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Tenshi-chan to Akuma-kun 7


+ posted by Bomber D Rufi as translation on Jun 15, 2014 19:02 | Go to Tenshi-chan to Akuma-kun

-> RTS Page for Tenshi-chan to Akuma-kun 7

Welcome to 'Witches and Angels' June! Every week for this entire month I will translate at least two chapters per week of 'Majimoji Rurumo' and 'Tenshi-chan and Akuma-kun'! Not one, but two chapters each week! That means four chapters of manga each week for the month of June. Gintama will still be released as well as Hitoribocchi no chikyuu shinryaku. Nejimaki and Kiriwo will probably be on hiatus till August however. Either way plenty more Angels and Witches are on their way!

Not reserving for anyone until...

-First chapter is out.
-Schedule for releases has been established.
-Schedule is fairly consistent.

No asking when the next one will be out, ask me for permission before using, no non-English scantlations before an English one is done, and I give preference to those who will check the script for accuracy before scantlating.

{Uber fail names!!}
Chapter 7
{Uber fail names!!}
{That is the existence of names that have…}
Mao: Heheh..
You want a battle…?
{Strange or unusual readings or meanings attached to them.}
{Lately this malevolent practice which illicits only pain and anxiety from youngsters…Has rapidly grown in number.}
Maou: On the stakes of deciding which one of us has the best interests of uber fail names in mind…
You’re the first one who…
{This is…}

{Not a work of fiction!}
{Tanaka Akuma. (Real name.)}
{Tachibana Tenshi (Real name.)}
Chapter 7: Seriously!

Maou: Has ever said that to me, Akuma.
{Taguchi Maou (Real name.)}
(TN- Demon world arc.)

Tenshi: Makai hen?!
{Not really.}
Tenshi: Huh?
What was I…
Akuma: I….
Want to get rid of the prejudice,
That people with uber fail names are as fail on the inside as their name is on the outside.
{Mental image.}
Maou: I…
Want to create a world where uber fail names are the norm.

Akuma: Your ideology is far too extreme!!
Until you arrive at that world of yours….
Do you know how many people like Tachibana and I will be subjected to inquisitive and harsh looks…
And how many victims will be born from it?!
Maou: Heheh..
Great sacrifice is necessary….
For a greater good.
Akuma: Nngh…
So your gentlemanly conduct was all meant for deceiving others…?

Akuma: You really are the demon kiiiiiiiiing!!!
Maou: Fuahahah!!
Tenshi: Akuma’s so tense…!!
It’s weird!!
Akuma: First….
We head to school!!
(Handwritten- It is morning after all.)
Tenshi: Whoa! They’re so diligent!

Ichiro: Hm?
Hey Tachibana-san.
What’s going on?
Tenshi: Akuma is..
Ichiro: Ah…
Yeah he’s been on edge today since this morning…
I got some info that something happened between he and Maou-senpai…maybe that’s what this is about?

Tenshi: He somehow seems different…
Than his usual self.
(Handwritten- He’s got this steely gaze going on…)
Ichiro: Yeah that’s right I guess…
Back when we were in middle school this was pretty much the norm.
(Handwritten- Steely?)
Ichiro: Sure he’s sorta calmed down recently…
But Akuma’s the sort of guy who lets blood rush to his head eaily..
Akuma: As if!!
We’ll tackle it together!
Tenshi: I sorta get it…
Ichiro: In essence he’s the type who hates to lose.
So it’s really likely that when he met Maou-senpai who has a similar ideology as his, that competitive streak in him was lit on fire.
While I think it’s better for him to remain calm,

Ichiro: But it’s that part of Akuma that’s really interesting.
Tenshi: Ain’t it about time you got off your high horse?
(Handwritten- Just because you knew him in the past…)
Ichiro: Eh? Um…sorry!
(Sfx- Chira *glance*)
???: Now…

Maou: Good of you to come…
Ichiro: This guy went as far as packing a tea set and bringing it here too?!
Maou: Now…
Shall we get started?
Akuma: Yeah…
This is a fight with our future on the line…
Naruse: Stop! That’s enough.

