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Translations: One Piece 904 by cnet128 , Gintama 682 (2)

Hitoribocchi no Chikyuu Shinryaku 17

Memories of the stars and a conversation with a fox.


-> RTS Page for Hitoribocchi no Chikyuu Shinryaku 17

Thanks Oogawa-sensei. Now I'm reading the 'Little prince' when I should be TLing or doing something more productive.

Finally caught up though, so I'll see you guys On or around Sept 1st.

what a hollow victory...caught up for a total of four days..

Psylocke scans only.

Also I have a plurk now, so feel free to friend me there and stuff.

‘I am a fox’ The Fox said. ‘Won’t you play with me?’ The prince asked the fox. ‘I’m quite lonely’. The fox replied, ‘I cannot play with you, as I am not domesticated.’ ‘Oh!’ Said the prince. ‘Please forgive me!’ But after some thought the prince added….
‘What does it mean not to be ‘domesticated?’
(From the Little Prince/Hoshi no Oujisama.)
Chapter 17: Memories of the stars and a conversation with a fox.

Kouichi: Mnyah…
{‘Once upon a time a lone prince descended from the skies.’}

{The prince lived on a planet that wasn’t much bigger than his own house.}
(Sfx- Pi pi pi )
(Sfx- Pi)
{And he desired…}
{A friend, even if it’s only one….}

???: So you’re awake?
Kouichi: What are you doing?
???: Looking at the city.
It’s such a little thing…
My planet is much prettier by far….
And bigger. It’s an incredible place.
Now then…
I have to head out.
Kouichi: Ah!

???: You’re coming too!
Kouichi: Owwwwwie!!
???: Hurry up and get a move on! Or do you want me to kill you?!
Kouichi: Uuuh…
Can I get my backpack…?
???: Hurry up.

Kouichi: Ugh..
???: Do you want me to burn your stuff?
Kouichi: I’m out.

???: It’s wider than I thought.
Kouichi: What are we gonna do here?
???: Look for the ‘memory of the stars’.
I intend to gather all the fragments of Arsha’s memories that are spread around this city.
Kouichi: Arsha?
???: That’s this planet.
We call it Arsha.
Kouichi: Hmmm…And if you gather all of those thingies then the ‘pouur’ thing will open?
???: That’s right.
Kouichi: Then can I help you look for them too?
???: You’re just going to get in my way so sit down and butt out!

???: Hey child.
Kouichi: Hm?
???: You said that you left home to die.
That’s not the sort of thing children like yourself normally think about…
You do understand what death is right? It’s something that’s as painful as it is tragic.
I’ll bet that twin of yours will suffer a lot when you die too, won’t he?
Kouichi: Meanie….

???: Hehehehee…The truth is I thought about you for a moment…
Even if your reason is childish, it remains that you’ve decided not to return home.
So in that sense…
I figure I should just take your life.
Kouichi: Eh?
I’m bored senseless, and then you happened along.
It might have been on a whim, but you were able to enter my space on your own. Though the moment you did, it’s the same as dying.
There’s still some time before the port opens.

???: So until then you’ll help me ‘kill some time’.
Kouichi: Kill some time?
???: Hehehehe…that’s right…
Boredom can even kill gods you know…
Don’t run away!! If you do I’ll kill you!
Kouichi: Okay!
???: Found it!

???: At long last I got it! The ‘Memory of the stars’!!
Hey Bug! Where are you!
Kouichi: Aye…
….Are you calling me a bug?
???: Have a look bug. This is the ‘Memory of the stars’.
Kouichi: It’s just a dirty doll…
???: This will be it for today’s harvest.
It’s getting dark so let’s head back.

