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Majimoji Rurumo 9

The time where Sakura flowers bloom.

+ posted by Bomber D Rufi as translation on Jun 15, 2014 17:07 | Go to Majimoji Rurumo

-> RTS Page for Majimoji Rurumo 9

Welcome to 'Witches and Angels' June! Every week for this entire month I will translate at least two chapters per week of 'Majimoji Rurumo' and 'Tenshi-chan and Akuma-kun'! Not one, but two chapters each week! That means four chapters of manga each week for the month of June. Gintama will still be released as well as Hitoribocchi no chikyuu shinryaku. Nejimaki and Kiriwo will probably be on hiatus till August however. Either way plenty more Angels and Witches are on their way!

Not reserving for anyone until...

-First chapter is out.
-Schedule for releases has been established.
-Schedule is fairly consistent.

No asking when the next one will be out, ask me for permission before using, no non-English scantlations before an English one is done, and I give preference to those who will check the script for accuracy before scantlating.

(Handwritten- Not observing the rules of the road is no good ‘kay?)
(Board- Observe your surroundings from left to right.)
(Board {Bottom}- Running across in the middle of traffic is prohibited// cell phone usage is prohibited.)
(Handwritten- OH YEAAAH!)
(Handwritten- Geez…stupid boys.)
(Handwritten- Just what makes that cow any good?)

(Handwritten- Why are the break and acceleration so close to each other I wonder…)
(Handwritten- It makes things so complicated…)

{As the seasons change one is met with the occasion known as spring.}
{While it’s not unusual for one to feel festive at this time of year, not minding one’s physical condition can lead to big problems.}
{Feeling strangely sluggish and sleepy and catching colds…}
Rurumo: So this is a cherry blossom…
Shibaki: Yeah…
Oh right this is your first time cherry blossom watching isn’t it? Look at ‘em flutter down…
{Such things are certainly the fault of Spring.}

Dude: Awesome ain’t it?!
Nishino: Maaaan it’s great to be alive!!
(Headband- Little sisters.)
(Handwritten- Right?)
Dude: Oh? So this is your first time seeing cherry blossoms?
Shibaki: Damn. Just when the mood was really good…
Someone: C’mon Shiba! Let’s fest it up!!
I mean we’ve got Ruru-chan here surrounded by a flower watching rally don’t we?!
Shibaki: Yeah I guess you’ve got a po—wait, who the heck is Ruru?!
Someone: Bring on the booze!
Someone else: Yeah, not happening. No one brought any cause we’re in school.
Someone: But we do have that heheh…
???: It’s still a bit cold.
Rurumo: I’m…
Going to work.

Shibaki: Oh well see—
Hold on…huh?
Hey wait Rurumo..
Rurumo: What?
Shibaki: You look a little off than usual..
That’s….what is this?
Rurumo: What?
{What happeneeeeed?!}
{It’s usually pointed straight up too!!}
Shibaki: Rurumoooo!!
???: Kyaah! Ruru-chan!!

9th spell: The time where Sakura flowers bloom.


Mom: You absolutely have to get some rest okay?
I’ll leave a blanket here so if you get cold go ahead and use it.
Shibaki: Mom, how’s Rurumo’s condition?
Is it a cold?
A fever?
What are things like in there…

Shibaki: Huuh?!
Is it really that bad?!
Mom: ‘I don’t have a cold’ she says…
So I’m going to go to work…..I had to practically stop her by force..
This is so troublesome…besides being prideful she’s also earnest to a fault…
Her fever is only slight but she’s likely to faint.
Oh no! it’s time for work…
Mom: I want you to get to school understand?
There’s no need to worry about Rurumo-chan. I’ll check on her from time to time.
{She’s sick…}
Mom: Ah I know you understand this already but I think I should reinforce it…
Going into Rurumo-chan’s room while I’m not home is absolutely forbidden.
She’s a girl of that age you know…!!
Shibaki: I get it! I get it okay so quit with the evil eye!!
(Handwritten- And the knife!)

{Dang. It was still a bit cold yesterday but I still made her come flower watching with me…}
Nishino: C’mon Shiba!
(Handwritten- During morning break!)
{Heh I get it. Not a bad plan.}
Shibaki: This ain’t the time for me to go to school!
{It’s my responsibility…}
{To nurse her back to health…!}
Shibaki: Hey Rurumo! I’m coming into your room now…
And I’m going to sit with you as you sleep.

Shibaki: But I want to make it clear that I’m not up to anything funny!
So if you’re like hanging bras in there to dry or something don’t worry about it! I won’t pay them any mind!!
I’m serious dammit! I won’t!
I have zero intentions for that stuff…
You’re sick and I’m worried about you from the bottom of my heart!!
So even if your room is a mess I won’t mind it!!
(Handwritten- No~)
(Handwritten- Ah so embarrassing!)
Shibaki: Girls have times like that too right! When they write in their diaries or are taking off their pajamas…
But don’t worry I have no such expectations!!
I’m coming in!


{This isn’t even…}
{slightly feminine!!}
Shibaki: This is my first time being in a girl’s room…
I mean at least there should be one stuffed toy here or something…
{Stuffed toy?}

Rurumo: It’s you…
Shibaki: Ah Rurumo, you’re awake…
Shibaki: What’s with the futon mountain?!
Rurumo: Mama’s orders….
(Handwritten- I can’t move.)
Shibaki: Your worry is a bit misplaced Mom!!
Rurumo: I’m sorry.
Shibaki: Huh? Oh it’s no big deal. Don’t worry about it.
Rurumo: Today magic is off limits.