Naruse: While things might have gotten a bit odd…
Could you refrain from acting like this on school grounds?
Akuma: Naruse-senpai?
Maou: Oh? If it isn’t the Student council president…
Tenshi: Chiyoko…
Naruse: Thank you for informing me Tenshi-chan…
Now, I’m here to put an end to this ruckus!
Akuma: This has nothing to do with you senpai…
Naruse: It sure does.
I’m the Student council president at this school…
Moreover you’re my friend.
How can I possibly ignore a fight that’s about to occur right before my eyes?
Akuma: Kuh…
Maou: Heheheh…
Well then…

Maou: How about we stop this then?
Akuma: Eaaaaaaaaaaaaaah?!
Maou: Fufu…I’m the type who easily yields to political authority…
(Handwritten- It is everything in this world.)
Akuma: Why are you such a perceptive idiot?!
That’s not even it!! I’m all revved up now!! What am I gonna do with these feelings?!
Naruse: Tenshi-chan informed me that the two of you seem to have a clash of ideals right?
If that’s the case…
(Handwritten- It can’t be helped.)
Naruse: Then have an essay battle or something.
(Handwritten- I’ll even read them, so go ahead.)
Akuma: Dude that’s crude!!
(Handwritten- And it seems like a pain in the ass!)

Akuma: Hey wait a minute!! We’re high school students y’know?!
We’re not gonna write some elementary school like essays about our feelings!
Maou: Heh. As you wish m’lady.
Akuma: Wi---
Naruse(?): Well then Suzuki-kun, could you hand out the pencils and paper?
Ichiro: Eh? Okay!
Naruse: And run with all you’ve got!
Ichiro: Y—yes!
Akuma: Ah fine! If we’re gonna do this then let’s do it right!
Maou: I’ve finished!
Akuma: So fast!
Maou: I thought that brevity would be best in expressing my very complex thoughts to the public.
{He says that he’s about the notion of change…so what kind of essay could Maou possibly have…}
Maou: That’s right…

Naruse: Lets see…
(Handwritten- Someday the public will pre(marked out) pru (marked out) prostrate themselves before their demon king.)
(Handwritten-I Maou sit upon God’s seat.)
Maou: Whoooooat?!
Naruse: Zero points!! Are you seriously a third year?!
Maou: Hmph…so you still do not understand….
My oh my…
Akuma: Th—this guy…without a doubt he’s just a savory idiot!!
More like..
Looking at this thing that I seriously put effort into writing…
Makes me feel like the bigger idiot!!

Naruse: And what of you Tanaka-kun?
Akuma: Ah! I’m good!
Maou: Hm…?
It seems we’ve had quite the unexpected intrusion…it’s actually diminished my interest…
I suppose we should just end it here for today…
Naruse: That would be a life saver. I’ve still got work to do.
Then I’ll be off.
If you have any other problems just call me again Tenshi-chan.
Tenshi: ‘Kay.
Akuma: Tachibana called the Prez…
In order to stop Maou and I?
Maou: as for the two of you…
Our battle might have ended here but if you have the time after this…
Would you like to come to Maou Castle with me?
Akuma: Maou Castle?!

Akuma: This is…
Maou Castle?
(Sign- Tonkotsu steamed ramen Maou Castle.)
Why?! This is a Raman restaurant right?!
It’s all about the ramen!!
Maou: Yes it is….and what of it?
(Handwritten- You’re quite strange…)
Cook: Thanks for waiting…

All: Thanks for the food.
Tenshi: So good…
Akuma: Yeah it’s great…
Maou: Heheh, master here has the best skills in the business….so it goes without saying it’s good.
Master: The praise is what makes the taste extremely good.
(Side text- If you know what I mean.)
{Yeah the noodles are exquisite…and the feel as you chew…}
(Sfx- Mogu mogu *chew chew*)
{It’s like the way it was boiled is saying ‘You can only get this here.’}
{Plus the taste is a slight bit daring…}
{Plus the soup is entwined with a bit of flavor too….i totally feel this..}
(Handwritten- And who am I supposed to be?!)
{I don’t get it…}
{I don’t get this at all…}

Akuma: Thanks for the ramen..
(Side text- and even going as far as paying for it..)
Maou: I don’t need your thanks for something so minor.
By the way a whole day has passed…
Have you become interested in joining my army?
Akuma: What suck timing! I’ll bet he was waiting for this!
I have no intention of joining you.
A word where uber fail names are normal is completely wrong.
I won’t let that world ever come to pass.

