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Hitoribocchi no Chikyuu Shinryaku 15

Snowbound Tea gathering


-> RTS Page for Hitoribocchi no Chikyuu Shinryaku 15

And now the great Shinrayku chase begins....

It's my hope to get a chapter of this out each day until I catch up to where I should be. (So three chapters over the next three days, with two remaining once I post this.)

I apologize to everyone (who cares.) I went through another depression spell and barely managed to get Gintama out each week. What I thought would be over in a week or so ended up spanning an entire month. Most of all I'd like to apologize and thank (apolothank? Thanogize?) Jagman who's been really patient while I've been whining like a...female...yeah let's just leave it alone. I'm more or less back now though, and I'm sorry I kept you all waiting.

Psylocke scans only.

Also I have a plurk now, so feel free to friend me there and stuff.

Hitoribocchi no Chikyuu Shinryaku 4

Chapter 15: Snowbound Tea gathering
Chapter 16: To the past…
Chapter 17: Memories of the stars and a conversation with a fox.
Chapter 18: Snow drop
Chapter 19: Remembrance is…

Kouichi: Whoa…your house is huge, Ayla-san…
Ayla: Something like this isn’t even worth being shocked over.
Now…which page was the interview room on….
Oh. Found it.
This room is way more amazing.
Chapter 15: Snowbound Tea gathering.


Chapter 15: Snowbound Tea Gathering.

Kouichi: W—we’re floating in the sky…? What’s up with this room?
A dog!
Nozomi: More like a wolf.

Kouichi: A wolf? Why’s it in a place like this….
(Sfx- Sun sun *snif snif*)
Ayla: Oh? Interested in Rico are we?
Kouichi: Um…Ayla-san, you aren’t suggesting that the wolf is your grandmother are you…?
Ayla: Huuh? Of course not.
???: I’m over here.

Grandma: Melhaba Melhaba…
And good day to you.
Kouichi: Huh?
Were you always here?
Grandma: You could say that. I have come to meet all of you….good of you to come.

Grandma: And you’re the Orbelian child…
I see…I see…
So then you must be the boy who inherited her heart…
Kouichi: U—um…
Nozomi: Would you mind revealing the reason why you called us to this place?

Grandma: Oh! That’s right! I had thought to have some tea with you two…
You do like tea right?
Kouichi: Wah!!

Ayla: How reckless…
Grandma: Heheheh…
There’s still more.
Now please have a seat!

Kouichi: Ah, thanks.
Grandma: Orbelio, Earth and Haus…you’ve cobbled up quite the interesting team.
Rico: Hey! I don’t remember ever becoming their partner!
Kouichi: Huh. Is that so?
Rico: You’re darn right! Once I get my ability to transform back, Imma take over the planet!
Hey…are you going to eat all of that cake?
Kouichi: Help yourself.
Rico: Yaay~!

Grandma: Oh? Does it not suit your tastes, Orbelian child?

Nozomi: Alien of Eramea….
Grandma: I wouldn’t mind it if you just call me ‘Grandma’.
Nozomi: Grandma…I know you look upon me and my plans of invasion as hostile…
But I think someone who was here longer than myself and went as far as mingling their blood with humanity…
Someone like you who secretly controlled this planet’s history is the much more menacing invader.
Grandma: Controlling history you say? That’s no more than a misunderstanding.
I’m merely a spectator.
I haven’t once gotten involved with this planet’s history.
So what of Chimul Mashefuski’s real estate success? Are you saying your clan hasn’t taken advantage of that?

Grandma: That was simply the result of my daughter meeting Chimul and falling in love with him.
(Handwritten- He is Ayla’s dad after all.)
Grandma: Chimul’s success was not my doing whether you think so or not. That plutocracy is something that husband and wife used their own ability to grow.
While living secretly among people we yearned to live with them, which requires some money as well.
But it’s not because of this that we began plotting of ways to control the lives of others, nor have we ever possessed such a thought.
It’s all about the flow.
People’s work….the flow of history…
What people are slow to understand is that the history of mankind is many little inlets flowing into a larger, greater river.
I am simply using this little body –a bamboo float to swim down this great river.
If it is fate that in the future this float of mine falls down a waterfall and is destroyed before the existence of humanity then I will embrace it.
That is because I have made the distinction that this planet is my second homeland.

Nozomi: However much you call yourself an observer doesn’t change the fact that you have no right to get involved in our lives.
I request that you leave us alone.
And not involve yourself in our matters any further.
Grandma: I cannot do that.
The scent of an Orbelian….oh my, it’s so nostalgic!
The scent of a foolish race who’s only claim is to their strength! The scent of brutes!

