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Hitoribocchi no Chikyuu Shinryaku 16

To the past…


-> RTS Page for Hitoribocchi no Chikyuu Shinryaku 16

Sorry, I know I promised three over the next three days but due to chronic back pain I'm going to have to postpone the last chapter of the three for two weeks...

Okay, I'm seriously going to hell for that one.

Though the truth is I do have things to do tomorrow so the last one will be out this weekend. Then I go to catch up on other things. Such is my life...constantly running to catch up.

Psylocke scans only.

Also I have a plurk now, so feel free to friend me there and stuff.

Chapter 16: To the past…
{Near the school’s after care park, where the white eyed birds built a nest found close to the sazanqua trees is the mark.}
{From there you take 7 steps to the left, 24 to the right and then 13 more steps to the left.}
{If you do that you’ll see it.}

Chapter 16: To the past…

Kouichi: She’s not here..
Nagi’s expression was dead serious…
And then there’s the fact that my memories of mom and dad are weak...I can’t seem to remember them at all.
But to think that Ootori-senpai really killed mom and dad….I just can’t bring myself to it.

{I won’t lie to you Hirose-kun.}
{I want to protect Earth…}
Kouichi: Yesterday Ayla-san’s Grandma gave me this mirror when we were leaving…
Grandma: Whenever you feel lost just look into this mirror and entrust yourself to it.

Grandma: It will assist you in realizing the truth.
However there will be things en route to the truth that you’d rather not know and things that you didn’t know.
You’ll see these things and experience them, but in the end it is left for you to judge what they mean.
The truth of the past or forecast of the future….which is it that you desire?
Kouichi: I have no idea…
But I want to know…
The truth of the past!

{I’m falling into the past!!}

Kouichi: UWAAAH!!!
M—my head…it’s splitting open…..
Entrust yourself to the mirror….

{When was it that I first met Senpai?}
{That’s right…it was 10 years ago.}
{I want to see it too…the scenery from ten years ago…}

(Sign- Matsuyouko City hospital.)
Kouichi: A hospital..
{Ten years ago…Ten years ago I was…}

{Back then I was really disappointed.}
{That year sadness had assaulted the Hirose family.}
{I had lost my family.}
{There’s not a person anywhere who’s prepared for something like that.}

{I thought that to myself just a little.}
{I was just so disappointed.}

Kouichi: Hey! C’mere!

Someone: Kouichi, come here.
Kouichi: Okaaay.
{This is…Dad…}
Dad(?): You two wait here for a bit.

???: No, I can’t return just yet.
Grandpa: The snow storm is pouring something fierce up here. Even going by air is out of the question. I’ll probably be stuck here two or three more days.

Grandma(?): Ryuusuke-kun, would you like some tea to drink?
Ryuu: Ah…thank you.
Grandma(?): Funeral services must be so boring for a child…to be honest it is for me too.
How old are you?
Ryuu: I’m 14.
Grandma(?): Oh! My daughter’s the same age!
Grandpa: Ryuusuke’s been caught by our relatives that’ll talk his ear off…but things are fine here so just take your time.
Grandma(?): Goushi-san, the bath is ready.
Grandpa: Thanks.
How’s Nagi doing?

Kouichi: So you’ll be going in for surgery soon right?
Nagi: Yeah.
Kouichi: It’ll be fine! I’m sure things will go perfectly!
Nagi: Kouichi…
You touched a cat earlier right?

Kouichi: Yeah…
Nagi: Sounds nice..
You always…
Get to go outside.
And you’re healthy…
And free…
You should…

Nagi: You should just die too.
{There’s not a single person who can bear not having a family.}
{However it’s probably the person themselves who thinks this the most.}
Kouichi: …O..

Kouichi: Okay Nagi.
{So after that I returned home and packed my stuff.}
{I thought to take all the things that were most important to me.}
Kouichi: I’ll take this too.

{Now with my luggage in tow it’s time to head out.}
{I had no idea where I’d finally settle on disappearing into though.}
Kouichi: I wonder where I should go to die?
I wouldn’t want Mom and Dad to be sad so I should go somewhere far away…
So high!
This sucks….if I stay in the neighborhood they’ll find me in no time…
Should I walk then?
But I wanna see Grandpa again before I die…


Kouichi: W—wait!

{I couldn’t tell you why, but I ended up chasing the girl I noticed for no apparent reason.}
Kouichi: Hey wait!
{A mask…}
{She’s wearing a mask…}
{That’s a fox mask.}
Kouichi: Aww C’mon!!