Maou: I see…what a pity.
Well then…
From here on in I’ll just ask her directly then..
Tachibana Tenshi-san is this how you feel?
Akuma: Ah…he called her by her name again..
Tachibana….no way, you don’t feel the same way about that kind of world..
Tenshi: Akuma….think about it for a minute.
A world where uber fail names are normal…

Tenshi: There’s no way a world like that will ever happen obviously.

Akuma: But seriously that….from the outset she…
All of my anxiety over the last day…
Has been broken from the very beginning!!
Tenshi: You’ve been acting all weird and tense Akuma.
Maou: Heh..
You sure can talk can’t you Tachibana Tenshi-san.
Tenshi: Shaddup. Don’t call me that.
I have no idea what will happen one hundred years from now and I definitely have no idea of what’ll happen a thousand years from now.
And I really could care less about what’ll happen at that point.

Tenshi: Because I am here….
‘Right now’.
Busybody Akuma is here
It’s here and now…
That Chiyoko who said she loves me is…
And even Ichiro is here now.
Ichiro: Huh?!
Why do I always get treated this way?!
I’m having more fun now than I did when I was alone…

Tenshi: When you make those weird and complicated faces you get boring Akuma.
You’re much more fun when you’re the straight man and making a lot of noise.
What I love most is…
‘here and now’.
As long as I can enjoy my life as much as I can…
That’s good enough.
Akuma: Hahh…
Maou: Heheh…how long will you be able to say such a thing..
Tenshi: I already said…
That I don’t care.
Maou: Uuh…
Akuma: Tachibana…

Akuma: Hit me!!
Tenshi: Huuh?!
Akuma: I let myself get swallowed up by Maou’s actions…
I should have known that a world like his will never happen!
The moment I failed to realize that is when I lost to him!
(Handwritten- That world.)
(Handwritten-President Buracelli// Chief Narancha// Great Dragon Senpai// Princess Fairy-chan.)
Akuma: So hit me!!
Tenshi: You’re not making sense Akuma.

Akuma: My friend noticed that I was thinking unnecessary things but I failed to see it in myself!
If you hit me I can be sure that I won’t sink into those feelings any futher!
So I’m begging you…
Tenshi: Uhiya!


Tenshi: Ah…

Tenshi: A…
Akuma: Now…
That was for the sake of enjoyment now..
Even if it’s only a little…I’ll live to repair…
The prejudice against us..
As for the future…once I grow up a bit I’ll give it more thought.
Thanks to you I’ve realized that’s what I need to do.

Akuma: Thanks a million Tenshi.
Tenshi: Fuwaaah!
Akuma: I’ve also decided now…
That even if you’re going to hit me I’m going to call you by your name.
Tenshi: Fuoahh..
Akuma: Until you get used to it, I’ll do my best Tenshi!
Tenshi: Nkyhouraaah~~
Akuma: What kind of moves are those?
Maou: Heheh..
How exceedingly reckless.
But I suppose I understand.
The roads we transverse seem to be different…
But I won’t lose to the likes of you.

Akuma: Y’know…
I was thinking that it doesn’t have to be this way…
Maou: …What?
Akuma: We ate ramen together….
Drank tea,
Acted like idiots…
So I figured while we were eating ramen together…
That well….maybe…
We could just be normal friends.
Akuma: Stuff like concepts and whatever don’t have to matter….you could just…
Maou: Sorry but my path does not require friendship.
Is what I would like to say…

Maou: But I suppose it’s not a bad thing from time to time.
Tenshi: The cookies you served yesterday were really good…
Maou: If that’s the case I’ll make some more…heheh..
Akuma: Those were handmade?
{As Maou walked off, I couldn’t help but think that from behind he looked a bit lonely.}
{Would he simply fade out into the distance like that?}
{Even though I thought to myself that might be it…}
{A few days later…}

{Of course..}
{That’s not how things worked out.}
Maou: Good morning…
You two…
Maou: Would you like some morning coffee?
I even have French toast…
Tenshi: I’m down.
Akuma: Hey wait!!
Naruse: Hey Tanaka-kun…what’s going on here?
Akuma: Naruse-senpai?! ---Wait you’re asking me!?
Ichiro: Akuma!! Don’t just ignore me!!
Akuma: Whaaa?!
Tenshi: Chew..
Maou: My my, how improper.
{The number of troublesome friends only grows.}

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