???: Don’t move!
Kouichi: Wah!
???: Don’t moooove or I’ll slaughter yooou.
(Sfx- Gyaaan *thud*)
???: Heheheh…This is a scream….feels great…

(Sfx- Guuuuu * grrrowl*)
Kouichi: I’m starving…
???: Hm?
Kouichi: I already ate all of my snacks….I don’t have energy…
???: You’re the type to eat early huh?
Kouichi: Yeah…

(Sfx- Kuuuh)
(Sfx- Snnrrr)
(Sfx- Snrrr)
(Sfx- Munyah…)

???: I’m pretty sure your twin hates you.
I mean he’s the one who told you to go and die right?
Nagi’s his name right? Well, he’s just jealous that you’ll be able to go on living after he dies so he went and cursed you by saying that.
It’s pretty clear that there’s no love lost there.
Kouichi: Nagi’s not that kind of person.
???: C’mon. Something’s gotta be broken upstairs if you still think that way after he told you to die.

Kouichi: Nagi…
Isn’t that kind of…
???: Now that a child like you has suddenly turned up missing…
I’m sure at this moment your folks are going crazy looking for you.

???: Does Nagi know whether you’re gone or not? If he does know…
Then he also knows at this moment…
Or at least has a thought as to why you’re gone.
If Nagi doesn’t hate you then…
Why would he think the way he does?

???: Ahh~ Today’s gathering was awesome!
I hooked a big one!
(Sfx- Dochariii *droop*)
???: Ah…you’re a pain in the butt.
This is why children are so annoying…

???: It’s them…
Hey bug, take these things and head back without me! I’ve got something to do!
Kouichi: Nnnnghh…
???: Awwright, here I go!
Kouichi: Where are you going?
???: That’s a secret.
If you look up at the sky you’ll get it soon enough.

Kouichi: Huh? Invader-san?


Kouichi: Ah….
???: Fuuh…
That was some good exercise!

???: The port for Arsha was created by the king a long time ago…So they probably don’t know the ‘path’…still, they’re so annoying!
Kouichi: Wow! That was so awesome just now!! The shooting stars were flying across the sky!
Do you know about shooting stars?!
???: Y—yeah?
Kouichi: A—awesome!! They’re so great! If I see them three times then I’ll make a wish!
???: What’s so great about seeing them three times and wishing?
(Handwritten- Eh? You don’t know about that?)
(Handwritten- Can’t say I do.)

Kouichi: It’s all trash…
???: It’s not trash! These are the memories that Arsha recalls!
Kouichi: This one is mine, but I don’t mind giving it up to you!
(Handwritten- First generation.)
(Sfx- Koto *tp*)
???: Don’t lump your trash in with it!!
{You must have patience.}
(Handwritten- Heeey!! That’s not trash!)

{At first you will sit a small distance away from me…yes, just like that in the grass.}
{I will give you a sideways glance out of the corner of my eye…}
{And say absolutely nothing.}
{But that is…}
{Because words are where misunderstandings are born.}
{But as the days pass…}

{You will draw closer to where I am..}
(Sfx- Snrr)
(Sfx- Snrr)
(Sfx- Fugah)
{Until where you sit is beside me.}

{The Fox silently looked at the prince’s face without saying anything for a long time.}
Kouichi: Hey Invader-san, what’s your home planet like?
???: Huh?
That’s not something I want to talk to you…
I dunno….the truth of the matter is I don’t know much and I haven’t met many people..
Kouichi: Is that so..?

???: At long last! I’ve gathered all of the ‘memories of the stars!’
Kouichi: Can you finally open the ‘pouur’ thing?
???: I wouldn’t be so happy if I were you…do you know what that means?
I’m not sure if you’re just innocent or a simpleton.
Listen up. Arsha belongs to the King, and a long time ago he breathed magic upon it.
So then Arsha was bathed in the king’s ‘Memory of the stars’, and I’m going to…
Return it to him.
Kouichi: Waah…

Kouichi: Whoaaaa…

???: I’ll return all of the ‘Memories of the stars’ to the King…
And at last…
My king! I am a child of orbelio! I’m coming to you!
Open the port!!


???: All right! The ‘Port’s seal has been broken!
Kouichi: Hy—hyaah….
???: With this the divine protection and other obstacles will disappear!
Bug…do you understand what this means?
This planet will be invaded by Orbelio once again!!

Kouichi: ‘Invader’-san….
???: Come to me everyone!!
Let us seize control of this planet together!!

???: I’ve done it…my liege…
How do you like ‘em?! These are my friends!! The grand fleet itself!!
This is the end for all of you!!

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