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Translations: One Piece 904 by cnet128 , Gintama 682 (2)

Tenshi-chan to Akuma-kun 10

Transcending everything.

+ posted by Bomber D Rufi as translation on Jun 24, 2014 14:04 | Go to Tenshi-chan to Akuma-kun

-> RTS Page for Tenshi-chan to Akuma-kun 10

Welcome to 'Witches and Angels' June! Every week for this entire month I will translate at least two chapters per week of 'Majimoji Rurumo' and 'Tenshi-chan and Akuma-kun'! Not one, but two chapters each week! That means four chapters of manga each week for the month of June. Gintama will still be released as well as Hitoribocchi no chikyuu shinryaku. Nejimaki and Kiriwo will probably be on hiatus till August however. Either way plenty more Angels and Witches are on their way!

Not reserving for anyone until...

-First chapter is out.
-Schedule for releases has been established.
-Schedule is fairly consistent.

No asking when the next one will be out, ask me for permission before using, no non-English scantlations before an English one is done, and I give preference to those who will check the script for accuracy before scantlating.

Chapter 10: Transcending everything.


Naruse: I’m at the limit of how much I can cover up the complaints aimed towards Tenshi-chan.

Akuma: Whaaa!?

The heck does that mean?! You suddenly call us out…

Just to drop that bomb?!

Ichiro: She’s been covering them up?


Naruse: The ‘Fried food incident in the cafeteria’….

Has lead to people asking ‘It’s weird that Tachibana Tenshi can even oppose the Student Council president without any response.’

Akuma: I kinda feel like that was a problem you caused, Senpai….

Naruse: I don’t really care about individual complaints….

But this is threatening my status as the Student council president….and so I have to uphold my duties…

So although this hurts me quite a bit to do…I’ll have to put the three of you…

On early morning cleaning duty for the next week.

Akuma: Punishment cleaning



Ichiro: Huh? Me too?!

I had nothing to do with Akuma and…

Akuma: What’s with that brah? Don’t act all lonesome now man….we’re buddies right, Ichiro?

(Handwritten- C’mon and be punished with us.)

Tenshi: Yeaaah Ichiro!!

Ichiro: G—C’mon guys…NOW you’re all friendly?!

Naruse: Well…I’ll be supervising all of you as well…

So the four of us should put our best efforts in.

Tenshi: This is my fault…


Akuma: It’s cool.


Tenshi: ….Okay.

Naruse: On that note I have something in mind….

(Book- Grimore.)

Akuma: Something in mind…?

Naruse: A fun means of avoiding having to sacrifice yourself to this punishment…


Tanaka-kun your goal, which is ‘Doing away with the prejudice of uber fail names’…

it should help you net some results.

It’s quite the clever scheme if I do say so myself.

(Handwritten- Ding dong and the next mornin~~)


Naruse: That’s good…

So good…



Naruse: Yes…

That’s right go on and make sure things are spotless.

That’s it

Just like that…

(Handwritten- President?)

(Handwritten- What the…)

Akuma: What the hell is this?!

Naruse: This outfit is…

My plan.

It’s turning out quite well!!

(Handwritten- It’s quite amazing, no?)

Akuma: But this is just us cosplaying and you taking pictures!!

What part of this will help with the prejudice against us?!

Ichiro: We’re butlers then?

Naruse: Tanaka-kun…


Naruse: Cuteness transcends everything.

Akuma: Cuteness transcends everything?!

Naruse: Names and violence are both problems…

(Signs- Uber fail name// Violence.)

Naruse: But we can overwrite both of those with ‘cuteness’!!

(Sign- Cute.)

Naruse: With that in mind I have dressed the avatar of cuteness; Tenshi-chan in a maid outfit as she cleans!

Without a doubt this will cause an increase in image for her!


Akuma: Eh!? Then what’s the point of US being dressed like this?!

Naruse: You two are…

Just extras!!

(Handwritten- I didn’t want her to be lonely.)

Akuma: Her eyes clearly state that she could care less about us!

(Handwritten- Scary!)

Naruse: Now! My adorable Tenshi-chan!

You need to be cuter so you’ll stand out more!

Tenshi: Th—that’s enough…what about th—(the cleaning.)

Naruse: That’s enough? You want to do that?!

(Handwritten- A—agape…)

Akuma: This vibe…no way…it isn’t that again….

(Handwritten- Tachibana-saaaan!!)


{She’s gonna rampage?!}


Akuma: Wha?!

