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Tenshi-chan to Akuma-kun 8

She’s an odd person.

+ posted by Bomber D Rufi as translation on Jun 17, 2014 23:45 | Go to Tenshi-chan to Akuma-kun

-> RTS Page for Tenshi-chan to Akuma-kun 8

Welcome to 'Witches and Angels' June! Every week for this entire month I will translate at least two chapters per week of 'Majimoji Rurumo' and 'Tenshi-chan and Akuma-kun'! Not one, but two chapters each week! That means four chapters of manga each week for the month of June. Gintama will still be released as well as Hitoribocchi no chikyuu shinryaku. Nejimaki and Kiriwo will probably be on hiatus till August however. Either way plenty more Angels and Witches are on their way!

Not reserving for anyone until...

-First chapter is out.
-Schedule for releases has been established.
-Schedule is fairly consistent.

No asking when the next one will be out, ask me for permission before using, no non-English scantlations before an English one is done, and I give preference to those who will check the script for accuracy before scantlating.

(Top text- Angel, Devil and Demon king meeting….// Mystery tea party?!)
(Box- Today’s Tenshi…)
Akuma: Once again…
Chapter 8
Akuma: They just write whatever….
Ichiro: Looks like you’re in the news again huh?
Akuma: Moreover what the heck?! There’s a ‘Today’s Tenshi’ corner now too!!
Tenshi: My name…
Akuma: Ungh!
Ichiro: The level of fail in your general direction is rising huh?
???: They’re reading…
The article…

???: That I wrote…!!
Akuma: Lets go.
Tenshi: ‘Kay.
???: Ah…
They’re moving..
I have to keep close or I’ll lose sight of them…
Stay glued to them!

Chapter 8: She’s an odd person.
(TN- While the rest are in English, Ichiro’s ‘aho’ means idiot.)

(Sign- The wall newspaper club.)
(Hanging signs- Secret meeting underway//Protection of secret information.)
Mask: Agent Nakai Eiko-kun..
Eiko: Y—
Mask: I am about to bestow upon you a special mission.
That is…
Secretly following and getting information on Tachibana Tenshi!
(On paper- Target.)
Tenshi: Kill.

Eiko: M—me?!
Mask: But of course. Your information gathering prowess in regards to ‘Tachibana Tenshi’ are superb.
Eiko: That’s because her name interests me…
Mask: In any case.
This is a tough mission…
However people crave…
The risky…
The perilous…
And the dangerous.
They seek this out…
And it is our responsibility to give them what they ask for.
Eiko: But they all are basically ‘dangerous’!
I---I get it…as a member of the Wall newspaper I’ll do my best…
Mask: I’m expecting much from you Eiko-kun.
Eiko: B—by the way Chief…
How long do we have to wear these masks….
(Handwritten- They’re embarrassing…)
(Handwritten- Come now Eiko-kun..)
Mask: Eiko-kun I’ve been over this with you…
If our identities are found out then despite our wariness we become targets too.

Mask: Even if it means hiding our identities from fellow club members then it must be done to avoid the possibility of being exposed.
This is essential for smoothly getting our scoops.
Teacher: Hey, Nishiyama! I know you’re the chief of the Wall newspaper club, but you need to put notes out!
Well, just make sure that you take care of class 2-D on your own later.
Nishiyama: NO SENSEI NOOOO!!
Eiko: He was immediately found out!!
For the sake of the chief who had his identity exposed…
I, Nakai Eiko have to do my very best.
She’s already started some trouble?
???: Uwaaah!!
Tenshi’s here!
Hey wait…

Eiko: Hiiiyaaaaaaah!!
Students: Uwaaaah!! She got Oogoshi!!
Retreat!! Retreaaat!!!
Tenshi: Don’t…
Call me..
By my…
First name.
Eiko: Oh no! The target is closing in on my location!!
At a time like this I should…

Eiko: I have to bring about an atmosphere of…
Having no connection to her despite my interest!
This is an exquisite skill that I have mastered as an introvert…’The wanting to be involved with others but not getting involved with them’.
Girl: So what do you want to do today?
Girl: Hm~
Eiko: Well…it is basically who I am!
My deception was perfect!
Akuma: Hey…
Eiko: It’s with this technique that I’ve been able to observe Tachibana Tenshi without causing her any sense of discomfort!
I’m prideful of my consideration!
(Handwritten- I don’t need to cry though.)
{Mini Game: She’s casually been in the earlier chapters quite frequently! Go pick up a copy of volume one which is currently on sale and have a look for her!}
Akuma: Hey Tenshi!

