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Majimoji Rurumo 10

Welcome to our club little sheep.

+ posted by Bomber D Rufi as translation on Jun 19, 2014 23:15 | Go to Majimoji Rurumo

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Welcome to 'Witches and Angels' June! Every week for this entire month I will translate at least two chapters per week of 'Majimoji Rurumo' and 'Tenshi-chan and Akuma-kun'! Not one, but two chapters each week! That means four chapters of manga each week for the month of June. Gintama will still be released as well as Hitoribocchi no chikyuu shinryaku. Nejimaki and Kiriwo will probably be on hiatus till August however. Either way plenty more Angels and Witches are on their way!

Not reserving for anyone until...

-First chapter is out.
-Schedule for releases has been established.
-Schedule is fairly consistent.

No asking when the next one will be out, ask me for permission before using, no non-English scantlations before an English one is done, and I give preference to those who will check the script for accuracy before scantlating.

Shibaki: Girls!!
The new spring students!!
Chiro: Yer disgustin.
Shibaki: The upper classmen and the under classmen begin friendly relationships through club activity!
This is probably the only time I’m actually happy I joined this lame club…
Come on over to the FHK!!
It’s a circle of happiness and intrigue! Summer is tennis! Fall is skiing! It’s a school club that’s fun for everyone!
(Background sign- Enjoyable school campus)
(Background sign- Gentle senpai.)
(Shibaki’s sash- Leave your heart with our club)
(Shibaki’s headband- Girls welcoming reception.)
(Sign on table- Limited edition goods for those who join now.)
Dude: H—hey Shibaki!! You’re totally misrepresenting what our club does!!
Uwah!! My precious collection!!
(Handwritten- Kyaha!)

Shibaki: Geez…it’s April, and before you know it it’ll be May.
I should have had a look at those pamphlets being handed out…
Before the entrance ceremony!!
(Side- Damn you Inoue!!)
(Paper- Beware of Perverted Shibaki!!)
Shibaki: There are delectable little sheep right before my eyes…right in my reach….but all I can do is watch over them!!
I can’t approach a single one!!
It’s over….my fun filled school club activities as of this day are over…
Guy: I’ve got some good news for you then Shibaraku.

Guy: An applicant for our club…
Approached me today.
If certain conditions were met…
I told them that they could join us.
{Eh? S—seriously? At a time like this?!}
Guy: Could you wait for their entrance before going?
{Is it a girl? Or a guy?!}
(Sfx- Gachaa *clack*)
Girl: I’m 1st class 1st year Kujirai Tanako.
Pleased to meet you.

10th spell: Welcome to our club little sheep.

(TN- Shibaki’s uniform reads ‘Joshi paradise’ which means ‘Girls paradise.’
Shibaki: Dude! This isn’t just about her being a girl or guy!!
This is Kujirai-san!! THE Kujirai-san!!
Guy: What’s this? Do you know her Shibaraku?
Shibaki: Me, Nishino and the smiling type guy with a cute face Sakurai made this..
(Bubble- Nishino//Smiling type guy Sakurai.)
(Handwritten- I gathered the info!)
Shibaki: This is a ranking of the cutest girls in the first year class….!

Shibaki: And she’s number one…
By a huuuge margin!!
Dude: I have no idea what you’re talking about.
Shibaki: Kujirai Tanako…15 years old, brilliant grades, a brilliant mind, great at sports and is upper class at piano and calligraphy.
She’s kind, upbeat and….
Whoa! According to my data she just joined the basket ball club?!
Dude: She apparently quit.
{It wasn’t in the data but…}
Shibaki: So you love the mysterious?!
So much that you’d quit one club to join ours?!
Tanako: Y—
Yes…I love it.

Dude: I’m Tokoda, nice to meet you.
Fukusuke: I’m Fukusuke…
Want some meat?
(Sign- Grand reception.)
(Handwritten- Weeeelllcome!)
Shibaki: Y’know, the truth is I love the mysterious, enigmatic and weird myself…
What are you into? UFO’s?
Tanako: Senpai….you’re Pervert Shibaki (this is in bold) aren’t you?
Shibaki: Oh yes. I’m Pervert…
Tanako: You look much kinder in real life. A photo doesn’t do it justice.
Shibaki: …Kind?
Tanako: Yup.
Shibaki: Uoooh?! You serious?!
Tanako: Yup! Very serious! Teehee.
Shibaki: Senpaaaai!! She’s so nice isn’t she?! Good job finding her Senpaaaai!!
Dude: Don’t let her looks fool you.
Shibaki: Eh?
Dude: Yes…

