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Majimoji Rurumo 11

Jiken of June rain.

+ posted by Bomber D Rufi as translation on Jun 22, 2014 19:59 | Go to Majimoji Rurumo

-> RTS Page for Majimoji Rurumo 11

Welcome to 'Witches and Angels' June! Every week for this entire month I will translate at least two chapters per week of 'Majimoji Rurumo' and 'Tenshi-chan and Akuma-kun'! Not one, but two chapters each week! That means four chapters of manga each week for the month of June. Gintama will still be released as well as Hitoribocchi no chikyuu shinryaku. Nejimaki and Kiriwo will probably be on hiatus till August however. Either way plenty more Angels and Witches are on their way!

Not reserving for anyone until...

-First chapter is out.
-Schedule for releases has been established.
-Schedule is fairly consistent.

No asking when the next one will be out, ask me for permission before using, no non-English scantlations before an English one is done, and I give preference to those who will check the script for accuracy before scantlating.

(TN- Once again, Joshi means girls.)
The ones who borrow this note are not to reveal what is written inside of it.
This note ranks the cuteness level of the new first years.
This note’s existence shall remain a secret to everyone other than boys. The borrower must protect this book from the morals committee and must never be left in a place they may find it so that they do not discover what is written inside and dispose of it by fire.

Shibaki: Magical tickets!! As long as I have these…
There’s nothing I can’t do!!
Chiro: That’s right! So go on usin’ ‘em!!
‘Till the end of yer life!!
Chiro: Well…
I guess if yer seriously facin’ this then I can grant ya one wish….but only one.
Shibaki: Haaaah…
But I can’t possibly entrust something like this to Chiro…
Not Chiro…nope.
Now Rurumo is a different story…
But Chiro…
Chiro: Whats with that?!
Quit yer bellyachin’ and bein’ roundabout!
If yer a man say what you want straight out!!

Shibaki: Well ya see when I was coming back from school….
Whhooooaa!! This is…
The adult pinups July issue!! Why is something like this here?!
{And below that one is the June issue…}
{Is this a prank from God? Or is this a reward for my everyday habits..?!}
Shibaki: I gratefully accept!!

Shibaki: Uuuuh…
What’s with those piercing stares?!
Girls!! I sense girls!! And those piercing stares….are filled with anxiousness….they’re new students!!
{Ho crap. I’ve gone from paradise to predicament in a hurry!! This is the worst kind of situation to be in!!}
{What am I gonna do if they see me picking up this porn?!}
{If I select the wrong way to deal with this situation, then I’ll gain a nick name that’ll spread like wildfire with the new students!!}
{Mr. Porno pickup!!}
{They’re looking…}
{They’re totally looking at me…!!}
{I’m deadlocked!! I have to think of a plan….anything!!}
{There’s gotta be a way….}
(Sfx- Goso goso *shfft shift*)


11th spell: Jiken of June rain.

Shibaki: Oooh you cute, cute kitties!!
You don’t have a place to go to huh?! Then by all means come home to my warm, warm abode!
I don’t have any problem looking after all three of you kitties!
Girls: I was mistaken about him…
He’s a surprisingly good person….
Shibaki: I got through iiiiiiiiitt!!!
I’m a genius!
Shibaki: And that’s how it happened.
Chiro: Yer reason is as stupid as you are!!
Shibaki: So the outcome was better than I expected so I brought ‘em home.
I’d love to have them as guests here but my house is…
(Handwritten- What have I said about bringing things you pick up here?)
Shibaki: Also the home to that.
So that’s why I’m asking you to do me a favor.

Shibaki: You’re the one who has to protect these kitties from being separated by the cats on the outside…
Chiro: Don’t you go tryin’ to make up a backstory idiot!!
Shibaki: What did the kids say?
Chiro: Don’t call ‘em kids like that!!
And I dunno!
And I should add while we’re at this…
I’m a girl.
(Handwritten- Nice!)
Shibaki: So you’re saying you could give birth to them?
Chiro: Heey! My body’s still pure!! ….What are we even’ talkin’ bout here ya idiot?!

