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Majimoji Rurumo 12

Summer and swimsuits and little magician girls.

+ posted by Bomber D Rufi as translation on Jun 24, 2014 19:59 | Go to Majimoji Rurumo

-> RTS Page for Majimoji Rurumo 12

Welcome to 'Witches and Angels' June! Every week for this entire month I will translate at least two chapters per week of 'Majimoji Rurumo' and 'Tenshi-chan and Akuma-kun'! Not one, but two chapters each week! That means four chapters of manga each week for the month of June. Gintama will still be released as well as Hitoribocchi no chikyuu shinryaku. Nejimaki and Kiriwo will probably be on hiatus till August however. Either way plenty more Angels and Witches are on their way!

Not reserving for anyone until...

-First chapter is out.
-Schedule for releases has been established.
-Schedule is fairly consistent.

No asking when the next one will be out, ask me for permission before using, no non-English scantlations before an English one is done, and I give preference to those who will check the script for accuracy before scantlating.

Table of contents
12th spell: Summer and swimsuits and little magician girls.
13th spell: Present from the sunflower field.
14th spell: Shibaki, traveling alone.
15th spell: Put on a skirt
16th spell: A little witch’s band heaven.
17th spell: A day without Rurumo.
Mid volume 4 Ruru
Four koma Rurumo

{Let me put this honestly…}
{Summer is…}
(Top of panel: No. 1 biggest boobs on campus Sawashita-san.)
Sawashita: This seems a little tight for my chest…
(Top of panel: No. 1 new student: Tanako-chan.)
Tanako: But it fits you so well~
(Top of panel: Wild fem cop Iida-san.)
Iida: The heat feels real good…
(Top of panel: Demonic morals committee member Inoue-san.)
Inoue: I’m the monitor…
I only came to monitor things!!
{The season for swimsuits!!}

12th Spell: Summer and swimsuits and little magician girls.

Iida: Are you really a high school student? These are far too big.
I may have to arrest you.
Sawashita: Eeeh?! Why?
(Handwritten- This is happiness….)
Shibaki: Whoooooa~
Rurumo: Sorry to keep you waiting.
Shibaki: Even Rurumo…
Rurumo: Why would everyone…
Come to an environment like this?
Is this training?
(Sfx- Haah)
(Sfx- Haah)
Shibaki: It’s the same as usual!!
Yeah right!!

(Handwritten- It’s so cold!)
(Sfx- Wai!)
(Handwritten- Watching bags.)
{I’m grateful to this bodaicousness I’m bearing witness to.}
Dude: Mmh…Shibaraku…
{Moreover I’m grateful to the heat of the summer!!}
Dude: Hey Shibaraku!!
Shibaki: Make room girls, I’m coming in!
Dude: Why do you think we came here?! It’s for an investigation, an investigation! The FHK has an investigation to do!
We rode a bus here to take advantage of the summer vacation!
What’s with that extremely frank look of dissatisfaction?

Dude: We called the girls here because we need their assistance to verify our investigation.
(Handwritten- Take that!)
(Handwritten- Oh no!)
Dude: We had to shave off travel expenses with them in order to come here!!
Listen well Shibaraku…our objective this time is..
The legendary swimsuit!!
It is said that this garment has been most valuable to this cape since antiquity!
(Sfx- Ahahaah)
(Sfx- Kyahh)
Dude: And the one who wears it will at once experience a change of character!!
They become a different person entirely…
An inhumane power that defies scientific explanation! That is the mystery we have come here to pursue!!
After we find this swimsuit we’ll have one of the girls try it on for confirmation of this legend and then record it here.
We simply have to make an offering at the beach temple and then we’ll have it…!!
We’ll soon be at the place of that legend!!

Dude: Let us be off!! We have to obtain the truth with our own two hands right?!
Shibaki: Okay!
Dude: According to the books the swimsuit has existed since the Showa era.
(TN- From 1926 to 1989.)
Dude: A weak hearted and shy girl’s feelings for the one she loves…a hundred wishes for a love to be fulfilled…
Is in that swimsuit…!
Ugh! These little plants growing here make it hard to progress down this path!
Because of this the girl’s feelings changed and she became bold!
All for the sake of a perfectly executed confession…!!
The road ahead might be steep but it makes your heart soar doesn’t it Shibaraku?!

Shibaki: waaai!!
Inoue: That was close….what are you doing all of a sudden?
Shibaki: Ahahaahahah!!
Summer’s the best, yeah?
Inoue: Kyaaah!!

