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Translations: One Piece 908 by cnet128 , Gintama 687 (2)

Tenshi-chan to Akuma-kun 9

Someday I wanna eat fried foods until I puke.

+ posted by Bomber D Rufi as translation on Jun 22, 2014 22:16 | Go to Tenshi-chan to Akuma-kun

-> RTS Page for Tenshi-chan to Akuma-kun 9

Welcome to 'Witches and Angels' June! Every week for this entire month I will translate at least two chapters per week of 'Majimoji Rurumo' and 'Tenshi-chan and Akuma-kun'! Not one, but two chapters each week! That means four chapters of manga each week for the month of June. Gintama will still be released as well as Hitoribocchi no chikyuu shinryaku. Nejimaki and Kiriwo will probably be on hiatus till August however. Either way plenty more Angels and Witches are on their way!

Not reserving for anyone until...

-First chapter is out.
-Schedule for releases has been established.
-Schedule is fairly consistent.

No asking when the next one will be out, ask me for permission before using, no non-English scantlations before an English one is done, and I give preference to those who will check the script for accuracy before scantlating.



Chapter 9
Akuma: Um…

Tenshi: Akuma….
Bring it on!
C’mon! Bring it! Bring it!!
Akuma: Wa—
I don’t get what’s going on but stop all of that nonsense in public…!
(Side- It’s still early in the morning!!)

Chapter 9: Someday I wanna eat fried foods until I puke.

Tenshi: I want you to rely on me!!
Akuma: What?!
(Handwritten- And you’re too close!)
Akuma: …But what’s going on?! Did something happen?
Tenshi: Yeserday on midnight TV…
Dude: Hahh..
I seem to have become stuck..
In this bottomless swam.
Other dude: Hehe..

Other dude: You sure did a good job of getting stuck…
In that bottomless swamp…
Dude: I won’t let myself get caught in another bottomless swamp..
I know I can rely on you.
(TN- The numaaa there is Japanese for ‘swamp.’)
Other dude: We’re friends, so rely on me all you want.
Tenshi: I saw something like that.
Akuma: What on earth is that?
Tenshi: What about you and I?
Akuma: I really want to get away from this place…
Tenshi: We’re together..
And you called me your friend.

Tenshi: So I want to do something for you…
I want you to rely on me.
So c’mon!! Tell me what you want!!
Akuma: Tenshi…
You don’t need to get so agitated okay?
If something happens I’ll rely on you then.
(TN- That face is almost the reason why I started TLing this manga.)
Akuma: Awwright! Lets head to school!
But geez…is my bag heavier today or something?
Tenshi: Akuma..
Akuma: Eh?

Lady: Oh my, look at that high school boy…he’s making that little girl hold his bag…..how cruel.
Is he a demon?
Girl: Alien…
Akuma: Nnnnngh the pressurrre!!!

Akuma: H—hey Tenshi-san…that’s enough…
Tenshi: Akuma…
Are you able to rely on me?
Akuma: Yup! You’re reliable!
Thanks Tenshi!
Tenshi: Uhyahaah…
Akuma: Heeey!! Whaaa…
Wait a minute!!
Tenshi: Akuma..

Tenshi: You can rely on me even more!!
Akuma: O…
(Handwritten- Devil..)
(Handwritten- Brute..)
(Handwritten- Now he’s making her run with his bag…)
Tenshi: Here Akuma…
(Handwritten- Fried.)
Akuma: Eh?

Tenshi: I’m going to feed you…
So you can rely on me.
Akuma: No I’m…that’s…
Ahh…geez, I get it!
Tenshi: Hehee.
Akuma: Man this is great! Fried foods are awesome! Someday I’d like to eat them until I puke!
Tenshi: ….Until he pukes?
Guy: The devil has got the angel under his thumb?
Girl: She’s a fallen angel…
Dude: Moreover this is better than stuff that happens online huh?
Akuma: Ngh…those stares from people with prejudices toward uber fail names are especially harsh and painful now….!!