Rurumo: I’ve come to…
Return the book I borrowed.
(Sfx- koso koso *sff sff*)
Rurumo: What’s this?
Shibaki: Ah, yeah I picked them up and brought them home.
Cute huh?
They sure are hungry huh…
And Chiro…you can’t even understand cat language?
Chiro: Sorry, I’m only fluent in human speech.

Rurumo: What’s the matter? Who’s familiar are you….?
Shibaki: They’re normal cats!! Normal!
Rurumo: Why don’t they talk?
Shibaki: Cats on land don’t speak!
Rurumo: I don’t understand.
Shibaki: Which part?!
All right, now to give them names….you’re up Chiro!
Chiro: Eh…um…well. Howsabout One, two…
And three?
Shibaki: Those are numbers! Think harder about this dammit.
Rurumo: Sashi
Shibaki: Heeey!! You read into those books I lent you too deeply!!
Rurumo: Why do people die so quickly?
Shibaki: That’s how it works in those stories!!
(TN- Jiken means ‘incident’. Jiken sounds more like a name which is why I left it as is. Which means the title of the chapter could be ‘June rain incident’. Sashi is ‘stab’ and Jin is ‘person’. Rururmo’s really into mystery books huh?)

Shibaki: Geez…hey mom do you have any thoughts about this….
Guess that didn’t work out.
Chiro: Of course no one’s gonna believe I gave birth to ‘em, ya idiot!
Shibaki: Sashi…

Rurumo: Those names are surprisingly stylish.
Shibaki: Mind explaining how?
So long guys….
Hey…I’m sorry so don’t make those sad faces.
I’m sure some good person will pick you up.
Rurumo: Ah.
Dog: Hah
Dammtall…this world is a dangerous place.
Rurumo: Will you take them to school with you…?
Shibaki: Don’t have much choice here do I, damn!

Shibaki: Maybe we can find someone at school to be their foster caretaker.
Whoa!! Jiken?!
He ran off at full speed?!
Dammit where is he going?!
Chiro: It’s cause you said ‘foster caretaker’ ain’t it?
Shibaki: I can’t help that! My house is…
(Handwritten- You dropped this.)

(Handwritten- You’re such a good kitty…)
(Handwritten- Don’t go droppin’ stuff like that fool!!}
Shibaki: Isn’t there anyone that’ll take these guys in?
Maybe a total kitty enthusiast?
Girl: I live in a condo so…
Dude: My little sister keeps hamsters as pets so..
Nishino: Cats huh…? Well next to little sisters I want a cat but…
Dude: Heeeey!! Why are you getting so fired up about something other than girls Shiba?!
Nishino: Whoa…you’re right!!
{Normally you’re like…}
Shibaki: Maaan, summer uniforms are the best! They get me all hot!!
(Handwritten- Mornin’!)
(Handwritten- Did you eat a bad potato or something?)
{And stuff man!!}
(Handwritten- Your house could use a cat.)
(Handwritten- Eh?)
???: This is…y’know…
Cause rain is coming.

Shibaki: A lot of people showed interest in you guys so you should be okay.
Go on, drink up.
Rurumo: You….
Really like cats…
That much?
….are they tasty?
Shibaki: Hey!! Don’t go sayin’ stuff like that around them!

Shibaki: I’ve actually wanted a pet for a long time.
(Handwritten- No fighting Jin.)
Shibaki: See this?
Go get it!
Playing with them, holding them…stuff like this is what I’ve longed for.
(Handwritten- Come back for the duster Jiken)
(Handwritten- IT’s over here.)
Shibaki: Plus they’re so fuzzy and cute right?
Uoooh!! You can’t ride on my head Jin!