Akuma: Seriously!! What the heck is wrong with you!?
(Handwritten- I finally caught her!!)
(Handwritten- You idiioooott!)
Tenshi: Wahooohh fuuoouhhhh
Eiko: Tanaka Akuma came as well…
Akuma: It wasn’t long before that you said..
‘As long as I can enjoy my life as much as I can That’s good enough.’ With a happy expression on your face!
Yet you refuse to acknowledge no matter how many times I tell you that hitting people is meaningless!! Why?!
Tenshi: That’s one thing, this is another.
Akuma: Why you flip-flopping savant!!
Eiko: Since they became involved with one another, I feel like Tachibana Tenshi has become a mite bit obedient…I wonder what happened?
Moreover he’s able to call her by her first name..
(Side text- And he doesn’t get smacked.)
(Handwritten- I’m beggin’ ya to stop!)
Eiko: First name…
(Phone- When he holds Tachibana Tenshi up she becomes obedient…)

Eiko: Tanaka Akuma has an uber fail name…
The two of them and myself…
Naruse: What is this? More trouble?
Eiko: Th—that’s..
Naruse: What are you doing Tanaka-kun?
Akuma: Huh?! You’re just coming after me?!
Eiko: Naruse-san…she’s a second year just like me, but we’re worlds apart…
She’s strong and refined…I look up to her.
Regarding that, they even seem to be on good terms with the student council president, Naruse-san.
Naruse: Let me hold Tenshi-chan for a moment.
Akuma: Huh!? What did you come here for?!
Eiko: They’re a little far so I can’t quite hear their conversation…
{Tachibana Tenshi…}
Tenshi: Chiyoko.

{Just what are you…?}
Akuma: Later.
Tenshi: ‘Kay.
Eiko: She’s separated from Tanaka Akuma and is alone now..
Here’s my chance!
The dangerous parts of Tachibana Tenshi that no one knows about…
I’ll see this through and get them all!

Eiko: She’s playing on swings in the park?
(Handwritten- And she looks like an elementary schooler..)
Kids: Uoooh!!
That’s the master!! The legendary master of the park!!
(Handwritten- A—amazing!! She’s become a legendary master in elementary school park theory?!)
Eiko: Tachibana Tenshi is amazing! Wait…what’s a park master anyway?!

(Handwritten- Master!)
(Handwritten- Master!)
(Handwritten- Man oh man.)
(Handwritten- She’s a legend!)
Kid: We have to make sure it’s perfect, okay?
Kid2: Okay.
Eiko: What is it this time?
(Sfx- Shiroooooooh *castleeeeeee*)
(Handwritten- This is amazing big sis!)
Eiko: Uwaaaaaaaaaah!! So a park master can do something this incrediibllllllle?!
Tachibana Tenshi is unexpectedly talented in park exhibition…
(Side text- I’ll take a memo.)
Eiko: Aaah…
Girls: Ah..
Kid: Boom!
Mahahaah! Imma monster!
Girls: Waaah!
Kid: Mahaahah! Roaaaar!

Kid: I’m sowwy.
(In sand- Crime and punishment.)
Eiko: She buried an elementary school child in saaaaaand!!
Tenshi: Destruction only gives birth to sadness.
Eiko: And then she utters a line that’s completely out of character!!

(Handwritten- Dingdingdingding It is now five thirty. Good kids should go home.)
Tenshi: Hear that? Get moving.
(Handwritten- Okaaaay~!)
Eiko: She’s surprisingly…
Caring to others?
(Handwritten- Eh? You’re going to leave me here?)
(Handwritten- Shoo.)
(Handwritten- See you again!)
Eiko: Or…could it be they’re just closer to her mental age I wonder…?
(Sfx- Gyuuuuuu *rrrrrmmmmble*)
Eiko: Where’s she going next?
(Handwritten- I wonder.)

(Sign loop on top- We’re always at your side)
(Sign- Sun Kamata Shopping district.)
Eiko: A shopping district?
So she’s here to buy something?
Dude: If it isn’t Tenshi-chan!
Been a whoooorgh.
Eiko: Kyaaaaah!!
(Handwritten- There are even victims outside of school?!)
Tenshi: I’ve told you before not to call me by my first name.
Dude: Ahahaah…that awesome swing of yours…
Never changes.

Dude: Here you go. Eat up.
Tenshi: Thanks.
Cook: Hm? Whoa!?
Ten-chan came!
Cook: Hey greengrocer! Quit hogging her to yourself!
Greengrocer: Huh? I wasn’t trying to do that!
Eiko: Wh—what is this?
???: Ah! It’s Ten-chan!
Eh? She’s here?
{This atmosphere is…}
Greengrocer: Hey…
Cook: Ten-chan c’mon over and eat my newest creation.
Tenshi: Sure.
Dude: And my side dish!
Eiko: I have to get closer…
Lady: Hm?