Akuma: Gah!!
Just now what was…
Killing intent?! That’s idioic…!!
But wait…I’ve felt a ‘similar glare’ like this before…!!
{No way…}

Naruse: Taa
Akuma: I-I-I-I-I-I-I knew it!! It’s Naruse-senpaaaaiiii!!!
(Handwritten- And why is she taking that stance?!)
(Handwritten- The president is here?)
Naruse: Excuse me…
But when did you…
Akuma: Huh?!
How are you moving like that?
Naruse: get permission from me…
To do such perverted and enviable things with Tenshi-chan?
Akuma: But what we were doing wasn’t perverted at all!!
(Handwritten- Tears of blood?!)
Akuma: C—calm down!! You can’t act like this with the other students around…
Naruse: You know I too…

Naruse: Have a point where even I run out of patience.
Akuma: Yaaagh!!
(Sfx- Katakata *shake shake*)
(Sfx-Pasuaaah *fwoosh*)
Akuma: Gyaaah!!! The chair has been split into particlesssss!!!
(Handwritten- It’s a good thing she missed!)
Tenshi: Chiyoko.
Naruse: Ten…
Chiyoko, you’re my precious friend too….
So I want you to rely on me more.
Naruse: Aah..that fried meat…!!
(Handwritten- That happens to be mine though…)

Naruse: Hah…
Akuma: What’s up with this depiction?!
Naruse: Afuuhhhahhh!!
Akuma: Naruse-senpai?!
Naruse: Oh…my…this destructive power is terrible…you truly are a god Tenshi-chan!!
Akuma: You’re the one who’s terrible!!
(Sfx- Hah)
(Sfx- Hah)

Girl: Another incident!! The president got done in by Tachibana Tenshi!!
Guy: I can’t believe it!!
Other guy: Those with uber fail names really are dangerous!!
Dude: Tachibana Tenshi is big trouble!!
Akuma: C’mon!! Gimmie a break!!
Tenshi: Don’t call me by my first ---
Akuma: Hah….
Ichiro: What’s up Akuma?
You look like you’re exhausted.

Akuma: Tenshi’s been in high spirits…
Ichiro: So all of this is related to Tachibana-san too huh…
Akuma: She’s calmed down a bit when compared to when this first started…
Ichiro: Hmm? But isn’t this a good thing?
Sure she’s a little violent but having a girl look after you is pretty nice, yeah?
Akuma: It’s not like that….
Ichiro: Especially when you compare it to my treatment….it’s like you’ve got it great.
She always goes straight for my eyes…I’m starting to wonder if Tachibana-san is actually a crow*?!
{*A long time ago the author was told by an older boy in the neighborhood said ‘If you and a crow’s eyes met that it’d peck your eyes out’. He was told this as he was growing up and still believes it to this day.}
Akuma: A crow…?
No…To be straight up, Tenshi is…

Akuma: A dog.
Ichiro: A dog?
Akuma: Y’know, when you praise a dog they get overly happy and stuff…don’t you get that kind of image from her?
Ichiro: I see..
Akuma: Tenshi’s smile when she’s happy is great…which makes it hard to coldly turn her down..
Ichiro: Akuma…
Suddenly you seem like the protagonist from a light novel.
Akuma: What does that even mean..?
Ichiro: That reaction is pretty light novel-ish too!
Akum: …Yeah…well what should I do?
Ichiro: Ah…while we’re on the subject…

Ichiro: I heard a certain rumor about Tachibana-san…
She’s been doing something weird during morning break under school grounds.
Muttering how ‘its for Akuma’.
I’m not sure what it is but this is what people who have witnessed her are saying.
Akuma: For me? What is it?
Ichiro: Beats me…all I’ve got for you is that information.
But I think it might be a good idea for you to go check things out for yourself…
(Handwritten- Y’know?)

Akuma: Under school grounds…but where exactly?
There she is.
But where is she going? The only things over there are potted plants…
Tenshi: It’s okay…
Akuma: Lucifer?!
What’s that…?!

