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Tenshi-chan to Akuma-kun 11

What is this?!

+ posted by Bomber D Rufi as translation on Jun 29, 2014 16:50 | Go to Tenshi-chan to Akuma-kun

-> RTS Page for Tenshi-chan to Akuma-kun 11

Welcome to 'Witches and Angels' June! Every week for this entire month I will translate at least two chapters per week of 'Majimoji Rurumo' and 'Tenshi-chan and Akuma-kun'! Not one, but two chapters each week! That means four chapters of manga each week for the month of June. Gintama will still be released as well as Hitoribocchi no chikyuu shinryaku. Nejimaki and Kiriwo will probably be on hiatus till August however. Either way plenty more Angels and Witches are on their way!

Not reserving for anyone until...

-First chapter is out.
-Schedule for releases has been established.
-Schedule is fairly consistent.

No asking when the next one will be out, ask me for permission before using, no non-English scantlations before an English one is done, and I give preference to those who will check the script for accuracy before scantlating.

Lady: Oh my, you’re up early even on Sundays huh?
Lady 2: Oh my, thank you.
Chapter 11
(Sign- Tanaka.)
(Sfx- Gatakarara *clatterrrooll*)
Akuma: Ugh…
The weight of the

Akuma: Lands….
Tenshi: ‘Mornin.
Akuma: Waaah!?! Uooh!!

Akuma: Ngh? Huh!? Why are you here in my house Tenshi?!
Tenshi: I opened the window with a key.
(Side text- That’s pretty careless of you.)
Akuma: No…I’m not really talking about that…
More like you know where I live now?! I don’t even have a straight man response for this!!
Tenshi: I got your address from Ichiro.
Akuma: Him huh…Eh, it doesn’t really matter I guess. What’s up?
Tenshi: More importantly…
Are you…
Free today?
Akuma: ….Eh?

Chapter 11: What is this?!

Akuma: You want me to tag along with you for a bit….but where?
Tenshi: You’ll know in a minute.
Akuma: Aww c’mon, what gives? Do you not realize this is Sunday?
I had plans to take it easy today…
Find a sunny place, a good snack to eat, and sip some tea.
Tenshi: Akuma’s like an old guy…
Right there.
Akuma: An embankment?
Dry river bed?

Sumo: UUreeeayaaaah!!!
Akuma: Wha…
What is this?!
(Sign- Sun Kamata shopping district Grand sumo tournament.)
Tenshi: The neighborhood shopping district is having a sumo tournament.
If you win they give you a gift certificate.
(Side text- For 10,000 yen.)
Akuma: Eh?! Are you entering Tenshi?!
Tenshi: You’re going to enter too Akuma.
Akuma: Huuh!? No I’m…

???: Awwright!! Let’s find an open spot and do this!!
Greengrocer: Who needs to wait for the match?! I’m gonna take yer ass down as a warmup damit!!
Cook: Huuuh?! That’s my line You’ve got balls greengrocer!!
Greengrocer: I’m gonna slice you up like fresh radish ya bastard!
Akuma: The things they’re saying sounds like what elementary school kids would threaten each other with.
Tenshi: Yeah…
Cook: I’m gonna kneed you up like uncooked dough and make bread outta you!!
Tenshi: But they’re…
Good people.
Akuma: Tenshi straightforwardly praised those people…

Tenshi: They give me food so they’re good people…
Akuma: There we go. So that’s how it is…
Greengrocer: Oooh! She’s finally here!
Cook: Ten-chan!
Oh! Could he be…
Tenshi: Yup.
Akuma: Ah..hello, I’m her friend Tanaka.
Greengrocer: Man, we didn’t have enough help so thanks for giving us a hand.
Tenshi: No biggie.
Cook: I ain’t gonna lose this year.
{She’s really blended in well with them..}
Tenshi: It’s whatever you say.
{Like she’s been friends with them since a long time ago…}
Greengrocer: You can only say stuff like that if you don’t end up losing to me, bro.
Akuma: However…Tenshi getting wrapped up with a bunch of adults in a Sumo thing…
I wonder if she’ll be okay?