Lady: That’s the same school uniform as Ten-chan…
Are you Ten-chan’s friend? What a rare sight indeed!
Eiko: Eh?!
Oh no, they saw me…
I have to say something quick or…
Eiko: Um…Uh..
Why are they so close to her?
Lady: Hm? Oh Well you see, Ten-chan is..
A sort of jinx….
Whatever shop she goes to and whatever she eats there and calls tasty becomes the newest fad.
Cook: Oooh!!
Eiko: Eeh?
Lady: And whenever she comes by it always becomes a big ruckus like this..
Lady: What’s with that crowd?
Lady2: A special sale?
Lady: Even the customers come to have a look.

Lady: Though to be frank…the truth of the matter is,
That everyone comes here and has a good time.
Eiko: I—I see…so that’s how it is…
Lady: Ten-chan has her points where she can get a little rowdy but even in the past once people got to know her, they couldn’t help but be charmed.
There are times where it looks like she’s half hiding her embarrassment too.
Eiko: A—ah…
Lady: Here you go. Have a croquet to eat.
(Side- A freebie.)
Eiko: Eh? Ah…um…thank you.
Lady: I hope you can keep an eye on Ten-chan from now on.
Eiko: It’s…really…

Eiko: Tachibana Tenshi is…
Not just a weird and violent person it seems…
{Though from the beginning I wasn’t interested in her…}
{Because of her violent tendencies…}
{But her ‘name’…}
Eiko: Hm?
What’s underneath that bridge…?

{Could it be…}
Tenshi: Here.
{Yeah…I can imagine it being something like this.}
Eiko: I’ll just have a peek at her…
And then this complete coverage will be a wrap.
Eiko: What’s that sound?

(Side- For realll)
Eiko: I knew it! Tachibana Tenshi really is dangerous!!
I should run…
Tenshi: Who’s there?
(Sfx- Gah *grab*)
Eiko: Eh?

Eiko: No way….I can’t swi—
???: Didjya hear? The transfer student…
Has an uber fail name!
And they’re totally bad news!
They’ve probably got a name like ‘Tachibana Tenshi’ I’ll bet.
Uwah! And what if she’s like hideous too? That’d be tragic! (Lol).
Let’s go have a look huh?
Eiko: I am…

Eiko: Nakai Eiko…
Is my name.
Because it’s my name…
I want to say in addition that it’s not a lie.
{It hurts too much.}
{After all the truth is…}
Eiko: ….Eh?

Tenshi: Are you okay?

Eiko: I…Uh…
{….Was saved.}
{From the river?}
Eiko: Ah…um..
Eeeeeeh?! She’s going swimming?!

{It’s something…}
{Completely different isn’t it?}
Eiko: Um…
My name…
It’s really…
Supposed to be read….
Nakai Kagetora…!
Tenshi: Really?
Since we both have names like this…
We’ve had all kinds of hardships, right?
(TN- Kagetora means ‘Shadow tiger’. )

Tenshi: That doesn’t matter really.
{I’ve been hiding my real name from everyone…including my friends and living a life sneaking around the truth.}
{But Tachibana Tenshi even with hers is still…}
(TN- Why is a tank there?)

{Has been living her life openly…}
{‘That really doesn’t matter’}
{Maybe right now I can’t be like her, but someday….}
Kagetora: Heh….
(Handwritten- That looks fun.)
{I wonder if we’ll be able to swim together…}

Kagetora: She’s an odd person.
(Top text- Tachibana Tenshi is at it again!)
(Side text- She buried an elementary school student!)
Akuma: Wait a minuuuuute!!
What the hell is this, seriously?!
(Sfx- Zuzuhhh *blush*)
Ichiro: You’d better not let them off easy Tachibana-san…
Tenshi: He busted up my castle.
Akuma: Castle…
Whaaaa?! Are you some sorta princess?!
(Handwritten- And what’s wrong with you? Do you have a cold?)
Ichiro: Huh? Hey wait a minute…it sorta has a different vibe than usual…
Tachibana Tenchi saved…

Ichiro: One of our school’s female students from drowning in a river…
The female student who was saved…
Saw a side of Tachibana-san that both surprised and pleased her.
She’d like to say ‘thank you’.
(TN- The paper says what he’s reading for you scantlators.)
Akuma: Tenshi…you’re kind of great.
Tenshi: My name…
Ichiro: And this could even relate to you dissolving that prejudice against you!
Akuma: Ah…Ichiro you said Tenshi just now..
Ichiro: Eh? Well I ungh!!
Akuma: Hey. Stop that.

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