!)
Kouichi: Koga-san, thanks for everything earlier.

Kouichi: This was all thanks to you.
Koga: Okay.
Kouichi: It’s already this late? Mind if I take a break then?
Guy: Sure, but where are you going?
Kouichi: To the gym! Someone I know should be taking to the stage soon.
But she didn’t even bother to come and call me…
I get the feeling that for some reason she’s mad at me…but I have no idea why.

Koga: I—I’ll come too!
Kouichi: You too Koga-san!
Koga: I’d like to see the stage too.

Kouichi: They’re even using the spotlight? Man they’re going all out huh…
And they’re wearing….the normal uniforms?
As I thought, Ayla-san stands out quite a bit..
(Handwritten- Looks like she’s having a tough time though.)
Kouichi: Ah…
It went out.
Koga: It’s on!

Guy: Whooa!
So they had those on under their uniforms?!
That’s the sixth class for you!! They’re all about the athletics!
More like those outfits look high level and expensive!!
Kouichi: that’s Ayla-san for you…
Dude: Ah! That girl is for me! She’s awesome!
(Handwritten- The clothes look well made too!)

Dude: The girl with the bobbed hair!
Koga: She’s really popular…
Kouichi: She’s so enthusiastic she’s practically dripping in sweat…and what did all of these dudes from other schools come here for exactly?
(Handwritten- Encore! Encore!)
Koga: They would have to come a long way from some of the other high school culture festivals…

Koga: More likely than not they came for her…
???: Ancore!
Koga: He’s been looking at Ootori-senpai the whole time..
{Perhaps he himself hopes to become a person who can counterbalance her…}
Ayla: Kouichi-kun!
{What about you?}

Koga: Will you hear me out for a bit?
Kouichi: Eh?
(Handwritten- A balloon!)
(Handwritten- You can have one of these from our shop for 50 yen)
Bear: Hahaha, the bear gave me this!
Dude: Hahah isn’t that advertising great?
Girl: Hey…
That costumed bear….
Guy: Hm?

Girl: Is a person really in there…
Nozomi: Our stage is still got a long ways to go~!
If won’t let you get off easy if you miss it!

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