Shibaki: You’ve got quite the cute swimsuit today Inoue.
Inoue: What are you talking about?
I only participated so that I could ensure you wouldn’t do anything evil!
Shibaki: Ahahaahahah…
Looking sharp there you two!
Inoue: Really?
Girl: No way…
Kyouko: Looking sharp…
Shibaki: Ahaahahaah!!
Ooh! And over here is…

Shibaki: Aahahahah!! Femcop-saaaan!
Thanks so much for participating today….
Iida: Ahahahah! I just happened to be off duty today little boy!
Shibaki: May I bow my head in thanks?
(Handwritten- No effect?)
Iida: Thanks you say…
Shibaki: Target acquired.
Head butt!!
Iida: Hey now, that’s not a headbutt at all!
Sawashita-chan, may I see that spade?
Sawashita: S—sure..

Iida: Oraaah!!
What’s with him?
Is the summer heat messing with his head?
(Handwritten- Are you okay?)
Shibaki: Fuwaaaaah!!
Sawashita: Kyaaaaah!!
Iida: But I smacked him in the back of the head with a spade!!
Shibaki: Summer…
Sawashita: A police officer just admitted to something that sounds like a crime!
Iida: What’s with that strength of his?!
(Handwritten- And he’s singing?!)

Shibaki: I ain’t gonna lose…
I ain’t gonna fall…!
I don’t even feel like backing down!
Girl: is it because of the heat…
That his restrains have been lifted?!
{Right now it’s not just a possibility…}
{I can do it…I can make these beachwear clad chicks…}
Girls: Kyaah!
Kitty Kitty!!
Chiro: Wah! You’re a life saver Kouta!
Shibaki: It’s Chiro and the kitty cat sisters…

Chiro: Fhew…ya saved me..those gals are real persistant…
Girls: Kyah…
Chiro: Heeey!!
Girls: Kyah!! Kitty!!
Shibaki: Hahahahaahahah!!
{Thanks a lot, dazzling sunshine!}
{It’s thanks to you that I’m on this stage that knows no celling! And I’m in the midst of a rise to the top!}
Iida(?): Someone stop him!!
Rurumo: Take that.

Shibaki: Ow…
Rurumo: Sorry.
Shibaki: Geez…what was that all of a sudden…
Rurumo: Everyone said I should stop you..
Shibaki: You don’t need to use a friggin’ cinder block!
Though I guess it did stop me in my tracks!!
You had lots of options! Verbal warnings, a warning bell or something like that! Geez!
Rurumo: I couldn’t.
Shibaki: …I guess not.

Rurumo: Why is everyone wearing that thin clothing? Aren’t they embarrassed?
Shibaki: That’s…um..well..
It’s the thing to wear when visiting the beach in the summer.
Rurumo: I see..
Shibaki: Yeah.
You should I dunno…wear it too?
I don’t know what kind you bought but what do you think about changing into it?
You went to the department store before we cam right?
What kind did you buy? A one piece?
No way it’s a Bikini right?
Oh c’mon. I’m not trying to mess with you or anything. It’s not supposed to be embarrassing.
There are lots of things to do! Float on the water, get buried in the sand…split watermelons…it’s fun!
Plus I want to see your swimsuit too!
Rurumo: I see.

Rurumo: So I was supposed to buy that thing for this purpose huh?
(Handwritten- I’ll buy dinner.)
(Handwritten- You choose a cute swimsuit!)
(Handwritten- I’ll choose something stylish too! Hahaha)
Rurumo: What’s a swimsuit?
There’s not much I can do about that.
I’ll buy drinks.
Shibaki: Dammit…
There are no rental swim suits either!

{That’s right…}
{Rurumo has no idea what a ‘swimsuit’ is!}
Shibaki: I was so happy that I got carried away…
{Without a swimsuit, the beach is a pretty boring place isn’t it…}
Rurumo: Chiro?
That is…

Tanako: Did you find that legend thing you were looking for?
Dude: No..
I tried looking for the temple and wasn’t able to locate it…
Tanako: More like…um..
What do you think of my swimsuit?
It’s red and yellow…
N—not that that’s important! Does the shape fit me?
Dude: It’s normal.
Tanako: Normal?!
Shibaki: Where the heck did Rurumo go?
She hasn’t eaten anything…
No helpin’ it.