Tanako: I love the mysterious….
Why you ask? It’s because…
I’m a magic user!!
{What the hell is she saying?! When’d a magical girl show up?!}

Tanako: If you want proof of my magical ability, just follow me to the roof!
Shibaki: W—well wait.
This data is..
Dude: Shibaraku…
Her conditions for joining were…
For us to acknowledge her as a magical girl.
{Acknowlege? You mean to believe she can use magic? To acknowledge this is..}
{I mean dude, I live with Rurumo who’s the real deal….}
{No! I have to abandon that train of thought! I can’t think too hard about this!! I finally have a sheep in the palm of my hand!}
(Handwritten- And she’s cute!)
{It’s a friggin miracle that a girl joined the FHK! There probably won’t be another chick in this club like ever!}
{So Imma just hang up the straight man act!}
{Gorgeous days are ahead….}
{A girl has joined our club!!}

Tanako: It’s a bit dangerous…
So stay behind me please.
Rarurararaa Movement raruuna!
Fukusuke: Movement?
Takota: She has to move that thing from the right box to the left one.
Shibaki: Raruuna? Does that mean anything? Or is it just for magic effet?
Tanako: Rarurarararura!
Shibaki: Can she do this spell?
Guys: Uuuh!

Guys: Uooooooh!! It’s as if there’s some sorta glue stuck on that thing!! She’s gonna move it like that?!
Shibaki: It’s bending!! The stick is bending like pole!!
Ah…the glue seems to be stuck…it won’t come off.
Tanako: Ah!
Raruuna of destruction…
Is a complete success!
{This chick actually pulled off a feat of strength?!}

Dudes: What just happened?!
{What just happened you ask…?}
Shibaki: Seems like your magic ran a little wild towards the end there huh?
Tanako: Ah! That’s right!
Dude: Shibaki’s putting his heart into it!
Shibaki: Listen up. You guys don’t say anything stupid, okay?
(Handwritten- Next up is my magical…)
(Handwritten- Floating Raruuna!)
Shibaki: She’s a sheep. A little sheep.
Dude: I can see the string…
Someone: Eh?
Shibaki: With sheep around you have wool.
During the cold months of every year you needn’t worry about getting cold with them around.
Moreover sheep…

Shibaki: Flock together.
With their friends.
If she’s here…
Her friends will come for sure.
(Handwritten- Sorry to bother you…)
(Handwritten- These are my friends.)
(Handwritten- Ahahah…please have some snacks.)
Shibaki: What’s important isn’t this moment now…
Guy: You’re hotblooded Shibaraku.
Shibaki: But what the future will bring!
I’ll take care of things here, but I’ll need you guys to help me!
That floating magic was incredible! How’d you do it? I can’t wait to see what kind of magic you have in store next~
Tanako: Okay!!
???: Magic?
What I just saw wasn’t magic at all.
{Che…! Someone else is here?!}
{Who is it?!}

Rurumo: You should know that best…
{Uoooooh!! The genuine article!!}
Guy: Uooooooh!! You’re the prodigy girl aren’t you?!
Rurumo: No.
{I didn’t even say anything yet…}
Tokota: Chief!!
Shibaki: More like what are you even doing here, and what’s with your outfit and the stick?
Rurumo: I am…

Rurumo: Minding the dirty cafeteria table cloths….
{Heeeeey!!! Aren’t you supposed to be a witch?!}
Rurumo: I was about to leave.
Tanako: Senpai...she is…
Shibaki: Eh?
Oh she works in the cafeteria and….
She’s a cosplayer!
(Handwritten- What?)
Tanako: I know her…she’s the cafeteria worker in training; Rurumo-san..
Shibaki: Oh that’s good. She’s just…um, acting out some sort of character so you don’t need to worry about her.
Rurumo: I’m not some sort of character.
Tanako: I already know!
Because i’ve seen it all..

Tanako: I’ve been watching her…
I’ve always been watching her….
(Handwritten- Hang on!)
Tanako: Let’s have a showdown!!
To determine which of us is genuinely a magic user!
I want to settle this…
Between you and i!
Rurumo: Why?