Akuma: Of course they are adults…
It’s obvious that they’re going to talk about taking it easy on Tenshi…
Dude: Awwright, let’s just leave it here.
Dude2: Ok.
Akuma: Huh?! I’ve already been entered?!
(Sign- Tanaka Akuma)
Akuma: Ah…I guess that’s that. I’m in this thing now.
(Handwritten- I guess the gift certificate has it’s charm too.)
Guy: And the 17th annual Sumo tournament…
Is about to start!
Reporting live is I, the tofu shop guy Tetsu, and it’s a pleasure!
Lady: Oh it’s no pleasure at all, unfortunately.
Tetsu: Whew! The liquor shop’s Inoue-san is here being pretty and delivering commentary too!

Tetsu: And now we’re gonna start the first match so pay close attention everyone.
Inoue: You say ‘close’ attention, but the honest truth is no one really came.
Tetsu: Stop that! You’re gonna make me sad here!
The former champ who’s coming in from the east…
The goddess of fortune for our humble shopping district…
Tenshi: Gift certificate…
Tetsu: Tachibana Tencchan!
Coming in from the west is ‘Niijima stationary’s’ manager Niijima Tadashi!
Niijima: Ten-chan..
She’s extremely moe…
Tetsu: Now Inoue-san, what’s the thing we should be looking out for most in this first match?
Inoue: Niijima-san is a lolicon. That makes him a tad dangerous, no?
Tetsu: Loli?!

Tetsu: N—now! Lets see where this match of physical endurance will land us!!
Akuma: What is this? There’s not even anything to get excited over here. Tenshi’s going to wallop him and it’ll be over.
(Handwritten- Without a fight.)
Dude: All right, both of you exchange glances…
Okay then…
Niijima: Hyaahhh!! Ten-chan!
It’s just coincidence that this ended up becoming a scene out of an erotic doujin!! I’m soo sorry!!
(Handwritten- But it’s not like I can help it if I win!)
Akuma: This guy just said the absolute worst thing ever!!

Niijima: Neh…


Tenshi: Gift certificate…
Tetsu: That’s our goddess for you!
Even if she’s not a physical powerhouse, she still wins like a champ!
Akuma: See?
(Handwritten- I wonder if he’s going to be okay.)
Akuma: Though I’m calmly able to see Tenshi go wild on the outside for the first time…
(Handwritten- Good work.)
(Handwritten- ‘Kay.)
Akuma: It’s only now that I understand the reason for her strength.

Akuma: It’s using the flow of power from centrifugal force and then skillfully disrupting the flow of this strength!
(Handwritten- Opponent’s strength.)
(Below- Using the power of rotation she changes the vector of her stance//Using her own power creates a flow that the opponent’s strength goes through// and at the time she hits them, the power from her revolution is perfectly utilized and transferred to the opponent.)
{But it’s a good thing that in a manga like this none of that matters.}
Akuma: Why was I thinking in such a battle manga-ish way…?
Tetsu: And now to the next match up!
From the east is um…Tanaka….Akuma?
People: Akuma?
His name is Akuma…
Poor thing…
He has some evil looking eyes….will he be okay?
Toilet cover?

Lady: There’s no need for you all to say those things.
He’s Ten-chan’s friend…
Which means he’s obviously a good boy.
Lady: Th—that’s true.
Greengrocer: We understand that all too well Harumi-san.
Harumi: Oh?
Tetsu: Tony-san the Greengrocer!
Tony: That’s why from here on in this is our bout.
I’m gonna find out what he’s made of.
(Handwritten- Oh my.)

Tony: Now…
Let’s throw down kid.
Akuma: Uwaaah…he’s a pervert…
Tetsu: Oh man, west side’s Tony is wearing his legendary battle clothes…looks like he’s all fired up about this.
Someone: Hyahaa!! Tony! You’re looking buff!!
To think we’d see him like this again…
I’m burnin up somethin’ fierce!
Akuma: Why?!
Dude: Both fighters approach.

Dude: Begin!!
Akuma: Guh…this old guy’s strong!!
Tony: Hey…what’s your relationship with Tenshi-chan?
Akuma: Eh?
Tony: She’s been troubled by her name for a long time.
(Sign- Currently accepting Point cards.)
Tony: Whenever she had to register for something, they’d ask her ‘Could you please write your real name’?
Clerk: I’ll need your real name miss…
Akuma: I understand that!!
Tony: And when she goes to restaurants, she’d entertain herself by writing normal names down..
(Handwritten- Nakaya Fuhaga // Strongest man//Don’t fool around/Rousami Mizuki//Tachibana Hanako.)
Akuma: Tenshiii!!!
(Handwritten- Buwaaah!)