{We entered an alley…}
{And suddenly I noticed the sky had gotten far, far away.}
(TN- Dunno why, but I really like the bottom panel. There’s just something animatic-ish about it.)

{It was pitch black all over….}
{But strangely I wasn’t afraid.}
{I saw a light.}
{The exit.}

???: Hey!
Kouichi: H..

Kouichi: Why’d you hit me?!
???: Because you followed me all the way here!! No one’s allowed to be here!
Kouichi: But I just walked here normally…
???: Whaaat?
Wait so you were able to come down the same ‘road’ I did? What an amazing coincidence.
I wonder if I should change the entryway as a precaution….
Kouichi: Wh—who are you?
???: You’ve got guts to ask me questions when you’re the one who followed me! More like, that’s my line!
Kouichi: I’m Hirose Kouichi.
???: Hmph! That information is completely worthless to me!
I have no need to know what your name Is, and no need to tell you mine!
But if you must call me something then…
How’s Invader sound?

Kouichi: Invader-san…?
Are you a foreigner who came from another country?
???: Why would you think that? I’m actually from muuuuch farther away.
….That’s right.
A far far away universe is from where I hail!
And now I’ve found a beautiful blue planet that’s ripe for the taking!!
I am an alien from Orbelio!!
Kouichi: A—and you came by yourself?
???: That’s right. But I’m fine on my own.
After all my friends are preparing for me to call them right now.
Once the ‘port’ is open.
Kouichi: Poort?

???: You may not have noticed this but right now this planet is locked down.
Other aliens can’t come here at all.
This place is the same…the structure is really different though.
Kouichi: C—cool..
???: Yup! IT sure is!
And because the planet is closed off no one else can come in….but we managed to! Heheheehehe..
The one who pulled it off was our King!
Kouichi: King!
???: That’s right. Our king has protected this planet by shutting it off from other aliens a long, long time ago!
You came to this place through a special ‘path’ through ‘coincidence’ somehow. Otherwise no one can make it In here.
However this path is much too small for a space ship. A bigger ‘path’ will be required or it’ll never get through….and so the ‘port’ will need to be completely opened or else…
On that subject I’m kind of busy preparing to open the ‘port’.
So don’t get in my way kid.

Kouichi: O—okay.
I understand…
???: What?
Kouichi: I don’t have anywhere to go…
Do you think I could stay with you for a little while? I promise not to get in the way…
???: Do whatever you please.

Kouichi: Thank you!
This is a bus?
???: Is that what it looks like?
Why don’t you have anywhere to go?
Kouichi: Because I’m always feeling down in the dumps and stuff…
???: Whaa?

Kouichi: I have a twin named Nagi…and ever since he was born he’s been in the hospital. This time around they’ll be doing a big operation on him…
But the chances of it being successful are really low…
Moreover even if it is successful there’s a good chance he could get sick again and die before he becomes an adult…
I heard Dad and the Doctor talking so that’s how I know…
I want God to save Nagi but there’s nothing I can do…
I wish there were something I could give him…
So I thought that I’d do what Nagi said and die for his sake…
But I’m just really sad and stuff…

???: O—oh.
Heheheeheheheee, you sure are interesting! And depressing!!
Kouichi: What’s so funny?!
???: You’re just a kid so you don’t really understand…
But that ‘down in the dumps’ feeling you’re experiencing….haahahahah…
Heheh…okay how about I explain what it’s really about?
Kouichi: Eh?

???: It’s what this world would refer to as ‘despair’!!
You should know…
That this world isn’t going to play nice with you or act the way you want it to!

???: You can’t save your twin brother! He’ll suffer in the hospital and then die!
There’s no such thing as God, and there’s nothing but darkness for you!!
But there’s no need to worry, because you’re going to be killed too!
Not just you, but your friends, this city and everyone on this planet…they’re alllllll going to die!
And killed mercilessly at that!
How do you like that one huuuuh?! AHAHAAHHAHAHA!

Kouichi: Uuugh…
???: Ooh!
Are you gonna cry?
You’re crying?
Kouichi: WAAAAH!!
???: You’re crying!!

{That’s right…it’s all slowly coming back to me.}
{10 years ago on a winter day I met senpai.}
{But the senpai back then…}
{Was a merciless invader.}

???: Che…this kid…
Is he doing this on a whim or something…?
How vexing!!

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