Tanako: Because it’s a magical girl showdown!
Shibaki: I get it now…!!
It’s all about Rurumo! She wanted to take Rurumo down as a ‘Magic user’…!!
That’s why…
You asked to join the FHK isn’t it?
Tanako: Eh?
Shibaki: There’s someone in this club…
That you like.
Tanako: Ah…no…
I saw him during the school entrance ceremony at one of the club information desks…

Tanako: My head became so cloudy…
He’s so awesome…!!
(Handwritten- Why is no one coming?!)
Tanako: But I couldn’t gather the guts to face him…
So I wanted him to acknowledge me…
I’ve said too much! I’m sorry…
I—I’ve got to go.
Shibaki: Heh…
{I can’t believe I didn’t notice this as a guy…}
Shibaki: Heheh…
{I thought it was because I had the calamitous disposition to being ignored by the fairer sex…}
Shibaki: Fuaahahaahah!!
But now I understand…
This gentleness I’m feeling is the real thing!!

Shibaki: Hahahaahahah!! I’ve gone up to the next stage!!
It’s fast but I’ve jumped to the next stage of manhood!!
Rurumo: Ooh, that’s high up.
Shibaki: Ahaahahahaahahah!!
Let me take care of you there Mother!
Mom: Oh my! What’s with this all of a sudden?!
Shibaki: Ahahaahahaahah!!
(Sfx- Ahahahaahah)
(Sfx- Guuhh *Snorrre*)
{The next day.}

Shibaki: Wait, you’re actually going to have this showdown?!
And why the heck are you here Senpai?!
Guy: To see the prodigy girl at work.
Shibaki: Dude, please just go away!
Tanako: We’ll make it clear what’s black and white here!!
First we’ll have a battle of magical movement!
Without using our hands we’ll move all of these balls! Whomever can move them under these rules wins!!
Rurumo: That’s magic?
Shibaki: Just let it go.
Tanako: There are just two left! With this I’ll be the one who sits upon the throne of magic users at the school!
Rurumo: No helping it then…

Rurumo: Chiro.
Chiro: No helpin’ it indeed.
Tanako: Kyaah! A complete reversal!!
Tanako: You can control a black cat?!
T—then the next one is making this float!!
Rurumo: It’s floating?
Tanako: Kyaah!! It is!! In the water….she’s surprisingly clever!
(Handwritten- I wish I were a rock…)
Shibaki: How about we call it a wrap here…
{If that’s how it is…}
Tanako: Let’s end it in a final magical burst!
???: Huh?!

Tanako: Using magic to…
Walk in midair!!
Shibaki: What the hell are you doing?! That’s not magic!! Get down from there!
Tanako: W—well?! Can you do this..?
Rurumo: I can’t.
Shibaki(?): Hey Kujirai-chan!!

{Look at me Senpai….}
{I’m here…You shouldn’t always have your eye on that magical girl who never says anything.}
Shibaki: I get it okay?! I understand your feelings loud and clear!
You don’t need to fight with her anymore!!
She’s my little sister!!
Rurumo is my sistser!!
(Sfx- Zuruhh *sift*)

Tanako: Kyaaaah!!
Shibaki: Tanako-chan!!
Dammittt!!! Rurumo!!
Hey Senpai, lookit…I see an UMA.
Guy: Eh? Where?

Shibaki: Activate!!
Rurumo: Baltos
{Eh…..I was saved?}

{Someone saved me…}
{Could it have been her…?}
Shibaki: Tanako-chan!
Guy: Where’s the UMA…?
{I knew it!}
{Was that real magic? No…maybe a psychic ability?}
{After all you…}
Tanako: Senpai!
I love you!!
Shibaki: Ahahaahahah!!
That’s right, jump into my arms!

{Love the mysterious!!}
Tanako: Thank you so much!
Dude: What’s with this you persistent woman…
Tanako: It’s just…even though I sent letters I could never see you face to face…
Dude: It’s because I’m not interested.
(Handwritten- Are you okay?)
Shibaki: Huh? There’s darkness clouding up my vision…
Tanako: I’ve got some tea for you senpai!
Dude: What’s with those clothes?!
Tanako: I’m boldly being an esper!
Dude: What’s wrong Shiba?
Shibaki: One sheep….two sheep….
Dude: I’ve said it before that your image is all wrong!!
{And the Shibaki-like sheep completion project…..failed.}
10th spell END.

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