Chicken: Cluck.
Akuma: A chicken?!
(Handwritten- Why?)
{And she’s looking after it?}
Tenshi: Hey...stop that Lucifer.
You’re such a cutie pie~
{More like Tenshi, you named that chicken Lucifer!?! I worry about how things will go when you become a parent someday!! Are things gonna be okay?!}
Tenshi: No helping it…
Eat as much as you want.
Akuma: Whoooa!! Something like chicken feed just spilled out of her sleeve!!
(Handwritten- She has that much on her?!)
Tenshi: Eat a whole lot okay? This is for Akuma.

Tenshi: You have to become delicious fried foood~
(Handwritten- That we can eat until we puke.)
Akuma: Whaaaaaaaaa?!
Wait…she’s raising that for me?
Fried foo…
Akuma: Man this is great! Fried foods are awesome! Someday I’d like to eat them until I puke!
Tenshi: ….Until he pukes?
{It was that?!}
Akuma: Hoooooold ooonnnn!!!
Tenshi: Ah…
Lucifer: Cluck!!
Tenshi: Ah! Lucifer!
Akuma: Ah!
Tenshi: Wait.

Tenshi: It’s kind of disappointing that you saw us Akuma…
I wanted to surprise you.
Akuma: That’s…
Tenshi: Yes…once Lucifer grew up…
I was gonna cut him up and serve you some yummy fried food.
Akuma: Cut him uuuup?! This person is bad news!!
Listen, I’m happy and stuff and there’s something about getting the food from the source but…
I’d really rather see it live…
Someone: Uwah!! A bird?!
Akuma: First off lets catch him!!
Girl: Eh?!
Guy: Wha?!

Tenshi: If someone other than Akuma finds you…
Akuma: Eh?
Tenshi: I won’t be able to fry you up anymore…
Akuma: Tenshi!! Hold on for a minute! Cutting him up means…y’know…
(Handwritten- The best that could be done is this illustration.)
Akuma: That you’ll end up suffering a trauma that’ll follow you even when you’re an adult!!

???: Uwaaaaaaaaaaaiii!!

Akuma: Yup…
Cutting up fresh meat is..
(Sfx- Deredereeenn *tadaaaaah!*)

Akuma: Delish!!

Tenshi: I…
Can’t do it.
Akuma: …Tenshi..
Tenshi: I was so happy that…
You could rely on me Akuma.
{I wanna eat fried foods until I puke.}
Akuma: Uh…that was something I said on impulse….why is it appearing here?
Tenshi: That’s why…

Tenshi: I wanted to make you some delicious fried food that you’d eat until you puke…
And I was raising Lucifer here as raw materials.
Akuma: Eh?! This girl’s actually surprisingly enthusiastic about this!!
Tenshi: But the more I took care of him the more I started to like him…
(Handwritten- Stop that!)
Tenshi: But he looks good enough to eat sometime…..
So cute! But tasty! But cute! Ugyaaah!!
Akuma: She’s stuck between affection and her appetite!! She’s on the borderline of some sorta horizon!!
Essentially she’s conflicted because of me…
What can I do or say here to save her? I have to think of something or…
Y’know Tenshi..

Akuma: Fried food…
What’s best is just buying it and sharing it.
Akuma: THAT’S NOT IT!!
Tenshi: Then…I don’t need to cut up Lucifer?
Akuma: Ah…well…no, you don’t.

Tenshi: That’s great isn’t it Lucifer?
Now I can keep raising you…
Until you become the best ostrich ever.
{And so Tenshi’s sudden boom in wanting to be useful…}
{Came to an end.}
Akuma: Tenshi…
{After that I decided to cut back on eating fried stuff for a while.}
Akuma: There’s no way you can raise a chicken to become an ostrich though..
(Handwritten- And when that happens I’ll ride you.)
{Perhaps we’d become a bit more adult….}
{Is what I thought.}

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