Rurumo: So gentle…
What am I getting so happy for…
Girls: Waah!! So cuuute!!
Are those your cats senpai?
Shibaki: Y—yeah….they are…
Girl: Can I touch them?
Shibaki: Eh?
Girl: Can I hold one of them?
Shibaki: Eh?

{Wh—what’s with this situation?!}
Girls: So cuute!
Do they have names?
So tiiiny!
{So this is animals…}
{This is the calming effect animals have?!}
{I’ve certainly heard it before….}
{That there are no bad people who take their dogs for a walk..}
{And guys who take care of animals are quite popular.}
{So that’s what this is…}
{Hey…then shouldn’t I be able to do ‘that’ too…?}
{The thing I always admired…!!}
Shibaki: Hold on tight to me guys!!
Lets go Sashi!
Sashi: Meow
Shibaki: Jin!!
Jin: Meow!!
Shibaki: Jiken!
Jiken: Meow!

{To have girls flocking with me…}
Girl: Kyah!! Kitties!!
Let me see them!
Isn’t that pervert Shibaki…
More importantly kitties!!
You’re kidding!! They’re so kute!!
Kyaah! Wait kitties!!

{As we march through the school grounds!!}
Girl: They’re hanging from him!!
{Ho crap…I’m really…}
{Rising to the second stage!!}
Nishino: Lookithim go…he really is the usual Shibaki…

{Pets are the best!}
(Handwritten- He really is a kind and gentle person!)
(Handwritten- So cute!)
(Handwritten- I guess.)
{Viva kittens!!}
(Handwritten- Right?)
(Handwritten- He’s so warm.)
(Handwritten- Let me see!)
{Animals banzai!!}
Shibaki: Maaan, having all those girls flocking around me is a pain..
Y’know what I mean?
Nishino: Shiba! Let me borrow one!
Dude: Let me get one too!!
Shibaki: hahaahah..
No helping it.
It’s your turn Sa…

Shibaki: Hey…Jin?
Jiken..? Sashiii?
Nishino: What’s wrong?
Shibaki: Nishino…could you be my stand in for the roll call in the afternoon classes?
Nishino: Wait, where are you going?!
Shibaki: Dammit!! I got too full of myself!!
Nishino: Dude!! Where are you going!?
Shibaki: To an animal hospital!

{I’m such an idiot!!}
{I got way too full of myself!!}
{And I forced it upon these guys…}
{After all…}
{They’re still kittens!!}
Shibaki: Whoa! You’re awake Jiken!!
That’s awesome!! Just wait a little bit longer!
H—hey!! Wait up!! Where are you going?!
You have a thing against hospitals or something?!

(Handwritten- You dropped this.)
Shibaki: Uoooooh!!
Hang on Jiken!!

Shibaki: Wake up!!
Magic activate!!
Hit me with some restorative magic Rurumo!!

Shibaki: Huh?! Dammit What’s going on?! It’s not burning up like it usually does..
Is it too damp?! At a time like this….
Stupid rain!! Damn it!
Rurumo: It’s not the rain.
Shibaki: Ah! Rurumo, thank goodness!
I can’t use the tickets!
Rurumo: There’s nothing wrong with the tickets.
Shibaki: Then why aren’t they activating?!
We’ve got to hurry and get moving!! This isn’t time for jokes!!
If we mess around here any longer then Jiken will…
Rurumo: Magic…

Rurumo: Has no effect on the dead.

Rurumo: That is law.
He has a happy smile on his face..
Isn’t that good?
(Sfx- Bashaa *plshh*)

Rurumo: At least in death he didn’t suffer…
He was able to have a final memory of happiness.
You should give him a proper burial.
{After that Sashi and Jin..}
{Were given over safely to two cat loving girls.}
{But Shibaki didn’t return to his normal self…}
(Handwritten- Today too..)
(Handwritten- It sure is peaceful with nothing happening…)
{Until after summer had long gone.}
(Grave- Jiken.)
11th spell END.

To be continued in Volume 3.

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