Nozomi: And what do you know about the Orbelio…?
Grandma: Heeheehee…it’s just as I thought.

Grandma: You’re quite the oddity aren’t you…?
You’ve got the ability and fighting power of a biological weapon, yet you come off as calm and collected…
Something happened to you upon your entry on Earth…
I’m quite curious as to what…
Nozomi: I’m curious as to how you became a doddering old lady who likes asking questions…well whatever. There are limits to what I’ll answer but ask what you like.
Though I ask that you at least properly call me by name.
(Handwritten- Oh, it’s quite good.)
Grandma: Oh?
Well now…
A name….
I understand. I apologize for my rudeness.
Ootori Nozomi…
I’m rather interested in you.
That goes for you too Hirose Kouichi.

Kouichi: Haha…
Grandma: There’s no need to glare at me like that. I don’t intend to do anything.
Rico: I know about the Eramea.
Grandma: Hm?
Rico: It’s a super old story, but from what I’ve heard you guys are the same as the Orberians…you come from a weird planet! That’s what the elder said anyway….there are still people left there too right?
So that savage tribe from a distant region has become an old story hmm..? Emotions sure run deep don’t they?

Grandma: Though I’m not one who enjoys strife myself.
I simply wanted to make it clear that you can’t simply do as you wish on this planet and expect me not to get involved.
After all…a little while before….
I’m rather glad I got to speak with you.

Grandma: Please come again.
Nozomi: To be frank I dislike this room. It’s hard for me to more as I please within your territory Grandma…
Ayla: It can’t be helped. Grandmother is actually in her villa on Toruko.
Nozomi: Oh, on that note…
Do you intend to keep poking your nose in our matters Mashefski-san?
Ayla: I like to meet my family as well. Oh, and Ayla is fine.
Nozomi: Mashefski-san…
Ayla: You just shut up!
(Handwritten- You’re saying that on purpose!)
Kouichi: It’d be great if they got along…

Kouichi: U—um, what is it?
Grandma: Ayla hasn’t demonstrated her true powers yet, but my eyes reflect all in their glance.
That’s right, not just clairvoyance,
I can also see the threads of time.
My eyes see your future Kouichi….

Grandma: In the near future a time where you will understand the truth…
Will come.
I just pray that when the time comes for you to make a painful decision that you will have the strong will necessary to see through it and not lose yourself to fate.
Stay strong, young earthling….


???: Um…hey Mom, Dad. It’s been a while…and we’re a little bit late but…
Nagi and I have safely entered High school.
Nagi: We just need to make it through to graduation.
We’ll do…
Our best.

Nagi: Welp, we’ve finished our report, so time to head back.
(Handwritten- I’m starved!)
Kouichi: Yeah.
Nagi: What’s with you? You’re lookin’ down in the dumps.
Kouichi: Nothing.
Grandma’s prediction the other day…
A ‘truth’ I’ll understand….
Nagi: But y’know..
I can’t even clearly remember their faces…
Mom and Dad I mean…
I wonder why?
Kouichi: Why? I mean they did die 10 years ago….we were only five back then. Of course we wouldn’t remember that well.
Nagi: Then do you remember why they died?

Kouichi: Dude, are you serious? How could you forget that Dad and Mom died because of…
Nagi: ….I hadn’t really thought about it up until now…
But now that it’s on my mind, I can’t help but think it’s really weird.
Why is it up until now that we forgot…no that we never thought about it?
Right Kouichi?
The thought never once entered your mind over the last 10 years has it?

Nagi: Dad and Mom were killed…
By Ootori-senpai.
Is why.
She’s been putting on one hell of a show for us..
But it’s about time you opened your eyes and realized that the one who killed our parents is the girl you’re hanging out with.

Kouichi: Nagi..!! What the hell are you saying?! What do you even know about her?!
Nagi: I remember what happened 10 years ago!!
Listen to me!
I know full well that Ootori-senpai isn’t human, right?
Kouichi: What happened 10 years ago?



Nagi: 10 years ago the city was wrecked pretty bad…
And in the middle of the flames she was there.
Her face back then…


Nagi: As for the source of the whole incident…
Or why things ended up that way…I have no idea.
But I remember her as clear as day.
She might do some song and dance when she’s with you but…

Nagi: What I saw wasn’t the face of something even remotely human…


Rico: Kouichi you’re late! I’m starved!
(Handwritten- Why are you wet?)
Rico: Kouichi?
Whoa! What’s that thing? It’s filthy!

{I dropped this back when we met Rico…}
{So then Nagi’s always known about us?}
{10 years ago…}
{Something happened that Nagi remembers, but I don’t.}
{In the near future a time where you will understand the truth will come.}
{Ootori-senpai killed Mom and Dad…?}

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