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+ posted by Bomber D Rufi as news on Jul 1, 2014 00:44 | Go to

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Now that 'Angels and Witches' month has come to a close, I figure I should detail (for my own health) what's gonna happen from here on in with stuff. This technically is to address what will be translated when, but no one reads these so I guess I'm just flexing my fingers. Lets begin shall we?

I'm going on vacation in July for three-ish weeks, and therefore will not be translating next month.....is what I'd like to say but..


Still fairly high priority, so I'll still be TLing during the month of July. Not much to be said here as Hi wa mata noboru is still working hard on it.

Saike Mata Shitemo.

Still wondering how I should translate that title...hmm. Anyway anyone who knows me also knows I have an unwieldy brocrush on Fukuchi Tsubasa. This is his new series set to begin I believe this week or next week. I'll be TLing this on vacation too. I intend to stay caught up with it as long as I have a regular raw source that isn't my own magazines. (They seem to come in random intervals.) I've been talking to Jagman @ Psylocke scans, and he seems interested in at least scantlating the first chapter. I of course will keep TLing it after that. It's all dependent on raws really...

Hitoribocchi no shinrakusha

I'll also have a chapter of this out tomorrow or Wednesday, to continue with it's 'two-per-month' deal. The second chapter might not come out till the end of July rather than the middle, but I'll keep it up. I might do a speed up of it depending on my schedule later in the year. Either way releases of this will remain steady. Scantlations should be steady too, as Psylocke hasn't let me down.

Nejimaki Kagyuu.

I'll probably pick this back up in August on a regular basis again. Don't be surprised if a chapter or two comes out in July once I've returned from vacation. I wanna say I'll sort of informally (As in not like an event from last year, or this month), TL at least a chapter of this a week, but don't hold me to that. It'll just disappoint everyone involved. The series recently ended, so I'd like to hang this one on my belt as the longest series I've TLed from start to finish. Can I do it? Probably not. But I'll make my failure entertaining at least. In all seriousness I do want to get on a regular schedule for Nejimaki and now that I have digital raws I should be able to do so. Scantlations are....glacier speed, so have fun with those I guess?

Kiriwo Terrible.

Speaking of raws, getting raws that aren't...wait for it....wait for iiiiiiiiit, terrible was a pain in the ass for a while. Then suddenly when I'm like 'screw it', I get raws from all over. Like Nejimaki I intend to bring Kiriwo back from the depths (of my translation hell, can't do much about it's TOC position.) in August. Since Kiriwo is fairly text light, and not a seinen I figure with a good week or two of work I'll be caught up again. Dunno what scantlations are like for this since no one talks to me. So I guess they're not reserved anymore if someone's interested?

Koukushi Musou!!

I do intend on finishing this despite scantlations being dead and it being...deader. Once again raws are the biggest issue since the public ones are often missing pages, and my mags come in randomly. I'm making a deal with someone to get the tanks scanned once the last one has been released, and I'll just finish the whole thing from there. So for now this is on 'hiatus'. Scantlations are free for grabs if anyone wants them.

Majimoji Rurumo.

I'll be releasing the final June 'Witches and Angels' promotional chapter for this in a few moments. As for it's future...well, I really want to TL Makai Hen. The first series is just 'okay', and TBH I sometimes find it hard to muddle through, but I'm TLing as I get to chapters rather than reading it in it's entirety. Perhaps a later chapter or volume might get me more interested...but I can say with some confidence that I'll keep at it so I can get to Makai hen. I think I'll let Rurumo take a break until September or so, and then it'll room up with Hitoribocchi and have a 'two chapter per month' release. Hitoribocchi will be the first and fifteenth, while Rurumo will be the fifteenth and thirtieth. Something like that. One group was scanning this, but once again no one talks to me and they haven't made any new releases. So if anyone wants it, have at it.

Tenshi-chan & Akuma-kun.

Like Rurumo, it's last June 'witches and angels' promotional chapter will be out in a moment. Unlike Rurumo however, since I miraculously finished TLing the two volumes of this that have been released in Japan I guess I'll just keep TLing by volume rather than every time I get a chapter. Volume 2 was released in April, and they seem to have six chapters each in them, so I assume the next one will be out in September or October. I'll buy the volume and TL it once I get it. So in a sense Ten-Akum is on 'hiatus' after today. I do really enjoy the series and hope it gets animated attention, but my bad touch seems to grow more and more powerful....Oh and the scantlator working on it now has informed me that they'll at least finish volume one, but unless they get more staff that might be it for them.

So that's how things'll go for now. Gintama and Saike will have weekly releases (the latter depending on how quickly I can get raws), Kiriwo might too if I can get caught up in time, Nejimaki will continue being intermittent, though I do want to at least get a release out every few weeks of it, Hitori and Rurumo will share two chapters monthly starting September(-ish), and I'll finish Kokushi and continue Tenshi once I get volume (scans).

Thank you for not reading. Any questions about possible scantlations, or if you're just in need of someone to laugh at and or feel superior when compared to can be directed to my TL email 'requestsforrufi@gmail.com'. I really don't check PM's here. Also I'm not taking requests for the foreseeable future, and reserve the right to ignore any.

I'll also post this on TL's for the next few....whenever.


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