What the hell just happened?!

Why am I in a grassland?!

Akuma: That’s….


(Handwritten- As a maid?)

Tenshi: M’lady.

Naruse: Oh…

You’ve finally come.

Akuma: Senpai?!


Tenshi: I’m sorry…I was making your lunch…

Naruse: More importantly….

Tenshi: Kyah.

Naruse: We’ve finally gotten some alone time…let us find pleasure in a completely different way…

{What is this?!}

Tenshi: We can’t do this M’lady…


{Is thiiiiii?!}



Akuma: Eh?! Wha?! This…

Ichiro: What’s going on here Akuma?

Akuma: Why are those two alone on grasslands?! Huh!?

Ichiro: Grasslands? What are you talking about man?

(Handwritten- Moreover why are you swinging that broom?)
Naruse: Whew….I apologize for getting you involved Tanaka-kun.

Akuma: Senpai?!

Naruse: All of love and desire for Tenshi-chan was translated into energy…

And this delusional energy caused a phase shift.


Naruse: It caused the delusion to materialize in reality…

And I obtained a ‘lovers zone’!!

Akuma: You sure you’ve got the right manga?!

{For it’s second part, this story will become a battle manga. (Not really.)}

Naruse: I have to use this energy skillfully…if I don’t watch how it’s emitted then it’ll run wildly and out of control.

Ichiro: Things are really heating up there…

Akuma: I—I don’t get the particulars but if you can control it that’s great…?

Dude: Hey! Move it!

Student: Agh!

Ichiro: Huh?


Akuma: Ah?! That’s…

(Handwritten- Currently supervising.)

Ichiro: Yup that’s…

Simply and very clearly a delinquent type person!!

Dude: You’re in the way man.


(Sfx- Peh spit.)
Akuma: To think in an era like this a clearly delinquent person would exist….

This school is in trouble…

(Handwritten- Again.)

Dude: Huh? What’s with you? Why are you lookin’ at me?

Girl: Eh? I wasn’t doing anything…


Dude: Oh? Now that I take a look at’cha, you’re pretty fine an’tcha shortie?

How about bein’ my main bitch eh?

(Handwritten- Hm?)

Akuma: Even the way he talks is big trouble!

Girl: Eek! I…I um…

Akuma: I have to stop him or…


Dude: C’mon…I’m a nice..


Tenshi: I already cleaned there….


Tenshi: Don’t whorf up…

Your spit here.

Girl: Tachibana


Akuma: That was the right thing to do…

But it’s still only morning…

(Handwritten- The President is here..)

(Handwritten- What’s she going to do?)

Naruse: She’s saving the life of another!!

(Handwritten- Woooow!! The president forgave her?!)

Akuma: She’s just going to trick them?!

(Handwritten- Though she’s technically not lying!)

{And after the occurrence of another incident…}

???: Hey did you hear?


Dude: Tachibana Tenshi saved a girl from a clearly delinquent type person!!

Dude 2: From a clearly delinquent type person? Really?

{Although things didn’t exactly go to Senpai’s plan (?) and people didn’t exactly embrace uber fail names…}

Dude: So she’s not just some violent chick huh?

Dude 2: Well…she’s cool as long as you don’t call her by her first name.

{At least people’s feelings towards Tenshi have improved.}

Akuma: It’d be great if they could eventually see us as friends…

{And at least in my opinion this is one step towards erasing the predujice towards us with uber fail names.}

{And from then on even the morning cleaning punishment changed…}

(Handwritten- Your broom.)

Girl: Here Tachibana-san!


Tenshi: Thank…


Girl: No problem!

(Handwritten- Did you finish over there?)

(Handwritten- Not yet.)

Ichiro: That’s a nice scene huh?

Akuma: You said it.

Naruse: Today’s the last day.

Akuma: Senpai.

Naruse: Good luck…

Akuma: And as usual you’re messing yourself.

(Handwritten- Today too…)

(Handwritten- Tenshi-chan is too much..)

Haou: Sis!

Let us help too!!

Maou: Hmph…shall we exercise before morning classes?

Akuma: Haou and Maou?

(Handwritten- And henchies.)

Tenshi: Don’t call me sis.

Gimmie cookies.

(Handwritten- Eh? Eh?)


Haou: Ah?! You damn Demon king! Why are you here too?!

Maou: The same could be said for you. You got defeated and still managed to get this far huh?
Akuma: H—hey…can they do that right in front of the student council president?