Rurumo: Not here..
Not there..
There have been drowning accidents one after another…it seems there needs to be adequate warning on the seashore..
Shibaki: I hope she didn’t go somewhere weird and get lost…!!
Hey Rurumo!!
Rurumo: I’m here.
Shibaki: Oh? Thank goodness.
What the heck are you doing here?
I’ve been wanting to split watermelons since this morning…
Let’s do it together---


Shibaki: Sorry…did I walk in on you while you were changing?
Rurumo: No…
I’m already done.
Shibaki: Uh..
It…seems like a little different from the norm…is it that?
Summer’s sense of liberation?
Rurumo: What’s the matter?
Shibaki: You found a swimsuit! That’s awesome!
Let’s go swimming!!
This seems bad…
Lets go!!

Rurumo: This is fine.
{What is?}
Rurumo: Chiro found this….
It was at some temple.
Shibaki: A swimsuit at a temple?
(Handwritten- No way.)
Shibaki: Hahahaah….
{The legendary swimsuit!}
{The one who wears it will at once experience a change of character!!}
Rurumo: You’re always….
Looking after me…
Let me reward you.
{No way….it’s real….}

Rurumo: With…
A kiss.
{A kiss?!}
{She’s changed too much!!}
{This is…}
{The swimsuit’s power…!!}
Shibaki: Uwaah!!

{A kiss from Rurumo.}
Shibaki: Do it…
{If she wants to give it to me then just take it.}
{If she wants to give it to me then just take it.}
{If she wants to give it to me then just take it.}
{If she wants to give it to me then just take it.}
Shibaki: Uwooooh!!
My heart!! My chest!!
Rurumo is so close!!
My first kiss…I’m about to be treated to my very first kiss!!

Shibaki: Thanks for the summer gift!!
Thank you legendary swimsuit!!
Dude: They become a different person!
{Thank you different…person?}
{That’s right…}
{She ‘changed.’}
{For sure…}
{If it were really Rurumo she’d never do this.}
Shibaki: This just feels wrong man!!
Rurumo: Ah…he ran.

Shibaki: Uoooohhhh!! Even her physical capabilities have changed!!
Chiro: Somehow that swimsuit has some sorta power imbued in it?
Shibaki: You found it in a weird place didn’t you?!
Chiro: I got a decent feelin’ from it hangin’ down like it was, so I took it.
Shibaki: Hey.
Chiro: The power in that swimsuit…
Is resonatin’ with Rurumo’s magical power…
Causin it to amplify.
Shibaki: Hah..
Is there a way to return her to normal?
Chiro: Yeah..
(Sfx- Mekii *griiind*)

Rurumo: Found you.
Shibaki: Uowaaaah!!
???: Oh! Rurumo-chan!
You found a swimsuit?
Shibaki: Uooooooh!!
Rurumo: Wait.
Inoue: A sibling squabble?
Shibaki: Is there no way other than stripping it off of her?
Guys! I need your help to strip that swimsuit off of Rurumo!!
Shibaki: That’s not gonna work!
Chiro: Ya sound like a pervert.
Shibaki: Then what are we supposed to do?!

Rurumo: Take that.
Girls: Hyaah!!
Rurumo: No more running.
Take your reward.
Shibaki: Uwah!!
I can’t move!
Chiro: Me neither!
Shibaki: Oh crap…
Wait! This is bad!
This is bad in the eyes of society!
{Dammit…A ticket…}
{What kind of magic…?}
{If I have it undress her…}
{She’ll be naked…}
{In front of everyone…}
{What can I…}
{That’s it!}
{I don’t have to use magic!}

Shibaki: Magic activate!
One step short!

Rurumo: Halutas.
{Before Rurumo can use magic she has to be wearing her witching outfit!}
Girls: Kyaah!
She changed so quickly!

Shibaki: aah…
I feel like this is a huge waste though…
Girls: How did you do that just now?
Rurumo: Eh?
Girl: Tell us how to do it!!
Girl: You sure changed fast Rurumo-chan…
Rurumo: It was a wish..
It was what Kouta wished for…
Girl: That’s amazing! Do it one more time!
Rurumo: I’m saying..
Girl: Tell us how you did it!
(Handwritten- Plastic tape.)
Chiro: Cheapskate.
{After that Rurumo..}
Dude: I never found it…
Tanako(?): We can go again senpai…
Rurumo: My memories are hazy…
But I think the beach was fun.
{Muttered something like this.}
12th spell END.

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