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Majimoji Rurumo 13

Present from the sunflower field.

+ posted by Bomber D Rufi as translation on Jun 29, 2014 16:47 | Go to Majimoji Rurumo

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Welcome to 'Witches and Angels' June! Every week for this entire month I will translate at least two chapters per week of 'Majimoji Rurumo' and 'Tenshi-chan and Akuma-kun'! Not one, but two chapters each week! That means four chapters of manga each week for the month of June. Gintama will still be released as well as Hitoribocchi no chikyuu shinryaku. Nejimaki and Kiriwo will probably be on hiatus till August however. Either way plenty more Angels and Witches are on their way!

Not reserving for anyone until...

-First chapter is out.
-Schedule for releases has been established.
-Schedule is fairly consistent.

No asking when the next one will be out, ask me for permission before using, no non-English scantlations before an English one is done, and I give preference to those who will check the script for accuracy before scantlating.

(Handwritten- I can’t move…)

Rurumo: This is a problem…
I can’t seem to get out.


13th spell: Present from the sunflower field.

{Four hours earlier.}
Mom: Rurumo-chaaan~
Rurumo: What is it?
Mom: What are you doing?
Rurumo: Cleaning..
Or at least I was trying to, but I tripped over the bucket.
I apologize.

Rurumo: This place is wet too…
Ah, this place too.
Mom: This is never going to end…
Rurumo: An errand?
{After taking a shower.}
Mom: Well you know that Kouta went to his grandmother’s right?
She called me earlier and said that he forgot something and asked if I could bring it.
I have to go to my part time job so can I leave this to you?
Rurumo: That’s fine. This ‘summer vacation’ thing is rather troublesome in it’s length.
I haven’t had any work to do….so leave this to me.
Mom: She’s a strange one..

Mom: You’ll be riding the train so I gave you a map.
Rurumo: Understood.
Mom: If you get lost on the way be sure to call grandma, okay?
Rurumo: I know.
Mom: It’s going to be hot and you have to walk some of the way so take this with you.
Rurumo: Pardon me.
There isn’t a reason to worry about me so much mom.
I’ll be fine.

Rurumo: To ride the train…
If I buy a stamp I’ll be able to ride it right?
Mom: Is this her first time doing something so basic?!
You have to buy a ticket dear! A ticket!
Stamps are what you use on postcards, Rurumo-chan!
Rurumo: A stamp…
540 yen worth.
Clerk: Here you go.
(Handwritten- I’ll give you these.)
Rurumo: Thanks.

Rurumo: I’m getting on here.
Clerk: You can’t ride missy.
(Handwritten- Not with this.)
Clerk: This is well….
Rurumo: Why.
Clerk: Even if you ask me that…
There’s no one who can ride with this…
(Sfx- Hahah..)
Rurumo: How much do I need to ride the train?
Mom: The train to Kuwayma is 540 yen.
{How strange…}
{Do I not have enough? Did the price go up..? No, the price should be right…}
Clerk: Missy, you’ve sure got quite a strange outfit on.

(Handwritten- Y’know..)
(Handwritten- Oh I get that bro.)
Rurumo: I understand.
Clerk: Hey yooooou!!!
(Handwritten- You’re going to break it!)
Clerk: Are you playing a prank or something?
Let’s discuss it over here.
Rurumo: No.
I simply want to ride the train…
{This is bad.}
{I won’t be able to complete the ‘assignment’ of delivering this package at this rate…!!}
Forgothisname: Ah!

Dude: Uhyah! What a coincidence.
I’m damn lucky today!!
(On shirt- Basket baller.)
Rurumo: This transportation shakes a lot.
Dude: Sleeping in and being late to the game was the right choice!
It sorta feels like I saved her from a bad situation.
{Handwritten- I’ll buy her a ticket!)
{Handwritten- Okay..}
Dude: And now I’m standing right beside Ruru-chan…
It’s totally…
{Like we’re lovers right?! For reaaal!?}
Rurumo: By the way.
Dude: That old guy is looking right at us…
He totally thinks that we’re dating!!
Rurumo: Who are you?

Rurumo: Oh….so you’re Kouta’s friend Sugawara.
(TN- I forgot him too Rurumo-chan. You’re forgiven.)
Rurumo: This is the first time I’m hearing your name.
Sugawara: Ah…but I’m always with the others right?
Rurumo: Now that you mention it…
Sugawara: Do you remember me?
We frequent the cafeteria all of the time!
(Handwritten- Nishino and Sakurai.)
Sugawara: Damn. She’s really gotta think about this?!
Could it be that I’ve been completely shut out of her memories?!
But her thinking expression is adorable so all is forgiven.
The thing I’m having trouble believing is that a girl this adorable is related to Shibaki at all, much less being his little sister.
Awwright! I’m gonna take this chance to get to know her better!!
B—by the way, if you wanna hear about some of the interesting stuff I’ve done in my clubs I don’t mind talking about it!
Are you interested?
Rurumo: Not really.
Sugawara: For real?!