Naruse: Those people really can’t help themselves…

Girl: Those people are…

Tenshi: Hey you jerks…

Go. Away.

Akuma: Just two words!!

Haou: S—sis…

You really…

Are too much of an…


Tenshi: It’s still so early in the morning…you should go back home and sleep in your warm futon.

{Haou eye.}



(Handwritten- Sis you’re really…)

Tenshi: Don’t call me by my first name.

(Handwritten- Uwaaah!! I can’t see the bottom!!)

Maou: Hmph. So that’s all you were in the end Haou.

By the way I have my newly made cookies…

Tenshi: I’ll eat them.

Ichiro: Um..what about the cleaning…?

Maou: How are they?

Tenshi: Hn…

Tenshi: They’re good..


They tasted better before.

(Handwritten- Thanks for the food.)

Maou: ….I see.

Akuma: She really doesn’t mince words huh….

What? Maou looks kinda weird…


Akuma: He died?!

I---I see, after working so hard to make those…

Being told that ‘they tasted better before’ is the same as hearing ‘you didn’t improve at all’.

Maou: What have i….

Been doing…

His spirit has taken heavy damage!

Akuma: More like why did you people even come here?!

(Handwritten- You’re making us look bad!)

(Handwritten- Macchaan!!)

(Handwritten- Can you hear us?!)

Naruse: Looks fun.

Akuma: Huh?! Well it’s not for me!! It’s just vexing!!

Naruse: That’s not what I mean. Look there.

(Handwritten- Are you okay?)

(Handwritten- I got them to play nice.)


Akuma: I see what you mean.

Naruse: I’m always (bold) looking over Tenshi-chan, and this is the first time I’ve seen her make that face.

Akuma: What’s always (Bold) Supposed to mean?

Naruse: I’m saying when she met you…

She started having good expressions like those.

Akuma: What? I didn’t do anything---

Naruse: It’s those happy expressions on Tenshi-chan that I want to stalk.

(Handwritten- I’ll take out the trash.)

Akuma: Ah. You finally admitted that it’s stalking huh.

(Handwritten- ‘Kay.)

Naruse: That’s why I think…

Akuma: Eh?

Naruse: That…


Naruse: I want to be held back a grade.



Naruse: If I’m held back then I’ll have more time with her!

Plus the chance that I may end up in the same class with Tenshi-chan will be born!

I want to bet on that chance!!

So don’t say anything to stop me!
Akuma: Um, society kind of doesn’t look fondly on staying back y’know?

Only people who are sick and or need a break stay back…

And you’re pretty….healthy-ish.

(Handwritten- I’m not sure if it’s a good kind of healthy or something else though..)

(Handwritten- Possibility….staying back…)

Naruse: Hmph…society…


Naruse: Rather than allow myself to be concerned with the matters of this wide world..

I instead choose to seize the little happiness that’s right before me.

Akuma: She’s really kind of cool! Even though she’s really messed up in the head!!

Tenshi: Akuma…

What’s wrong?

(Handwritten- You seem to be doing your straight man thing but…)

Akuma: Tenshi!!

Naruse: Tenshi-chan!


Naruse: I’m going to stay back!!

That way I can stay with you Tenshi-chan…

We can be together longer!!

Akuma: She just straight out spouted her intentions!!

How’s Tenshi going to react?!

Tenshi: Staying back is bad. You can’t do that.

Akuma: Hyaaah!! She just coldy replied! This maid is stone cold!!

Akuma: Tenshi…you were this calm when we were with Maou too!!

Tenshi: I don’t really get it…

But Chiyoko, you said you love me….

And you’re one of my most precious friends…

So I want you to keep being…

My super cool Senpai…

That’s how it should be.


Naruse: I understand!! I won’t do it!!

Tenshi: Afuh..

Akuma: Wha…


Shouldn’t you give that a little more thought?!

(Handwritten- Without thinking I ended up slipping into an old fashioned reaction!)

Akuma: Like I dunno give it a day of thought or something?!

Naruse: Tanaka-kun, it seems you still don’t get it…

That is…


Naruse: Cuteness transcends everything!!

Akuma: Huh?! Where are you going?!

(Handwritten- Where should we go?)

(Handwritten- Wait, that’s a little too far…)

Ichiro: Somehow I ended up doing this alone…

But I feel like I’ve awakened!

(Handwritten- Go ahead and look at me!)

(Handwritten- Huh? Where’s Tachibana-san?)

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