Tony: And I saw…
How lonely she was all of the time…
There was nothing I could do…but I and the others of the shopping district together…
Would do our best to help her forget about those difficult things….it’s what we want for her.
Tenshi: Crab stew…
Tony: It’s what I wish for from the bottom of my heart.
I already know what your name is and I don’t care.
What I want to know is what kind of guy you are on the inside.
And if on the inside..
You’re the type of guy who’d bring Tenshi-chan more sadness…
I’ll put you down here.

Akuma: I’m the same…
Tony: Huh?
Akuma: I bore my anxiety and pain alone…
That’s why I definitely..
Won’t show Tenshi any type of hardship or sadness…
{These two are guys who really get into their feelings.}
Dude: I hate to cut in when you guys are so amped up, but…

Dude: Tony-san’s out.
(Handwritten- He’s on his knees.)
Akuma: Huuuuh?!
Toni: Gufuhh.
There’s no way I can win against the waves of age now that I’m 45…
Akuma: He lost in a way completely unrelated to our conversation!!
People: Okay Tony-san, we’re leaving now..
Tony: Hey Tanaka Akuma..
I’m leaving Tenshi-chan in your hands…!
Akuma: In the first place, what are you to Tenshi anyway?!
Tenshi: Congrats Akuma.
Akuma: I guess?
{And so, this and that happened..}

{As the tournament continued.}
{Why this sort of thing is happening on an ordinary Sunday…}
{Is something Akuma stopped thinking about.}
{Why he had suddenly decided to draw a sumo event…}
{Is something even the artist doesn’t completely understand.}
(Handwritten- Mobile tank Efret.)
Tetsu: And now the next match…
Is the grand finale.

Akuma: I never thought the day where I’d have to fight you would come Tenshi..
Tetsu: And the match is between these two!
Tenshi: Yeah, but..
I won’t lose.
Akuma: Though for real, my opponent is a girl…
Normally I’d act in accordance to that but…
Tenshi’s eyes are saying,
If I don’t give it my all she’ll never forgive me…her eyes have that sharpness in them..
(Handwritten- I can feel it.)
Akuma: Then I have to respond to her…

(Sign- Gift certificate.)
Tetsu: The final match is our goddess versus her friend…
Inoue: The people in our shopping district are pretty disappointing.
It’s only a matter of time until the shutters come down for good.
Tetsu: Stop it, please!!
Dude: Both of you exchange glances…

Akuma: First move!!
Tenshi’s great at the flow of strength…
With my full strength…
I’ll flow through…
(Handwritten- Though she’s pretty awesome, as I expected…)

Akuma: And wrap her up in my own flow!
And with this I’ll drop you on the outside.
(On top of panel- Five seconds into the attack.)
Akuma: Ah! Crap—her panti---
Akuma: Wah?!

Akuma: Gah..
I guess…
I lose…
Tetsu: The winner is Tachibana Tenshi!!
Tenshi: Don’t call me that.

Akuma: Ahh…just when I thought I’d actually be able to pull it off…
Tenshi: It’s really not a big deal…
Akuma: Stop that!
(Handwritten- It’s immodest!)
Tetsu: And so the curtains close on today’s tourney.
We’ll continue into the Yumitori ceremony next.
Akuma: Yumitori?! What’s that?
(Under panel- When all of the matches of a sumo tourney are through, they have a ceremony at the end where they swing bows around.)

Akuma: Are you sure this is okay?
To spend the entire gift certificate…
Bread rolls?
Tenshi: Yup. It’s bliss.
Akuma: Well…I guess if you’re okay with it then it’s good..
(Handwritten- It’s good you don’t have much you want…right?)

Tenshi: Thanks for..
(Handwritten- You can have it.)
{Sundays like these…}
Akuma: Then how about we go get some tea?
Tenshi: Something sweet would be good.
(Handwritten- I don’t like tea.)
Akuma: Tenshi you’re such a kid..
Tenshi: I’m not.
(Sfx- Doh *Thok*)
Akuma: UNGH.
{Aren’t so bad from time to time.}

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