Rurumo: I suppose I can listen to a little.
Sugawara: Seriously?!
Thanks so much!!
(Handwritten- Taking advantage of the moment to hold hands.)
Sugawara: See it all happened when I went to get some juice for Hayashi-senpai the third year…and the vending machine…
Announcer: Kuwayama, Kuwayama.
Rurumo: See you.
(Sfx- Pahaaa)
Rurumo: Now…
Where am I supposed to go?
(Bottom- Kuwayama station// Bear left//Then take a right at the signal.//End up here.)
Rurumo: I see.
It’s this way.

Rurumo: There’s no signal here.
Chiro: Rurumo…
Rurumo: What?
Chiro: Somethin’s beein naggin at me for a while now.
Rurumo: What?
Chiro: Ya sure you weren’t lookin’ at that there map the wrong way?
Rurumo: Aah..
Without that…
I can’t complete this ‘assignment’!

Rurumo: Phew…thank goodness.
I’ll go get it.
Chiro: Be careful.
Rurumo: Understood.
Chiro: She disappeared all of a sudden!!

{The present.}
Rurumo: I have no idea what my present location is…

Rurumo: This is bad. I don’t know where I am or how to leave.
The sun has moved slightly…
If I don’t make haste it’ll be evening soon.
There’s a laughing voice in the plants..
That’s strange…right?

Rurumo: I see..
It’s my hat and cape huh?
The hat and cape have recovery magic in them…
In a place like this with lots of vegetation and seeds it’s not surprising for them to get on my clothes…and it appears when that happens they experience strange growth.
With time they’ll wither and fade.
There’s no need to worry. This kind of thing always happens.

Rurumo: With all of these bugs gathered here it’s no wonder things are so noisy…
And…for some reason today…
Things feel heavier.
Chiro: Rurumo!!
This ain’t good…she can’t hear me.
No helpin’ it!
I feel like tha map was tellin us to go this way, ifn I’m rememberin things right.
Right here.

Shibaki: Uoooh! If it ain’t Chiro!
Chiro: Bingo.
Shibaki: Oh did you bring it with you..?
That book.
Oh and have some of this.
Chiro: That book?
(Book- Popular card magic.// With this you’ll be popular with girls!)
Chiro: Uwaaah!! That book is stupid! Ya made us bring that stupid book here?!
Ya idijit! I thought it was somethin’ important! Ya see, Rurumo is…
Shibaki: Hm? Rurumo?
???: Sorry to keep you waiting Kou-niichan.

???: I’ve got…
The cards!
Girl: You’re gonna show us some magic right?
(Handwritten- Can you really do it?)
Shibaki: Yup! Of course I can!
Now give it to me.
Chiro: Huuh?
Shibaki: That’s Yuki-chan…third year in middle school!
Chiro: Don’t know her.
Shibaki: She’s a friend of my cousin who lives here! She just coincidentally came over to hang out today!
Chiro: I’m tellin you I don’t know nothin’ bout that.
Shibaki: That’s why I called out of the blue..
And asked you to bring that book!
Chiro: Are we yer delivery service or something?!
Rurumo’s got it…
And she’s lost.

Rurumo: Could this be…
Quite bad?
The implantation of vegetation has become too heavy…
Or perhaps the connection of recovery is too much..
Causing a spiral of rapid evolution…
{If this keeps up I too…}
{Will be assimilated.}

Rurumo: What should I do…
{That doesn’t matter at all!!}
Shibaki: Why the heck did you come here just to get lost?!
Chiro: Cause of yer pointless little job!! This is the result of us tryin’ our best for yer sake idiot!!
Shibaki: The sunflower field is…
Right over here!
Chiro: Wah!!
Shibaki: Uooooooh!!! That’s…!!

Shibaki: A forest of hat?!

Chiro: Ruru…
Shibaki: Are you saying that’s her?!
Chiro: She went and got assimilated…
Shibaki: Assimilated?! What’s that?
Dude, Rurumo’s become a plant?!
Shibaki: For frick’s sake! How did this happen despite you being here?!
Chiro: Even if you say thaaat…
Shibaki: Quit the waterworks! Dammit I’ll have to use a ticket..
Chiro: It’s too huge…it might not work..
Shibaki: Huuuh?!
Rurumo: This is…
Shibaki: Rurumo…!!
Chiro: Rurumo!!

Rurumo: Kouta.
Shibaki: Ru..
Chiro: She took off her witch garments!!
Shibaki: Waah!

Shibaki: Are you okay?!
Chiro: Rurumo!!
Yo—you’re okay!
Rurumo: You worry too much…
No need for that.
See? I brought it.
I grabbed it before I could no longer move.
Assignment complete.

Shibaki: Thanks.
Girls: Ahahaah!
(Handwritten- Ahahah)
Rurumo: He patted me on the head…
Shibaki: C’mon Rurumo! You join in too!
Cousin: Fireworks are fun,
Rurumo: Fire works? Ah…so fire comes out of them.
Shibaki: That’s…not it.
13th Spell END.

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