Shibaki: Cool with me.
I mean it’s not like I had plans to use any tickets today or nothin’.
{I get it.}
{Worse come to worst I guess I could use a ticket to get her back to perfect health, but that looks impossible.}
Rurumo: But I’m fine….
I’m not…
Shibaki: Um, you most certainly are!
Rurumo: It’s just my sense of balance is a little off…

Shibaki: She’s worse off than I thought….
Here. Just take your time with this okay?
I packed it in so it’s still warm.
Can you move?
(Handwritten- Take it easy.)
Shibaki: You need your nutrition…
Her shoulders are shaking a little…?!
Rurumo: ….I’m sorry.
{Whoooaa!! What’s with those cloudy upturned eyes?!}
Shibaki: Ah, it’s cool! Hahah…do you like dried plums?!
Rurumo: What are dried plums?
{Crap, this is bad! Now I’m the one who’s shaking a lot!}
{But for real…Rurumo’s shoulders are so slender…}

Shibaki: Dahough!
Ah? That surprised me…
It fell from above huh…
Rurumo: Sorry.

{Is this a witch’s cold?!}
Rurumo: Sorry…
But now..
I can’t seem to control my magical power.
Shibaki: Ow.
Shibaki: Ah…that’s the earlier…
Rurumo: Be careful..
That’s a human form magical guard doll….Hunter born.

Rurumo: It never allows its target to escape…
Oh craaaaap!!
That was close..
Shibaki: Geez. If it’s so dangerous in here maybe you should put on a helmet or something?
Rurumo: No…
It’s probably better that you run.

Rurumo: Because there’s more than one Hunter born here…
Shibaki: Dowaaaaaah!!
This room is friggin’ dangerous!!
It’s gotta be the most dangerous place on earth right now!!
Rurumo: Hurry…
Get out of this room…
Shibaki: Wait!!
Are you pushing yourself?!

Rurumo: There is a limit to….
How much I can control this volume of magical power…
Shibaki: You idiot! Don’t wreck yourself for my sake!
Rurumo: I can’t anymore…
Shibaki: waaaaaah!!!

Dude: We heard about it Shiba!!
Nishino: Rurumo-chan got sick didn’t she?!
Dude2: That’s why all three of us skipped class and came here to nurse her back to health!
Shibaki: Dowaaah!!
Dude: oowww…
What the hell is this?!
Dolls? And they’re huge!!
Shiba are you into playing with dolls?!
Nishino: Sorry bro…looks like you’re kinda in the middle of something…
Dude: Leaving is sounding really good about now…

Dude: We’ll just leave these here for her.
We’re leaving ‘em to you.
{I’m an idiot!!}
{She doesn’t so emotion so I couldn’t see it!!}
{The reason why nothing was moving when I went into her room…}
{Is because she was holding them back!!}
{That’s why she looked so pained!!}
{And now she’s suddenly showing plenty of emotion….because it’s taken everything she has to keep those dolls from moving…}
{You can’t always put the needs of others over yourself!!}
Shibaki: At least when you’re sick you should think of yourself!!

Shibaki: A stove?!
Rurumo: Why…
Did you come here?
Shibaki: Because you’re sick and it’s my fault!!
Rurumo: I’m not sick…
Shibaki: You’re still saying that?! Well…whatever!!
Don’t you have any means of getting better?!
Medicine….or food?
Rurumo: None.

Rurumo: This is why I can’t use any magic at all.
Shibaki: But you’re in so much pain that you’re sweating!!
And now you’ve become completely immobilized!!
Rurumo: No need to worry…I should be able to use it in about two weeks…
Shibaki: As if we can wait that long!!
You have to use something dammit! Even if it’s flying into the sky or something that’ll do!!
{Ahh dammit! At a time like this Chiro’s not around and I can’t use tickets!!}
{Why’d I have to drag you along to flower watching for frick’s sake?!}
Rurumo: …There’s that method after all…
Shibaki: Eh?
Rurumo: Right now…
I intend to use all of the power I have in one go so I need to concentrate.
Grab on.

Shibaki: Whoooooooooooooooa?!
Rurumo: It was a good idea.

Rurumo: Radai.

Shibaki: What’s with this all of a sudden!?!
Dowaaaah!! !We’re so high up!!
I can’t!! I’m no good with heights!!
Aahh! We’re gonna fall!!
Flying means falling…!!
So. Feeling better?
Rurumo: I’m feeling relieved…
Shibaki: Sorry about um…
Making you come flower watching with me..

Rurumo: In spring….power flows outward which causes a fever to develop.
From grass, roots and flowers…and their buds…the power of life itself..
Tends to interfere with the control of magical power.
Which is why controlling my powers becomes difficult.
It’s an occurrence that’s a part of the changing seasons…
That’s all..
Shibaki: Eh?
It had nothing to do with flower watching?
So…so that’s how it is..
Ah… I see… What?
Rurumo: That was…
Quite fun.

Rurumo: Don’t move around so much…I’m not that good at flying.
{So I went walking in air together with a witch.}
{As unrealistic as this situation is Rurumo’s straightforward gentleness in her enjoyment…}
Shibaki: Don’t pull so hard!
Ah! We’re falling!
Rurumo: Spread your hands like so…
{Certainly had to be the fault of spring.}
Shibaki: So—so heavy…
{Used up all of her power and can’t walk.}
Shibaki: So this is why she asked me to come along too huh….
9th spell END.

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